Corina Chapter 8

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Corina Chapter 8
Morgan has fun with my little wife’s tight pussy!!!!

I set the letter on the kitchen table with the bag with the panties and bra. Corina was in the bathroom and I waited for her to kiss me goodbye. Corina came out and I was at the front door and I kissed her goodbye and told her I love her. Just before I left I told her I had some things on the table and to read the letter. Corina smiled and asked me what was up and I told her she had to promise me. She asked what she was promising and I told her if she trusted me she would promise and I trusted her to keep the promise. Corina told me she trusted me but wouldn’t promise until I told her what it was for. I said if she trusted me not to ever hurt her that she would promise and keep the promise without being told first. Corina said ok and I told her that it wasn’t a promise unless she said it. Corina smiled and said I better know what I was doing and said she promised to do what I had in the letter.
I left and went straight to Morgan’s apartment to see if Corina would do it or not. I figured in two hours I would give up and Corina wouldn’t do it. I wrote in the letter that I wanted her to find out if it was possible to be a little bit wild. I told her to put on the panties and bra after getting all dolled up and then to put on her long skirt that was split all the way up the side. Then I told her to put a white light top on and said I got white panties and bra for it. I said I understood that it was really hard for her to think about messing around with another man teasing him. I told her in the letter that she had to take little steps and it was just a sex game like the watcher. I told her to text me that she was leaving and to wait five minutes for me to say ok or not. I said I might change my mind and wanted a failsafe in case I did. I would either text back ok or no and then to go.
I told her if I said ok that she was supposed to go to apartment 214 and see if Morgan was home. If he was home she was to tell him she was bored and to go in and let things happen. I said she had to let him play with her pussy as much as he wanted and had to stay until he took her panties off. I said the promise was that she would do this and to let him play with her until he took her panties off. I said even if he licked her sweet pussy she had to let him do what he wanted until he tried to take her panties off. I wrote she had to let him have her body like it was me no matter what and couldn’t leave unless he told her to until he tried to take her panties off. Once he tried to take her panties off she should stop him and leave. I explained I wasn’t sure yet if I wanted another man fucking her and if it ended up her being fucked it would be my fault completely. I wrote I would have to live with it and it wouldn’t be her fault at all. But she had to let him play with her pussy until the panties go down. I told her as long as she does what I said I would be happy with anything that happens. But I really hoped she kept her promise to go and let him play with her until he pulls her panties off. Then we will talk about her day of fun after I got home. I told her if it bothered her too much that she just had to text me no and I wouldn’t bother her again about it. I told her I wouldn’t be mad if she didn’t want to do this but if she did it she had to do it like I wrote out for her. I explained that she promised and I really hoped she had the guts to at least think about teasing Morgan.
I was sitting with Morgan and he had the recliner with a blanket d****d over the back for me to hide and watch from until he got her blindfolded. We waited almost an hour and I thought Corina was going to text me a no and I would have nothing to do since I called in to work. Suddenly my phone dinged and I looked at the message she sent with my heart beating hard in my chest. She sent she loves me and nothing else. I sent her I love her no matter what and waited. Then she asked me if I was sure she should do what I said and she would wait for me to tell her. I sent back it was up to her and I really hoped she would go and tease Morgan like I told her to. If she didn’t want to I wouldn’t be mad a bit. It was up to her. I waited and was really thinking she would not do it after ten minutes went by. Then she sent she was leaving in five minutes and I better be sure about this and she promised. I turned off my sound on my phone so it wouldn’t make noise. Then I sent her that I hope she would relax and have fun and it was an ok with me as long as she enjoyed herself.
I went and hid behind the recliner and peeked out from the blanket. Morgan had on some stretch pants and a pullover shirt. It was almost ten minutes and his doorbell rang. Morgan smiled at me and went to the door. I had given him permission to fuck her as much as he wanted today and to be done by no later than 4 so I can have her home when I was supposed to get home. Morgan opened the door and Corina stood there for a second and Morgan asked her what she wanted. Corina softly said she was bored and wondered if he was busy. Morgan took her hand and pulled her inside and shut the door. Soon as it shut he stood there and Corina was standing with her back to the wall. Morgan asked her if she wanted to try a black man’s cock and Corina seemed embarrassed and softly said she was just bored. Morgan asked her if he could kiss her and Corina shook her head yes. Morgan kissed her long and hard as he unbuttoned her blouse and opened it. He kissed her neck for a while and then moved down and was kissing and sucking on her nipples. Corina looked really nervous and kept moving as his hand slid right up the slit in her skirt and she gasped lightly. I knew he had his fingers working her pussy when her eyes closed and mouth opened with a small moan.
