Cult of Shira

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Cult of Shira
Cult of SHIRA
By lilguy
A archeologist investigate a cult that worship the goddess of Lust

I stood out of a temple in the heart of Africa. It was someplace outside the map that the few natives that know about it, fear to go. I stand down the cavern of the tunnel and a coldness rises over my body. My blood ran cold and I had a sense of dread. I felt an unspeakable sense of horror that dug into the back of my dormant primitive lizard mind, a mind that was hidden behind the years of science and reason. I had set of on this Journey years ago when I found an old history book about a tribe that worship a demon Goddess name Shira. It was spin off part of a religion older then the Catholic/Hebrew faith. They believe in gods worshiping what modern religions called the deadly sins. Each tribe worships different ones. This tribe embraced the sins of these old gods, later warring with each other. These great tribes and there golden cities collapsed under their own self destructive nature and depravity. Ending their last years in an orgy of madness, sex and blood…
One said to survive around the world, the ones who worship the Shira. She was the goddess of the sin of lust. They said to be pockets of the religion around the world. They say they are part of the sex trade and there ceremony lavish orgies of depravity. This had interest me when I first read about. The idea of a group embracing lust as a religion satisfied my prudish mind. I didn’t have many sexual partners…I was more interest in history and artifacts around the world. I found just blatant acts of sex deprave beneath me. I was more interested in the ink in old books then the curviness of the flesh. I had never been to the strip club or sully myself with the act of masturbation. This tribe was like nothing I ever studied in my years of research. So I read up on them and traveled the world to find text about them. My fellow archeologist thought I was chasing phantoms…but the more I dug into it I knew there was something to it. My journey took me to a village in Africa where I question the natives. When I mention what I was looking for they seem to look at me like they seen the ghost. They felt to mention the world of Shira would bring doom upon them all. I ask if they knew where I could find a ritual. A lot of them ignore me, some showed anger and other pleaded with me to turn against this mad quest that would doom my soul. After using money and perseverance I manage to get some info. At night the 3 men in the village lead me in the jungle deep into the jungle. At a point they stopped and told me to walk straight for a half an hour. One last time they beg me to turn back from my mind quest. I ignored the ancient superstation and moved on. Each step I felt dread build but so great was my hubris I soldered on pass the dire warnings. I took out my flashlight and went down into the temple. It was lead deep underground into what seem like a mile.
The light flashed through the darkness as I felt the coldness of the temple blow over me. On the walls were crude drawings of various sex acts. I was disgusted by is depravity. Who were these people who worship long sense dead gods? I heard chanting, songs of 100’s of people whispering. I walk further ignoring my fears. I told myself that there was superstition. That none of these people worship a real god…for such things didn’t exist. I walk further and the music got louder. I heard them saying the name Shira…shira…over and over again. The sounds of foots steps were around me darting into the darkness. I shine my flashlight in the directions trying to catch them. I only saw some female feet running around me.

“Who are you? Show yourself” I scream “Arrrggg”
Someone cut me with a knife. My arm bled.
“Damm you” I said
Suddenly I felt woozy. I looked at the knife wound and saw it was turning green. I had been affected with some sort of poison on the knife. My knees got woozy. I tried to scream for help but couldn’t breathe. Sweat dripped down by my face as fail into Darkness. I woke from my daze, how long I don’t know why. I was tied to a pillar that was slammed in the dirt. There were beautiful tribeswomen dancing around. On the ground were 12 skeletons that seem freshly dead. Another naked man laid on the ground with his wrist and ankles tied up. He was young and his eyes filled with fear but his cock was erect. He said in his language.
“Please can’t take anymore” He screamed

