Finally, another girl gets involved

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Finally, another girl gets involved
My eighteen year old daughter, Sadie, and I are at the supermarket – she’s got an urge to stuff some fresh fruit and vegetables inside her, so we’ve come to find some specimens of various sizes to see how much she can take.

Since her first double penetration experience a couple of days ago, she keeps wanting to stuff ever bigger items into her hot cunt and arse. Last night, she got four fingers into her cunt and three up her arse. The desperation as she was trying to get herself off was exciting to watch.

We move to a checkout, and I notice the girl on the till. She’s only tiny, and has a face that looks incredibly innocent framed by a short bob of brown hair. Her eyes are a very pale blue, and she reminds me of a more petite, cuter Alexis Bledel.

Now I see why Sadie pulled us past the empty tills to this queue.

Sadie was first to speak.

“You like her, don’t you?”

“You’re the one who picked this till.”

“I know. She’s so cute, I just want to lean across and pull her face into my tits. Do you think she’d do a shoot with me?”

“Seriously?” I always thought that, if she was going to do a girl-girl shoot, it would be with long-time friend Trudy.

“Yeah. She looks like she might need a little persuading, but I reckon I’m up to the challenge.”

“Go for it. She’s a little stunner.”

Sadie looks satisfied, and turns to face forwards again. The girl looks back at us for a moment, and Sadie flashes one of her stunning smiles. The girl looks away shyly.

Finally, we get served, and Sadie wastes no time in getting the conversation started.

“Good afternoon…” she reads the name tag “…Alice. How are you today?”

“Fine thank you. And you?” Alice looks almost frightened.

“I’m great. So, are you working here for the holidays?”

“Yeah, I’m waiting to see if I get into college.”

“Oh really, where are you looking to go?”

“Dublin, probably.”

“Really? The Irish guys are so sexy though, aren’t they?”

“I guess so.”

Sadie’s really turning it on, using all her sex appeal, and I think Alice likes the attention. She pushes her hair back behind her ear.

“Unless you prefer girls? Sorry, I shouldn’t have just assumed you were straight. I personally like guys and girls, so I should know better. Have you got a someone special at the moment?”


“I tell you what, how would you like to make yourself a little more money?”

Alice looks a little suspicious, but I can tell that her interest is piqued.

“Doing what?”

“I run a website with my man here, and it’s just a bit of modelling. A bit of posing and that, you know. It’s good fun.”

“I don’t think so.”

“We’ll pay you…” she looks at me, checking for visual confirmation that this is okay, and I nod. “We’ll pay you a hundred pounds.”

“A hundred pounds? Are you serious?”


“Would you expect me to, y’know, take my clothes off, ‘cos I’m not doing that.”

“Only if you wanted to. You could just come once, we’ll take some pictures, and see how you get along. If you enjoy it, perhaps you could do it again, but we’ll see.”

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

Sadie beams. She’s got her.

“Excellent. How about you come over on Sunday, about ten am? Sound good?”


“Let me just right down our address for you.”

Sadie gives her our address, and I pay for our shopping. As Alice hands back my credit card, we look into each other’s eyes for the first time, and I am suddenly struck. There’s something about this girl that makes my insides flutter.

As we walk away, Sadie blows her a kiss.

“See you Sunday.”


It’s Sunday morning, and I exit the bathroom to find Sadie face-down on our bed with each end of a flexible double-ended dildo stuffed inside her – one end in her pussy, the other in her arse.

“I really hope I get to use this on Alice today. That would be so hot.”

“You’re telling me. But what if she doesn’t want to go that far? What if she doesn’t even want to take her clothes off?”

“I’m not even thinking about that. She’ll go along with it, she’ll just need a little encouragement.”

She removes the dildo with a wet pop from each hole, and throws it aside.

“I need to get ready. Something cute, but not overly slutty so that she’s not intimidated.”

“I’ll leave you to it.”


Ten o’clock, the doorbell goes right on time.

“I’ll get it.” Sadie yells from upstairs, and she comes rushing down the stairs as fast as her outfit will allow. She’s wearing a tight pink top with the word “Girl” emblazoned across her bulging tits, and the tightest pair of jeans you’ve ever seen. The waist line has been cut off so they are even lower riding than they were before, just hinting at the tip of her arse crack, and there are cuts all down the thighs to the knees, and large slits cut out of the arse. She finishes the ensemble off with the now-famous white stilettos, and her make-up isn’t as slutty as she’s been tending towards of late. She looks incredible, but in a girly-in-grown-up-clothes kind of way. I’m stunned that she can still look so innocent when she so obviously isn’t.

Sadie opens the door, and Alice turns to wave goodbye to a man in a clapped out car who, I can only assume, must have been her father.

