Classroom quickie – Frenchie series

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Classroom quickie – Frenchie series
The classroom felt horribly hot and stuffy for a day of June, and she had her full breasts right in his face.
Well, not exactly. But close enough.

Pierre Gosselin, genius student in his younger days and now youngest philosophy teacher to a class of forty prestigious khâgne students, was finding it hard to keep them from raising their arm even when they didn’t have an answer. As hard as the buddy in his pants that was very interested in that pair of breasts ready for the taking.
As infatuated with his philosophy class as he was, for the past five hours, his attention had been going back and forth between the clock handles at the back of the class and the table right in front of him, where young Lise was falling asleep, resting her generous cleavage on the desk.

Pierre gulped. She probably stayed up studying most of the night, like most of the khâgne girls usually did. Oddly enough, back when he was in such a class himself and surrounded by dozens of girls at all times, he rarely had sexual thoughts about them. Now that he wasn’t under the killer pressure of that class anymore, he realized how much fantasizing he had missed out on. Too bad that the girls were now much younger than he was.

“Alright, he finally said. Let’s cut it out. Given how on edge everyone is before the finals, let’s all take these last ten minutes. You can stay to study if you like, and I’m going to get started on the assignments you handed in today.”
Hopefully, reading the students’ papers would take him away from the sight of the tempting breasts.

That was the moment Lise woke up from her hour-long nap. She yawned, then realized she was still in class and immediately went to ask the girl next to her about what she missed. She felt mad at herself for falling asleep, especially since monsieur Gosselin’s class was a good one. He knew how to make Kant’s Metaphysics of morals colourful, which was far from easy. Also, he was the only teacher under forty and wore classy vests that made him look like he came from another century. Today, the heat made him unbutton his vest although he was still wearing it.
Lise herself was feeling hot in the thin but modest white dress. It was too big for her, and she noticed that her cleavage was showing. Quickly, she pulled up the fabric. Had the teacher seen it ? She felt herself blush. She always harboured some sort of crush on him, but showing her bosom in the middle of the class was hardly what she would have done, if she wanted to get to him.
Come to think of it, what would she do, if she wanted to get his attention ?
She looked up at him, and their eyes met. Monsieur Gosselin didn’t move for a whole second, then abruptly looked away, making an awkward face. Lise felt herself blush even more and fought some giggles.

Everywhere else in the class, students were packing up, eager to get back to their dorms to study, or for some, to go to some late class – the high school had many of them. Soon, the only two people left in the room were Lise, and her teacher. Monsieur Gosselin, and his student.

That definitely did not turn out the way he wanted it to. Focusing on grading the papers had helped Pierre go soft again, but now that he was alone with the girl, his cock started to harden again at the very thought of her being so close.
At the same time, she was observing him, noticing that he clearly had some sort of problem. She couldn’t dare imagine it would have something to do with her, so she decided to sit and wait – after all, she had a ton of homework to do, and she was in no hurry to go anywhere. The regular classes of the day were over and she had nowhere else to be.

After a whole five minutes of feeling very constricted in his boxers, Pierre finally forced a sound out of his mouth :
“Lise, you can probably go home… go to the dorm.”
As he finished, he accidentally raised his eyes and they locked up with the girl’s.
She instantly understood.
He realized that she did. He went completely red, and tried to cover it up :
“Or not, do whatever you want. I’m just going to stay here grading papers for another hour, it might not be the best place you want to be. Very calm.”
A short silence followed, and he heard her quietly reply :
“Calm? How calm?”
He raised his eyes again. She looked straight at him with a serious face. His scholar’s heart started racing.
Was she coming on to him?

“What kind of question is that…” he whispered under his breath, unable to believe the situation he seemed to be in.
“I’m sorry, monsieur Gosselin, what did you say? I couldn’t hear.”
And with that question, Lise leaned over the table all the way to him, offering him an even better view of the aforementionned cleavage than ever before.
Pierre coughed a few times, and since the girl kept looking at him with a quaint face (that was most probably just for show), he finally felt compelled to ask :
“No, I’m sorry Lise, this is going to sound terribly unappropriate. However… right now, are you coming on to me?”

Lise bit her full lower lip, and seemed to be thinking. He coould see the excitement colour her cheeks again, and the sides of her neck, which he found very endearing. Not to forget, hot.
“It all depends, monsieur Gosselin. Would there be a problem with me doing that?”
“Well, teacher/student dating is very strictly prohibited here. Remember the History teacher, she got fired six months ago”, he coyly replied.
“Sure, she did, replied Lise, but she was dating a student. If I was coming on to you – I’m not saying I am ! – but if I was, I wouldn’t be looking for any dating.”
Jesus, Christmas had come early this year.

