Dave Vanessa and Paul……

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Dave Vanessa and Paul……
It was some time after the first story, that we had a weekend on our own again.
Our son was with a Grandma’s and we had a weekend ahead, a rare occasion.
On Friday night Vanessa and I went into town to a local Italian place, good food and loads of wine. As the evening wore on, we began discussing matters of a sexual nature and recollecting the night we experimented (in the previous story).
From under a menu Vanessa produced a flyer, one of those that advertise things to see, places to go in town, she pointed at one such advert, it read, Fun bar, opening soon.
What is a Fun bar I asked? And when is soon? She pointed out that the flyer was 2 months old, and that the bar was open already. As for what it was, it was a gay bar. I asked why she was pointing out a gay bar to me, no way I’m going to a gay bar.
It’s not just Gay men, it’s a mixture, there are all persuasion’s go to it, I heard some women at work talking about it. Ok well why are you showing me it, I asked? Well I have an idea that you may just like, she replied.
How about tomorrow, I go to the Fun Bar on my own, she put a hand to my mouth before the words escaped, listen she said, I go to the bar, and see if I can say, pick up a female, a Bi female perhaps, then I bring her back home and we see if we can act out for real, what we both think about?
It took a few minutes for this to sink in, my wife was going to go out and try to pick up a Bi-female, with the intention of bringing her home, so we could have sex with her and her with us!!
I don’t recon it will work V I said, I don’t think a single female, Bi or otherwise will just come home to a stranger’s house knowing what the intentions are. Ok she said, are you willing to let me try? Ok I replied, why not, go for it, but no silly short skirts and tits hanging out, we laughed, finished our wine and left.
Both feeling rather horny, thinking about what may or may not happen, sex was imminent that night, and it was difficult to tell who was more turned on.
Saturday morning arrived for too quickly, and I lay there trying to think if the conversation from last night a dream or real. I quickly realised it was not a dream as Vanessa came dancing in with a cup of tea and toast for me, I’m all excited aren’t you she asked? I will believe it when whatever happens, happens.
Ok well I am off shopping, so I will see you later, if you need anything, text me, and with that she was off. Saturday was the usual sort of day but without our son around, so I still watch k**’s TV until noon.
Vanessa drove down the drive around 3pm and came inside brandishing various carry bags. Some she pooped down in the kitchen, someone in the living room, and a couple she took upstairs. I unpacked the ones in the kitchen and living room. The kitchen ones held food etc, the living room one had a couple of bottles of wine, vodka and scotch, a couple of scented candles and a cd.
Eventually she came downstairs, smiling like a Cheshire cat, so what’s made you so happy I asked, oh nothing, just sometimes life seems so nice, cheerful and bright. We had some tea, light snacks and a bottle of wine.
Around 7.45 Vanessa got up from the settee and exclaimed, right shower, hair and makeup time, with that she danced her way up the staircase. I could hear her singing in the shower, and louder over the hair drier. She eventually came down stairs, I gulped when I saw her, I swear my mouth dropped open, it must have done, because she said, you’ll be catching flies.
If I had to describe her look, it was like the cover of Pulp Fiction, but in real life. Her hair had been done while she was out, but I never saw it as she rushed through, and then even when we ate together. But now I noticed it. She had a Bob, it was jet black, she had black eye shadow, and it was very sexy, she even had eye lids in dark red. Her finger nails were deep red as were her toenails. Looking from her feet up, she was wearing black high heels, around 4” heels. I asked if she was wearing stockings, tights or hold ups, she told me they were the real thing, Stockings then I said. Her skirt started about 3 inches below her bum, it was a black pin stripe skirt, and the seemed stockings went well with it.
She had on a jacket, also pinstriped, in fact I quickly worked out that was indeed a suit! The jacket was cut to the waist and had large collar that folded down to her breasts, talking about breasts, the jacket allowed a good portion of them to see daylight, and the bra pushed them out even more. So, what do you think, she asked? Considering I had a bulge in my pants, the question was redundant, she walked over to me, and I caught a whiff of her perfume, not her usual, but obviously designed for something.