Morgan took his mouth from her titties and watched her face while he played with her pussy. Corina opened her eyes when he pulled his hand from her skirt and watched Morgan suck on his pussy juice covered fingers. Then he told her she was dripping already and asked her if she was always this swollen and wet. Corina said sometimes and a little smile showed through her nervousness. Morgan took her hand and led her down the hallway and stopped at the bedroom door. He softly slid her top off and then her skirt and told her she looked really good in that bra. Corina softly said thank you and then Morgan said he loved her panties. Corina softly giggled and Morgan started playing with her pussy through the open crotch. It didn’t take long and Corina was moaning and moving around as his fingers worked her pussy. Morgan told her she just had to say stop and he would and she was free to leave if she wanted to. Corina said ok and Morgan dropped to the floor in front of her and started licking her clit and slit as she stood there squirming and moaning.
He licked and sucked on her clit and pussy lips while he worked her wet hole with his fingers. Corina soon was holding on to his head and was gasping and her legs were shaky as he continued. He stopped with his mouth and tongue but kept his fingers working as he stood up and kissed her with his wet mouth. He pulled away and Corina was shaking up against the wall catching her breath. Morgan said he was going to make it special and asked her if it was ok. Corina said ok and Morgan left her standing there against the wall when he went into the bedroom. Morgan came out and told Corina it was more fun if she couldn’t see what he was doing. Corina let out a weak I don’t know and Morgan said he wouldn’t hurt her and she could leave any time she wanted. Corina said a shaky ok and Morgan put the blindfold on her and made sure it was good. Then he turned her and said he wouldn’t fuck her unless she told him to. He took the satin rope out that he had tucked over the back of his pants.
Soon as he took her arms and tied them together behind her Corina let out a soft oh my god. Morgan spun her around and kissed her long and deep as his hands ran over her body and titties gently tugging on her hard nipples. Soon as he stopped kissing her Corina asked him to take her panties off. Morgan said not yet and she jerked when his fingers found her pussy again through the open crotch. He played with her pussy while his mouth worked on her nipples and it wasn’t long and Corina was moaning and squirming around again. He took off his clothes as he kept working on Corina. Morgan had Corina step out of her shoes while he helped and I quietly came out to watch better now that she couldn’t see. Morgan again said he wasn’t going to fuck her until she told him to and he led her to the bed. He moved her and lay her down on her back with her arms tied behind her and Corina asked Morgan again to take off her panties for her. Morgan just said no and went to the other side of the bed and moved next to her. Corina again begged for her panties to come off and said he told her he wouldn’t fuck her yet. Morgan said he wasn’t going to fuck her and rolled her over on top of him.
Corina looked really uneasy and Morgan moved her up over his hips and I got a good look at his cock now. It was almost as big as Tom’s cock and the head was pointed instead of a ball. He got her up on her knees and moved her over his cock that was hard and ready. She was shaking as he rubbed his cock head in her slit through those crotchless panties making sure to hit her hard clit with every rub. Corina jerked every time it hit her clit and Morgan again said he wasn’t going to fuck her. Corina had trouble staying where she was posed about his hard cock. Morgan then put the head right at her wet hole and rubbed the hole with the head making her juice run down the head and shaft. Morgan held it there with one hand while he rubbed her clit softly. Then Morgan told her that she came to try a black cock and she had complete control. Corina’s hips were moving as her thighs were shaking while he was rubbing her clit. Corina told him he said he wouldn’t fuck her and Morgan said she was in control. He was smiling as he was rubbing her clit and holding his cock right at her hole. Then Morgan said she had to say she wanted to leave or she would end up sliding down his cock. Morgan said he wouldn’t fuck her, but she would do the white girl dance on his cock if she stayed.
