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Life also likes throwing awful curve balls the way it did with the car accident six years ago that killed my wife, the woman I loved since high school. Her death left me feeling horribly alone except for our daughter Susie, who was twelve at the time.

It was hard getting over that disaster, but Susie and I pulled through. It’s said time heals all wounds but I don’t believe it. I think time simply plasters over such deep pain and slops on a fresh coat of paint, so that inadequate haphazard patch can’t be seen unless you look close.

To cope after a long period of grieving, Susie dove into her schoolwork while I immersed myself in my career and taking care of my daughter. I used to travel on occasion but, after Kay died, I was let off the hook for that part of my job. Others of my staff took those trips in my stead, so I could return home every night to Susie. I hated my daughter being a latchkey k** but I had few options. We won a court settlement for Kay’s death, most of which went into a trust fund for Susie to use for a top college or otherwise collect on her twenty-fifth birthday. I paid off our house with the balance, to make sure Susie has no debt or other loss if I die too soon.

My possible demise is a major worry for Susie these many years, so much that sometimes if I come home later than usual I might find her crying. Her fear hurts me to the core, for I still can’t find a way to take it from her. For my part, I constantly fret over my daughter.

Maybe that mutual fear is what binds us so close. Or maybe, lacking anyone else in our home, we hold tighter because it’s only us. Susie became, as she describes herself, “a total geek” and an extreme introvert. I date here and there, also having an occasional one-night stand, but nothing solid or lasting has ever become of those few and far-between engagements. At the end of the day–every day–it’s just me and my precious daughter. After Susie’s on her own, I might aim more to change my life.

Susie always was, and still is, self-conscious about her looks. She reached puberty normally enough, but her breasts never developed even to an A-cup. Her final height reached five feet and one inch so she remains, even on graduating high school last month, looking like she’s twelve. Her interest in boys and curiosity about sex are those of an adult woman, which she is. I didn’t have much worry or concern about that side of her though I had to play the roles of both mom and dad as Susie grew, helping her through things best I could by looking up on the Net what women know by intuition and/or experience.

Note I used the past tense when I wrote above ‘…didn’t have…concern about that side of her…’ And I haven’t for the longest while. Now I do. I feel guilty as hell about it, but fucking Susie tonight was the best sex I ever had. And I want more of her though I’m not going to push it.

“What we gonna watch tonight?” Susie asked, bounding into the den after we ate supper and cleaned up the kitchen together. She went to shower afterward, while I read the paper. It was only 6:30, so nothing on TV at the time seemed worthwhile.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I answered, letting the paper rest in my lap. “It’s just another Friday night with the usual: nonsense sitcoms and reruns of shows that were on before you were born.”

“How about a chick flick?”

“You don’t really want to torture me with one of those, do you?”

“It’s only a couple of hours,” Susie laughed, reaching for the remote. “I’m in the mood for something romantic for once. But not a tear-jerker, I promise.”

“Oh?” I wondered, cocking an eyebrow. “Is there a boy in your life?”

“Not really, though he’s cute. He works checkout at the grocery.”

“So make a move!”

“We’ll see. There are always people around and I don’t want to get shot down in front of a crowd. It’s bad enough I get hit on by thirteen-year-olds. Guys my age all think I’m that young, to look at me. And they never believe when I tell them I’m eighteen. Assholes…”

Finding a movie already started on one of the cable women’s channels, Susie closed the discussion and settled beside me on the couch. After a rather passionate kissing scene, the movie faded to commercial break when the fantasy couple guided each other to the bedroom and closed the door. My daughter rose to go to her own room.

Susie returned with both her bed pillows, dropped them on one side of me, and laid across me with her hips in my lap and her upper body puffed up on the pillows. She never before cuddled with me like that and, despite my surprise, I left her in her chosen place. Susie’s position put me in a dilemma of where to put my right hand, because the only comfortable place for it would be her bottom. That left my one arm wanting and searching, in some kind of limbo. My other hand resting on her lower back was no problem at all.

