Chastisement Chambers

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Chastisement Chambers
This is another long one, but well worth the read if you like this kind of stuff. This is serious stuff, not for the faint of heart. I was in my senior year, and almost through with the academy for girls, when I was caught looking up a mistresses skirt. I had just that day lost my virginity to the Reverend, and was trying to recover when this befell me. She strode to a bell-pull. Elsie, take this ch-ld and if you can find one of the Chastisement Chambers free put her in position four. I mean to show her that a punishment can be taken calmly. The maid looked pleased. Yes Miss. Punishment corset also? Put her on a notched saddle Elsie, and give her the pear. Take your time. I shall be along to cane her shortly. She looked down at me in disgust. By the time Elsie’s finished with you Jane, you won’t be able so much as to twitch. Off with you now.
“I think I’ll just get some straps first Miss, if I may.”
The smiling maid went to a drawer, took out some evil-looking straps of hard thin leather, and approached me as I sat, nursing my wounded rear. “Come,” she coaxed, as one might address a pet-and then she indeed secured my neck in a pretty, ornate dog collar, attached to a leash which she held in her hand. I rose to my feet, sobbing brokenly. “ah please Miss, please…I tried, I did try…”
“Not hard enough,” was the implacable answer.
There was a ring in front of my collar, and a ring behind, and a ring in front of the belt I was buckled into, and a ring behind that also. Then I watched in dismay as a severe round long leather leash was clipped to my collar in front. This was passed down through my front belt ring, brought up between my legs, being carefully threaded through my pussy lips there, up through the belt ring behind, and then passed through the collar ring behind also. My wrists were then cuffed and raised behind my back and the leash clipped tautly to them there. I gasped at the tension. This was the first “saddle” (as we termed them at Lowood) I had worn, though I had seen them applied to other girls already, who seemed to suffer atrociously whenever bending or sitting in them.
I soon realized that my ignoble harness was such that unless I strained my arms back until they seemed to leave their sockets, my wrists exerted pressure on the leash and I felt as if I were being cut in half under the c-nt. As the glossy-faced, raven haired maidservant then tugged me forward like a dog in this way, my head went back with a gasp; what fiends had devised this way of vexing girls? For the part of the leash that passed through my sex was rather thicker and lumpier and the leather on its inside must have been roughened in some manner, for it greatly abraded the tender flesh up which it rode. Never had anyone trod more like Agag, “delicately.”
“Curtsey,” smiled the maid at the door. She had a switch in her hand. I looked desperately back at my place of martyrdom.
For some reason the mistress was holding her head in her hands. I went down slowly on one knee-and squeaked! The lozenge of rough leather positively seemed to bite my pussy.
Outside the door at last the maid hurried my briskly along the corridors to the Chastisement Chamber..
“Please, Elsie,” I begged, “Not so fast. This strap is cutting my awfully. I had just came from “riding the horse” for 30 minutes, which was me sitting naked on a sharp beveled piece of wood on a saw horse, with 20 pound weights on each ankle, and was extremely tender in my private parts.
“Oh that’s nothing. I’m going to put a far more interesting one on you in a minute, just you see. A mistress was coming towards us. It was Oakes. “Curtsey,” I heard. I did. And gasped. It bit again.
“Good heavens!” said the mistress, standing with her hands on hips and grinning for all she was worth. “What have we here?”
“I’m just taking her along to a Chamber for a proper hiding, Miss” said the maid. “Poor Jane Eyre. Didn’t I hurt you enough last night?” “Yes , Miss.”
“She got some lovely licks from Miss Miller, Miss. Look.” Elsie turned me and the both admired my blood streaked cheeks. “I wish I knew where Miller got those thin canes.” said Miss Oakes.” “But let’s see what I gave you. Bend over now.”
“Please , Miss…”
:What is it?”
“It hurts so to bend in this.”
Then I squeaked again, only louder. With a laugh themaid thrust me over by the scruff of my neck. Miss Oakes palped the welts of the previous night, and took this opportunity to ram three fingers roughly in my backside. When I stood up again she was shaking her head.
“Dear me,I thought I’d hit you hard enough to keep you out of mischief for a day or two. Ah well, the perils of education, I suppose.” She went her way.