I got right down and watched as Morgan kept rubbing her hard clit. Every time Corina jerked or would shudder the head slid in and she would move back up to get it out. Corina moaned out as I watched her go down farther on the cock getting the head inside all the way. She quickly rose her hips up and begged him to take off her panties. This went on a few times and every time it happened Corina begged for Morgan to take her panties off. Finally the time came when she didn’t rise back up and her thighs were really quivering. She didn’t ask him to take off the panties and she softly said oh my god and moaned really loud as she moved her knees out and slid almost halfway down his cock. Morgan let his cock go and reached up and pulled her face down to his. When he started kissing her she moaned into his mouth and I watched her legs move out and she slid almost all the way down his cock. She stayed there and Morgan stopped the kiss and told Corina not to worry about how it feels for him. Just to make sure she hits the right spots for her pleasure. Corina just sat there moaning and Morgan told her to let her pussy dance on that black cock. Corina started to rock on his cock and Morgan said she was really tight. Then he took hold of her hips and started to help her fuck his cock. Corina was moaning constantly and was moving up and down while she rocked her clit on his pelvis. Morgan asked her if she was enjoying a black cock and Corina moaned out a solid yes. Suddenly Corina squeaked out faster and she started slamming her pussy down taking all the cock he had. She was groaning and moaning and then Morgan reached down between them and started to rub her clit again.
Morgan was really rocking her world and Corina showed it. Her hips were slamming down and up as fast as she could do it. This orgasm was coming on slowly and she was quivering as she was fucking his cock. Then she told Morgan to rub her harder and then when he did she exploded gurgling and gasping like how Tom had her do. Morgan stopped rubbing her clit and just kept slowly moving her up and down his cock. It was sexy watching her asshole contract with each spasm of her orgasm. They came fast at first and slowed down and Corina collapsed on Morgan’s chest. Morgan rubbed her hips and back as she was catching her breath and control of her body.
They lay like that for a while and Morgan asked her if she wanted to leave. Corina said she didn’t need to leave until 3:30 so she could get cleaned up. Morgan asked her what she wanted to do and Corina giggled while she lay on his chest. Then Corina asked him if he finished and he told her he didn’t. Then Corina giggled again and Morgan asked her what her favorite way to fuck was. Corina said she loved all the ways to fuck so far and Morgan asked her again her favorite way. Corina asked him if he lasted a long time doggy style and Morgan told her he lasted a long time any style. Then Corina giggled and told him to take these panties off of her and show me how a black man fucks a white girl.
Morgan rolled her over and Corina giggled loudly as he slid her panties off and he rolled her over on her stomach. The blindfold was still on her good and her arms were still tied together behind her back. Corina asked Morgan to take them off too and he said this time he wants them on until she leaves. Morgan was moving her to the foot of the bed and had her butt just like Tom did. Morgan was rubbing his cock head in her slit again and asked her if her husband knows his wife is getting fucked today. Corina said I knew she was stopping by and had no idea she was getting fucked. Morgan asked her when she decided to get his cock inside her hot pussy and Corina said she never was going to and nothing made her do it. Corina giggled and said she just planned on getting played with when she came down.
Morgan asked her if her husband knows she plays around and Corina giggled and said I told her last week to let other men play with her and to tease them. Morgan asked her if she fucked another man yet and she said yep. Then she giggled and said twice. Morgan said that was fast after your husband told you to and Corina said it wasn’t after I told her to. She said a friend of ours tricked her and she thought it was her husband at first just a couple nights before I told her she should mess around with other men. Then she giggled and said the second time was before I talked to her and she was just really horny at the wrong time. Corina said he has a dick as big as yours and lasts a really long time. Morgan asked her if she was going to tell her husband that a black cock fucked her and Corina said not yet. Then she said I didn’t know about the friend that fucked her yet. Morgan asked her why she picked him and she said he was on her list of men she wanted to tease a lot. Morgan asked her if she planned on coming back over and she told him she wasn’t sure yet.