She kissed me on the lips, as she did so, she took a hold of my erect penis and said, save this for later, or perhaps go to the bathroom, she smiled. I am off then, wish me luck. Who needs luck, looking like that babe, I said. Now no going off to other people’s places ok? I said. I’ll drop you a text when I am on my way home, either way. And with that she left.
I eventually headed for the shower, it must have been around 21.30 to 22.00 I just stood under the piping hot shower, when the thought of my wife leaving, dressed as she was, going to pick up a woman, came streaming to mind, as it did so, my penis decided to have a shower too, I stroked it and began to pull myself off leaning against the shower wall with one hand, and jerking off with the other. I just imagined fucking my wife, wearing all she had on, her tits pushing through the jacket, the skirt around her waist and the sight of those stockings and suspenders. I jerked and pumped myself empty, slightly dizzy with the heat, I washed and dried myself off.
I slipped into dressing gown and went down stairs. I didn’t think anything would really come of this venture, I was certain that some gay female would try to pick My wife up, but coming home, na wasn’t going to happen. I toyed with the thought that she might have sex with a woman, and not come home with her, and that really didn’t bother me, if she was honest.
I was watching a film, when my phone went tinkled, Vanessa’s number, the text read, “home in half an hour…with company”!
I wasn’t sure what to do, so I made myself a large drink, and drank it, then I made myself another large drink and drank that, then I sat down with a large drink, and sipped that. Half an hour, it’s only 15 mins away, and she is driving?
After my 4th drink, I was quite calm and collected, I heard the car door slam, and then the kitchen door open, I felt butterflies in my stomach, and a tingle in my loins. The living room door opened, and a very sexy looking Wife came through, hair slightly out of place, but otherwise, as she had left. I was just about to say, so no company then, when a female, with short dark blond hair, wearing suit trousers, shoes a jacket and tie came through the door. This is Paul Vanessa said, short for Paula. I stood up, slightly taken back, and she held her hand out as we shook hands. Not knowing really what to say, and Vanessa seeing that I was struggling, she chipped, how about some drinks Hun? Erma yes Okay, what will you have Paula, I asked, Just Paul, she said, I’ll have a whisky please, Red wine for you V I asked, yes please she replied.
We sat down with the drinks, me on the floor where I had been watching TV, Vanessa on the settee, and Paul on the chair facing the settee. We began to exchange pleasantries. Paul commented on the house and how nice it was. I asked where she lived, oh Buckley she said, which was the next town over to us. So how did you two meet tonight? I asked. Vanessa took up the story.
I walked into the bar and it was about half full, a lot of guys in there, only a few women, some couples, I walked to the bar and ordered a drink, then sat at a table just watching everyone. I saw Paul looking at me, but didn’t take much notice, a young Girl sat down at my table and asked if I was on my own, I told her that I was, she then asked me, what I was looking for here? As I began to talk, she edged around and sat next to me, how old are you she asked, I told her the truth, she said, wow, your hot for your age, I am only 19, she started stroking my leg as we chatted.
I took hold of her hand and explained that I thought she was too young to be feeling me up flattered as I was, she said ok, that’s fine, and with that she stood and left. A few moments later a woman asked me if the seat next to me was taken, I assured her it wasn’t. she sat and began to chat, usual, been here since the opening, how do I find it, am I single, looking, gay. I didn’t tell her any lies, I just told her the truth, married, looking and first time here.
She leaned across and whispered, you know that your hot and I would love to be your first. She was an attractive woman in her mid-40’s nicely dressed and perfectly groomed. She leaned in and kissed my lips; a tingle went down my spine and the hairs on my neck stood up. She kissed me again, this time a little longer, and she placed a hand on my knee, I kissed her back. She asked if I would like to take a booth, it was then that I explained our fantasy. She sat up, looked me in the eye and said, sorry honey, I’m right off men, I left my husband of 14 years. And with that she kissed my cheek and walked off.