After ten more minutes into the returned movie, Susie blurted, “You can put your other hand on my butt, you know, if you have no other place for it.”

“Maybe not,” I countered right away.

“I won’t call it an attempt at seduction if you do.”

I decided to say nothing more. I guess I should have had her move or risen to brew some coffee, but her petite body felt comfortable lying over me. Seems I enjoyed that closeness with her–maybe too much.

“Would you scratch my back?” Susie asked a few moments later.

I started doing that, feeling safe with it. Susie seemed to settle more comfortably into her pillows as she hugged them, cooing now and again. Then, I noticed from my daughter the scent only a woman has when she’s sexually aroused. That triggered my long-denied need for a woman, making my cock become suddenly hard of its own. Terrified, I locked my knees close together so my hard-on wouldn’t spring up from between my thighs.

“You okay?” Susie asked. “You seem tense all of a sudden. I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No, I’m okay,” I answered, still absentmindedly scratching my teen daughter’s back. My balls started to ache and my cock pulsed its whole length. I could feel the wetness of a spot of precum in my sweatpants, which I would need to cover the instant Susie got up without revealing I had something to hide.

“How old were you when you lost your virginity?”

“Um…I was sixteen but it really wasn’t all-out sex.”

“How do you mean?”

“A girl, uh, gave me…uh…you know.”

“Was it mom?” Susie asked.

“No,” I answered. “I met your mom a few months later so technically she was my first lover.”

“Were you hers?”

“Yes, I was.”

“I’m still a virgin,” Susie confessed, “but I masturbate a lot.”

“I don’t need to know that,” I rushed to say, hoping to drop the subject real fucking fast.

“Do you know I’m horny right now? Your backscratching and this movie, even though there’s no nudity…”

“Okay, enough of that!”

“You’re too tense not to be, either,” Susie said, rolling to one side.

That was the worst thing she could have done. My cock sprang from between my thighs, pitching a tent in my sweats right before my daughter’s eyes. I felt my face flush hot like I was too close to the glowing charcoals of a lit barbecue.


“Susie, I’m sorry,” I stammered. “I…”

“It’s okay,” my daughter said, grabbing my cock and pumping it a few strokes with her small hand tight around it.

“We can’t do this!”

“Yes, we can.”

Springing up, Susie wrapped both her arms tight around my neck. She next kissed my mouth, forcing her searching tongue deep to make my raging hardness somehow more firm, more sure. Susie straddled my lap, the heat of her pussy feeling wonderful against my needful erection. I returned the kiss a few seconds, until my spinning addled brain regained its senses. I pulled at Susie’s thin arms to break her hold, turning my face from our kiss.

“We can’t do this!” I repeated. “I’m your dad!”

“We’re both horny,” Susie countered, “and I’m eighteen. It’s not like you’re m*****ing me.”


With a sigh, Susie dropped back on her haunches. She didn’t move from her place, to remain spread over my lap. My needful cock felt like it might escape my body to get at her all by itself.

“I think you better get off,” I decided.

“That’s what I’m trying to do!” Susie laughed, her eyes gleaming and her face lit with a sly smile.

“You know what I mean!”

“Let me suck your dick. Close your eyes and imagine I’m that girl from when you were sixteen.”


My daughter reached down to again pump my engorged cock with both hands. It felt so good, and I’d been without a woman for some while. I figured I would regret it later but this time I couldn’t bring myself to make my daughter stop.

Smiling, Susie jacked me another minute or so. Then she paused to peel off the oversize tee shirt she wears to bed.

My daughter has a deep rich olive complexion she inherited from her mom’s side, them all being Italian. Susie has long shining hair so deep brown that in dim light it appears sleek black. The small nipples of her tiny flat breasts are the tone of coffee-with-a-dash-of-cream, almost matching the color of her mesmerizing eyes. My cock throbbed at sight of my Susie topless, though I had to push away the comparison of her body to that of a p*****n girl.

