Confessions of a chronic Masturbator!!!

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Confessions of a chronic Masturbator!!!

Ever since I was a k**, i heard stories from the other girls in school about the penis. To me the penis became somewhat of a mystery that I wanted to be a part of but never had the courage to be a slut like the others. Mostly because I was overweight and did not have a great clothing sense.

I went online almost everyday and checked out pictures of guys showing off their “dicks”, It was amazing how everyone seemed to have a different kind. Some thin and long, some short and thick, some bent like a banana and some with a big fat head. There was no shortage of guys who were showing them off on the chat rooms. This started to become a habit and I could not sleep without rubbing myself.

I sometimes stayed up late so I could go around the house and peek into my parents bedroom to see my father pee pee. He was never hard when i saw him and was always disappointing. For the past few days my uncle Ben was living with us, i could not sneak up on him because his bathroom was on the first floor and completely inaccessible unless through his room. He lived in another state but was here on business. He was an insurance salesman but he seemed like he worked in the construction business, he was well built, always wore tshirts and jeans and had a smartly shaved goatie.

Even though I knew being curious was ok at my age, I learnt that every other girlfriend of mine had lost their virginity already. I realized that I could not get lucky with a guy because I was overweight and shy. I glanced around my room, my brad pitt posters had come down last week. My 18th birthday gift wrappers were still lying in my shelf. I realized I had to start another night of internet and and I had to rub my pussy to get some sleep.

I pulled my skirt up and my panties off, lay down on the bed, spread my legs and started to rub my clit while some random naked dude was jerking off on the laptop next to me. In about a few minutes my eyes began to close on me and I dozed off.

I opened my eyes to a bright light hitting my face, I saw my uncle Ben crouching down at the edge of the bed taking pictures of me with his camera phone. I did not move but lay there till he left a few seconds after. I was starting to get worried about what he might do with the pictures. I tiptoed across the corridor to his room upstairs. I pushed the door open without making a noise, he had music playing softly. He was sitting at the edge of the bed without his pants and looking at my pictures in his left hand on his phone and masturbating with his right hand. I could see his fat dick head pop out of his fingers every thrust.

As soon as he realized I was watching him, he jumped to the corner and pulled a towel over his privates. He whispered in an angry tone – what the fuck are you doing in my room ?

I shot back in a high pitched whisper – why the fuck are you jerking off on my naked pictures ?

He had a scared and guilty look on his face and said – ok, i will delete them now but don’t tell your parents.

I said ok and he spent a minute holding the towel to cover his privates and with the other hand deleted all the pictures and pointed the display to me to prove he deleted everything.

I asked him, so what were you doing with my picture.

he sheepishly answered. It was nothing. now go back to your room before someone sees you here with my pants down.., and please don’t tell anyone. please..,

before he could end his sentence I asked him – can I see your dick ?

he looked at me all puzzled and said – what ?

Yeah, show me what you were doing with your dick.

He said – no, no, no no – this is not a good idea.

I threatened him about telling mom.

He finally gave in and moved the towel off. It was different from anything I had seen – in a nice way. It was darker than any other skin on his body, he had a little hair around it and seemed semi erect, I could not see his balls from where I was standing.

I stepped closer and stretched my hand to touch it and he backed a step and said, whoa – what are you doing ??

I said, nothing – just taking a closer look.

I bent down and took his penis in my right hand and moved it around. I could see his balls now. It was almost like it was hiding in under dick. I used my left hand to feel how soft and tender they felt. I felt the dick twitch and grow in my hands. I looked up and saw Ben with a sheepish grin on his face. He certainly had a well sized penis, my fingers was just a little short of touching at his base. The pink head was sneaking out of his skin and I pulled the skin back.

He said – So, you like it eh ?

I said – yeah, never felt one before.

He said – Oh ok, let me close the door before someone walks in on us like this.

He closed the door and came back and seemed a little bolder now.

He sat down on the bed and spread his legs a little bit and looked at me in anticipation.

I sat next to him and continued to fondle his dick and balls.

Uncle Ben lied back on the bed and with a scared hesitant tone in his voice he said – would you like to suck it ?

I did not say anything but kept staring at his dick, it seemed like such a beautiful organ. I wet the tip of my tongue and gave his head a flick. It felt tasteless.

He reached out and rubbed the saliva all over his head. He pulled his skin back and forth till the head got glistening wet and he leaned back against left elbow and pushed my face towards his dick and I opened my mouth, he pushed his dick head in and I gagged the first few times but got soon used to it. He asked me to suck it like an ice cream but ironically it tasted a little salty and weird. I slobbered all over his dick and thought of the pictures and videos I had seen of blowjobs and started to try sucking and licking him. I could only fit his big dick head in my mouth but I kept jerking him off with my right palm.

His feet started to lift off the floor and he was going into another zone, He said he was cumming about a minute later and reached out for his towel and stood up to shoot his cum on it.

he sat back on the bed and nursed his dick and said – thanks, that felt good.

I said – I am glad you liked it, that was my first time.

he said – wow, hope you liked it. Soon there will be guys out there who will want something similar all the time.

I did not say anything but stared at him rubbing his soft dick which now had shrunk almost to 10 percent of what it was.

He then asked me if I wanted to get off too – I said yes.

He asked me to drop my pyjamas and panties.

I obeyed, he then asked me to lie down on his bed.

He spread my legs wide and I felt his warm tongue and mouth on my pussy a few seconds later. It was the most heavenly feeling ever.

It felt so good, I have no words to express how his tongue so amazingly flicked me into the best orgasms I ever had, I tried to push him away but he seemed to suck my whole vagina dry.

He stopped a few minutes later and when he was getting up, i could not help but giggle at him smacking his wet lips and beard and looked down at his penis, it was semi hard again!

I got up and started to rub his dick again and within no time it was growing in my hands again. I started to suck it and this time i realized I was able to take in a little more than his head and he was loving it.

He held my face and kissed it and asked me how he felt about him fucking me

I said – I don’t know, i have never tried it before but would love to.

He reached out to his wallet and pulled out a condom and put it next to me while I lied on my back.

He started to suck my clit and inserted a finger in me and finger fuck me. I have shoved toothbrushes and pens in me but his finger was a little larger and felt really good. Soon he pushed in another finger and now it started to feel uncomfortable but he kept finger fucking me furiously and I could not help but have a orgasm right there.

He got up and showed me how much I had wet the bed with my cum and started to put on his condom, his penis looked much bigger from where I was watching it. He pushed me a little up and bed and put some saliva and slowly pushed into me. It felt like I was being suffocated only down in my pussy. I spread my legs and arched a little bit to accommodate his dick. He had not pushed all the way in, but slowly and steadily started to move in and out. It felt really sore at first but soon he was hitting the spots that was driving me insane, he put his palm to cover my moans and he whispered into my ears of how sexy and tight I was and other sweet things.

I was being swept away by waves after waves or orgasm when he pulled out and shot his orgasm into the towel again.

We both talked for a little bit and he sent me down to my room a few minutes later.

The next morning I heard that Uncle Ben had left earlier and was not expected anytime soon.

I met him at a family party a few years later but by then I had already found a boyfriend who I was very sexually involved with. We had a short chat serving ourselves at the buffet but did not mention anything about that night even though it seemed like we had so much to say.,

well, i guess life goes on..,

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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