“Hi, I’m so glad you came.”

Sadie welcomes her inside, gives her a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. Alice blushes heavily.

I take the opportunity to weigh her up in all her glory. She’s not quite as short as I remember thinking she was, at about 5 foot 6 I would guess in her red high-heeled boots. Her white jeans are riding very low on her nicely-curved hips, and her nipples are protruding through a pale pink t-shirt. She isn’t wearing a bra, and probably doesn’t need one – her tits aren’t huge, but they’re nicely rounded. She takes off her jacket and, as she turns to hang it on the rack, I notice that she’s got a tattoo on her lower back, like Sadie. So, maybe she has got a bit of a naughty side. Unlike Sadie’s, though, it doesn’t say “Daddy’s Little Slut” in Chinese, it’s a small picture of a butterfly.

“Come through, can I get you something to drink to get rid of the nerves?”

“Just a lemonade, thanks.”

“I tell you what, I’ll put a little something in it anyway, just to help you loosen up. I needed something my first few times.”

That was a lie, she needed no such loosening.

Sadie gets the drinks, chatting about different poses and the best way to “accentuate” the best bits of their bodies, while I prepare the camera.

Everything’s ready, and I can’t wait.

“Okay Alice, you stand there, feet together, that’s it. If you just stand there for a minute, I’ll move around you and strike a few poses.”

Sadie stands just behind and to one side of Alice, and I start the camera rolling.

Sadie moves closer behind Alice, and wraps her arms around her midriff. She then moves slowly around Alice so that her back is facing the camera. She bends at the waist a little bit, displaying her glorious arse, and she slaps her arse playfully.

Alice still isn’t moving, and is looking a little uncomfortable. Sadie moves around behind her Alice again, and wraps one lengthy leg around her waist, her groin pressed hard against Alice’s arse.

Slowly she starts moving herself up and down, rubbing herself, moving her hands slowly up Alice’s stomach. Just as she is about to grab hold of Alice’s globes, Alice moves away.

“I’m not very comfortable with this.”

“I’m sorry, I just get a little over-excited sometimes. How about we swap, and you hold me from behind.”

“I’m not sure.”

“If you want me to stop at any time, you can just say so.”


Sadie stands in front of Alice, and takes her hands. She holds them against her hips for a moment, then round her waist. She rubs the hands around her flat stomach for a while, slowly gyrating her arse against Alice behind her.

Finally, Alice is showing less signs of just nerves, and now more signs of nervous excitement.

“I’m going to move your hands to my breasts, okay?

Alice’s reply is a barely audible whisper, but I presume it must have been in the affirmative, because Sadie moves their hands up to her tits.

She holds them there for a moment, letting Alice get used to it, and then starts to encourage her to knead them.

“I’m going to move my hands to my hips now, but I want you to carry on doing what you’re doing, okay?”

Alice just nods, and Sadie does as promised. Alice continues to feel up my daughter’s tits, getting more and more into it.

“Put your hands underneath my top.”

Alice pauses for a moment, as though realising that she’s about to cross a line.

And cross it she does. She really does seem to be enjoying it now, and Sadie is starting to moan.

“Take my top off.”

Alice doesn’t wait this time and does as she’s told, quickly moving her hands back to cover Sadie’s large tits.

“Oh yes, pinch my nipples.”

Alice obeys.

“Harder. Ow, oh yes, harder, ooh.”

Sadie’s really enjoying this now, and Alice looks like she is as well.

Sadie takes one of Alice’s hands in her own and slowly leads it down her stomach to the top of her jeans.

Breathlessly Sadie speaks “Unzip my jeans.”

Alice pauses again this time, another line for her to cross, but she’s obviously decided that she’s enjoying this too much to stop.

With the jeans being so low and tight, the top of Sadie’s pussy quickly comes into view, Alice’s hand brushing against it.

“Oops, sorry.”

“Don’t apologise. Here.”

Sadie takes her hand again, and leads it inside the crotch of her jeans, moving her fingers across her cunt.

Sadie moves them both so that they are sideways on to the camera, and grabs hold of Alice’s arse. Slowly she moves forward for a kiss.

Alice moves away.


“It’s okay”

“No, this is too far. I’m not sure I can do this.”

“Okay, okay. How about we take a quick break?”

“Okay, sure.”

I volunteer to get them some more drinks, and make sure that I put lots of alcohol into Alice’s glass.

As I return, the girls are chatting.

“Aren’t you going to put your top back on?”

“Alice, I love being naked. It gets me so hot. Why don’t you try it?”

“I don’t think so.”

“You should show a little more skin, though, you’ve got a fantastic body.”

“Thanks. I’m just not sure.”

