Fantasy about my little Chinese wife as a party sl

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Fantasy about my little Chinese wife as a party sl
My fantasies of my wife being a party slut are always more anonymous. A regular beat-off fantasy is that we are going to a monthly swing party at a friend’s house. It’s after work so of course I’m late and my wife has gone ahead without me – it’s a turn on that she’s so eager to suck and fuck that she goes unescorted. I show up two hours late I’m greated at the door by the hostess who proceeds to say:

“Your wife is such a little slut. She found one of the young single men almost right away and was on her knees sucking his cock in the center of the room within 5min. You know what a show she likes to put on – it was a great ice breaker and we all enjoyed watching. Amazing how much cock she can get down her throat given how petite she is. He came buckets and was weak in the knees (you know how good she is at giving head!) and she had a hard time swallowing it all. She made a show out of licking his cum off her hands and then cleaning his shaft and balls. With cum on her face she looked up at him and said ‘After I suck and taste cum, I really need to get fucked and get off – are you still hard enough to fuck me?’ And then she gave his still hard cock a tounguey kiss while looking up at him. He took her by the hand and lead her upstairs, but he said ‘I brought a wingman with me tonight’ and she said ‘Oh, I love to be spit roasted – he can join in the fun!’ The two of them fucked her for over an hour, and when they came down they said she needed more cock so two of the husbands are up there using her now if you want to watch.”

She gave me a tonguey kiss and grabbed my cock – “you love it that she’s such a cock whore, don’t you? You’re hard as a rock”

“I love just watching my little slut enjoy cock and get fucked.”

“Well, if she’s too sore to fuck any more i’d like to take a ride on that hard dick”

“You know that by now she’s probably ready for a good ass fucking so if I have anything left after I’m done I’ll come find you.”

“If you’re going to ass fuck her could you cover her mouth? She’s already been pretty loud as she’s been cuming from having her pussy fucked”

“c’mon you know what a turn on it is for everyone to hear how much she loves having her ass taken.”

“Ok but you know how embarrassing it is to have the neighbors complain about a woman screaming ‘fuck me, fuck that ass, fill me up'”.

“I’m sure someone will stick their cock in her mouth to help keep her enthusiasm within limits.”

“ok – try not to give her all your cum I still want some”

I go upstairs.

It’s obvious what bedroom my wife is in and I can tell from the moans that she’s getting fucked and sucking cock. The bedroom door is open – she likes to be watched. She’s on her back (her favorite) and a guy with a huge veiny cock is fucking her pussy slowly with long strokes and rubbing her clit with his thumb. Her hips are moving in a circular motion and I can tell she’s getting close to another orgasm. Her head is over the side of the bed and another guy with a big cock is fucking her mouth. He has his hands on her upper arms and her hands are on his hips pulling his cock in and out. The guy fucking her says:

“hey budy, I’m almost done. And you definitely don’t want to miss out on this – she’s the best piece of ass I’ve had in months. Strip down and get hard”.

My wife with her eyes closed has pushed the other cock out of her mouth and is now slowly rubbing her face on the underside of his shaft and balls. She says in a husky, lusty voice – “do I have another customer?” She pulls the guys hips over her face as she licks and sucks his balls and then she continues on and begins rimming him.

“Yeah buddy, don’t miss out on enjoying her mouth. Unbelievable blow job – and as you can see she loves to rim.”

“I just love cock and cum” still in that husky voice “I’ve found that rimming really gets me a bigger load. But I love pleasing my partner and I can tell how much you love having my tongue up your ass – don’t you just love it?”

“I do baby – you give the best head I’ve ever gotten and your rimming is just the best and most enthiastic I’ve ever gotten.”

