Enslaved Chapter 12

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Enslaved Chapter 12
The heat of the upper deck hit Julia like that of an oven after the comparative coolness of the cabin cell in which she had been confined. She arrived on that deck, struggling awkwardly up a steep companionway, led by Miss Judith on the end of her collar and chain. Across her thighs flamed two fresh swathes of pain… on account of the fact that Miss Judith had considered her too slow in getting into the required posture when she had entered the cabin.
Julia stumbled as she reached the deck, looking around her in bewilderment, blinking in the strong sunlight. For the first time it was truly apparent to her that she was on board a vessel. Through the mesh grilles which guarded the sides of the ship, the sea stretched away smoothly blue. An idyllic scene – under different circumstances.
Miss Judith unlocked the collar about her charge’s neck and Julia gave a groan of relief. But, despite the heat, she was trembling – for she was already in dread of the hardfaced blonde. Now Julia knew that, without the slightest compunction, her hand could smash across her face, her fist could drive into her belly or, worst of all, that leather strap could crack across her tender flesh.
„Right,“ said Miss Judith, „it’s time you went to work, girl. Probably never done any real work in your life before, I guess. Relied on other attributes for your keep…“
Julia flushed at the implication and bit her lip hard to hold back a retort – for she knew what it would earn her. The frustration of having to restrain herself burned deep.
„You see this deck?“ continued Miss Judith. She indicated some forty to fifty feet of bleached deck. „You are going to scrub it, from end to end.“
Julia looked along the deck, shimmering under a heat haze.
„But it’s already clean,“ she said automatically.
Her head reeled and she saw stars as Miss Judith’s palm fell across first one cheek and then the other.
„Don’t answer me back, slave… and don’t query my orders,“ she rasped. ‘When I say you scrub, you scrub. Now, get down to it.’
On the deck stood a bucket of water, alongside a tin of some powder and a scrubbing brush. Tears came to Julia’s eyes as she looked down at them. Tears of self-pity that she could be made to do such a degrading menial task… working naked before all who care to see. Oh the injustice of it…
The flame of Miss Judith’s strap across her buttocks brought her swiftly back to reality.
„I said get on with it!“
Gasping, shuddering, Julia fell to her knees. The relentlessness of Miss Judith terrified her. Not for one moment was she allowed a respite nor, seemingly, were allowances made for the fact that she had just been pitched into a hideous new existence.
Beside her, out of the corner of her eye, she could see the black, high heeled boots of authority. The deck was hard under her knees, the sun was hot on her bare back. Julia picked up the scrubbing brush. It was true that she had never done any manual labour of consequence before. But now she had to, she knew. For, alongside the black boots of authority dangled the leathern thong of authority. She picked up the scrubbing brush, dipped it in the bucket and then the powder.
„I shall be back in ten minutes to see how you’re doing,“ said the iron voice from above.
Julia began to scrub as the high heels clicked off down the deck. After five minutes Julia felt she had had enough. For one thing, it was so hot. For another, her right arm and shoulder ached horribly. Also, it seemed so pointless to scrub an already-clean deck. Still, she went on with it, sometimes changing the brush to her left hand. If Miss Judith is returning in ten minutes she thought, I want to seem to have done well. After that I’ll be able to take it a bit easier.
As the effort grew greater and the aches worse, Julia’s hate and fury steadily mounted. It became like a ball of fire in her belly. It was Quentin who had done this to her. Quentin! There was murder in her heart at the thought. Then she began to scrub a little harder as she heard the click of returning heels.
„What’s this, you lazy trollop,“ came the voice from above. „Is this all you’ve done?“
„… you’ll put your back into it properly …“
„..´you’ll scrub till it really hurts…“
„I’ll teach you the meaning of toil, sweat and tears…“
„Do you hear, you slack bitch?“
Julia heard all right. And she felt. She felt the burning blaze of the strap across buttocks and thighs as, like an eel, she twisted about on the deck in an attempt to avoid it. Quite unsuccessfully. Miss Judith was adept and accurate, quick in her stride, swift to lay on whether Julia’s bottom, flanks or thigh-fronts were best presented.
„Yaaiieee… aahh… no… no!“
„Aggh… no… oo… st… opp… stop!“
„You’ll soon learn the meaning of obedience here!“
„NO… OO… aaaggh… NO… M-MORE!“
Thus it proceeded, until Miss Judith had laid on some dozen strokes… and Julia was reduced to a cringing, weeping heap, clutching the ship’s rail.