Morgan slid his cock into her waiting sloppy wet hole and Corina moaned a deep long yes. As Morgan started stroking his cock in her pussy he asked her how many was on her list of men she wanted to tease. Corina said at least three or four to start. Corina moaned and giggled that she found out she really loves other cocks fucking her. Morgan was fucking her deep and steady and asked her why she wasn’t going to tell her husband she was getting fucked. Corina was really starting to enjoy his stroking with that big cock of his and whispered that I didn’t know yet if I wanted her getting fucked. She moaned out that she didn’t want me to know how good another cock feels in her pussy. Morgan put two fingers in his mouth and got them wet and as he was fucking her he slid them in her asshole and Corina jerked and let out a loud gasp. Morgan asked her if she liked anal sex and Corina said she never has tried it. Then he asked her if she liked what he was doing as he fucked her pussy and fucked her asshole with his fingers.
Corina moaned as she wiggled her hips and she told him not to stop what he was doing. Morgan kept stroking her asshole with his fingers as his cock rutted her pussy and she really loved it. Morgan said she would really enjoy getting fucked with a cock in each hole. Corina was moaning and fucking back on his cock and didn’t say anything. Morgan told her to let her pussy enjoy the black cock and Corina moaned louder and he took her hair in his hand just like Tom did. He pulled her head up by her hair and she was arching back as he fucked her harder now. This went on for a few minutes and then let go of her hair and she fell back on her stomach. Morgan pushed down on her butt until she was flat on the bed and she put her legs down with her feet almost touching the floor. Morgan bent his knees and started rutting her little pussy with that big black cock. Corina was saying oh my god over and over again as he fucked her sweet pussy hard. He must have hit new spots this way and she was showing her approval of his strokes. It was easy to see when she had another orgasm and Morgan just kept fucking her without slowing down at all. I was amazed how he kept fucking her with his legs bent like that.
He fucked her for a long time that way while Corina gurgled and moaned and then he pulled out and went to the side of the bed. He rolled her over and moved her up the bed until her head was on the pillows. Then he got on the bed and kissed her long and deep as he moved over onto her. Her legs spread and rose up as he guided his black cock back into my wife’s pussy. They were kissing as he started stroking her pussy again and Corina was moaning almost constantly. Morgan did hard fast pumps and Corina let out another oh god and then she wrapped her legs around his waist. He fucked her hard and fast for just a minute or so and then slowed down and fucked her softer and he rose up on his knees keeping his cock fucking her slowly. He grabbed her legs by the ankles and held them up spread wide and was fucking toward one side of her pussy and then the other. It was like he was working on making her hole open up more. He told her she really had a tight pussy and he couldn’t believe how lucky her husband was to get such a sexy little girl.
Corina’s head rocked side to side as he was fucking her faster and harder and she came again jerking and rocking as if trying to get away. It didn’t seem to faze Morgan as he held her jerking legs spread wide and up. He just kept fucking her with that big black cock as she was gurgling out in pleasure. Then Morgan lay forward with her legs on his shoulders and started to fuck her deep and harder still. He put his head down right next to Corina as she seemed to keep cumming with his power fucking. I really started to wonder how these two guys fucked so long as he kept fucking her hard and fast. His pelvis would slap against her pelvis loudly and Corina was pinned the way he had her. She couldn’t move and only could lay there while he beat his big cock in her pussy.
He fucked her like that for over five minutes and it seemed like Corina came over and over again and her pussy was making little farts. I figured he was pulling out far enough to pump air in on each hard and deep thrust. I would move over to the side of the bed and back down to watch as his cock drove in. Corina was lying with her mouth open wide and saliva was running out of her mouth and down her face. Morgan started grunting louder and Corina was squeaking with each thrust and I knew he would cum soon. I got back down to the foot of the bed just in time to watch him drive in as deep as he could and I watched his balls rise up and down with each spurt of cum going into my wife’s swollen pussy. He pumped a lot of cum into her as his balls rose about ten times in all. I went back up and Morgan got back up on his knees and held her legs up wide. He slowly pulled his cock back and both of them had foam covering their pelvis. His cock looked even longer now as both of us watched his cock slowly pull out and when the head came out a large glob of sperm fell out on the bed. Her pussy was swollen and redder than ever as we just looked down at it. Corina was trying to catch her breath and then Morgan looked at me. We grinned big at each other and then Morgan told Corina her pussy looked really happy now.
