Desk Pet

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Desk Pet
It was time to bitch out my agent. When he said ‘hello,’ I launched into a speech about wasting my time. I know any struggling model and actress has strengths and weaknesses. My weakness doesn’t seem fair. My tits are too big. I keep hearing ‘We are looking for a younger girl.’ That is a nice way for them to say I have tits like a porn star. I know my face is young and fresh. Busting out of a 34 DD means I look too sexual to be a commercial success.

It is ironic, that I announced my decision to get a real job the same day I got an offer. My agent was over the moon. I was confused. One of the most prominent businessmen in New York sought out an ad agency for a personal assistant. Lots of businessman want an actress to play with. I knew other girls who quit acting to be a playmate. It was time for me to go there. My rent was due. I didn’t give a fuck if I slept with a businessman for money. A girl has to do what’s necessary to pay the bills. It was time to grow up.

The offer was for more money in two-weeks than a struggling actress can earn in a year. I couldn’t refuse the offer even if it involved sex. My client had specific instructions for me that made me smile. I was to show up dressed to kill. My new employer wanted me to look straight off a ‘Mad Men’ set. He wanted me in the best vintage clothes possible. I was to be his personal ‘Joan.’ I love that show. I was excited to dress vintage. I spent my last twenty bucks in a thrift shop for a vintage dress that fit me like a glove. It was a simple wool dress the color of tropical water. I fell in love with that dress. I knew this offer was a new way of life. It isn’t easy to be a girl from the sixties in the present time. I could pull it off with ease.

I showed up for the interview like I already got the job. I loved the decor in the office. I realized my client did have a fetish for all things vintage. This was truly an acting job. I got lucky. The businessman who wanted a playmate was gorgeous. I knew good looks were part of his success. I knew he was cocky and arrogant by the way he leaned against the desk and looked at me like a piece of meat. We had this strange moment. He was checking me out. I dropped acting long enough to do the same. I looked him up and down like I wanted to eat him alive.

I barely remember the speech he gave me at the interview. It was about a woman from the sixties doing everything possible to make her boss happy. It was rude, sexist and wrong. My client needed me to be beautiful at all times. He wanted perfection and obedience like I was his pet. I call this story desk pet for a reason. I felt like his kitten. I liked it. I’ve never been submissive. This was a chance to use acting skills after all. I was turned on. I felt guilt for wanting sex instead of a job. I hoped this offer would give me both. My new boss gave me a wicked grin when I said ‘Yes.’ He knew I wanted to play his secretary game.

I could spin this story into some sweet, sexy office romance. I want you to know what really happened when I took the offer. I certainly didn’t show up to work the next day to start the game. My cliet’s actual secretary was a formidable b**st. She had no respect for me as soon as I signed the consent form. This was real prostitution. I was stunned how easily she booked me with an elite gynecological exam that would seal my fate. I wanted to cry as she asked about my prior sex history and explained ‘the physical requirements’ of my new position.

That day felt like it wouldn’t end. I signed away my soul on so many forms. I was facing a serious lawsuit if I gossiped about sex with this man or failed to complete a full two weeks. He could do everything but kill me without facing punishment. I signed papers that confused me. I would be sued if another man slept with me during the one month preparation and the weeks I was his pet. It didn’t seem legal. The secretary informed me it was. She gave me this look and said ‘we have a girl like you in for this position about every three months.’ I was not the first desk pet. I wouldn’t be the last.

For one month, I raced around New York getting fitted for ten costumes. My client was spending more on clothes than my actual salary for the job. I can’t lie. It was exciting to be dressed and pampered. I had ten epic wigs to play with. I had the finest hosiery on the planet. The corsets and undergarments required were vintage. I felt so sexy playing dress up in front of the mirror. I knew that my new job was no better than being a call girl. I knew a normal call girl would kill to own the ten costumes I got to keep. I would not be the first working girl who did things for nice clothes. I wouldn’t be the last.

I was nervous on my first day. I could barely dress myself. I knew backing out wasn’t an option. I looked like a million dollars. I felt like a cheap whore. No wonder my client hired actresses. No call girl would let herself feel so out of control. My skills as an actress let me smile even when I felt like crying. I enjoyed giving his secretary an evil glare as I walked in. I felt cocky in a costume. I wanted the real secretary to see me smile like being a call girl was easy for me. A good actress makes something impossible look easy. I was ready for this.

I didn’t expect to actually answer a phone or type. I was given a desk. My boss wanted me to pretend like I was some new secretary on her first day. I sat at an old typewriter and copied silly memos for a few hours. Holy shit, I can’t type. I wanted to laugh. Thank God, I was just an actress. I had no secretarial skills. I did things like order flowers and RSVP responses. It was exciting to pretend I was some innocent secretary. I wondered if my boss enjoyed making a desk pet feel innocent her first day. I think his game involved taking a girl like me into a state of confusion.