„Now get back to it,“ ordered Miss Judith. „And I want to see a great improvement next time I return.“
Groaning horribly, Julia crawled back to the bucket, her back heaving with sobs. Of course, but for the stimulant injection she had received earlier, she would never have had the strength to do any such thing. As it was, she was driven on despite herself… and could only be inwardly amazed by her own powers of endurance.
It must be said in addition, though, there was also the strong incentive of further pain if she disobeyed!
Still sobbing, she picked up her brush and went to work again. And now she worked harder and faster, absorbing the burning – throbbing pain of the fresh welts across her body… earnestly eager to receive no more.
So much for her plans for easing up a little!
On the upper passenger deck, where Quentin Osman had once frequently sat, a lean-faced man lounged in a chair alongside Madame Vesta. It was from that very same vantage point that Quentin had watched a young slave-girl scrubbing, just as Julia was. He had been both amazed and enchanted, for it was his first day aboard the Paradise. The thought that, one day, Julia would be doing just the same had thrilled him to
the core. Now, though Quentin was far away, it was actually happening.
„She’s being put through it, isn’t she?“ asked the man, lowering his opera glasses.
For the last ten minutes or so, he had been much taken with the spectacle of Julia’s shapely nakedness… and all the secrets she was forced to display continuously.
Madame Vesta took the opera glasses.
„She’s new, very new,“ she said. Miss Judith’s always tough on them at the outset. „Rightly so. They’ve got to
learn we mean business aboard the `Paradise´. There’ll be far worse for her than a taste of the strap in the days and weeks ahead. I can assure you of that.“
The lean-faced man took back the opera glasses. His thoughts were very much as Quentin’s had once been; they concerned his errant young wife. Yes… it certainly seemed as it the Paradise would do nicely for her!
„She’s quite some beauty,“ remarked the man. Clearly he could see the red swathes across Julia’s white bottom… the sweat beginning to glisten on her back… the swing of her breasts underneath her as her arm moved from side to side.
„Yes,“ agreed Madame Vesta. „Even among our collection, I think she stands out. Name of Julia. Belongs to a rich Yank.“
„I see he’s classified her for himself,“ said the man. He had been made aware of the significance of the Silver and Gold chains.
„Yes… pity about that from your point of view,“ said Madame Vesta. „If you fancy her, that is …“
„Oh yes… I fancy her alright…“
„Still, don’t worry, I’m sure I’ve got someone for you who you’ll enjoy just as much.“ She was thinking of Melissa.
„Very much Julia’s type… but fully trained now.“
„Thanks… „ said the man. He felt his blood beginning to tingle. This `Paradise´ certainly was some place! Luckily, if he made up his mind definitely, he had the money to afford it.
His opera glasses continued to focus on Julia’s curvaceous hind-quarters and long tapering thighs. Her whole back was now one sheen of sweat. The arm was beginning to move more slowly; the shoulders and head to sag.
Then he saw the tall figure of the blonde, leather-clad overseer come striding down the deck. He saw Julia’s fulsome nates contract convulsively with dread.
Julia, of course, had heard the sound of Miss Judith returning and a spasm of dread went through her. She had put twice the effort into it… and was, perhaps, halfway along the deck.
Despite her near exhaustion, she increased her efforts as the foot-steps grew nearer. She cringed as the boots stopped alongside.
„Did I tell you to stop?“ snapped Miss Judith.
„N-No… Miss… „ gasped Julia. Her hand and arm moved sluggishly again; her back heaved with sobs of effort.
Miss Judith looked down at the sweating figure for a while. There was no doubt Julia had put in considerable
extra effort. To the limit of her ability for sure. That was how it should be. Effort… then effort beyond effort.
That was the way to break them in!
„Stop!“ Miss Judith was a very good judge of when enough was enough… and knew the pointlessness of ‘flogging a dead horse’. Not that Julia’s morning ordeal was over. Far from it. It was simply that the time had come for a recovery of some strength… to facilitate a renewal of suffering.
Julia slumped down on the deck, sobbing bitterly. Never, never before had she remotely known such an agony of effort. The muscles of her arms seemed to be on fire, yet as weak and soft as jelly. Her back was one massive ache, her kneecaps two tender torments. Not to mention the other torments across her buttocks and thighs.