I glanced over at Paul who was watching me, she nodded to me, and I returned the nod, she walked across to my table and asked if I would care a for a drink, I accepted and she went to the bar and bought me a fresh drink, I watched as she walked away, nice bum I thought but she was/is obviously a butch gay lady, and dressed like a man, but with very feminine features, a pretty face and boyish figure and short hair. Not really the type I/We were looking for.
But as we chatted and had a few drinks, she didn’t once try anything or move in on me, and I began to get turned on by the fact that she was sort of feminine butch.
Paula took over the story from here. She started, I saw This sext lady in a pinstriped skirt suit and obviously stockings, and she just stood out in that bar. I watched as two ladies tried to pick her up and didn’t, at the time not knowing the reason why they were unsuccessful. But when my chance came to say Hi, I just walked over, and offered to buy her a drink.
So, I chirped in, that’s what happened tonight and how you met, so Vanessa explained at some point what we were all about, she must have done because you are here, in our home? Which is a little confusing to me, as you are obviously butch and so being, as far as I am aware, the dominant part of a gay relationship, correct me if I am wrong!
Paul, looked at me and said, I am the dominant one in a relationship and I am, as you would put it, the male part, the butch one. And your wife, Vanessa turns me on, I mean she is hot. We chatted for a while, and she did tell me what was going through your minds. And I agreed to come here tonight.
I was all of a sudden struck dumb, I wasn’t sure where this was going to go, so I got up and offered to refresh everyone’s drinks, as I took the glasses from my wife and Paul, I nodded to Paul, why don’t you sit over there, motioning the seat on the settee next to Vanessa, The we are closer together when chatting, as I left the room, Paul moved across the room, and sat next to Vanessa.
Upon my return, they were just chatting and laughing, they were getting on well, it was obvious that Paula was hot for my wife, and Vanessa was up for her advances. As the conversation between us progressed and the alcohol flowed, we all relaxed, and inhibitions lay way to open minds.
I was now sitting facing them, they were on the settee and myself on the easy chair opposite, I noticed that Vanessa’s short pinstriped skirt, had disappeared somewhere around her bum, from where I was sitting, I could see her stocking tops and G-string. Paula had removed her jacket and loosened her tie. We were all laughing about something, I can’t remember what, when Paula just leaned forward and kissed Vanessa on the lips, it was a searching kiss, one you give to see if there is a response.
The response was pretty much immediate, Vanessa returned the kiss, and then Paula put her hand around Vanessa’s neck and pulled her in towards her lips, I watched as tongue licked tongue and passionate kissing began to be exchanged. Vanessa had her hand resting on Pauline’s shoulder and the other on her own thigh.
Paula had a hand on Vanessa’s neck and I noticed that her other was stroking Vanessa’s back. As the kissing grew more intense and obviously more passionate, I watched as Paula hand began to run over V’s jacket, over her boobs, as V was slightly twisted on the settee, one of her boobs was almost exposed from the jacket, Paul was stroking over this and cupping it, caressing it. V’s sighs of pleasure were obvious.
I already had an erection, who wouldn’t! I just continued to watch. Paul flicked open the three buttons on V’s jacket to reveal the bra, her hand moved over V’s boobs and I could see that the nipples were erect and pushing through the bra. I stood up, erection causing a huge bulge in my jeans. I moved over to the settee, and from behind Vanessa, I unfastened her bra clasp through her jacket and let it fall off her boobs, from the kissing Paula looked up at me and I saw a smile of approval in her eyes.
I slipped V’s jacket off her shoulders, and with a bit of a wiggle, I removed it from her, she was now topless. Paul was now really taking advantage of V’s boobs and erect nipples (and she does have very large sensitive nipples) V was breathing heavily and sighing with pleasure. Paula’s free hand was now up under V’s skirt and I could see the movements of her arm and hand, V had no resistance, she was enjoying all this.