I’ve now stripped down and I’m rock hard. “I want to see that slut cum on your cock” – I say to guy fucking her. My wife opens her eyes, her tongue is still fucking the other guys ass. I can tell she’s smiling – she closes her eyes again and I can see her face flush more. I know her tongue is even further up his ass and her hips are really swiveling. “C’mon fuck her – you know she wants your cum”. He begins making longer faster strokes and rubbing her clit harder. He begins to squirt and he slams that huge cock into her pussy as he spurts – once, twice – a total of six sharp thrusts and a loud growl. My wife goes over the edge as she feels the first hot spurt inside her. She can’t help herself and begins screaming out her orgasm. The other guy puts his dick into her mouth to help muffle her screams – the feeling of cock in her mouth takes her to a new level of orgasm and her body and hips are in spasm and I know her pussy is gripping that big dick like a vise – milking the last drops of cum out. My wife and the guy fucking her come down from their orgasm – the guy in her mouth has been gently sliding his cock in an out as her spasm subsided. The guy fucking pulls out – his cock and balls are covered with a mix of man and woman cum. My wife sees this and says “let me clean you up for the nxt girl” and beckons him over to the other side of the bed where she’s licks and sucks every drop of cum off his cock and balls. As she’s doing this we make eye contact and she’s now showing me what a little cock whore she’s become. She looks down at my hard on and sees me dripping precum.

“Come over here and give your wife a kiss – and taste where her mouth has been”. The other two guys look shocked – I give her a sloppy tonguey kiss probing the inside of her mouth and licking her lips and chin.

“I can taste cum and cock and ass, you little whore. You just gave me a great show and now you have to finish off this gentleman who I’m sure has a case of blue balls and needs to cum down your throat – and you want his cum don’t you?”

“Of course. You could taste how much of my tongue I’ve had in his ass and he’s going to choke me with his load when he cums – I can’t wait. Are you going to eat my pussy and ass while I finish sucking him?”

“I can’t wait to taste the rest of my whore – but you know what I want after I eat you up?”

“Ass fuck me?”

“Oh yes. Do you object?”

“No I need it – I’ve had so much cock in my pussy already I really need my ass taken”.

I look at the two guys “well did you enjoy my little slut?”. The guy that fucked her said “her pussy is unbelievable. I’d love to have her again.”

“You can have her whenever she wants –”.

My wife has now taken the other guy’s cock back into her mouth and I can see that he’s getting close and I want him to shoot while I’m in her ass so that we can snoball his cum while I’m getting close to cumming in her ass. hopefully the cum will set off her orgasm. So I go down on her and she’s dripping with cum, and I can taste cock along with the cum. Her lower belly is wet as are her thighs and the cum has run out and is dripping down her ass. I lick and suck her clean except I leave enough cum in her pussy to let me lube up before fucking her ass. She has the red flush going again by the time I’m done and I can tell she’s close. My cock is dripping precum on the bed as I get on my knees and pull her pussy onto my cock – her pussy is just amazing. No matter how much she’s been fucked it’s always so tight. She gasps as my cock goes in and she says “you know what I need now – take my ass!” She now has her head bent back over the side of the bed all the way, opening her throat and the other guy is now fucking her throat hard and tumbling. I push her knees up – she reaches down to open her ass for me and I mount her slowly but in one thrust – her body spasms again with a small orgasm. The guy throat fucking her sees this and sees me ass fucking her and starts cumming and cumming and cumming. It’s so much that she can’t swallow it all so I lie down and begin licking up the excess. As he stops cumming he pulls out of her mouth and I can see a mouthful – we kiss passionately sharing his cum and then she licks and sucks his cock clean and we kiss passionately again.

“You have her email address too – whenever she wants it.” He takes his clothes and leaves the room, shutting the door.

“You love being a whore don’t you?”

“I love it, and I love showing you what a whore I am.”

“I love my little cock whore – my three hole slut”

“I love your cock in my ass – fuck your slut”

“I own you, I own this ass, this pussy this mouth”

“yes you do – I’m your slave. Use your slave your slut your whore”.

This last is screamed as a huge orgasm washes over her and she continues screaming “fuck your whore, fuck your whore, fill me with your cum”.

I cum screaming “I love my slut. I love her so much”

We lie and cuddle together still kissing passionately. “Let’s go home – I’ve had enough of other cock tonight. We can cuddle and kiss and fall asleep in each other’s arms. And we can fuck some more in our own bed!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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