Oh… if only they would let her die!
Why, at least, did she not faint?
The whole world had gone mad – that she could be driven to such hideous effort. At the same time she was quaking inwardly at the thought of Miss Judith’s swinging strap.
Would it fall again?
Surely… surely not! Had she not, in God’s name, done all and more than asked of her?
„W-Water… water… „ she croaked hoarsely. She suddenly realised how raging was her thirst. „Water… Miss
… water… for pity’s sake… „
Needless to say, Miss Judith did not give things out of pity. Only if the circumstances seemed to require them. And, dehydrated as she was, it was obvious that Julia would not be able to continue.
„There is a trough at the end of the deck,“ she said brusquely. „Drink from that… then come back here. On
your knees…“
Wearily Julia pushed herself up and crawled slowly along the deck. The blessed sight of water greeted her. It was in an iron trough and into it she greedily plunged her face. The indignity of it did not concern her one little bit. All she wanted to do was to gulp and gulp until her belly was filled. What did anything else matter but that?
Slaked, she retched violently… then she turned and crawled back down the deck. Oh God, how long was this horror going on? Had they not done enough to her already? She, a weak and defenceless woman? Surely they had done enough?
If only they’ll stop… just for a little while… I’ll do what they ask of me… Yes I will… I’m sure I will, she told herself. Somehow I’ll make myself do it. Then the twin vision of Jason and Ahmed loomed up, and in her heart, Julia knew she would not be able to do anything they asked of her.
Even so, she continued to tell herself she would – if only they’d stop tormenting her.
„Kneel erect… the proper posture, slave…“
Julia moaned as she knelt up. Oh that back! Then, as she had been taught to do, she parted her thighs wide and clasped her hands at the back of her head.
Up on the passenger deck, the lean-faced man was most appreciative of the firm up-thrust of Julia’s full-rounded breasts.
„What boobs,“ he murmured.
Madame Vesta showed no interest. Her eyes were half closed as she lay back under the shade of the awning. The scene and the sounds were very familiar to her.
Below, Julia saw the tall blonde through a haze of tears, sweat and fatigue. Her head was swimming. Only slowly did the figure come into clearer focus. There, hands on hips, strap dangling from one wrist, stood the woman who had complete power over her. Who, at will, could make her suffer.
Who, in the last hour, had made her suffer more than she could have thought possible. Apart from the Ring…
„Well Julia,“ enquired Miss Judith, „are you now feeling more of a slave?“
How she relished the look of fatigue and despair on that arrogant face… the sweat glistened on the body… the humiliation of the posture enforced. Perhaps she relished even more the thought of the turmoil she knew there was in Julia’s mind and spirit. The hate, the fury, the frustration… all kept in check by fear of pain. Pain she could inflict at will. Yes… Miss Judith was a true sadist; and well aware of it.
„Yes… M-Miss…“ answered Julia, her voice still a croak.
„And are you beginning to understand the meaning of discipline?“
„Y-Yes… Miss…“
„And the meaning of obedience?“
„Yes… mmmfff… mmmfff… yes, Miss…“
Did Julia truly feel and know these things? In some ways – yes. In others – no. All she was aware of was that she must answer as expected. And with respect.
Oh how that galled her! She fought down the rage that welled up in her. No… no… she must not…
„And that, whenever I deem fit, I shall make your precious backside squirm?“ Deliberately, she was goading Julia. Testing her in a way. Seeing if she would crack.
Julia ground her teeth. If she had not felt so weak she might have been tempted to leap up and claw out her tormentor’s eyes.
„Y-Yes… Miss…“ she forced herself to say.
„Good,“ nodded Miss Judith complacently. „Keep your back straight, girl. No slouching.“ Julia obeyed the command.
„Now,“ continued the overseer, „you will stay where you are for ten minutes. Just as you are. A nice little break from your labours, eh slave? Then I shall return.“
Miss Judith strode off down the deck, leaving Julia kneeling erectly immobile.
A break?
Julia had scarcely been able to believe her ears. She felt sick to her stomach. She shuddered with apprehensive dread. Surely it was not intended that her toil and her torments should continue? Surely they must know there were limits?
Tears of weakness and self-pity began to trickle softly down over Julia’s cheeks. What she was not aware of was that Madame Vesta and her guest had left their loungers under the awning and were making their way down to the deck on which she knelt.