The real secretary told me that my time in the office would begin promptly at noon during my client’s scheduled lunch break. I wanted to tell her to go fuck herself so bad. I listened to her explain how important it was to maintain the schedule. It was a busy office. She had real world problems and an actual business to face. She seemed annoyed at her boss for swamping her day with the hassle of his stupid sex game. I loved my new client for making her day more difficult. I would be gone in two weeks and his game would be her problem instead of mine. I was ready to please him by any means necessary. I was going to be a prostitute and it was exciting. I still needed to be really good at a skill.

My boss would be out of my life in two weeks. My future would depend on my skills for pleasing men when he left. He would be hard to please. If I learned to please him other men would be easy. I wondered what his fetish would be. I found out when I knocked on his door at noon. He told me to lock the door. I walked up to him like I wasn’t scared. He actually laughed at me like I was stupid and inconsequential. I guess it was funny to see a desk pet the first time. We all thought we were special. On day one he could laugh at our naivete. He told me I look nice. He was so damn attractive I blushed like a little girl. He seemed to love seeing me twitterpated at his compliment.

I told him thanks. I may have been a desk pet. I took thirty seconds to do a cute little twirl like a princess in my new costume. I was determined to have fun with this. No woman wearing a costume more expensive than a new car should feel unhappy. I was also so fucking horny it was surreal. Our chemistry cut through me like a knife. Suddenly, I was a teenager walking up to a boy I wanted to fuck. There was a meek sexual urge to press against him. I felt hunger and desire. I wanted him and nothing would stop me. He saw the look on my face. I have few skills with seduction. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was a few feet from him. It seemed like he was miles away.

He was enjoying the moment as much as me. We were back to being two teenagers about to touch the first time. The air felt thick and heavy. I felt like I would drown or collapse in the pressure. No man had ever made me lose myself when it came to passion. I was eager and ready and he liked it. His game quickly became apparent. He basically pushed me back by the shoulders when I tried to kiss him. This was about control and submission. He didn’t say a word. He just took control of the situation. He needed to push me back so he could come forward and grab me. Once he felt like he was dominant it felt safe to feel me up and grope me. He lost himself in the moment and fondled me just like a teenage boy.

I thought his hands all over me was going to make me melt. It felt good to be pawed. I thought it was the best feeling possible to be manhandled by a powerful man. He basically held me still and forcibly kissed me. His kiss was so aggressive it scared me. I knew my tongue felt broken. My hands wanted to touch him. Being a desk pet came easy to me. I was truly passive and weak. I don’t think he meant to actually kiss me. It was the only kiss I got in his office. Maybe he even remembers the desk pet that earned a kiss. I would quickly learn what he wanted with my mouth. Giggle. No silly sex game is easy to explain.

I never thought the son-of-a-bitch would actually put me under his desk. I wanted to make getting on my hands and knees and crawling under a desk sexy to please him. I probably looked like a lunatic crawling under a big desk like it was home. A million things flew through my mind like ‘was this desk specially ordered for size?’ ‘Do other girls get claustrophobic under here?’ and ‘what if I can’t suck dick well enough to please him?’ The desk was oddly high enough for his dick to be in reach. He sat down.

I didn’t ask questions like what do you want from me. Our weird situation was obvious. If a man puts you under his desk you know what he wants. I felt fumbling when I pulled down his zipper. In this situation, I didn’t take off his pants. He didn’t have on underwear. I had an awkward moment pulling his dick out of his pants. He was so big and hard. I wanted to tell him his dick was exceptional. It absolutely needed to go in my mouth. He got lucky I am really sexual. I know in that area my skills are supreme. When I want a man’s cock, I go after it. I love giving head. I’m not some girl who does it all the time with random men. I hadn’t had a boyfriend in a few years.

I was probably too eager for my client. Maybe he expected a desk pet to be more timid. I took his cock in my mouth like it was the most important thing ever. I wanted to be remembered for skills I rarely use. I took him deep in my throat simply gagging on his girth. I hoped he loved the sensation of knowing he was difficult and my job wasn’t easy. I also had fun tickling his head with my tongue. I switched things up on him with my hand. I tried to work him nice and slow. I could tell he didn’t want to cum. This was foreplay. When he got close to cumming he pushed his chair back. I knew to go easier on him so he didn’t blow.

I remember thinking I’m pretty damn good at this. I know wanting to get fucked by the dick in my mouth made me give head like a professional. I felt like I controlled him from under the desk. It was a power trip knowing I could make him cum even when he was fighting not to. All the money in the world couldn’t take away a call girl’s power in this situation. It did more than make me turned on. I wanted to push him so hard he exploded cum in my mouth. I know my rhythm switched and I was sucking dick in hopes to get a huge mouthful. No other man had me so eager to choke on his dick and taste his cum. I know he got me so turned on my jaw didn’t hurt after serious sucking and movement.