“Curtsey again!” said the grinning devil to me, and I had to. Oddly, as we walked on, I was becoming flooded with contradictory sensation; partly it was the constriction, partly the warmth of retiring pain, and partly the leather lump below, which, smoother at the top, would insist on rubbing at my stiffening sentry there.
There were four Chastisement Chambers of the use of the Mistresses at Lowood, at any time, and each was gloomier than the other. Truly they were more fitting for the Inquisition than for the care of young girls like us. Roomy and vaulted, they were equipped with every imaginable appurtenance of restraint and correction. Directly she had closed the door on mine, the maid put me to a corset yard, my arms high and raised and secured at the wrists. There was a cheval glass before me in which I could seemyself At least the harness was off.
“Thank heavens for that Elsie,” I said; “that strap was a demon. Oh merciful God, I can never take another cut, as tender as my behind is.”
“Just yo wait,” she said merrily, busying herself to one side. “By the time I’ve trussed you up, you’ll take your cuts like a soldier. Without a move and without a single sound. For I have to gag you first. You’ve never had the pear, eh?”
I confessed that I had not. She came forward and showed me the infamous choke-piece with its strong spring, for the jaw muscles are among the strongest in the body. When she had closed the pear against the spring, it looked like a small crab apple made of lead. When opened, it would hold my mough splitting wide, so that I could not utter a sound.
“First we’ll have to flavor it for you shall we,” she said with a giggle.
“No, you don’t have to,” I begged, knowing what was coming. She smiled and then hawked up a mouthful of phlegm, and spat on the frightening object. “Some of us only dip it in,” she said, moving ominously behind me. :But I like to put it right up. Like that it always collects and fills with some stuff, you see. And it won’t be the first you will taste here at Lowood, I assure you.”
“Nooooooooooooouh!” I squirmed as the now slobbery pear was introduced far up my rectum. I felt it slip up the sheath, quite high, and said, “Oh please. I shall never be able…to expel it, Elsie.”
“Yes, yes you will. Unless it should spring open in you insides. Just think of that.” This terrifying idea sent her into another fit of merriment. “But that’s never happened, at least not yet.” Now then, like a glass of water before we start?”
Never had well water tasted purer than that cold cup given me then. The maid powdered my torso completely. Her gloved hands, over which the soft leather stretched so tightly every indentation of her finger nails might be seen, caressed me knowingly. She ran her hands between my legs, front and rear, and inserted as many fingers of each hand as far up as she could in both orifices, removing them and liking each finger, and smacking her lips.
“You’ve a lovely plump body, haven’t you?” she crooned as she did so. “Just fit to be thrashed into down here.”
I was beginning to cry again. “But I’m whipped so often, Elsie. And I don’t want to be.”
:But you’re going to be, aren’t you?” Some more lovely violet lines back here, and stuck more fingers into my rear, and tried to lift me off my feet with them.
“Do you like seeing me, us, whipped so much?”
“But of course,” she answered, genuinely startled. “And will you silly, by the time you finish at Lowood. You’ll be fairly longing to send little girls up for Yellows. Now let’s get you into a nice tight corset.”
It was a vise. To this day I shall swear that those punishment corsets were lined with iron. The one Elsie put on me as I puffed and dangled was short, and accoutered with thin straps. It finished under my breasts, practically cracking my ribs there, and it took my tummy away so that I could barely breath at all. The absolute worst part was that it was lined with thousands of short, pointed tacks, all over the inside, that caused unrelenting, excruciating pain whether I moved or not, but especially when I had to bend. The maid worked like a veritable farrier about my body, tugging the laces and kneeling into me behind for greater leverage on them. I protested, panting, in vain. She used special tools with hook-ends to further tighten the stays. Finally, when I was a solid leathern tube from ribcage to hips, she came and stood in front of me, her pretty face tilted: I’m sorry to have to do this to you , y’know, but it’s the only way to get them tighter.”
“But they wooooooooooon’t….” I feebly began, only to feel every atom of breath belted from my body. The maid had swung her fist into my belly and for a second I was an empty balloon, fighting for air, for existence itself. I dangled slackly. In this state I was easily notched in tighter. When I came to something of myself, the air seemed red and smelling salts were pressed to my nostrils.