Instinctively Julia’s head and eyes turned slightly as she hard the sound of approaching footsteps.
„Eyes front!“ came Madame Vesta’s barking voice.
Julia cringed at the sound of it. It was the most terrifying voice in the world. Even more terrifying than Miss
Judith’s. At the same time a flush of hideous shame and horror spread from her face… down her neck… even to her breasts.
For she had glimpsed, alongside Madame Vesta, a man!
Every instinct in her told her to leap and flee. At least, to attempt to cover herself. Yet she remained there…
paralysed by the very fact of what was happening. Beyond that, of course, there was Madame Vesta’s presence. Perhaps that was an even more potent factor in keeping her pinned to the deck in the her humiliating posture.
For there was always the Ring…
„This is Julia, Mr. Crane,“ said Madame Vesta coolly. She spoke rather like some shop manageress offering an item for sale.
„Uh-hu…“ said a male voice.
Julia had lowered her eyes. The degradation of it seemed to be blazing in every nerve of her body. If only… if only… the deck would open up and swallow her! She sensed the man’s eyes devouring her. She wanted to be sick. She wanted to die.
None of these things happened.
„As I told you,“ continued Madame Vesta in the same calm way, „she’s very new here. Just beginning training. One cannot, therefore, expect the same standards of discipline and obedience that will apply in a month or so’s time.“
„I can understand that,“ said Mr. Crane. One could sense he was more interested in what he was looking at then what he was listening to.
„On the other hand, we make some allowances for that,“ said Madame Vesta. „Girl, get your head up… open your eyes… and look straight ahead.“
With a tremendous effort, Julia forces herself to obey. She saw the lustful male eyes; she knew the shame that only a woman can know. Alongside she saw the diamond hard, black eyes of Madame Vesta. Pitiless eyes… from the depths of Hell. Julia shuddered, and went on shuddering.
„This… and other kinds,“ responded Madame Vesta. „I will show you more later.“
„It seems… most suitable,“ said Mr. Crane, almost to himself. His eyes never ceased to roam lasciviously. As
Quentin’s had once done, he was obviously substituting another for Julia at that moment. Moreover, Madame Vesta was already aware that he had virtually made up his mind about the ultimate destination of his wayward young wife.
„Perhaps,“ said Madame Vesta, „you would like to examine more closely the treatment Julia has received – to stimulate her to greater effort.“
„Er… well… yes… why not… I suppose,“ replied Mr. Crane. A muscle in his cheek twitched. This was altogether a new and quite fascinating experience for him. Women under complete discipline.
„Get on your hands and knees, slave,“ ordered Madame Vesta sharply, „and show your backside to this gentleman.“
Julia’s features seemed to dissolve. She shuddered even more violently than before. Emotion after emotion shook her like tempestuous winds.
„P-please… please…“ she whimpered pathetically,
„I’m a… a w-woman…“
„That is evident,“ said Madame Vest contemptuously. „Did you hear my order, slave. Get your bottom up this instant, slave… and get it up high!“
The voice of steel, the eyes blazed. Julia felt as if hot knives were going through to her very vitals. How could she do such a thing? How could she before an utter stranger… a cruel lecher?
Something snapped…
„NO… NO!“ she shrieked, falling forward, her fists pounding the deck, „I W-WON’T… I WON’T… YOU CAN’T M-MAKE ME! I’D DIE FIRST… NO… NO… NO… NO… OOOO!“
It was quite an outburst… even though quite understandable.
Madame Vesta smiled benignly at Mr. Crane.
„As I told you,“ she said, „Julia is very new. This sort of thing is to be expected at first. They have tantrums, you know. But they get cured of them.“
„I quite understand, Madame.“ he said. Actually he was quite surprised that an attractive young woman like Julia had been able to maintain as much self-control, under the circumstances, as she had already done.
The commotion had caught the ears of Miss Judith – who now arrived on the scene. She looked venomously at Julia’s prostrate, deck-thumping figure.
„Trouble, Ma’am?“ she asked.
„Nothing untoward,“ replied Madame Vesta. „In a newcomer that is. However Julia is to go on tonight’s Report. She will be dealt with then.“
„Certainly, Ma’am.“ said Miss Judith. There was evident pleasure in her voice.
Madame Vesta and her guest moved off.
„What does Report mean?“ asked Mr. Crane.
