Enjoying the preachers wife.

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Enjoying the preachers wife.
Pulled out some old pictures and it brought back memories of my youth. Here is one I just enjoyed.

My Sr year at high school and bought my sports car. Little yellow and black Buick skyhawk. I was excited to sport around and visit some of the girls. Mothers friend was young wife of a minister. I never met him, I did meet her many times. She would drop by when I was only one there, just finished a shower and getting ready for a ball game. Would sit on my bed while I got dressed. She liked to sit on my shoulder and just be handled.
She told how she always liked big guys, but big guys always passed her by. She was about 5-2 and 110 lbs. Nice chest and tight body. She was not beauty queen, but not ugly at all.
I told her I would have dated her and thought she was hot. Being 17 and she about 24, I would date any female I thought would spread her legs.
She smiled and bowed her head some. Well its to late, I am married woman and will be with him for life. Thats what happens when you settle.
I reached over and picked her up, she wrapped her legs around me. I kissed her and cupped her tight ass cheeks in my hands. 6-4 and 230 lbs my hands were covering her tight little ass for sure.
We kissed and she rested her head on my shoulder. Tightening her legs around me.
IF ONLY, and she let go. I laid her on the bed and left for the game.

Few days later and she is sitting at the table when I get home. I smiled and she smiled back. Talking with mom, she gave me that (I want to be fucked look, thats how I took it). Why have you not taken me for a ride in your car? You have not ask. Well I am asking now.
I took her for a ride and stopped on a woods road. I pulled her over in my lap facing me. She had on a skirt and tight shirt. We kissed and I got my fingers under her undies. Soft ass cheeks and when I touched her lips I could feel her body shake. I had struck a nerve. She was hot and ready to fuck. I tore her crotch out of her undies and pulled my cock out. Was harder than my shift rod and let her slide down on it. With my fingers spreading her tight pussy I pushed the head in her. She started shaking. Popped it in and out of her few times and she started cumming already. She pulled my neck close and placed her head on my shoulder, she rode me and came again. Could feel the juice running down the shaft of my cock. I laid the seat back and she followed. She came two more times before I got her shirt and bra up. Such tight tits and firm as her ass cheeks. Sucked her pink nipples and found it time to finish. I ask is it ok? Can I finish? YES, or YES, let me finish you. She rubbed her tight clit on my and I pumped a load in her. Could feel it running with her juice down my cock and soaked my shorts.

On the way home she told how many times she wanted this. How she would do what she could to get more. Her husband would be moved by years end to another state. Needles to say I did not feel guilty at all. For the next few months she and I had sex in my room and at hotels. In the car and at her family’s vacation home. Just before she left she told what her husband said, I have no idea why, but you seem to be happy here. The friendship with (my mother) is doing you well. You seem happy and stress free. Will be sad to move and leave this. Would she visit us when we move?
Well we did not visit, I got a call from her few times and she came back for a weekend. We spent the weekend in the hotel room. I sure wonder what ever happened to her, She was a great person to know and enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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