Codename Lumière – Chapter 01

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Codename Lumière – Chapter 01

Chapter 01 – Dreams Come (and Cum) True

“Why don’t you take a seat, Lumière?”, asked the voice before a white armchair, whiter as the room he was, appeared from nowhere. The man still questioned if that was a dream or a sort of trick, but it wasn’t much useful to argue against somebody you want to know who he is.

“First of all, I want to know who you are and why I am here”

“Every answer you want will be done when time is due”

“I do believe that time is now, mister”, the man argued. “Are you what? God? Satan?”

“Hahaha, my dear Lumière”, the voice replied, laughing at the pervert cinephile. “I am not near any of these deities you talk about on Earth. I am not even close of them or any deity to be worshipped where you live”

“Then, what the hell you are?”, Lumière asked.

“Well, I think you can call me ‘Meliès”

“As in Georges Meliès”, said the scientist, mentioning the visionary movie director who made ‘A Trip to the Moon’, the one that is known as the ‘first science fiction’ movie ever.

“I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me, son”

“So, Meliès… can you tell me now why I am here in this room? This place looks like an abandoned hospital”, Lumière said.

“Lumière, you are her because, first of all, you found the door between this place and the world you live in”

“Wait a minute? Door? What do you mean with this?

Meliès went one moment in silence, which pretty much meant the answer he was about to give to Lumière the clue to the answer. And then, the Old Hollywood lover realized what was going on

“Then… this means…”

“I think you know exactly what it means”, said Meliès.

It was there when Lumière finally found out he did it. His lifetime dream, actually, was real! When he realized about that, a genuine smile and tears from his yes. Like a c***d getting the wished Christmas gift, the man learned what was going on. After all these years he spent stuck into rooms and labs and computer systems, there was after all another dimension!

“I did it! I did! Dear Lord, I DID IT! I DID IT! I found a parallel universe! I can’t believe it! I must be dreaming”

“I guarantee you aren’t dreaming, Lumière”

Soon the man began to run around the place, touching it to feel if it was real or not. Crying, he jumped and scream celebrating his conquer. At a very weird way, the success knocked at his lab’s door and he was about to reap the fruits of it.

“I did! I finally did it! You don’t know how much time I spent looking for other universes, saying they existed and they were real. And those fuckers thought I was crazy!”, Lumière was full joy while seeing the results (or part of) his work.

“I am very happy that you are proud with your work, Lumière”, Meliès said with its smooth and thunderous, like a deity talking from the skies.

“It’s so great! I made it! I finally made it! I have to tell the whole world about it”

“No, you can’t”, the entity derailed the man’s intentions.

“Why I can’t? I did this research for years and I managed to find. I have to tell to the people of the company I did it”, Lumière replied.

“No, you shouldn’t”

“Why? It was my research and my finding! Why I can’t tell the world about what I discovered. That will change the whole world!”, the classic movie fan found himself furious with Meliès forbiddance.

“You can’t because you are here because of a mission, Lumière”

“What? What do you mean with ‘mission?”

“Actually, you weren’t the one only who found something today. You were finding this world and this world was looking for you, my dear Lumière”

“Excuse me?”

“That’s right, we were looking for you because you have a very important mission here”

“What do you mean with this talk of ‘mission’? I do not understand what you are talking about, or actually, anything you are talking about, Meliès”, the scientist questioned.

“Well, It’s not me who will answer these questions. But them”


“You two can come in”

From behind, he could hear the steps of about two people. But before he thought to turn around and see who those were, they introduced themselves to the newcomer.

“Welcome, Lumière. Welcome to Hollylust”

The voice was too familiar, so was the pitch. When he turned around to see who they were…


THE END (of this chapter)

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