I kept him so nice and sloppy wet with my spit. That part was easy. His dick made me drool. I was swimming in spit and I wanted to laugh. He was getting his monies worth. I had no clue I would love being a call girl. This was a wake-up call for me. Most men would’ve busted a nut with me in this situation. He wasn’t most men. No wonder a desk pet only worked for two weeks. This fucker could break a woman’s jaw. The more I got into it the more he pulled back. He wanted it slower but I didn’t care. I’m a woman who can usually make men fuck her stupid after I get them to the brink of an orgasm. I was dying for him to pull me out from under the desk and violate my pussy with his huge cock.

I thought he wouldn’t give me what I wanted. I sucked harder and faster thinking ‘he won’t fuck you, you can’t get laid, no one’s going to touch you.’ It was irrational but I wanted pleasure. I was out of control and I knew it. By the time I started squeezing and sucking on his balls my boss was ready for the real game. He pulled all the way back so fast with his chair that I came stumbling out from beneath the desk. I had a cute little moment when my face nearly hit the floor before my hands. I looked up at him like the most deviant little girl ever created. This was fun. He was grinning. I totally understand why any man would have a desk pet. He was probably on cloud nine knowing he had me, I wanted it and he would give it to me.

I let him help me up. I tried to adjust myself. I was pulling my dress down at the same time he started working it up. I relaxed once he took control. I hoped he would actually play with my pussy before he fucked me. He failed to meet my expectation. This had nothing to do with my pleasure. He absolutely needed to make me feel used. He turned me around so fast. He pushed me down on the desk with sheer f@rce. This time I couldn’t use my hand to brace impact. My cheek hit the cool wood with enough momentum to stun me. I didn’t care because he was going to be inside me. Normally, a man couldn’t push me onto a table and rip down my panties with without me fighting. I wanted him to do it.

He was faster than I expected. My dress was pushed up by my elbows. Within seconds of f@rcing me down he was inside me. It was such a big dick the insertion made me moan and squirm back. He must’ve loved knowing I was so damn wet from being under his desk. He slid into such a wet, tight pussy I’m surprised he could keep from cumming instantly. Instead, he started fucking me so hard and fast I nearly screamed. I always love sex from behind. Even a small dick hits my g-spot in that position. His hands pushed my face into the desk as he slammed into me. I didn’t care how hard he fucked me. I wanted it harder. I was on the verge of the best orgasm of my life.

My brain was swimming in enough adrenaline and dopamine it felt like I was rolling. I wanted to talk dirty and tell him to keep going. I didn’t say a word. I wouldn’t risk ruining his rhythm. This was good violent and angry sex. I let the pleasure roll through me. I wanted to moan and whimper. I was silent. My orgasm was so fast it left me shocked. I felt a complete lack of control. I probably did moan hard enough for his secretary to hear me. My pussy squeezed down hard simply pulsing down on his dick like a vice. My orgasm hit me with so many waves of pleasure. The intense euphoria of peaking with my ass in the air like a total slut made me smile. Desk pets aren’t supposed to cum when they get a good fucking.

Maybe he does remember my orgasm. I know his dick felt it. I certainly wasn’t faking. I went dead still after I came. The aftershock of his dick hitting my g-spot was disturbing. It felt like to much stimulation. If this was some guy in a bar I would’ve made him pull out after I came. This situation wasn’t expected. I wanted to make him stop and give me a break. He f@rced me to keep taking in pleasure. I got into it. His good little desk pet started pushing her ass back against his dick. I wanted to cum again. Even from behind he was getting me to fuck him. I pushed him so far inside me I nearly squealed. I can laugh at myself for absolutely losing my shit and chasing my orgasm instead of his.

I was almost there when his sounds let me know he was finished. I’m pretty sure I actually felt his cum shoot in my pussy. I felt full and dripping from his load. I felt famished, exhausted and content. I actually needed a few seconds to rest with my face on the desk. I was ooey and gooey and spaced out. I remember thinking ‘I love you desk.’ I wanted to relax and stay there enjoying the aftermath of complete satisfaction. I thought things like ‘I’m actually earning money for having an orgasm that I would pay to get.’ I wanted to ask him if I could do this for free. I knew most call girls don’t get this much pleasure from a client. I’m just lucky this client chose me.

I had a feeling I would never recover after two weeks of sex like this. I wondered what other games he wanted to play. I was up for anything. It had nothing to do with money anymore. I wouldn’t meet a man like this again. He was going to leave me desperate to return to him. I know after one orgasm he did have total control of me. I would always want to be under his desk. I know he saw the look on my face. It was longing and sadness. Two weeks wasn’t long enough for me. I wanted this fantasy to last a lifetime.

I can say my acting days are over. A part of me never left that office. I became a secretary for another wealthy man who wanted to play. Trust me, I’m no call girl even though I get paid. I ended up a well-kept mistress who got spankings for typing mistakes. I don’t love my boss. I don’t need love. I just need to play secretary full-time. I don’t know if other desk pets have chased a new desk after the first. I have a feeling I wasn’t the only desk pet who never stopped wearing vintage in an office. I certainly won’t be the last.

If you ask me real nicely this desk pet will tell you other office games she loves to play. This is just a quick easy introduction. I have to get back to my desk now. I’ll be back tomorrow. There is always work for me in an office.

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