Club Church Chapter 2

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Club Church Chapter 2
I went down the stairs to the bar and had another beer. What a great place this turned out to be and I had only been here about an hour.

As I was sitting on the bar stool, I watched as guys went behind this large dark curtain at the end of the room. Some of the guys were at floor level and others went up a short set of steps. My curiosity was piqued and my balls and crotch tingled with excitement.

I watched for a while as I finished my beer. Finally, I decided to look behind “Curtain Number 1” to find out what was going on. I decided to stay on the main level to find out what was the big deal. Once behind the curtain it was pitch black. I felt the curtain to my left and the wall to my right as I slowly moved deeper into the darkness. I soon bumped into a guy who had his face against the wall then pulled away. I realized this was a slurp ramp. My cock was rock hard and I reached down and stroked his cock as I passed by him from behind.

I continued along the wall and found an empty hole so I continued deeper into this cock playground. Not too much farther my hand came upon a semi hard cock in a hole. It was dripping precum and even semi hard it was a big cock. I decided to give it a lick. I slowly licked around the crown of that big mushroom head and then concentrated on the slit where the precum was flowing. OMG was this guy dripping. As I slowly licked he got harder and bigger. He had to be at least 9 or 10 inches long and very thick. I decided to take the plunge and took his cock head into my mouth and slowly started sucking that great big cock.

I could tell he was enjoying it by him moving in and out of the hole like he was fucking my mouth as I continued to suck. Boy was this good. Unexpectedly I soon felt two hands holding my face against the glory hole as my unknown friend continued fucking my face. He was slowly sliding in and out trying to fuck my throat with each push. I opened as wide as I could.

As I was enjoyed this monster in my mouth, someone tried to pass by me as I had with the guy earlier. His big cock slapped against my ass as he stopped behind me. He put a hand between my thighs and tapped each one indicating he wanted me to spread them a little wider. I eagerly complied.

I soon felt someone rubbing my cock and squeezing my balls. Boy did I need to shoot my load. As this happened I felt my ass cheeks being spread and soon felt his tongue assault my asshole. WOW, what a great feeling as his tongue probed my hole while I was being face fucked. After what seemed like 30 minutes the tongue was replaced by a finger, followed by 2 then a third. He finger-fucked my wanting hole and lubed it well, I was really getting into having my mouth and my ass be used and abused.

After several minutes of 3 fingers fucking my hole, he stopped. I was really disappointed but continued to suck on that big cock in my mouth that was still leaking huge amounts of precum. Soon I felt the same hands spread my ass again for what I hope was more rimming and tongefucking. Boy was I wrong! I soon felt the head of his cock pushing against the sphincter of my ass. I was a mix of pleasure and slight pain. I had no idea what was about to happen next.

Slowly the backdoor invader was pushing harder against my ass until his cock head was past my sphincter. Boy did that hurt and feel good at the same time. Next thing I know he grabs my hips with both of his hands and drives his big cock into me. FUCK did that hurt! It was soon replaced by pleasure as slowly he started the in and out motion of a good fuck. I tried to match my cock sucking rhythm to his fuck speed. As he picked up speed so did I on the cock I was sucking.

Soon my backdoor invader was groaning and grunting in my ear. This drove me wild and I sucked faster on the cock in my mouth. I soon found my mouth invader pick up speed and his cock seemed to flare as he was about to shoot his load. Soon my backdoor friend moaned in my ear he was cumming and pulled me hard against hos hard cock as he shot his load into my ass. As he did, the guy in my mouth held my head and pushed his cock hard into my throat and shot his load right into my stomach. They both stayed in me for several minutes as the final drops of cum left their balls. That was as intense as it gets! I needed a break to wash up a bit and to recover so I walked out from behind the curtain.

After cleaning up but with a still hard cock I went back to the bar for another beer. Next to me was a Top in a leather chest harness and two thigh straps. At closer look I saw that there was a guy with a collar on that connected to the thigh straps so he could not move from the Top’s crotch. The guy was slowly sucking that top’s cock as the Top was having a normal conversation with two other guys.

As I was watching this happen, someone tapped me on the shoulder and said “hi, are you enjoying yourself?” I turned and saw it was the concierge, Pierre, from my hotel. At first I was a little taken aback but then realized he knew it was a fun place because he was a regular too. He reached over and squeezed my cock as he kissed me deeply. Boy was I turned on. Pierre stepped to the side to order a beer and as he did I noticed that this was not some ordinary concierge. I believe his nickname must have been Bull. His cock reminded me of Johnny “The Wadd” Holmes of 70s porn fame. It was a big fat uncut 12 inches of man-meat with two huge balls. I had the feeling before the night was over I was going to be worshipping that bull cock.

He asked me if I had been to the basement yet and I said no. we finished our beers and he said to follow him so I did. As we got to the bottom of the steps, there was a guy at the beginning of the hallway in a jockstrap holding a device that looked like a small cock with holes in it connected to a hose. Pierre stopped and bent over without being told. The attendant put the device in his ass and tapped a peddle then pulled out the device. The attendant pointed to me indicated I should do the same. I hesitated and Pierre said “it will feel better if you do it” so I bent over. As I did, I felt the cold steel of that probe enter my ass followed by what must have been lube and a numbing agent and something else.

I barely felt him remove the probe as my ass was now getting numb. Also, I was beginning to feel funny. It was a good funny. I felt a little dizzy but very horny with all my senses concentrated in my cock, balls and my ass. I wanted sex and I wanted it right away. My new friend Pierre, with his monster cock now rock hard lead me down a dark corridor to a dark room. I was immediately grabbed from all directions much like I had been when I first arrived.

Soon I was lifted off the ground and I felt myself being lowered onto a sling with my wrists and ankles being buckled into cuffs. I was nervous and excited about what was to cum.

To be continued…

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