But Pierre Gosselin still had some morals left.
“Lise, this is a very serious matter, we would need to talk it through…”
She suddenly got up, her nice round hips swaying left and right, and went to close the door. With the clanking sound of the handle, Pierre gulped.
“Would you like to get up and talk?” asked his student.
Pierre accidentally blurted out a truth:
“I can’t…”

She giggled. He found it charming. She came back to him (hips : left, right – breasts : bounce, bounce) and leaned on her elbows, on his table. The soft skin of her arm was but an inch from his face, he would only have to raise an arm to cup her butt, and with just a little move forward, he could bury his face in her breasts.
Which was he going to do? Choices, choices : those were killing him softly. His cock called him out by throbbing urgently in the tight prison of his pants.
A pair of lovely hazel-green eyes called him back to reality.
“Someone is stuck in his pants, it seems. You seem very eager, monsieur Gosselin. What would you like to start with?”
Everything. He was paralyzed. When he sometimes imagined himself having sex with a student, it was always in a fantasy setting where he had complete control and the girl fawned over him ; this one seemed slightly intimidated but she surely was going for it anyway, and if anyone here was in control, she was. While waiting, she pressed her arm against her cleavage, imprinting on the fabric the clear shadow of sweat droplets between her round breasts. She sighed.

“Alright, you’re not completely up for it. Forget it, it’s fine.”
She started getting up, and something awoke in Pierre : he suddenly reached out and grab her arms.
“No!” he almost screamed.
The girl giggled again.
Then, it was his turn to lean forward, and fiercely kiss the girls neck. Her skin was soft, slightly moist and salty because of the heat. Feeling his breath down her neck, she moaned, and gripped the back of his neck, pulling him closer, closer, until he would have his face buried in her breasts.
It felt like paradise. Those had been taunting him for hours, and there he was, practically choking in that softness. He got back the control of his legs again, and stood up.

He pressed her into the desk, facing the half-graded papers, and started licking her neck, her shoulders, burying his face in her skin every now and then. She sighed with pleasure when he sucked on her neck, and rocked back her hips to grind her generous bottom against the front of his pants. He moaned. The pressure was too much : he had to open up his trousers. Lise let out a cry.
“Let me feel it!”
He gladly obliged, and she felt around behind her until he positionned her hand on his hard cock. She sighed again, and started feeling it up softly. That was sweet torture. He wanted to take her there and then, she laid there on the desk, offering herself to him, ready for the taking. With a shaky hand, he grabbed her long dress and proceded to lift it. Every inch uncover some more of those alabaster thighs, until he had reached her left bottock, red from a whole day spent sitting on a wooden chair.

Pierre caressed the soft butt with one hand as his other one held the girl against the table, and she started softly stroking him. His hand reached the polka dot panties. He slipped it under them and the girl went :
“Pull on them!”
He gladly obliged, positionning the fabric over her clit, and pulling on it, softly at first, then harder. The louder she moaned, the harder he pulled, and soon he started pulling the fabric back and forth to rub against her clit. She was panting. Cautiously, he pushed the fabric to the side, and slipped one finger inside her warm pussy : it slipped right in. The wetness swallowed a second finger as the student moaned some more.

With a groan, Pierre took back the control of his cock and positionned it at the warm entrance, ready to thrust into it ; but Lise pushed him back.

“Wait! You’re not getting that without licking me first.”
“That’s cocky, he noted. Especially considering you haven’t blown me yet.”
“I was just waiting to see if you were going to send out invites.”

She turned around, pushed him so he would lean back against his desk, and got on her knees.
“Well, that’s a very nice cock that you have, monsieur Gosselin. It must be pretty tasty.”

And with that, she positionned the tip of her tongue on the underside of his cock, at the very base of it, and slowly, softly, gave him a long lick all the way up, stopping right before the head. She looked straight into his eyes. He gripped the table. Now, that was hot.
She gave him a thousand of little licks all over his shaft, his balls, his lower belly and the top of his thighs, and right when he thought he finally had it together again, her slick tongue swirled aroung the head of his cock and engulfed him in the soft, warm caress of her mouth.

He cried out. She slapped his thigh, hard, and took him out of her mouth momentarily.
“We’re in a high school, remember? That’s not the kind of noise you want everyone to come looking for.”
The thrill of it made him harden even more, and the marvellous ballet of Lise’s tongue on the head of his cock picked up where it had left off, making him dizzy, and horny, and willing to do anything to finally get that cock inside the girl. Absentmindedly, he licked the two fingers he had put inside her, and delicious saltiness of her juices made him go crazy. He needed, he craved the taste of it.

Pierre grabbed the girl to have her stand up, then lie on her back on the desk, creasing a few papers in the process, but who cared. He grabbed the cleavage of her dress and pulled hard : her firm and round boobs almost jumped to his face. She had the loveliest milky skin and dark pink nipples pointing out. He couldn’t help but to suck on them, suck the life out of those hard pink nipples as the girl was finding it very hard to follow her own advice to not make a sound. He loved that he was putting her into that state, and sucked even harder, rubbing his swollen cock against her soaked wet pussy, as she was clawing his back.