Morgan then told Corina she had to have some water before he fucked her again. Corina let out a really loud oh my god and then said she thought he already came. Morgan told her he only gave her his first load and she was going to get another load in her pussy before he sent her home today. Morgan got up and then helped Corina off of the bed and took a pillow with him. He led her into the kitchen at the table and set the pillow down at her feet. He had her get on her knees on the floor in front of him and went and got her a glass of water. He put it at her mouth and she drank half before she pulled away. He told her to take another drink and she drank the rest as he held the glass to her lips. Corina started to say something and Morgan asked her if she spit or swallowed. Corina asked him what he meant and Morgan asked her if she spit out the spunk after her husband shoots off in her mouth. Corina lied to him and said she doesn’t like the taste and spits it out after I cum. Morgan said she better learn to like the taste if she wanted to really please her man. Corina asked him what he meant and he said the best time is when a woman has a man cumming in her mouth while she swallows every drop. Then he told her she then needs to make sure to suck out every drop because that is what makes it an amazing blowjob.
Morgan told Corina not to scrap his cock with her teeth or bite it or he wouldn’t like it and she would learn about anal sex. Corina said he would have to untie her so she could do a good job and Morgan said no. Morgan reached out with one hand with his limp cock in his other and rubbed the head on her lips. He was still longer than me when he was soft and thicker even. He told her to open her mouth and when she did he was guiding her on his cock. He held her head as she was sucking and then licking it as he guided her head. Once his cock was half hard he pulled her head to get more cock in her throat. Corina would gag and saliva and snot would shoot out of her nostrils as she sputtered and gagged. Corina never stopped sucking and he never let it out of her mouth. I thought he was keeping it too far down for too long and each time when he moved her head back she kept sucking.
Soon he stopped fucking her mouth and Morgan helped her up and moved her legs on each side of the chair. He put his cock right at her hole and told her to show him how a white girl rides a black cock. Corina smiled broadly straight at him and Morgan told her to just work on cumming on his cock and to block everything else out. Corina started really moving sexy on his cock and her mouth was open as she moaned with pleasure. She swirled her pussy on his cock and then would grind down getting it inside her as far as she could. Corina started to really get into it and then Morgan said to let her pussy enjoy itself. Corina moaned out I am and Morgan said Monday morning he wanted her to be back soon as her husband goes to work. Corina moaned out no softly and Morgan told her to be back on time or he would stop by and fuck her in front of her husband. Corina shook her head no and Morgan said that he was going to fuck her in front of me so I can see how she loves a black cock. Then he whispered that her husband would enjoy watching her cum over and over again and Corina groaned loudly and exploded on his cock.
Morgan didn’t let her stop for a minute and stood her up and picked up the pillow off the floor and put it on the table moving the chair away. Then he moved her over and forced her down on the pillow with her tits breaking the fall. He kicked her legs apart and Corina grunted hard when he slammed his cock into her pussy. Morgan held her down as he was power fucking her from behind. Then he said to say Ted I love black cock. Corina just was grunting from the hard fucking and Morgan slapped her ass and told her to say Ted I love black cock. Corina grunted and repeated it between his hard thrusts. Morgan told her to keep saying it while her white girl pussy is getting the black cock she loves. Corina said oh my god I’m cumming and Morgan never slowed down. Her feet left the floor and she kept squirming to get his cock away and Morgan wouldn’t let her go. She couldn’t get away from his thrusting and she was gurgling and squirming and his cock was making her cum again and again. Her body didn’t know how to handle it and Corina went limp and just gurgled loudly. Morgan still was fucking her with all he could and I couldn’t believe these guys and their stamina. Then I couldn’t believe it when Corina stiffened up again and I could tell she was cumming again. She had cum four times in less than ten minutes time and Morgan was still pounding her sweet pussy. Corina weakly struggled to get away from his cock and he still fucked her hard. Morgan was grunting hard and sweat was running off of him in buckets. I thought he was never going to cum when he suddenly pulled out and pulled Corina’s jerking body off the pillow. Her legs were shaking hard and he put the pillow on the floor and got her down on her knees on the pillow again.