Paula began kissing and licking V’s boobs and nipples, and this caused excited breathing and smiles on V’s face and lips, I bent down and kissed her, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, she flicked her tongue out and we licked and sucked tongues. Paul was really enjoying playing with V’s tits women know what women like! She started moving her head down V’s body kissing and licking her tummy. Her hand was obviously playing with V’s pussy through the thong.
I took hold of Vanessa by her arms, and pulled her upwards, she rose from the settee, Paula, stopped and asked, what’s the matter? As Vanessa stood up, I undid the clasp on her skirt, and let it fall to the ground, she stood there in just suspenders, stocking and thong, Paula gave a big smile and said, we make a good team, so we are going to seduce your wife together, Oh my God Vanessa said, Oh yes, yes please, I stood behind her, my erect cock pushed hard against her bum.
Paula stood up and started kissing her on the lips while I kissed her neck, V’s hand slipped around her back, and she took a grip of my hard cock and squeezed it, I could feel the goose bumps on her neck with my lips, I reached around her with both arms and fondled her breasts, I fingered over her hard nipples and felt her body shiver to my touch.
Paul’s arms came around V’s back and slipped down between us and onto her bum, she was squeezing the cheeks, Vanessa’s hands were now busy unbuttoning Pauls shirt, I was watching as I kissed and nibbled her neck, the tie had come off the collar and as Vanessa slipped the shirt off Paul’s shoulders the tie remained on her neck, she was wearing a sports type of bra, one that squashed her boobs, but the nipples were pushing through the fabric, and were very erect.
Paul removed her hands from V’s buttocks and allowed the shirt to fall to the floor, I cupped both V’s breasts in my hands, and said to Paul, suck on these, she didn’t need telling twice, she lowered herself a little and I watched as she flicked her tongue over V’s erect nipples, first one and then the other, Paul took my hands away, and replaced them with her own, she was massaging V’s tits as she expertly sucked and licked them, this was producing some loud sighs and moans of pleasure from my wife.
I could feel the wet pre-cum in my pants, and I had to re-arrange myself as my cock was jammed on the wrong side of my trunks. I moved around them, until I was standing behind Paula, I was just watching the reaction on Vanessa’s face, she opened her eyes and looked straight at me, a big grin came across her lips. I ran a hand down Paula’s back from her neck and saw goose bumps come up on her skin, I unclipped her bra, and it fell down her arms to her elbows. Vanessa reached down, and I could see that she was fondling Paul’s breasts.
I took a hold of Paula’s waist with both hands, and pulled myself into her bum, my erection pushing between her cheeks. She reached around and felt my cock, turned slightly and said, are you going to cum, why don’t you just watch for a while?
I returned to the chair opposite the settee and sat down, my cock was pulsating, Vanessa looked over at me and said, go on take it out, I undid my pants and pulled down the zipper, pulled them down under my swollen balls, pre-cum erupted from the tip and slowly trickled down the shaft. Both were now looking at my cock. Paula stood up and began to kiss Vanessa passionately and deeply, penetrating her mouth with her tongue, then licking one another’s tongues.
Paul Ran a hand over Vanessa’s pussy over her thong, your very wet Paul exclaimed, I know V replied, I’m soaking, she rubbed and thumbed V’s pussy as they were kissing, working her way between V’s thighs, Paul pulled the thong aside and exposed V’s shaven pussy, oh I love peaches said Paul, smooth pussy, and as she parted V’s lips, love juice glistened in the half light, and wet her inner thighs, V’s head was thrown back and Paul started on her tits again as she finger fucked my wife’s soaking pussy, Vanessa was now jerking and moaning a lot, she was shaking.
