Every Other Story Here Is About i****t, So What?

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Every Other Story Here Is About i****t, So What?
I got another whiny letter from my daughter yesterday. She’s in college, and still doesn’t seem to understand how young men on campus use their God-given right to fuck hot girls like her.

And make no mistake: Heather is hot” Long, wavy auburn hair, cascading down over alabaster skin, perfect 34-C tits, a flat stomach, and a nicely-trimmed cunt that BEGS for male attention!

Obviously, I didn’t raise her right, because the following is the text of her selfish, complaining, bitchy letter to me:

Dear Daddy,
I’m getting fucked against my will every night! The boys here at college are always horny! And they don’t care if a girl says “NO!”

This past weekend, my roommate Gloria (slut!) dragged me to a frat party I didn’t want to attend. Alpha Sigma Omega is notorious for r****g girls! But I gave in because she’s a senior.

As soon as we got to the party, we were forcibly stripped nude by young men who were ALREADY naked and erect! Gloria squealed with delight as she was quickly forced to her hands and knees and penetrated doggie-style by a guy whose name neither of us knew. He gripped her hair and yanked it as he fucked her, and her gasps of pleasure clearly demonstrated that she enjoyed being treated like a whore.

I was transfixed by the site of an older female being controlled and degraded by a clearly-younger boy. I wanted to see where he would choose to cum: On her ass? Her face? Her tits? Daddy, I don’t mind telling you I was curious!

But I never got to see the conclusion, because my hair was grabbed from behind. Suddenly, my naked body was on the floor. THEY DIDN’T EVEN GIVE ME THE DIGNITY OF A BED, DADDY! My legs were forced apart, and a geeky-looking guy named Freddy started fucking my vagina, calling me a cunt and a bitch and a cocktease before shooting his load inside me. It only took this wimp SECONDS to cum! But then there was Tommy.

Dad, I gazed downward as I was being pinned to the floor, and, God forgive me, I gasped in female admiration as I beheld his HUGE ERECT COCK, which he proceeded to start thrusting into me as the other boys cheered him on.

“No! Please! Don’t!” I feebly protested. But it was no use, Daddy: I was surrounded by young, virile males, and I had no control over what was happening to my helpless, nude body.

Tommy grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the floor as his massive, throbbing dick invaded me. I tried to be a good girl, Daddy! I kept saying “no” until my own body betrayed me, taking pleasure from the masculine force he was exercizing over me! In just a few minites, the authority of his cock overcame my anxiety, and I began to enjoy being ****d, as every woman eventually does. I used my cunt muscles to squeeze and milk his manhood, and just a moment later, he grunted, pulled out of my slit, a pumped a fucking GALLON of cum all over my stomach and tits. I orgasmed every time his hot, sticky fluid made contact with my utterly-conquered flesh!

After he was finished, I wanted him to carry me to his room, to keep using me as he saw fit. I begged him to do so, but he merely laughed and spit on me. I began sobbing uncontrollably, knowing now what I was there for. Someone grabbed my hair, and I screamed as I was shifted to a kneeling position, where a boy placed his hands on my head and began fucking my mouth. At this point, I knew what was expected of me, so I pouted my red, wet lips into a tight circle for him to fuck. And when he told me to spread my legs apart so that his buddy could fuck me doggie-style, (or anally (at this point, I realized that I had no control: the males had total control),
I did so immediately, and they used me like the semen receptacle I now know that I am!

Eventually, I passed out from the constant abuse, waking up in my dorm room. Gloria and I were still naked, both of our bodies covered in dried jizz, thoroughly battered, thoroghly degraded. Gloria seemed to relish the fact. Me, I curled up into the fetal position and began crying.


Love, Heather

Stupid little bitch, isn’t she? I sent her to that university to get an education, and this letter proves that she’s getting it good!

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