Then I heard laughter and saw her. It couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought it was a d**g. There standing was the most beautiful thing I ever seen. It was a wild, deprave, dangerous beauty. Standing tall was a red skin 8 foot tall winged demon woman. Her hair was long and black and she had horns coming from her head that were least a foot. Her wing span was 6 feet red wings that were skin and bones. Her body was tone, strong like an Amazon with curves. Her ass thick and firm sticking out jiggling with ever move. It was big enough to stuff a man’s face in them. Above her thick ass was a long 12 foot tale that swung at its own accord. She looked at me with red eyes that seem to tear through me. She laughed a sultry laughed that echoed through the temple. She clearly was a god of lust. I felt my cock rise. I was scared of her, more scared then I ever been but I also wanted her. I wanted her more than humanly possible. The smell of sex filled the air. It was strong and filled my nostrils. The music got louder as she danced around. Her legs were long and like the legs of a fitness model. Her tits defied physics, standing firm. There stood as big as two over inflated beach balls but looked soft as pillows. They dripped milk from her 5 inch nipples that were thick the top of baby bottles. They bounce as she dance to the beat of drums. The women around the fire dance as the she walked slowly toward the man who was on the ground. Her tail flapped in the air. I could now see that the skeletons on the ground had been sacrifice. Was I going to end up like that? She squeezed her breast together as her body was dripping with cum and sweat. The drums beat got louder as her tail move to the front of her pushing deep into her pussy. Her pussy lips were thick and dripping with cum.
Her face was that of a super model, like she was crafted from marble. Her lips were thick and juicy. She stuck out a 2 foot long tongue seductivly licking her nipples.
“Ahhhhhhhh too much for you am I human” She Said to the poor man on the ground.
She straddled the poor man putting his cock inside her. The man screamed out in passion as her pussy sucked his entire cock inside her. It seems to get bigger as she rode him up and down, moaning in passion. The man screamed franticly as his eyes seem filled with pleasure. He came quickly filling her pussy with cum. His cock was still rock hard. Tears of pleasure ran down his eyes as his body was hit with more climaxes that seem to be possible. Her legs squeezed around him the demon Shira buried his face in her breast. The women around the fire danced and grind against each other.
“Yes GIVE it to me..give it all” Shira screamed

I could tell it was an old language that she was speaking but I now understood it perfectly for reason I can’t explain. She looked at me and licked her lips as she smothered the man. Her ass bounced up and down. She thrust on him and his body seems to be lifted up with ever thrust.

“Ohhh Yess..Going to fuck you to death” The demoness screamed
Her voice was seductive and loud. The sound of it roar through the temple. It was hypnotic beating in my ear like a drum. Another climax hit the man body this time shaking him harder. He seem to be getting skinnier now with ever time he came. She put her head back and heaved back as her tits shook back and forth. Soon he was skin and bones. The demoness seemed to glow, like she was taking his very soul. He shook one last time then his eyes widen and he went dead.
She stood above the man. Her pussy was dripping with cum. Droplets of cum dripped down her pussy lips. She smiled and waved her hand around him. She waved her hand as the man skin melted. A green ball of smoke came out of his body and she smoked it up through her nostrils enjoying the feeling. She was sucking up his soul.
“Let me go” I screamed
She walked toward me and smiled wickedly.

“Please let me go” I cried
She grabbed my cock and stroked it. I moaned as her skilled hand made my cock, stroking me faster and faster.
“Do you want me” She said biting her lower lip “Do you want to fuck me”
She spun around and took my cock sliding my cock between her cheeks
“Ohhh Goood”

“There is no God here…only a goddess” She Said
She grabbed my hair and looked deep into my eyes

“Going to fuck you. I am going to eat your soul little man, and leave you for my she devils to fuck for all eternity”
She slid her ass up and down faster. I prayed for help. She turn around and kissed me, shoving her long tongue down my throat. She wrestles my tongue with her, with her being on to top. My toes curled and I struggled against her as her breast pressed against me. Her nipples were hard and I could feel it pressed in my skin. She started stroking me. I felt her tongue explore inside me as she cupped and played with my balls. Her lips were soft and my heart beat fast. Her hands were skilled, driving me crazy with her skills. I came in her hand. Shira broke the kiss and stated at me. She purred and licked her hand clean