I began to play with my cock as I watch the spectacle before me, they both looked at me and smiled, I watched as the petting and fingering became more feverish, Paul was taking a very masculine part, dominant and forceful. She was devouring Vanessa’s mouth with feverish kissing, as her fingers and hand worked on her pussy, the Thong was resting on one of V’s ankles, one side was torn, I had missed that. Vanessa was fondling Pauls breasts wildly and without thought, she was just so far gone in the land of sexual ecstasy.
I exploded with a loud shout and jerked until my sack was empty, Vanessa was oblivious to my explosion, but Paul was looking at me with one eye tilted in my direction, I saw a half smile on her lips, then she went back to giving Vanessa her full attention.
I left the room, and went upstairs to change my shirt and pants, clean the cum from my cock and hands, the tip was still sensitive as I washed round the tip and bell end. I sat on the bed for a while listening to the moans, exchanges of loud sensual whispers, words of encouragement and desires. I heard Vanessa cry out no stop, not that, and then back to the whimpering and moans.
After around 15 mins, I made my way back down stairs, and into the room, the sight that greeted me was, Vanessa laying back into the settee, her head pushed right back into the head cushions, Paul was kneeling between her legs and her head buried between Vanessa’s thighs, her head was bobbing in and out, up and down and the sound of licking and slurping, the odour of female juices was prominent in the air. V was thrusting into Pauls face and her hands cupping Pauls head.
I walked around the back of the settee bent over it and put my tongue on Vanessa’s lips, she sucked in my tongue, then licked it, she gasped for breath, I took hold of her boobs and massaged them, playing with her nipples, and thumbing them, then with a deep breath a huge thrust and a push forward that almost sent Paul flying backwards, she climaxed, she shivered, thrust screamed and grasped Paul’s head to stop her licking. Paul lifted her head and looked up towards Vanessa’s face, she saw me looking down at her, her mouth, cheeks, chin and hands were soaking, all of Vanessa’s cum, she licked her lips and smiled at me.
Vanessa was convulsing and still thrusting, I hugged her, her face was wet with perpetration as was her chest, between her boobs was wet, her nipples were rock hard, and she was breathing fast, in spasms. She clung onto me as I cuddled her, Paul eased herself up off her knees and kissing Vanessa’s body as she worked her way up to her face, Paul licked Vanessa’s lip as she did so Vanessa opened her eyes, smiled and accepted Pauls tongue into her mouth and they kissed, sharing Vanessa’s juices, then Vanessa turned to me, and nodded for me to kiss her. I tasted her love juice as she tonged my mouth and shared.
Vanessa stood after a few moments, very unsteadily at first, God my legs are shaking she said, in fact my whole body is shaking, I need water, and with that she went off to the kitchen, anyone else need a drink she offered. I took hold of my wine, and Paul asked for water also. Can I use the bathroom she asked, I pointed her in the direction, top of the stairs on the left.
Vanessa came back into the room put the water down on the coffee table and said she was going to get a dressing gown. Paul arrived back in the room, still naked from the waist upwards, apart from a tie, she slipped her shirt back on but didn’t fasten it. Taking up one of the glasses of water, she took a good drink, downing half of the glass in one go.
Can I ask you a personal question? I asked, feel free she replied. So, are you gay? I asked. No, she replied, I am Bi sexual, but I prefer to be the giver, the masculine side of a female relationship, and I tend to take charge in a heterosexual relationship too, a lot of guys don’t like it. How about you? she asked. How about me what? Are you heterosexual or Bi? Oh God I said, I’m just into women! So never had the thought or fantasy to go with a man? Noooo indeed not, I replied.
Vanessa came back into the room, a big smile on her face, and blushing, odd but true. She sat on the settee next to Paul. She picked up the water and took a big swig, in fact finished it in two goes, stood and went for a refill, she brought back a jug of water, filled hers and topped up Paula’s.
Paul just asked me if I were Bi, Vanessa laughed, no he is as straight as any man can be, women are the only sex he is interested in. Paula tells me she is Bi, not gay, Vanessa replied, I know, we have chatted. Oh, I said, I thought she was Gay because of the men’s style of dress. That is what I like men to think Paula said, then they don’t hit on me, everyone had eyes on your wife tonight in the bar, she was probably the sexiest female in there, and dressed to thrill.
