Early Years #4

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Early Years #4
It has been a couple of years now since my first adventures, as time had passed,
my babysitter Mary, would come around less, my aunt had found a older more mature aunty type of lady who was able to watch over us k**s as they were out working.

But on weekend, they would still hire Mary to watch us as the new lady had a family of her own. We loved those weekends, I was about 13 years old now and my cousin Jenny was just turning 11 and she was developing nicely. Her little tits was so perky and perfect, she has the best dark nipples and tight little pussy, she started getting hair on her pussy sweet pussy. By now Mary was always sucking on Jenny’s little love button, she she so loved it, she was a little nymph by nature as I think back on all of our adventures.

And this part 4 of my early years story, we had an adventure one weekend, Mary had been dating this new guy she met and she would tell us how he was hung like a horse and we would laugh and say how large can he be, you had big cocks before?

She would simply smile with an evil look on her face and say, this one is the biggest I’ve seen, hard to swallow, I tried last night in the drive in movies. So I promised him a second try tonight, I told him that I had to work but that he could come over after everyone had left, is that ok with you k**s, can he come over so that I can suck his dick and take him deep in my throat.

We looked at each other and said that we agreed only if we can watch, then Mary laughed and said, of course, you can do more than watch, I will blindfold him and you can play with his cock for yourselves to see just how big it is, what do you say? We looked at each other said oh yes, we would love that Mary!

She said, then when he comes over, I will introduce you k**s and say that I am putting you to bed, then you will hide in the closet where you can see the bed and after I blindfold him, then come out slowly and be very still, not a word!!

It was about 9:30pm and he showed up, she introduced him and we all watch a little tv together while Mary openly flirted with him, he was shy and we heard him say to her, what about the little k**s, she smiled and told him not to worry, they are too busy watching tv before their bed time.

He believed her and let her do what she wanted. So she cuddled up next to him and started kissing on his neck, we pretended to be watching cartoons and Mary made him good and horny, he was smiling from ear to ear, I think the Taboo of us being in the same room turned him on and we could see something rising in his jeans, it was fat and pushed its way up and filled his jeans.

Mary reached down and grabbed it and stroked his cock through his jeans as he leaned back and moaned, we laughed and watch the tv but it was so awesome to see her seduce a man, she always talked and told us stories of how seductive she was and how her sensual power can make a man do whatever she wants..

She then open up his jeans and grabbed his dick, pulled it out in the open as he moaned from the feel of it, she squeezed it and reached down to suck on it but he saw us looking at him and jumped up in surprise. we turned to watch the tv, but it was too late, he was not comfortable with us in the room, so Mary told us to turn the tv off because its bedtime, but we knew what that meant lol.

We said goodnight to him, and ran up to our rooms, after a few minutes with us hiding properly in the closet of my aunts bedroom. Mary called out to her new boyfriend and told him to come up as the k**s are in bed. he ran up as he was so horny, she said come in here and he found his way to my aunts bedroom.

We saw him walk in and he asked about us, Mary said, not to worry, I put them to bed, they are good k**s and don’t give any trouble because they know I always give them great treats for being good..

As I looked over I saw that Jenny had her hand in her panties and was fingering her little pussy, she smiled as I watched her, I said your already so horny?
She said, yes I am, after seeing his cock being so big even without being fully hard made my pussy so wet. I said I know, it was real thick, I wonder how Mary will suck it all down, we smiled and continued to watch this awesome view!

Mary motioned for him to come over to the bed, he said, but this is your boss bedroom, she said yes, but they are away and its a little kinky for me to come all over their bed and to think of them coming home and making love to each other on the same bed that I came on and mixing my cunt juices with theirs lol…

He smiled as he walked over to her, she said, take your jeans off and let me see that monster, he proudly smiled and said are you ready for it this time, you secy freaky bitch you! She looked him in the eye and said, only one way to find out, as he dropped his shorts and jeans and stepped out of them, his long and thick cock dropped out and was half way down his thigh but was still soft, wow, what a cock, I could only imagine how it must be to full up the inside of a woman with such a cock as I looked over to see my cousin now with her panties around her knees and spread wide rubbing clit like a mad little bitch…

Mary told him to sit down on the side of the bed as she stepped over his two legs she was so close to him but yet so far as she told him he was not to touch her until she said it was ok, she told him that tonight would be a treat for being such a wonderful boyfriend. She told him he would have to put on a blindfold because she wanted the experience to be a seductive and sensual one, he was getting so excited that his cock seemed to move kinda like a snake as it got even bigger and longer and thicker that before, it seemed to crawl up Mary’s leg and she straddled him, she smile and said, OMG, you are so huge, you told me you were huge but this shit is HUGE!

I want it, I want it all deep inside of me, but first I want to see just how big you can get baby, she blindfolded him and laid him back on the bed. She told him that no matter what, just trust her and do not try to remove the blindfold, just lay back and enjoy all of the sexual pleasure he is about to receive from her…

She then start to kiss him on his tummy and then nibbled on his nipples, then she bit one of them, laughed and said oh sorry baby, I will be more careful.

She then motioned for us to come out and enjoy this wonderful treat she had for us. We both slowly moved over to the bed, Mary then pushed open her boyfriends legs and raised them both up spread eagle she called it, exposing all of him, his big cock was showing but so was his asshole, Mary has a fetish, she loves to finger fuck her boyfriends as she suck on their cocks.