“Now let’s get that little toy out of you, shall we?” I heard. The yard was lowered. I found my feet. It was lowered further still. “Squat,” she said, “and void it out of you quite.
I found it surprisingly easy to do so, into the large pan Elsie placed between my legs for the purpose. The corset so held me in its iron grip that I felt no control over my lower person at all. No sooner had I squatted slightly than of its own volition I felt the hellish pear sliding out of me; it fell with a loud clang into the pan- which seemed much to amuse the maid-and then I was gasping hectically, “Elsie…please…I can’t help it ..I’m going to do some more”
I thumped a large, warm one into the waiting pan and then it was upon me, I felt it coming, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it at all. Thehot gush came out of me, too, of its own accord and foamed into the pan
“Heavens, what a jet!” exclaimed Elsie. And she grinned when she removed the pan from behind me.” I’ve not seen a better head on Dortmund lager.
When she came back from disposing of it she stood before me and she was not smiling. She held up the slimy choke-pear. “You squeezed a bit of muck in it, and I help you out with that large one you left, and likely you’ll taste your waste while the mistress flogs you and shows you your true position in life, and not to be tippy with your betters.”
The horrible object was duly introduced into my mouth and sprung. My jaws widened to total distension. And there I stood, facing the stranger in the mirror—gape mouthed, purple faced, lily-skinned and bisected by the glossy black corset, a wasp of waist whose hips looked twice their size. And then the fun started in earnest.
Two thin straps sliced into my creamy shoulders, suspendering the cruel corset there. After this, there was threaded through my legs from the busk in from the most fiendish saddle strap imaginable; it was thin and hard and lined with brass studs on the inside It was hauled up so excruciatingly tight at the buckle behind that I saw myself blink and heard myself choke.
Elsie said slowly: “If you feel yourself retching, breathe in deeply. But you need not worry a girl can vomit through a pear quite easily; besides there’s the nose. However, you may get extra cuts if you do.”
She swung me to get that awful strap still tighter, and last made me draw my knees up to my chest and hold them there, while she yanked mercilessly. When I lowered my legs again, my eyes started with the agony. Tears formed and flowed down my cheeks.
“There. What did I say?” Like that you won’t want to clench, will you It gives them a lovely spread behind.” She let me off the yard. “Come on, I love putting a girl a to a Four.”
I tottered, rather than walked,spraddle-legged to another part of the room, where a large 4 was inscribed atop a post set in the wall, and furnished with many more straps. I was bent absolutely double against this, head on knees, and trussed like a turkey. First, my arms were strapped at wrist and above and below the elbows, the lean leather cutting into my flesh painfully. My arms were then drawn up vertically behind me, doubling me quite, and secured to more straps holding my shoulders. My legs were strapped at ankle, above and below the knee, and at mid-thigh my ankles were held immovably in a fetter that protruded from the wall and held them locked about a foot from it. Lastly a device was screwed out from the wall at my knees. This was a double bar, padded with leather, and it was adjusted so as to be almost intolerable. My legs were braced in a bow, my body was constricted and doubled till I couldn’t breathe, my mouth was gagged , full of my own waste—I was so helpless I did not exist. It was true to say that my whole feeling towards my body was altered in this position; I couldn’t contract a single muscle of my buttocks or legs, they belonged to someone else, inert and divided by the cruelly biting thong one stud of which had eased into my anus.
Elsie administered salts once more, and said “Don’t run away” with a chuckle and again advised me to breathe deeply after each cut. She came back with a basket full of gigantic dildoes, and told me she would help me pass the time waiting for Miss Miller by seeing how much I could take. She inserted one about 12 inches long easily into my exposed anus, and another on somewhat larger in my vagina. She then proceeded to push them in and out for about 10 minutes, bringing me to another shameful orgasm. Presently the door opened and Miss Miller came in. I saw her from upside down as she came up to me, holding the same thin cane. “Been amusing yourself Elsie?” she asked. “Is she nice and taut?” “As a drum, Miss. I think she’ll be able to take this lot without moving at all.”
“Good gracious, her face is as red as her bum. Did you season the pear for her first?”
“Oh yes, Miss, she’s tasting it nicely.”
“And will swallow a bit when she gulps, eh” Good. Now. Where do think I should cut in order t make it hurt most—on the last ones?”