„Oh… well… it’s an expression we have.“ replied Madame Vesta. „Any slave girl can be put on Report, by an
overseer or an assistant. It happens when it is considered that an offence merits more than some on-the-spot correction.“
„I see…“ said Mr. Crane. Though he didn’t quite.
„Such cases,“ continued Madame Vesta, „are considered and adjudicated upon each evening in the Punishment Room. We take all factors into consideration. Julia’s inexperience will be one such factor. If a trained slave girl had done what Julia just had, she would have been dealt with, with the utmost severity. Rank disobedience is one of the most serious offences. As it is, I shall probably simply order a good, sound caning.“
My God, thought her guest, how simple can you get! That was going to be exceedingly unpleasant on an already tender bottom.
„Let us continue our inspection,“ said Madame Vesta. „I have one or two other things which might interest you, Mr. Crane.“
And Mr. Crane was most happy to follow his hostess into the lower regions of the `Paradise´.
Meanwhile, Miss Judith had yanked up Julia by her hair and was looking into the distraught, terror-stricken face.
„I… c-couldn’t… I couldn’t…“ Julia kept on sobbing out, „don’t… you… you under… understand? How… oh how … could any woman?“
„You’ll soon learn how,“ replied Miss Judith. „I’ve little doubt I shall have the satisfaction of giving you a most
memorable thrashing tonight.“
„No… no… have m-merc… eee…“ wailed Julia. „I… I couldn’t help it… I couldn’t… I just couldn’t…“
„Shut up!“ said Miss Judith with some viciousness. Then she jabbed the needle of the hypodermic she held, into Julia’s neck. It was generally necessary to give newcomers a doubledose of the stimulant during the first week. Quite understandably!
„Mercy…“ moaned Julia. „I… I can’t s-stand any… any… any… m-more…“
„You’ll be surprised,“ smiled Miss Judith cruelly. „In my view you had it a little too easy earlier. Now you’ll do it
the hard way.“
„No… please… stop… I’ll do what… anything… please… please… just stop…“
„Open your mouth,“ ordered Miss Judith.
„W-why?“ whimpered Julia.
„Don’t ask questions … do it!“ snarled Miss Judith.
Then she drove her fist into Julia’s solar plexus. Naturally enough, as Julia gasped frantically for air, her mouth gaped wide. Into that gap, Miss Judith thrust another scrubbing brush. This one had straps attached to each end. Swiftly Miss Judith buckled the straps at the back of Julia’s head.
Julia’s eyes stared wildly, disbelievingly.
„You’ll scrub like that,“ said Miss Judith. „And you’ll scrub the rest of the deck.“ She unhooked the strap from her belt. „Get your snout in the bucket and get started.“
The strap fell across Julia’s flank. She twisted over, contorted with pain.
The strap fell across the other flank.
„Come on you lazy cow, get scrubbing …“
This time the strap caught Julia full across both buttock cheeks as she writhed agonisedly on the deck.
Frenzied with pain, inspired with extra strength by the stimulant, she dragged herself up and plunged her face into the sudsy water of the bucket. Then her head went down to the deck and she began to scrub.
Miss Judith looked down with evident satisfaction at the figure which crouched on hands and knees… the head jerking back and forth… the face swinging and plunging into the bucket ever and anon.
„Come on…“ said Miss Judith, „let’s hear that neck creak. Unless you want to feel some more leather.“
Julia’s efforts became even more frenzied. She was lost in a world of pain and horror, driven on by forces beyond her control. Quentin would indeed have been amazed to see her at that moment. Especially so soon after her arrival aboard the `Paradise´!
„That’s it,“ said Miss Judith, „and keep at it… right to the end of the deck.“
A final full-blooded stroke fell across the upthrust buttocks of the wretched woman… sending her sprawling and writhing along the deck.
Then Miss Judith strolled casually away. She had scarcely taken a few paces before Julia had forced herself back to her terrible task. She was learning… And learning fast!

„What do you think of her?“
The question was addressed by Madame Vesta to her newest guest, and possible client, Mr. Crane.
„Well… well, I must say… er, she has considerable merit…“ replied Mr. Crane. His lean cheeks were slightly
flushed and there was the heat of lust in his eyes.
For Melissa was showing none of the natural modesty that Julia had done. She was kneeling on the plank bunk, her hindquarters up-thrust, her thighs wide. Blatently she displayed her depilated charms as she had been ordered to. For Melissa now knew better than to disobey.
