Fantasy – 2 Older Women………..Ladies…….mak

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Fantasy – 2 Older Women………..Ladies…….mak
I go to a house, knock on the door, one woman answers, dressed in skirt above the knee, blouse, hair down, but is on the phone, so she asks me to step in so that the door does not slam, so I do. She drops something on the floor, leans forward to pick it up, revealing her boobs, which I see, and she knows it, so she goes red, I say no need to get embarrassed, fine figure, great boobs, lucky guy to play with those, she then starts to say how her husband is not interested, and starts to flirt….at this point I think there is just two of us.

So, she then starts asking me questions, about what I would do with her, do I think she is attractive, what do I like to do sexually… I reply….she then says, she needs to put something in her kitchen, so goes for a minute….then she calls me in the front room, I walk in and she is standing there totally naked…..I look surprised, she says you like? mmm, I say, so she then moves towards me, touches my cock area of my trousers.

So…..she starts to arouse me a bit….unzips me….lifts my shirt off…..then steps back and starts to play with her d cup breasts [I knew this from speaking to her earlier]……slides her fingers down to her part shaven pussy, where she plays with her pussy lips…….I can see she is getting moist and open…..she moves back to me, unzips me and takes off my trousers…..she can see I am ready for action and hard…..
her hands then slide over my cock, working my foreskin up and down……with my hands running over her breasts and back…….

After this, she then starts to gently lick the end of may hard cum filled cock…..gradually going down on to my cock…making me moist and my cock throb as she licks me japs eye…after a while, I move her off, sit her on the sofa, open her legs and slide my tongue on the inside of her thigh….leading up to her puss lips….I flick her lips with my tongue….and gradually slide my tongue in her wet open pussy.

After a while she moves me off, sits me on the sofa, then starts to straddle me….she lowers herself on my cock and slides down all the way, as I can feel her lips on the side of my cock, and my helmet touching her inner cunt…she lifts herself and starts to ride me slowly at first but sliding all the way up and all the way down……

After a while, I pick her up and stand up with her riding me…I turn her round, put her on the sofa and turn her round, so I can see her cute tight arse facing me…I slide my cock up to her pussy, don’t go in, but rub my helmet around her pussy lips…releasing a bit of precum…..
she tells me to fuck her…it has been three months since she had sex and wants me to fuck her and cum in her cunt…..I slide in and fuck her…….after a while, I move her flat on the floor, lie her flat, and slide in her open pussy again…..I fuck her hard, she squeals as she is now getting sore, but tells me not to stop….

I fuck her hard…..putting my hands on her shoulders to stop her moving, giving her pussy the cock she needs…..after a while I can feel that I need to cum…..I tell her I want to cum in her…..she says I can cum in her pussy or her mouth…..I am ready to cum……
A I can feel my self cumming, and she is moaning with her pussy pleasure…..I notice there is another woman who is standing by the door watching us…..

She has watched and seen a lot… of the woman’s friends…same age, slightly more bigger built, but different, short dark hair…
as I move away from the woman and my cum is dripping down from the first woman’s pussy….she can she me naked in full view….

I sit back on the sofa, still naked, the second woman comes over and starts to undress, she is much more dominating…..the first woman in embarrassment, gets her stuff, then leaves the room….the second starts to now take over, touching me, undressing herself, touching her breasts…..kissing me slowly and seductively….she asks if I can fuck her, she needs some cock, is wet as she has been watching us, she wants me to fuck her arse too….she carry’s on, kissing, holding my semi hard cock, playing with her breasts….I move away and lie her on her back…and proceed to give her oral….

She raps her legs around my shoulders and pulls me in to her pussy…not letting me go….I can feel her hands on my head and back…..her hips moving backwards and forwards forcing me in her cunt…I slide my fingers up and into her pussy….along side my tongue…I use my other hand to start to play with her bum cheeks and on to her arse…..I start to play wither and open both holes…..she tells me to fuck her….fuck her arse first, then her cunt….so I move away, turn her over on her knees, then slide my cock along her bum cheeks, teasing her pussy, up to her cheeks, rubbing the juices I have al over cock on her smooth skin…I slide to her arse, open her cheeks, and gently slide in…..not to force my cock in, so she does not feel pain…she feels me, opens herself, then I slide as far in as I can go…..I start to move backwards and forwards, throbbing my cock, feeling her insides…..I start to fuck her more vigorous…..seeing my foreskin sliding in and out of her arse holding on to her shoulders….pulling her down on my cock….cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples….she tells me to hold her nipple and pull it harder. I fuck her arse as hard as I can….knowing I have cum once not long before, but having cum many ties close together, know that she can have my cum when she wants….she tells me not to cum in her….she wants to see my cum…

I stop when I can feel any sign of cumming….turn her over, she says no, she wants to be on top…so I sit back on the sofa, still hard and erect, she faces away form me, but slides on my cock, grabs my hands, and puts them on her breasts to hold them as she bounces up and down my cock…..she continues to ride me…..but keeps telling me not to cum….she is very sensitive on her breasts, keeps pulling my hands on to her breasts, making sure I hold her nipples and breasts tight as she moves up and down….I can feel my cock throbbing……

She screams as she cums, bucking her hips down and clenching my cock…..she keeps riding me, but gradually slows down….one last thrust down and she tells me she feels good…then she lifts off, sees I am still hard gets on her knees, then starts to rub my cock up and down using her juices……

She starts to lean forward and look up at me….moving down, she slides my cock in her mouth…..straight on to a deep throat blow job….
I throb in her mouth as she slides me in and out…. she carries on sucking me. sucking me…rubbing my balls, sliding her fingers in to my arse crack….leans back a bit to take a breathe, then starts to masturbate my juice covered cock….she knows I want to cum again….and asks, do you? I know what she means but ask….what?

So she rubs the end of cock and says do you want to shoot your cum from this all over my boobs and watch me rub your cum in before you go home??? She then starts to rub me more frequently and long strokes across cock her other hand cups my balls…[I love this!!]
with the occasional lick of my helmet glistening with precum…………she starts to see my hips buck with the need to cum again….
she starts to speed up, but I tell her to keep the same speed on my cock…when I ask ready I will tell her to speed up and move her boobs over my cock…….she continues to masturbate me….I am getting to the point of needing to cum, so I tell her to move up a bit…..suck me quickly, then masturbate my cock with both hands….she sucks me….she keep sucking me until I say I am going to cum…she moves off, lifts her boobs up to by my cock and continues to masturbate my hard cock….my cum shoots upwards and outwards on to her boobs, where with one hand she strokes my cock up and down and the other she rubs my cum in her breasts…..

When all my cum is out, she slows down and stops…..picks up her clothes, grets dressed and calmly says, deal over, you can now leave.

So i get dressed and leave.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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