“Yes, Miss, they’re lovely. But frankly I think she’s going to feel it almost anywhere like this. It’s a fine thick pair to work on. “Well remove your toys and just sponge them for me first with the salt water, I like them wet for these very thin canes.”
I felt the water slide with curious stinging humiliation over my beaten flesh; tears began to stream reciprocally over my suffocated upper cheeks. Miss Miller stood well back and doffed her high-heeled shoes. As she came forward swinging, her skirt again flared up and I saw her strongly haired slot. Then there was the yellow flash, the meaty thump, and a goddess drew a whit-hot iron on my bum. She cut excruciatingly low and the pain seemed double that I had suffered in her room. I wanted to jump a yard away, succeeded in raising my heels from the floor with a deep belly-grunt of pure agony. I heard Elsie say calmly, “Good shot, Miss.” I snorted snot.Two fell in total silence, and three. Impossible to describe the pain I was in. After an endless interval—four
The maid said” I think you’re hurting her nicely now.”
“I’m trying to. It’s all she understands. Sponge her down again, would you.”
After the infernal sixth Elsie said, “You’ve drawn, Miss.”
“Good heavens, I believe I have. Agraze at least. It’s been years since I drew with a cane.”
“You’re getting beautifully inside the cheeks too, Miss.”
“That’s because you spread them so nicely for me elsie. Now then, let’s see if I can just split that tip mark with one of these last two.”
“Split it like a plum, Miss, and she’ll never forget it.” She laid the last on vertically, directly on my puckered anus, causing me to lose consciousness. When that living hell was over I heard the mistress talking in the red mists above me, the scarlet pain waves laving my loins, my whole being. “Look at the tart, she has come again!” And it was true, I had no shame “Give her ten more minutes like that, put some pimentade on that graze, and then bring her to me. That was good exercise.
She left Before she went to get the stinging stuff, the maid said. “There now. You see, you took that beating perfectly stoically, didn’t you?”
When eventually I was returned to the mistress’s private room, from which I had first issued, it was merely at leash’s end and with my wrists secured behind me. I was completely cowed and overpowered. Something in me had given up. The sting in my buttocks still sung through me from that lancinating lashing and all I knew was that I wanted the world to come to an end.
After I had curtseyed l looked glumly up and saw Miss Miller standing in the middle of the room with her legs apart. She looked flushed of face, which was fulfilled, almost sated in expression, yet still deeply hostile, and she was holding a thin cane.
“There,” said Elsie, “she’s much better now, Miss.”
“Do you think she knows her place?” “Oh yes, Miss, I’m sure she does.” “Well, we’ll see. Come here Jane Eyre” I stood trembling before her. “Still feeling above yourself?” “Oh ner-no, Miss,” I quavered. “Very well. I shall now show you your true relationship to a mistress. We have discussed the scum buss, have we not” I shall accord you the privilege of giving me one now. Kneel down behind me, after you have first lifted my skirt behind, and then get it right up, mind.”
I went behind her. There being no other method to complete her order, I bent and caught the hem of her morsel of a skirt in my teeth and laid it on the arch of her buttocks. The woman’s body was lightly quivering and smelt hot. Kneeling behind her well –spread legs I saw she had affixed sharp round rowel spurs to each ankle. The superb buttock mass before me was supremely there; for a giddy second the room seemed full of arse. The cheeks were fully fatted and I had to push in with my face in between them, to reach the crinkled rose-coin. I found the damp medallion, pressed with the tip of my tongue and sank it forward, half-smothered in rich thick bum flesh.
“Further up than that,” I heard, as if from some mellow distance. “Get that tongue right clean up there.” I was held to the filthy task for a good ten minutes. I heard Miss Miller say, “There, Elsie, don’t you think that’s her real position in life? You may go but be ready to come back at once if I want you.”
“I shall be right outside the door”—and then I heard it slam.
After a little wriggling, miss Miller drew away and addressed me with intense dislike—“Well, girl, did you feel anything? Is there something up there, then?”
“I der-don’t…I can’t say, Miss,” I stammered breathlessly. “Try again then.”
I set myself once more to the disgusting task and this time, after some minutes, was able to reply to the resultant question—“Yes, Miss, I think there is s-s-ssomething there.”
