Father’s Day Surprise

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Father’s Day Surprise
I, Tony, confess…. I’m a forty-year-old dad of average build who has been trying to get in my daughter’s pants ever since she turned eighteen. She has a nice cushiony, but not fat, body with 34C tits and a fine round ass. I have seen her in various states of undress, making me horny as hell. I knew I had to take it slow, as I did not want to jeopardize our good relationship.

I discussed sex with her, touched her on the ass and she has caught me looking at her lustfully and smiled back. I’ve asked her a few times about her sexual life but she just said she is still a virgin and wanted to wait. I believe her as her mother had her checked by the doctor regularly.


My name is Meadow. I’m still a virgin. Some might call me a late bloomer. I’m five foot five, have an average body.. I guess. I wish my boobs were bigger. The boys say I have a nice butt. I have noticed that since I turned eighteen my Dad seems to look at me in a different way. I caught him watching me undress. It turned me on knowing he wanted to see me naked. I began leaving my bedroom door open on purpose… but I never let him see me completely nude. I guess I’m a tease that way.

Dad started asking me about my sex life and was much freer discussing sex than before. He would ‘accidentally’ brush up against me touching or rubbing my ass from time to time. I had a special feeling for my dad. The boys I dated were so immature and just that… boys. Dad was a real man. I guess I have a thing for older men….. in a sexual way. Dad is short like me and has a nice build. Father’s Day was coming and I wanted to give him something special.


“Dad what do you want for Father’s Day?”

“It doesn’t matter, Baby….just surprise me.”

Father’s Day arrived and I got one of the best surprises I could have dreamed of. Still in my pajamas and robe, I was sitting on the couch reading the Sunday paper when Meadow walked into the room.

“Dad, Mom’s at church so I want to give you your present now.”

She knelt in front of me. Reaching forward, she pushed open my robe and put her hand on my crotch. The warmth of her hand had an immediate impact on my cock. Tossing her light brown hair back, Meadow looked up at me with her hazel-green eyes and smiling said:

“Daddy.. You’re getting hard so fast….”

Opening the fly of my pajamas, I took my dick out. It sprang to its full eight-inch length. Her eyes widened as she took hold of my standing shaft. “Happy Daddy’s Day!” She said as she kissed the knob of my rod. Meadow hesitated…she looked up not seeming to know what to do next. This was apparently her first time…. I had to tell her what to do.

“Oh Baby… that’s good… now run your tongue down that ridge on the underside of my cock… yes… yes up and down….. Cup my balls Oooh… sweetheart…. Now take my balls into your mouth…. That’s okay just one at a time.

That’s it Sweetie. Now run your lips back up to the tip of my shaft….open your mouth and take it in… Mmmm.. Now slide you lips down further… that’s it go as far as you can without gagging… can you lick my cock with your tongue?… Oh, yes… Now move your head up and down.. Oh sweetheart. that’s it… now go faster… faster….”

I reach out and rubbed her tits… feeling her nipples harden as she sucked. Meadow was getting the hang of it… damn, it felt so good. I don’t know if it was just the euphoria of being blown by my daughter or what…. but I shot the biggest load I have in years. As I came, she choked a bit. Opening her mouth she let my cum spill back on my cock and stomach.

“Oh Meadow.. That was so good… what a wonderful Father’s Day present. Now how about Daddy returning the favor?” I said as I put my hand between her legs. Pushing my hand away, she said:

“No Daddy… I’m… I’m having my period…. but maybe soon… Did I do it right Daddy… Did you really like it?”

“You did very good…Was that your first time?” She nodded. “You’ll get even better the more you suck Daddy’s cock. I’ll tech you anything you want to know, Honey.”

I hoped that all the other dads got as good or better a Father’s Day surprise.


After Father’s Day…. I got so wet thinking of sucking Dad’s cock again. I can’t wait to do it again.

Several days later Meadow came in the kitchen wearing very tight shorts, showing her camel toe, and a lose tee shirt, no bra. She bent over displaying her puffy pink nipples. As she stood up, she rubbed against me, whispering in my ear:

“You want me don’t you Daddy?” She knew I did..

I was getting hard. “You better stop if you aren’t going to do anything about it.”

She looked at me, winked, smiled and walked out of the room.. She knew we couldn’t do anything because we were not alone. What a tease.

The next Saturday morning, while my wife was at work, Meadow came into my room, got in bed and woke me by rubbing my cock.

“Daddy…I want to suck your dick again …. I can’t stop thinking about it since Father’s Day.”

We were alone and I was not going to stop her…She took my cock out…. began licking, sucking, playing with my balls and stroking my shaft. She learned quickly from her first lesson. I rubbed her tits moving my hand down to her panties. She didn’t stop me so I slipped my hands into her panties…. she was soaking wet. Meadow spread her legs further apart and I slid my finger through her trimmed furry mound and across the folds of her pussy… slowly rubbing her clit and sliding in and out of her cunt.