He held her head up by her hair as he moved her thighs together and then drove his cock back into her closed up pussy. This strange angle must have touched spots inside Corina’s overworked pussy and he bent his knees with his legs on each side of her hips. I looked at my watch and it was after three as he power fucked her pussy like that for about ten minutes. His legs must have been tired out as he stopped and got her up again. He sat back down on the chair as Corina stood on very shaky legs. He put his legs together and pulled Corina back on them and then got her up with her feet on the chair on each side of them. Morgan helped her rise up and then he put his cock right at her hole and told her to slide down slowly. I bent over and watched really close as her pussy slid down his black cock. I thought it was the sexiest thing watching her slide down like this so close to my face. That big black cock looked blacker with her white skin next to it. Her pussy was really red and swollen twice what it normally was. It looked like an outline of his cock was sliding up past her red hair heart as her pussy swallowed it up completely the first time down. Her outer pussy lips hung down on each side with what looked like cum hanging from them.
Then Morgan told her to make his black cock feel good and he started moving Corina up and down his shaft slowly at first. Then he asked her how his cock felt and Corina squeaked out she loves his black cock. Then Morgan asked her if she was coming back Monday morning soon as her husband left and Corina instantly said a soft yes shaking her head up and down. Then he asked her if she wanted him to fuck her in front of her husband and Corina said no and shook her head side to side. Morgan said he wanted to show her husband how she loves black cock and Corina said please no. Then he asked her if she was glad she stopped by and she softly said oh god yes. His hands left her hips and she didn’t miss a beat. She just rode his cock like it was the first cock to ever fuck her. Morgan was twisting and pulling on her nipples and Corina had saliva dripping from her open mouth. I thought she was going to cum again as Morgan took her hips and made her fuck faster. I didn’t expect it when Morgan started to cum into her pussy when he held her hips down. I could see his cock throb as he spurted cum up inside her and then some came out between his cock and her pussy. Corina was surprised as me and just started grinding down on his cock as he filled her the second time. I watched a smile come over her face and then she asked him if he like it and Morgan kissed her back. She let her legs down and they hung off of his lap as she kept squirming on his cock. Corina leaned back and then I almost laughed when she asked Morgan if he liked white girl pussy. He told her he loves white girl pussy and her pussy was the best out of all of them.
They both rested with her leaning back impaled on his big black cock until they both caught their breath. Then Morgan pulled her up and off his half hard cock and globs of sperm fell out onto the floor. Then Morgan motioned me back out of the room and I moved into the bedroom behind the door. I saw the panties and threw them out in the hallway with her other cloths. Then Corina asked Morgan what time it was and he told her it was 4:35. Corina said oh my god and she had to go now. I looked at my watch and it was five minutes to four. Then Morgan told her that he was going to fuck her again and Corina said a loud no and that she had to go now. Morgan laughed and said it was not four yet and then I heard Corina say she was glad she was not tied up anymore. She giggled and said it was really bright without the blindfold on. I could hear her getting dressed in a hurry and she told Morgan to give her the panties. He said he would keep them and she could have them back next time she comes back. She told him to stop and let her have them now. He laughed and told her no and if she wasn’t back on next Monday morning he would come over before he left for work and give them to her husband and tell him she left them there after he fucked her. Corina told him she would be there and not to tell me what happened today. He told her that he wouldn’t as long as she was here next week.
I could hear them kissing and then she told him she had to leave now to get cleaned up before I got home. I heard them walk down the hallway and then the door closed and Morgan said loudly she’s gone. I went and took a badly needed piss and then went out and sat at the table with Morgan. He had his pants on and he was drinking a glass of water. We talked about everything he did to her until it was about 4:30. He said he had to get some sleep and I told him that as long as Corina wanted that he could fuck her. He said thanks and I went out the door. I hurried up to the apartment and Corina was sitting at the table in shorts and a pullover shirt on. I was surprised her hair was even dry when I walked by. I sat down in a chair next to her and smiled at her.

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