First rolling her nipples between tight fingers, then stroking a hand over the crotch of her pink bikini panties, Susie slipped from her perch on my lap. As she lowered to her knees, she pulled at the waistband of my sweatpants. My hard bouncing cock sprang out like a Jack-in-the-Box.

“Oh, my!” Susie marveled, never having seen me hard. “How big are you?”

“Almost eight inches,” I answered, feeling a mix of pride and embarrassment.

“You’re thick, too. Wow!”

I shuddered when my petite teen daughter grabbed in hand the base of my cock before lowering her lips to take me into her warm mouth far as she could. The determined bobbing of her head with her tongue slick and firm along the underside of my hardness felt like no blowjob I ever before had. If my daughter never before had practice–which I didn’t and still don’t want to know–it’s a fair bet she’s a natural. With her free hand, Susie worked her pussy at a frantic pace.

In minutes, I had to gasp in warning, “I’m gonna cum!” Rather than balk as I expected, Susie worked me faster, seeming thirsty for my load. That thought pushed me the last little bit I wanted so badly.

Gripping my daughter’s long hair and raising my hips, I shot the load of a lifetime into her greedy willing mouth. Sucking and pumping my cock more ravenously than seconds before, with my cum spurting jets like from an old decrepit water fountain that needs new plumbing, Susie swallowed all I gushed in those incredible bursts. When she started to moan, I feared my cock was giving her too much to handle or I had forced myself too deep. But Susie’s sudden shuddering told instead my cumming in her mouth helped get her off, too.

Even after I had no more to flow down Susie’s throat she kept at me and herself, my pleasure and hers continuing. At last we spent to fullest culmination, smiling at each other when she settled back. Not a single drop more beaded from the head of my cock; Susie made claim to all of it. To my further amazement, my cock stayed rigid like I still had yet to let loose.

“Thank you, Daddy!” Susie lilted, licking her lips and showing off another, exaggerated swallow.

I sat with my mouth hanging open, realization of what just happened with my daughter relentlessly bashing my mind like with a psychic sledgehammer.

Standing, Susie slid off her panties to reveal a pussy shaved smooth. I know she had pubic hair since age f******n, when I once walked past the open bathroom door after she showered. Apologizing, I turned away immediately and Susie screeched, slamming the door closed. We never spoke of our mutual embarrassment.

Now, years later, she was revealing all her body to me. Guilt refreshed, but sight of my daughter’s bald pussy made me starve to taste her. The bare slit and full lips of Susie’s sex looked so soft and inviting I wondered for an instant how any guy could possibly be gay. If I had to choose right then between Susie and winning a million-dollar lottery, I’d forgo the money.

“Your turn,” I said, pulling Susie beside me on the couch. Slipping to my knees, I kissed a short fast track down her tummy straight to her glistening cleft. I could no longer stand not having my face at her.

I’ve been down on shaved pussy, but none before felt soft as my daughter’s. The scent and sense of her kept my throbbing cock feeling like it was still waiting to let loose for the first time in my life. I licked Susie’s pussy top to bottom, dashing my tongue side-to-side deep in the folds of her sex, so terribly frantic to make her next climax splash my face and drench my skin. To my great pleasure, I was down on her maybe all of three minutes before she started pulling at my hair–squeaking, cooing, and squealing as an orgasm stronger than her first claimed her quivering body.

I kept at that delicious pussy–Susie’s hungry orgasm ravenous in seconds–to keep my daughter prisoner of an insane pleasure I wouldn’t let stop. I jabbed my tongue in and out of her flowing tunnel like the magical spear of some ancient mythical warrior daring to fight the gods of Olympus, making Susie twitch beyond all control. I rammed two fingers into her, thrusting my hand while suckling my Susie’s small protruding clit, to keep her cum going long as I could. My hot beautiful daughter could do no more than pinch her nipples and buck her hips, all the while gasping for air. When Susie’s petite sweat-drenched body could take no more, she sagged into the cushions of the couch. Her spread knees shook and her lower lip quivered.