So what pleasure do you get out of tonight? I asked, tonight isn’t over, yet Vanessa replied, now sitting between them, they looked across me and smiled at one another. Vanessa put down her drink and put her hand up underneath my shirt, she stroked my hairy chest as she looked me in the eye, and then tweaked my nipple, which caused a reaction only she knew would happen, my nipples are so sensitive. Then she did the same to the other, I jumped and clamped her hand on my chest, so she couldn’t do it again, both women laughed.
Vanessa began to kiss me, gently on the lips at first then tongue flicking my lips until we were French kissing, her hand was stroking my chest, and rubbing over my nipples, I could still taste her own juices on her tongue and lips, as we kissed and breathing began to increase, I felt another hand come up under my shirt, it was Paula’s she started stroking my chest, and occasionally rubbing over my nipples, which every time caused me to buck a little.
Vanessa removed her hand from my chest, and turned my head towards Paula with a twist of her wrist, then Paula began kissing me, the smell and taste on Vanessa was even stronger on Paula, when she forced her tongue deep into my mouth and searched around with it, it was like licking Vanessa’s pussy, she was very forceful she took hold of a nipple between finger and thumb and pitched it, and held it there, I tried to pull away from the grip and her kiss, but I couldn’t.
I felt my cock begin to get harder, and it was moving within my pants, I hadn’t put underpants on. So, it wasn’t restricted. A hand took a hold of the shaft through my pants, I had no idea whose hand it was. I slipped my hand under Paula’s lose shirt to find very perky hard boobs with erect hard nipples, she didn’t have big tits, but they were very firm. I slid my hand down to her trousers button, and was just about to undo it, but a hand stopped me, and replaced it onto her boobs. We continued fondling one another and she was tongue fucking my mouth, forcing her tongue in and out. I felt Vanessa’s hand unclip my top button and pull down the zipper, my cock popped out like a jack in the box, she lowered her head and began licking the tip, pulling my foreskin back as she licked more of the bell end. And then she sucked the end and let go.
Vanessa stood up, left me hanging out and went to sit next to Paula, as Paula was still kissing me, Vanessa pulled Pauls shirt open, and began licking and sucking on her tits, after a few moments Pauls began to react to this, she started to give out little squeaky sounds, like a large mouse. Paul’s hand took hold of my balls, and squeezed them firmly, which made me wince, but it wasn’t unpleasant. She kept squeezing them, like she was pumping something up.
I came up for air and managed to pull away a little from Pauls tongue fucking kissing, and I noticed as V was really going to work on Paul’s tits, her hand was unbuttoning her trousers, they were like the old oxford bags, a double button across the top, then buttons down the fly.
Paul got hold of me again, and we were engaged in deep penetrating kissing, and she was whining now as V’s attention to her nipples and tits increased. I heard buttons pop and then Vanessa’s hand went down the front of Pauls Pants, I could just see through the corner of my right eye her hand go into the trousers, then there was a gasp, but not from Paula as one would expect, the gasp was from Vanessa, and her hand came back out, then it went back in, oh my God she said, as she pulled the trousers open, Paul stopped kissing me and looked at Vanessa, I looked at Vanessa too, then we all looked down at Paula’s pants, there peeping up from her nickers was a cock, a bell end. Paul smiled, Vanessa and I exchanged confused glances.
Vanessa pulled the trousers completely off, and there under the Underpants was a definite shape of balls and a tip of a cock protruding from the top of the underpants, Paula was just smiling, still holding my balls and massaging them. Vanessa took hold of the cock, and then also smiled, it’s not real she said. It’s a dildo. Vanessa slipped Paula’s underpants off, but there were no straps or anything, just this rubber cock, a tad smaller than my own, and it was poking out from between Paula’s thighs from her pussy in fact.