“Good. Now come here.” She led me licking my bitter lips, to one side of the fire where a chair had been set out in a special way, with a towel on its seat. My heart fa-led me. The human cushion! I had come to this already. It was one of the vilest degradations we could be subject to. Miss Miller was looking at me gravely, holding my trembling chin in her free hand. “You know what a brown nose is, Jane Eyre?” “Yes, Miss.”
“You’re going to get one. Yes, I shall condescend to teach you your real role in life, my c***d. Sit down in front of this chair, put your head back on the cushions and your knees high.” These last were secured by straps provided therefor, to the armrests of the comfortable chair. My cu-thole yawned wide spread. “Now then, Jane Eyre, you will get your nose up where your tongue has been and keep it there, for as long as I choose. If you do not, you will feel the braided trainer of this switch in your most sensitive spot. I shall also use the spurs on you without mercy. First, you will need this. For I shall grant you the favor of breathing, you see, though every now and then you may have to inhale my other insides, as I choose.” She put a red tube in my mouth and after settling a hassock before the chair, bestrode me; my being shook, my breasts trembled. My head was back, expectant. My arms were secured behind me and my legs bent parted. All I could see, think of, imagine was the great mass of buttock-cheek bunched above me…Then, holding the arm rests of her chair, the mistress descended her huge hams on me The hinds parted, lushly forested within; I saw their insides somewhat flabbily approaching, and then I saw no more.
Wettened by my tonguing, the sphincter dimple opened on my nose at once, engulfing it deeply. Then as the whole weight of the massive mistress was lowered on me I panicked—was I to be suffocated alive in my first week at Lowood? I wriggled uselessly, squirmed in earnest as the spurs roweled me unsparingly inside my thighs, and she beat my clitoris with the switch as if playing the drums. The two halves of sweaty flesh obliterated everything. My eyeballs felt pressed back, my entire face was enclosed in the gluteal globes. I found I could just breaths through the tubing. The mistress put her feet up to increase the weight, and appeared to be reading a book. Every now and then she made fatty stirrings, which sent a repulsive ooze over my face, and she would pinch off the tube, causing me to panic and inhale her bodily oozing through my nose, while she would grind her hairy pulp into my chin. Truly I thought to faint. My tears added salt to the bile.How I wish I could say gentle reader, that it was the only exusion that I felt there. Alas, after some half hour of this stupefying cushioning in sheer arse flesh, the mistress saw fit to lean forward and frankly excite herself. She put her book down and masturbated herself frantically, coming in strong, great spurts that she verily mashed into me. I tasted of this unseemly essence, too, as I sucked through the tube. Perhaps two hours went by like this. Gross blots of darkness floated in my eyes. Twice I thought to faint. Waves of lethargic flatulence passed into my nostrils, and over my face, from the relaxed sphincter And then I felt it pinch me. I all but panicked as I realized what was happening. The mistress leant forward with a satisfied grunt, a pose in which I could better hear her voice, and I felt something solid l sliding down the steamy, slippery aisle above me. At the same time, leaning well forward, Miss Miller insinuated a bunch of fingers in my slot and busily rubbed my button there. I responded at once, helplessly. My tension made my excitement intense. The dread mass was emerging—jfortunately short, and firm—and then it was being smeared over me by mistresses movements. Then it was quickly followed by a large quantity of liquid waste, running down my cheeks , and into my ears and hair.“There Jane, there,” she was saying, as she made contented , catlike stretching of her bum cheeks. “You repulsive little piece of sh-t. You filthy , disgusting object. That will show you your true place in life here at Lowood, and I beg you to never forget it, else I will order you the birch until you skin is crimson.. Now, Now, Yes, you filth, you will go tonight to the kennels—not before Parker has given you your nightly three strokes—-and you will not wash your face for a week. You will have your hands tied behind your back all week, and must eat and sh-t like the a****l you are. It will be in your nostrils and you will breathe it all week There, there,. You are coming, admit it!” Admit it, I had to. The spurs dug, the foul tu-d was slowly mashed over my abused countenance— and I gave to my tormentress endless gouts of gismic glue. Thus was I “shown my place,” brought down a peg or two by ardent Miss Miller. Please comment, as this was extremely hard to write. I had to stop and jerk off a dozen times, and I am worn out.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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