“Oh, thank you, Daddy!” Susie whispered when she at last could. “But no more. No more!”

Too bad there; I wasn’t done. I kissed a trail up Susie’s body to take one of her small dark nipples into my mouth. I suckled her hard, pressing the bud to my upper teeth with a gentle tongue. I stirred her clit with slow light fingertips, her own juices making my teasing feel like I was caressing finest silk.

“Bite my nip!” Susie demanded, forgetting her plea I should relent. “Pinch the other one! I’m so sensitive there and my clit feels like it’s gonna burst! Make me cum some more!”

Seconds after I met her requests, Susie came a third time so brutally she almost pulled a handful of hair from my head. My hand at her pussy became soaked from her flow as I fingerfucked her deep and a little rough, my thumb tapping or stirring her clit now and again to heighten the intensity of her lasting cum. Otherwise, I used her G-spot to sustain her manic release. Rarely have I seen a woman cum so hard, especially after thrilling to others before.

After long minutes, Susie gripped my wrist to stop my working of her pussy. But I found cheap thrill to keep sexually torturing my daughter’s petite body with pure pleasure. Refusing to quit, I forced her orgasm still longer. At last, for she started crying in addition to begging I end my teasing, I did her clit hard enough to grant the grandest of sexual finales.

Cuddling and kissing away her tears as she fought to wind down, I entered my daughter’s sensitized overexcited body. Thrusting slow in her tightness, I knew instantly I could cum right away if I didn’t restrain myself. Susie’s gripping pussy felt deliciously slick along my cock from head to base. Raising her knees and holding tight to my neck, Susie rolled her hips in time with me, welcoming the full and genuine fuck I could no longer wait to indulge. Her breathing deepened, and when I pinched her nipples she came again–a short intense blast of pleasure that seemed to paralyze her. I fucked harder while Susie came, making her squeal. More sweat broke out all over her.

While Susie wound down after all that, I mixed the force and depths of my thrusts, rolling my hips against her swollen little clit when all the way in her. Soon, my daughter enjoyed/suffered/endured another explosive climax.

While Susie again struggled to cool down and regain her breath, I slid out and rolled her onto her tummy–her body on the couch with her knees on the floor. Entered from behind and being fucked hard as I could slam her, Susie came again in half a minute, then yet again a moment later. The whole time, I kneaded her ass with one hand while rolling one of her erect nipples with firm fingers of my other.

At last I could take no more. Gripping both Susie’s slender hips with my hands and holding deep, I gushed another huge load into her. Susie climaxed right away, her hard cum forcing her wetness and some of my cum to ooze from around my pulsing cock. I felt the cooling flow of hot sex slide down my pumping balls.

Stretching out over my petite daughter’s back, I held her as we regained our breaths. That took time.

“That was wild!” Susie panted, her half-closed eyes looking dreamy. “I can cum a lot when playing with myself but I never came like you made me. Over and over!”

“I never came like that, either,” I said, again feeling guilty. But my cock, still not fully down, held off the worst of my personal condemnation.

Susie is now napping. She fell asleep under me, so I gently rolled her onto the couch and covered her with a blanket.

I don’t know if we’ll ever again have sex, but my cock often tingled and rose a little the hours I replayed in my mind what we did tonight. After writing all this, my hard-on is raging. I love my daughter and to keep fucking her could warp her young mind somewhere down the road of her life. Harming her in any way scares the shit out of me.

I rather die ten times by fire.

But the allure of Susie’s petite body is so hard to resist now that we shared such intimacy. With my fears so strong, I won’t make any first moves. If ever Susie does, I’ll surrender right away to fuck her again and again, with both of us cumming over and over like we did tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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