“Daddy will you eat me?” Silly question, I thought to myself.

Meadow lay down and spread her legs. I couldn’t believe she was allowing me to eat her pussy. I almost came right then and there. While I licked and tongue-fucked my daughter’s wet juicy twat, I noticed her hymen was still intact… my daughter was still a virgin.

“Ohhh Daddy that feels wonderful!”

“Sweetheart your pussy taste so good…. I see you still are a virgin. ”

“Yes Daddy and I want you to be the first.”

Oh how I wanted to fuck her and take her cherry. However, she was scared and neither of us wanted her to get pregnant. Since I did not have a condom, it was a no go. Making love to my daughter will have to wait… I could just imagine how wet and tight her pussy was going to be. I thought, I’d probably bust my load within seconds of entering her precious pussy.


After my wife went to work the next Saturday, my daughter came into my bedroom and got in bed totally naked. She straddled me.

“Daddy.. I want you so bad.. I get wet just thinking of you fucking me.”

“Honey, I still don’t have a condom.” How dumb is that? I thought to myself.

“Don’t worry I snuck one from some friends… they don’t know it’s missing.”

Meadow worked her way down and began sucking my half-hard dick, which became fully erect as soon as it touched her lips. I hope I can talk her into swallowing one day.

After she made me cum it was my turn. I fingered and tongue-fucked her but not deep enough to break her hymen.. I wanted to save that for my hard dick. She shook as I sucked on her clit making her cry out and cum.

“Are you ready, Baby?”

“Yes Daddy I’m ready!”

“Sit on the side of the bed and lay back.” Standing at the edge of the bed, I grabbed her legs and lifted them placing my dick at the entrance of her sopping wet pussy. I began to ease it in.


“Relax… Baby… Daddy will be gentle and go slow…”

I began again moving back and forth for a minute or two. I managed to break through her hymen and with her being so tight and her tightening up I could never get my cock all the way in. I fucked her this way until I blew my load. I tried fucking her missionary, doggy style and with her on top but still couldn’t get it all the way in. Her virgin pussy was unbelievably tight..

I held her in my arms and kissed her. “Are you alright sweetie?”

“Yes Daddy, I’m okay.”

“I know it hurt but it would get better. Maybe next time it won’t hurt so bad and I can get it all in…. Honey, I want you enjoy it a lot more… I don’t want to fuck you just to be fucking you.. I want to show you how much I love you and to make you feel as good as I do.”

“I know Daddy I love you… and I know it will be better next time.”


We have been fucking every since. The pain is gone. Meadow has turned into a multi orgasmic woman. She wants to fuck almost everyday, I am not complaining, it’s just finding the time when we can be alone. She has discovered she loves to ride Daddy’s cock cowgirl style. Oh… and can my little girl suck dick. She must be a natural because all this is new to her and she already sucks a cock better than her mom who can only take in three inches. Meadow can’t go all the way down yet but she is getting there. Another inch and she’s a deep throatier. She was reluctant to swallow then one day she said:

“Daddy cum in my mouth ….. I’m ready to try swallowing…” and she did!

The last time after we fucked and I shot my love juice, she sucked me until I got hard and was about to cum again then gave me a hand job until I shot my hot sticky goo all over her hand and licked it off.

Man am I a happy Dad!
“Dad… you’re such a good teacher….. I have so much to learn.”

“You’re doing fine baby… and Daddy loves being your teacher.”

Tony taught her how to suck cock. Meadow was now able to have Tony cum in her mouth and swallow… However, his massive jizz load did cause her to gag from time to time.

“Daddy I want to be the best lover you ever had… tell me if I’m doing it right or…”

“Honey… I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many positions or techniques… You’re doing fine. Look how much you have learned in just a month and a half.”

“I know…. And I love the way you suck my clit and finger me when you eat my pussy.”


“Put on something decent…. You’re dressing like a street walker….”

“Oh Mom…. It’s just around the house…. I don’t dress like this when I go out.”

Shooting a glance at Tony, his wife, Ellen said: “Well I should hope not.”

It was driving Tony crazy. He was so horny and it was so difficult to hide his constant hard-on from Ellen. The next day Tony’s wife had to work late.

“Daddy….Daddy come here… come here!” Meadow called from her room.

“What baby?” Tony asked as he rushed into her room.

Meadow was lying on her bed completely naked. Her legs bent and open. Her fingers combed through her light brown pussy pelt. Two fingers parted the pink lips of her cunt. Meadow’s other hand came down and one… two fingers entered her tight honey hole. Tony stared as his beautiful daughter stroked her clit. She raised her juice soaked hand to her father. He bent forward, sucking her fingers in his mouth.