„And you agree there are some similarities in looks and figure to Julia?“ asked Madame Vesta.
„Yes… yes, indeed,“ said Mr. Crane. He was still trying to get used to the fact that there was so much luscious, naked beauty displayed aboard the `Paradise´. Naturally enough, new guests found it both remarkable and lustfully stimulating.
„The main difference is, of course… this,“ said Madame Vesta. She indicated the Gold chain about Melissa’s waist.
„Ah yes…“ nodded Mr. Crane, his eyes gleaming even more hotly. He could still hardly credit the fact that it
meant this lovely creature was… was… well, available to him, as Madame Vesta had put it.
„Well?“ enquired Madame Vesta.
„Well … er, what?“ answered Mr. Crane. He could scarcely mistake the implication but he did not want to seem overanxious.
„Well, do you want her or not?“ said Madame Vesta a shade testily. Sometimes this bashful attitude on the part of possible clients got on her nerves a little. She sighed inwardly. Still, one had to make allowances. It was all new and rather strange to them. And one had to be understanding and co-operative to gain their confidence… and their business.
„I mean, Mr. Crane,“ she went on in a more equitable tone, „would you like to have this Melissa as your
personal slave while you are on board?“
„I… I must… say… yes… I must say, I would, Madame Vesta,“ blurted out Mr. Crane.
Melissa’s nose and mouth were pressed to the planks. Her eyes, which had been wide and filled with blank despair while she was being so indecently examined, closed. The long eyelashes lay over the skin and from one corner of one eyelid, a single tear escaped and trickled. The tiniest of shudders ran through her naked body… for she knew that another nightmare of submission and degradation was about to begin.
She was about to become the plaything of some stranger… some b**st. It was not for the first time, it would not be the last; but that made the moment no easier.
„Very well then, Mr. Crane,“ said Madame Vesta, „I will make the necessary arrangements and have the girl sent to you later.“
„Thank you… thank you very much, Madame,“ said Mr. Crane. He could hardly believe his good luck. This beauty… this lovely, naked beauty… was going to be his. To do as he liked with! It was wonderful to know.
„Up, girl,“ said Madame Vesta.
At once Melissa lowered her hindquarters, twisted around to face the two in the cabin, and placed her hands behind her head. Mr. Crane regarded his new ‘possession’ with the very greatest satisfaction. He could hardly wait to get his hands on her.
„Have you anything to say, girl?“ asked Madame Vesta.
„I am honoured that this gentleman has chosen me as his personal slave,“ replied Melissa in a low but controlled voice. Madame Vesta nodded.
„Rightly so,“ she said. „Very well, let us go on Mr. Crane. As I say, all arrangements will be made…“
The couple left the cabin, the door closed and was locked. As the key turned, Melissa slumped down on to the bunk, covered her face in her hands and burst into uncontrollable tears.
Hardened as she was, such an ordeal was still a torment. And the knowledge of what lay ahead an even greater one.

Julia finally collapsed just before she reached the end of the deck. A combination of intense heat and an effort far, far beyond her norm, took their toll in the end. Stimulant or no stimulant, there were limits. She had reached them… and, whilst doing so, had gone through unrelieved mental and physical agonies. Again and again, she had driven herself on… beyond anything that seemed humanly possible. And the driving force behind that drive was, of course, terror of Miss Judith.
When the overseer returned to find the slumped heap at the end of the deck, she realised that Julia had truly given her all. Beyond that, she was aware that it would be dangerous to employ yet another stimulant dose. Two a day was the prescribed maximum… and they had been given.
Thus, for the moment, it was the end of the affair. One, which she knew, Julia would not forget in a hurry. That had been the intention from the outset.
Accordingly, Miss Judith summoned Jason, who picked up the lifeless figure and carried it to a small cabin alongside the Recovery Room below decks. There Julia spent five minutes lying under an icy shower before recovering some degree of sensibility.
Then she was taken back to her cabin-cell and the iron collar and chain were once again fastened to the ringbolt in the wall.
There she lay, flat down, still almost lifeless, murmuring and moaning to herself. She was not yet fully conscious of her surroundings again. Indeed, it was rather as if she had had an operation and was recovering.
From the other side of the cabin, Melissa looked at her with indifference. It was much as she had expected. She noted the mass of strap marks that lay across Julia’s buttocks and thighs… she noted the state of complete exhaustion.