Suck it Paul instructed Vanessa, suck just like you do this one, as she took a hold of my shaft, Vanessa took it into her mouth and began to suck it and lick it, Banana she exclaimed with a mouth full, she looked up, its banana flavour! She went back to sucking on it and gripping it.
Pauls then went down on me, the sight I was taking in was, my wife sucking to all intents and purposes, a cock and another woman sucking mine, mind blowing. Paula was really moaning and squeaking now every time V’s head bobbed up and down Paul made a noise and she was getting louder, Vanessa put her hand between Pauls thighs, and tried to penetrate her pussy, then she just started pumping the rubber cock as if it were a real one, she got faster and faster until very quickly, Paula came. She screamed oh shit, fuck, fuck, fuck. And almost bit my cock. She threw herself backwards and stopped Vanessa playing with her cock.
She increased the pumping on mine and I shot my load all over her tits and shoulder, some on her cheek. It was awesome, we both lay there panting, Vanessa was watching us both and smiling. As we recovered and caught our breath, I asked, what made you come, how can V sucking and wanking a rubber cock make you cum? Well for one thing, I have been on the verge for over 2 hours, and look, she opened her legs a little, and pulled out the cock, it had another cock at the other end, which had been inside her all this time, and every movement was like being fucked. And she was soaking, the rubber cock was soaking too.
Without a thought, Vanessa went down between Paula’s legs, and put her head into her crotch, and began to lick the juices, she opened her clit with finger and thumb and licked between the lips, Paula sat up watching Vanessa work on her pussy, and I was watching from the side, my erection didn’t go away, I was surprised, but I was empty.
I took up position on my knees behind Vanessa, and parted her legs a little, and as she was on her knees servicing Paula, I slipped my cock into a very wet and hot pussy, she wiggled back onto me and pushed herself onto me back and forth. Paula sat there playing with her tits and tweaking her nipples, Paula came again, very loudly and pushing Vanessa’s head away.
Vanessa pulled away from me and turned around, her mouth was wet, her chin was wet, Paula’s thighs were soaking. Vanessa pushed me and said lay on your back, I did as asked, and with that she said to Paula, get onto a real cock, Paul stood moved over to me, straddled my thighs, and guided my cock into her pussy as she lowered onto me, Vanessa then straddled my head, leaned forward and pulled her pussy lips apart. Make me cum with your tongue she said. And as she flicked her clit, I lapped her lips and tongue fucked her.
Paul was riding me like a bucking bronco, she was squeaking that odd noise, she was bouncing on me, and I could feel wetness running down over my balls and between my thighs, Vanessa was gyrating on my face. I now just stuck my tongue out and she did the rest, my arms were starched out fondling V’s tits, and there were another pair of hands doing the same.
Now I would have put money on it, that no one would cum at the same time, but I guess because of the situation, the moment, the sounds and smell, and the fact that 5 hours of sex, I felt Vanessa tighten her thighs against my head and push down on my face, almost suffocating me, then she began to jerk, and the smell came first, before the juices began to flow, but at that precise moment, I felt my load about to explode from my balls, which were being pounded by a woman, who thought she was galloping a horse, who now squeaked the loudest squeak and breathing like a marathon runner at the finish line.
The sound and noise must have been mind blowing, but V had cut my hearing off with her thighs clamped firmly against my ears, juices were running down my face as well as my balls, and I was being crushed top and bottom by two women in the throes of huge climaxes. As the breathing, movement and shuddering subsided, first Paula raised herself from me, and shortly after, so Vanessa hooked a leg over my head and sat next to me on the floor.
I was sweating profusely as were both Ladies, I felt the juices both on my face, balls and thighs began to cool down, I could feel coldness. Both women looked at me, and began to laugh, then they looked at each other and laughed, then we all began to laugh.
Paula became a friend, and we met up again a few times, they also went out together on a few occasions.
The stories continue… if you like and leave a comment!

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