“Oh baby you look so good… good enough to eat.” Tony said as he knelt between her legs and began licking her labial lips.

“Let’s do it in here….we fuck on your bed but you never fucked me in my own room… let’s do it Daddy.”

“Okay honey… how do you ….”

“Take your cloths off and lay down Dad.”

Tony rapidly strip dropping his shirt and pants on the floor. His dick throbbed as he lay next to his beautiful daughter. He liked the idea of her taking the lead. She bent forward first stroking then placing his rigid rod in her mouth. She licked and sucked… Squeezing and releasing his balls with each downward motion. Just like Daddy taught her. Smiling, she raised her head to observe the glistening purple head of her father’s cock.

With her back to him, Meadow knelt straddling her dad’s torso. Tony watched his precious princess lower her pink pussy lips on his prick. Her twat was so tight she had to wiggle and twist her ass to take in all eight inches.

What a fantastic sight, he thought to himself. Meadow began moving up and down on his shaft, her beautiful butt bouncing with each thrust. Reaching up he parted her cheeks, marveling at her little rosebud asshole.

“OH Baby… that is so good… ride Daddy’s dick…..ride Daddy’s cock….”

Meadow increased the pace… Rising so high Tony’s cock slid out, but she was able to come right back on it with each stroke.

“Oh god… Oh yes….OH YES….Daddy… Daddy…. I’m Cumming…. I’M CUMMING!”

“Honey…honey… Oh… Yes….. Me… me…. I’m gona cum… quick…”

Meadow made one last downward thrust and jumped off her father’s cock. She lay down next to him.

“Cum on my tits Daddy…. I want to see your hot juice squirt out…”

Tony pulled himself up to her side and in a few stroked shot his love load on his daughter’s tits. His second eruption fell on her flat stomach.

Rubbing her hand over her breast and tummy, Meadow lifted her cream coated fingers to her mouth sucking them as she smiled at her dad. They held each other kissing… hugging and fell asleep in each other’s arms………

A car pulled up waking Meadow. “What was that?”

“Oh shit… your mother is home…. Quick get dressed…”

Tony jumped up. Grabbing his cloths, he slammed his daughter’s door behind him as he ran to the bathroom. Meadow dressed and began throwing covers over the cum and sweat soaked sheets of her bed. She grabbed a book from her night table and jumped on the bed. Her mother knocked on the door and entered immediately.

“Are you alright? Why is your door closed?”

“I’m fine… I was listening to the radio and didn’t want to disturb Dad.”

“Speaking of your father where is he?”

“Last I saw him he was on his computer…”

“Hi ladies…. What are you talking about?”

Ellen turned, walking past Tony said, “Oh nothing important.”

Looking at Meadow, Tony rolled his eyes and wiped his brow… Mouthing’That was a close call.’

That night Ellen said: “You know Tony… we haven’t done it for a while… and I’m going on nights for the next three weeks… so?”

Tony and Ellen fucked that night… it was the same as it had been for years now. She wasn’t fond of sucking his cock and would never let him cum in her mouth… like his daughter. Ellen always acted uncomfortable when Tony ate her pussy. After fucking, he lay awake wondering what it would be like to have a threesome with his wife and daughter…. Meadow could teach her mother a thing or two. No, he thought to himself. Ellen would never go for that and besides she would kill him if she knew he was screwing their daughter.


Ellen on nights gave Dad and Daughter three weeks of evenings and nights to themselves. Tony relished his role as sex instructor for Meadow. He taught her various positions and techniques. Meadow particularly liked being on top riding his cock like she did in her bedroom. She also told her dad:

“I love taking it from behind… Doggie-style…. and when you stand next to the bed and I lay back… My legs in the air taking your big cock in my tight wet cunt. Those are my favorite positions.”

Tony taught Meadow the finer points of 69. He particularly enjoyed being on top fucking her mouth while his head was buried between her legs. One evening he fucked her while she stretched out on the back of the couch…. her legs spread, her ass against the corner where the armrest and back meet. Meadow is still reluctant to try a butt-fuck… but Tony figures he has plenty of time.


“Have you ever seen a porno film, Meadow?”

“No Daddy … well some on the internet… but not a video.”

“Well your lesson tonight will be to watch a DVD with me … and let’s see what develops.”

Tony played the video of an older man and younger woman kissing… undressing each other… She began sucking his cock… It was not long before they were naked and Meadow was duplicating some of the scenes from the film…. They fucked doggie-style so they could watch the screen together.

“Cum on my face… like in the movie…. I like to watch you explode Daddy”

“Are you sure baby?” Meadow nodded… and Tony did not disappoint her.

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