It had been much the same with herself on that first awful day of ‘disciplinary duty’.
They deliberately made if as awful as possible. One never forgot it; even if worse things happened later.
Idly she wondered if it were the end of the day for Julia. She could hardly imagine one of Julia’s temperament going through the day without some resistance of petulant outburst.
That could mean trouble for her later that evening. Still, it was not her affair. she had enough to contemplate
regarding herself. Melissa wondered when they would come and fetch her… and take her to that mean-faced swine who had visited the cabin earlier.
It took about an hour for Julia to return to something like normal. Every muscle in her body ached excrutiatingly. But particularly in her jaw and neck. Her hindquarters seemed to be on fire. She pressed her hands to them in an effort to cool them, but with no effect.
She groaned at the memory of that hideous morning. How had it ended? Julia could not properly remember that. A kind of madness of fatigue had finally enveloped her. She must have passed out, of course. The thing that puzzled her was why she had not done so long before.
Then came the memory of Madame Vesta… and that man…
„Oh God… .NO!“ she cried out, half sitting up and turning towards Melissa. The auburn-haired girl, who had been dozing, opened her eyes.
„I’m sorry…“ said Melissa, „but I told you it would be bad. It’s always worse at first…“
„But what does being… being on Report mean?“ asked Julia, eyes wide with dread.
So, thought Melissa, it was as I expected.
„It means, I am afraid, Julia,“ she answered, „that you will be taken to the Punishment Room… and there thrashed according to the degree of your offence.“
„NO… NO… OOO…“ shrieked Julia, „they couldn’t possibly do… do any more… to me…“ Once again she
burst into tears.
„They can… and will,“ answered Melissa flatly.
„NO… no… it would… k-kill me…“ whimpered Julia.
„It won’t,“ said Melissa.
„I… I just couldn’t bear it…“ the sobs came heaving out.
„You’ll have to. I warned you earlier. Don’t resist. Just submit and obey…“
„It’s not possible!“ Julia screamed.
A wry look passed over Melissa’s features.
„What did you do anyway?“ she asked.
Julia covered her face in her hands.
„Oh… oh… it was awful… there was this man… with her… that monster woman… and… and she told me…to… to show myself to him… horribly indecently. Oh… I just couldn’t!“
Melissa regarded her dispassionately, thinking of how she had had to display herself earlier.
„I know how difficult it is,“ she said with all the sympathy she could muster, „but, as I have said, you only make things worse for yourself if you don’t obey. In time you’ll get used to showing yourself to all and sundry; so the sooner you make a start the better.“
„How can you say such things!“
„I don’t just say them… I do them,“ replied Melissa. „Listen Julia… doesn’t it make sense. If you’d done it,
you wouldn’t be going to get a good hiding.“
„But I couldn’t… I just couldn’t…“
„You’ll think differently when they’re strapping you down on the Whipping Block…“
„Don’t… OH… DON’T!“
„You’d like to be able to change your mind then…“
„And when the rod begins to bite, you’d like to be able to change it even more.“
„ST… OOOPPPP!“ shrieked Julia.
Melissa shrugged. „I’m only trying to help,“ she said. She lay back and closed her eyes. What was the use. She knew she had reacted just the same herself at the beginning. It seemed that Julia was going to learn the hard way.
On the other side of the cabin, the heaving sobs continued.

Only just in time, as she caught the sound of the key turning in the lock, did Julia manage to jerk erect into the required kneeling posture. Icy terror went through her. Were they coming for her?
An attractive, dusky skinned woman entered the cabin. In contrast to Miss Judith’s black, she was clad in white leather. Small bolero jacket, short skirt, thigh length boots on teetering heels. The ‘regulation’ strap dangled from her waist.
„I’ve come to take you to your knew master, Melissa,“ she said with a happy smile.
The suggestion of a shudder went through Melissa.
„Yes, Miss,“ she said. „I am honoured to be called to serve him…“
„True… true…“ The dusky woman’s eyes turned to Julia. „I see you have acquired a pretty companion,“ she
„Yes, Miss,“ said Melissa. The meekness she could put into her voice was quite remarkable.
The overseer’s eyes turned to Julia. „I’m Miss Mara,“ she said, „I have no doubt we will be meeting again.“
The dusky hand stroked the length of supple tan leather which dangled down from her waist belt.