As we both got close, she motioned for us to stop and then for only one of us to move forward to play with him at a time, this was part of her plan as she had explained it to us from before. Jenny had won the toss, so she got to play first, she moved into position smiling from ear to ear as I knew her pussy was so wet as she was fingering herself the whole time. Mary then grabbed onto his big thick cock and pulled it back and away from his body as she lower the head for Jenny, who stood on her knees and was more than ready to take it all it stood tall, it had to of been 12 to 14 inches and about 5 inches round, it was hella fat, that was the first time I saw first hand, what I Monster Cock looked like and I wished for one ever since then.

Jenny began to suck on the massive cock, she was so hungry she went mad on it, Mary stood looking surprised as she held the stiff member in her hand for Jenny to suck on, Jenny tried to take the whole head in but could only get pass the hood of his cock head, her little 11 year old mouth was just too tight, but she was persistent and she licked her lips and went for it again, this time she slipped passed the head on got about 2 or 3 inches of it in, I was surprised but Mary had been training her on my cock and she was a good cock sucker, she loved to deep throat even at such a young age lol…

Mary continued to stroke his cock as jenny sucked on his head and some inches,
she was so excited that one of her hands was down around her cunt, while the other was up Mary’s exposed cunt, I stood back with my cock in hand amazed and this awesome Saturday night with Mary!

Jenny continued to suck on his and cock as it grew even more from how tight her throat was around his cock, He moaned out loud saying oh Mary baby, its so tight, it feel like a virgin pussy, give it to me baby, give me more of that virgin pussy, I want to feel the tightness around my dick head, Jenny was only too happy to assist as she began to suck him even harder and she made him so wet that pre-cum was coming out of his massive cock head, Jenny licked it up and suck on him with it making it easier for her to allow his cock to slide down her throat, Mary looked on so proud as she continued to stroke him ever so tightly just like he liked it…

Jenny’s hand continued to slide in and out of Mary pussy as Mary held onto the huge cock, it was now my turn, Mary motioned for me to come over, as I walked up to her, she opened her legs and signaled for me to eat her out, I laid on my side and began to suck on her clit, she loved that, as I sucked on her clit and licked her pussy juices up, Jenny took the hand she had up in Mary’s pussy and began to stroke my cock which was so hard, at this age, I was now about 8 inches already, my cock filled Jenny’s hand as she stroked me off, I took my free hand and reached around her to play with her pussy, she loved for me to finger fuck her, she said I was always so good at it, so I did and made her feel so wonderful as she was now choking on the massive cock, she came off for some air and Mary whispered in my ear, give your cousin a break and suck on that monster for me, do it good and I will give you a special treat when he leaves. She did not need to say more, I loved it when she gave me her special treats, it usually meant that I could get to fuck her in her pussy or ass…

Jenny stepped back slowly letting Mary continue to stroke his huge cock as she talked dirty to him, I slowly moved into position and tool that sweet tasting cock into my mouth, Mary had been training me how to suck on her dildos, she told me that if I knew how to suck a good cock that it would make me understand of it feels and I would gain great pleasure from it, so I listened and learned and now I was using those skills to make her happy, I had always looked to her like my Master, because she was always so much in control, it was easy to give her full control, especially when she gave such good treats lol…

So I sucked that cock good, being that I was older, my mouth was a bit bigger and I suck it good and deep, he seem to love it, as he moaned and said, oh Mary baby, your learning just how I like it, your mouth is stretching to my cock, I love the feel baby, don’t stop, she squeezed his cock and aid I won’t stop baby, I;ll give it you good, just lay back and enjoy…

I sucked on him for about 5 more minutes when I felt Jenny between my legs suck on my cock, she was enjoying it as she looked up to me with her sexy dreamy eye, I could see that she was in Lust and I wanted to make her feel every bit of pleasure that she could as I loved her so…

I opened my legs even wider as she sucked me even harder and deeper then I felt her stick her finger up my ass and began to finger fuck me as she sucked on my cock, it felt so damn good as I was busy sucking on the massive cock of Mary’s new boyfriend. Then I figured that if Jenny finger up my ass while she was sucking me off felt so damn good that maybe this guy would also enjoy it so I took my hand out of Jenny’s pussy and I slide it right into his ass he jerked but then moaned some more in pleasure as I suck down harder on his cock and I fingered his tight ass.. he loved it and I am sure that to this day, he does now know that I little boy stuck a finger up his ass and he sucked him off lol.

I sucked him off so good that within minutes he was pushing up his legs and then he exploded in my mouth, I just managed to pull out in time before I choked on him, he was so horny that he must have shot 5 loads all over him tummy and Mary’s hair..

She then signaled for us to return to the closet as she finished him off, she still had his cock in her hand and then she began to suck him off again and told him to lay and and that this time she will ride his cock like the horse that he is, she sucked him good then took his stiff cock between her legs and sat on it as she let out a loud moan, she was in heaven. Jenny then whispered to me that she hopes that she can one day be able to take such a huge cock up her cunt, I said I am sure you will be able to one day, you have suck a sweet pussy, she blushed and said do you really think so?

I turned to her and said yes I do, and I love to suck on you and to taste your juices, I love you and if you will let me then I will love to be the first one to fuck you, please let my cock be your first… She smiled and looked out through the closet door at Mary fucking that your stud in a Cowgirl Position and said, yes, you be my first cock but only if it ends with me in that position fucking to that hard….

I strongly believe that up to this day, it is why I still love to be fucked in a cowgirl position.. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did when it happened all those years ago!

Please comment and let me know what you think?

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