He went around the table, positionned his cock near her face, and when she took it into her mouth, eager, he buried his moan into her soft pussy, covering his face with her tasty juices. At the same time, he started to move at a slow pace in her mouth, back and forth. Her moans were muffled by the down in her mouth, but she kept holding on to him and frantically trying to grab him from everywhere at once. He was himself carefully exploring the glistening petals of her delicate pussy, licking softly here and there, biting sometimes, carefully avoiding to brush against her clit, until he saw that her entrance was throbbing and the milky juices were almost gushing out of her. Then, he softly put his lips around her erect clit, and sucked on it with all his might, hitting it repeatedly with his tongue.
Suddenly, he felt her try to pick up the pace on his cock. He didn’t need to be told twice : he started to thrust harder, and deeper into her mouth, until finally he could feel the back of her throat. Her tongue was sliding all around his cock, caressing it, and his head was being crushed by her throat. Pierre completely lost it and started mindlessly fucking the girls face. It didn’t upset her in any way, as he tasted even more juices coming out of her pussy.

He felt his orgasm come, but all of a sudden, Lise pushed him away.
“When are you going to fuck me?”
“Whenever I feel like it! Well, to be fair, now’s a very good time. Do you have condoms?”
“You have a cock. You should have them.”
“Again, fair enough. Wait.”
“Wait? No way!”
Pierre kneeled to look into his bag, but the girl sat on the edge of the desk, in front of him, and pushed his face into her pussy.
“There. Feel around with your hands, you’ll find those condoms.”
His throbbing cock was in the way more than once, but after suffocating for a moment in that delicious pussy, he finally grabbed a condom. He positionned it on the tip of his cock and was about to unroll it, when he saw Lise dive onto it, take the cock into her mouth and use her lips to unroll the condom perfectly all the way down his cock. She coughed a little at the end, which only felt better for Pierre.

He pulled her back onto the desk, and plunged deep into her waiting pussy.
Her warmth was so overwhelming and enticing that he forgot he was wearing a condom. He started thrusting repeatedly, and again, and again, into the inviting warmth of the girl.
She grabbed his back and lifted herself to be completely against him, her massive breasts against his face again, giving him a chance to suck on her nipples again. He did, and she moaned, loving it – but then he grabbed one breast in his hand and pushed it to her face, making her suck on her own nipple.

The sight was terribly hot, she had the firm breasts only young women still have, and stimulating her nipples clearly made her go crazy. Pierre then pushed her breasts closer together, and still thrusting into her, he put her nipples next to one another and sucked on both of them at the same time. She finally let out a cry of pure pleasure.
He picked up the pace, buried his face in the breasts. He hadn’t had sex in some time, and everything indicated that he was going to come. If only he could make her come before he did, that would be perfect.

He resumed sucking on her nipples, and tried to rub her clit with one hand. She moaned into his neck, clutched to his back, bit his shoulder. He could feel her pussy become tighter, with the occasional throb – she was close.

He let go of one of the nipples, still sucking hard on the other one and licking it, fucking her pussy with all his might, rubbing her clit with all the strength in his fingers. Then, at her biggest surprise, his free hand got a hold of her other nipple and pinched it, hard.

She let out a real cry of pain and pleasure that he muffled with his own mouth, and he felt her convulse under him, her pussy contracted, milking him dry, and as she rode her orgasm, he felt it coming too, and soon he was draining his balls into her wet pussy, groaning, panting, his cock throbbing almost painfully. That was, by far, the best orgasm he’d had all year.

They didn’t move for a moment, panting, sweaty and blissfully relaxed. Then, Pierre felt Lise move a little under him so he politely pulled out of her pussy. She smiled, sighed, and rearranged her dress. If not for the pink on her cheeks and that glow about her, no one could have told they had just fucked.

“Well, she said, that was a very insightful tutoring time. Thanks, monsieur Gosselin.”
“You’re welcome, Lise”, he said, taken aback by the natural air she had about all this.
“I should get going, she added. Places to bro, assignments to work on.”
“Alright, I’m not keeping you. Thanks to you too, by the way, that was… great.”
She giggled, and gave him a peck on the cheek.
“I know. By the way, that was in no way a ruse to get better grades. I just wanted a good shag, and I had a crush on you for a while. Don’t think too much of it.”
He almost laughed at the fact that she was the one saying that.
“Okay, don’t worry. I’ll be ruthless.”
“I’m not expecting anything less. See you on Monday!”
“See you on Monday.”

Pierre looked at her leaving the room. Regardless if it was reverse psychology on her part, she was definitely going to get those good grades, now.

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