“You prays mean nothing here. You pray even as your cock hardens. You feel the warmest off my ass cheeks little man. You smell it, do you want your nose deep inside my crack little man. Do you want to suck the nasty juices in my pussy” She Said
She spun around again and pressed her ass cheeks against me. Her ass cheeks squeezed my shaft but didn’t take me inside her. She just rubbed up and down.
“Yes” I said
“Yes what” Shira ssaid
“I want you to fuck me”
“Even if it means you will die”
“Yes” I said frighten at the word I was saying. I couldn’t believe I was saying this.
I felt myself cum between her ass cheeks. The demoness pulled out and bent down so her ass was in my face dripping with cum.
“Iick” She commanded
I did was told and stick my tongue slurping. She pushed her giant ass cheeks smoothing my face making it hard to breath. My nose were trapped between her asshole I felt the warm skin against my face. The rest of the room was cold but she was heated up warming my body. I lick her asshole filled with shame and lust. I dug deep into her asshole, swirling my tongue around. I knew this creature, this woman could smother me to death with no effort, but in that moment I was so overcome with lust that I did not care. I wanted to cum right then just by licking her ass. My cock dripped pre cum on the edge of climax. With a whiff I knew I was one step to the fiery hell of damnation. Whenever I was ready to past out from the lack of air she would move her ass away from my nose for just a second and then move back. Her laughter was loud and inspired her cult of women to laugh too as the bonfire burn.
She stood up and tore off my ropes. I was grabbed to her. She started deep into my ass and cupped my ass with one hand digging her nails in. She pushed my cock deep into her pussy. It was extraordinary. It was so wet and so very tight. It sucked me, milking my cock like her pussy had a life of its own. I moaned as she stuffed my face into her breast. I came within a minute, harder then I came in my life. I felt like a multiple climax hit my body at 100 miles per hour. Somehow she kept me hard. Her hellish juices were making my cock extra sensitive. I came more time then I count as she fucked me savagely, digging her nails into my skin. She drew blood and ran her long tongue across my neck. She nibbled leaving large bite marks.
My legs were wrapped around my waste as she fucked me, holding me like I weighed nothing. She screamed out in pleasure as her climax. The force shook my body. She licked my nipple, teasing it with a top of her tongue. She sucked her nipple sucking it.
“Worship me” She Said
“Who is your goddess. Who do you PRAY to?”
“Shira…I pray to Shira” I cried
She smiled and cracked her tail like a whip. It invaded me anus regions, pressing against my prostate. My arms hung down. I was unable to move. I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. I was being fucked like a rag doll. I lost track of time. Time seem to stop as I was being fucked for hours. I felt my heart beat fast. I sounded like the fast and steady beat of drums ringing through my ear. Ever minute in intensified till it finally burst. I laid there dead in her arms, lifeless. My soul left my body but there will no salvation. With a hand she reaches into the sky and grabbed my soul and slammed it back into my body.
“You die when I say die. Your soul belongs to me…now and till enternity” Shira Said
Shira laid me down and stood over me. She showed me her pussy drench with cum. She turns around and spread her ass cheeks. She sat down on my cock pushing my cock into her asshole. Her ass squeezes me like a vice as she rode me into straight oblivion. The sound of my balls slapping her ass filled my ears. I was her sex toy; she used me like a dildo bringing herself to climax. Each time I came I felt energy leaving my body. I grew skinner and my bones weaker. Soon I was skin and bone, a shadow of my former self. More wood was added to the bonfire, wood and bones of the fallen men. I think I died a 100 times. When the b**st was done she made me lick her clean. She grabbed me by the neck and held my body up with one hand. The women cheered.
She tossed me at the ground to their feet.

“Enjoy him…play with him. Use your various toys. He our whore now…and he shall spread our message” Shira Said

From then on I was slave to the cult, used and abuse and degraded in everywhere. When I wasn’t there, I would past their message and be entertainment at their functions. They were everywhere, in all forms of life and in all forms of government. And soon everyone would bow to their glory like did. All other gods will be ****d and punish for thinking there equal. Soon the world will know the power of Shira…and it will be glorious.

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