„Y-Yes… Miss…“ whispered Julia, striving to imitate the meekness which Melissa had just voiced.
„In fact,“ said Miss Mara, „I don’t think it will be too long before I’ll be having you on one of my Deportment
Classes. Something all the girls appreciate. eh Melissa?“
„Yes, Miss…“
„Come along then,“ said Miss Mara, as she unfastened the chain from the ringbolt. „I’ll take you to the Treatment Room first… where you can pretty up for your master.“
Submissively Melissa followed the half-caste out of the cabin on the end of the collar and chain. There was no point in resistance, no point in protest, no point in pleading.
This she knew all too well. She had tried all three before, and suffered accordingly.
She knew, as sure as night followed day, that she would spend a half and hour or so in the Treatment Room (where every aid to beautify herself was available and had to be used) before being led into further depths of degradation.
Melissa strove to close her mind. It was simpler that way.

Left alone, Julia lay trembling weakly. From what she had witnessed it was obvious that Melissa was simply being given to some man for his enjoyment. An impossible thought! Yet evidently true!
Would it… could it… ever happen to her one day?
Julia sobbed heart-rendingly. How could she deserve such a terrible fate? Whatever had she done?
Then Julia began to tremble more violently, recalling Miss Judith’s words that morning. I can’t bear any more pain, she said to herself, I simply can’t. They must know that. They must!
Surely I will faint the moment they come for me? Anything more would be impossible to endure. There must be some mercy, some release, in the Universe somewhere!
And as her nervous apprehension mounted moment by moment, a niggling worm of doubt came into her mind. Perhaps Melissa was right. Perhaps it would have been better to degrade herself as had been demanded of her.

Gordon Crane lay on his bed, wearing only a pair of trunks. He had had a couple of large brandies to calm his nerves.
Yes… to calm himself down. For it was difficult to believe that a ravishing creature like Melissa was to be
brought to him. As his personal slave. For his use.
Of course, a delightfully exciting idea… but not all that easy to take in one’s stride. With casualness. After
all, it was a little unusual. What he didn’t realise was that his reactions were perfectly natural for a ‘firsttimer’
on the Paradise. On the other hand, as had happened in Quentin Osman’s case, it only took a day or two to adapt to a quite unique environment.
There was a knock on the door.
„Come in…“ he called, his heart giving an extra thump.
The dusky Miss Mara entered, leading Melissa on a slim golden chain attached to an equally slim collar about her neck.
„Your slave, sir,“ said the overseer.
Melissa looked even more desirable than before. She wore black stockings held by the flimsiest black suspender belt. And the tiniest black net bra and panty set imaginable. Not a covering, but sheer decoration. Rich auburn hair cascaded gleaming to her white shoulders.
„Er… thank you,“ said Gordon, half sitting up. He watched as Melissa went to her knees while Miss Mara
unfastened the golden collar about her neck. Could this lovely woman really be his?
„Any misdemeanours on the part of the slave should be reported, sir,“ said Miss Mara.
„Oh… yes?“
„And they will be dealt with accordingly.“
„I see…“
„On the other hand,“ continued Miss Mara, „any minor matters may be dealt with by yourself personally, sir. You will find a paddle and a cane in the chest of drawers. Do not hesitate to use them if you think fit.’“
„No… I see… well then… if that’s what you say,“ said Gordon, feeling the twitch of his nerves again. He
couldn’t take his lustful eyes off Melissa’s body. My God… she’s… mine… he kept saying to himself. It was
incredible, but it was obviously true.
„You have only to use the house-phone if you want me… or anything else,“ said Miss Mara.
„Thank you… thank you… that’s most kind,“ said Gordon.
Miss Mara withdrew and closed he door quietly. Melissa remained kneeling, head slightly bowed. She felt sick to the depths of her soul, but not for an instant did it show.
Gordon lay back and contemplated her. What a marvellous fuck she’s going to make, he thought, blood beginning to bubble.
Yes… really marvellous…
But, before that, there would be a few games to play.
After all, he could do what he liked, couldn’t he? He had certainly been told that. Then his thoughts turned to the implements in the drawer. He could use those if he wished.
The idea was very exciting. But, perhaps, a little later.
Just for fun…
Yes… there could be a lot of fun in that!
Meanwhile his slave knelt submissively, awaiting his orders.
How quite utterly delightful!

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