“I tell you what, why don’t we go upstairs and look through my lingerie? I reckon I’ll have something that might fit you. That would be a great place to kick-off again from.”

Alice reluctantly agrees, and they disappear upstairs together.


It’s been forty minutes, and there’s been a lot of giggling, but finally the girls are coming back down the stairs. I can’t wait to see what Sadie’s managed to convince Alice to wear.

Sadie comes into view first, and she looks every inch the model. On her feet she’s wearing a sparkly pair of silver high heels, which make her already long stocking-clad legs look even longer. The stockings are held up by a black lace garter belt, and her cunt is visible through a black mesh thong. Her tits are on display through a silver net top, her nipples poking through the large holes. A black leather dog collar completes the look.

Next comes Alice. Oh my God, how did Sadie convince her to wear that?

She’s still wearing her knee-high red boots, but above that is all change. Her pussy lips are outlined nicely through a black latex thong, and she’s wearing a black latex corset that is so tight that I’m surprised she can breathe. Her tits are barely contained, her areola just visible over the top of the corset. Vivid red lipstick matches her boots, and the heavy dark eye-shadow highlights the pale blue of her eyes beautifully.

They get to the bottom of the stairs and Sadie strikes a pose.

“Well, what do you think?”

“Fuck me, you both look incredible.”

“Thanks” the girls chime in unison.

“You don’t think it’s too much?” says Alice, still looking slightly uncomfortable.

“Hell no, you look amazing. I’d do you.”

I realise what I just blurted out, and both Alice and I go red with embarrassment. Sadie breaks the awkward silence.

“Maybe later. Come on, we should do this set in my room.”

I follow the two girls back up the stairs, my eyes ravishing Alice’s arse and her sexy little tattoo.

“Alice, when did you get your tattoo done?”

“When I was thirteen.”

“Your parents didn’t mind?”

“They went mad! I was a bit of a rebel when I was younger, but I had to grow up quick when I had Emmy.”

“Sorry, who’s Emmy?”

“My daughter. I had her when I was f******n.”

“Wow. I mean, you come across as all shy and innocent, but you’re not at all, are you?

“Well, I’m not that, er, experienced. I haven’t had a boyfriend in a while. They normally run away when they find out about Emmy.”

“Well, if they could see you now…”

Sadie stands in front of her bed and motions for Alice to stand next to her.

“Okay, if you stand here next to me. Cool. Now, keep your eyes looking forwards and use the mirror behind the camera, and just copy everything I do, okay?”


I start the camera rolling and wave for them to start.

Sadie stands with her hands on her hips, shifting her weight from one hip to the other, and Alice copies her.

They turn around slowly so that their backs are to me, and slowly bend at the waist, keeping their legs straight, showing off their wonderfully tight arses. Both girls are looking back between their legs. Sadie runs her hands down her legs, holding onto the heels of her shoes, Alice copying.

Slowly they run their hands back up their legs until they are cupping their arse cheeks. Sadie slaps her arse and moans; Alice slaps hers and grunts.

Sadie moves forward onto the bed in front of her, crawling forwards so that her face is against the sheets and her bum is in the air. Alice follows alongside her, and I can hear faint whispering.

Sadie reaches back to her butt, Alice again echoing her, and pulls her arse cheeks apart. I’ve got a wonderful view of Sadie’s cunt through her mesh thong, but Alice’s is still covered in black latex.

They roll onto their sides, and Sadie strokes Alice’s leg, very gently with just her fingertips. Alice shivers, and stares back into Sadie’s eyes.

Sadie again whispers something to Alice, and they stand up in front of the bed again, Sadie in front of Alice.

Sadie keeps her hands down to her sides as Alice wraps her arms around her. Slowly she moves her hands up towards her breasts, and she begins to grope them as she did earlier.

More confident this time, Alice pinches Sadie’s nipples through her top, Sadie emitting a sexy giggle. Alice continues to pinch and pull, and Sadie begins to moan.

Alice lifts Sadie’s top off and throws it away to one side. Again, without encouragement, Alice moves her hands down Sadie’s stomach to the top of her thong. She rubs Sadie’s kitty through the thin material, Sadie purring as she does so.

She pauses briefly, I think to pluck up the courage for her next move. She slips a couple of fingers inside Sadie’s underwear, and gently strokes her clit. Sadie throws her head back, moaning and pushing herself into Alice’s fingers.

Sadie hooks her fingers around the string waistband of her thong, and pulls it down, releasing it to fall to her feet.

Sadie spins around so that she is facing Alice but has her back to the camera. She places Alice’s hands on her arse, and slowly starts to hump herself against Alice’s thigh.

Every time Alice makes an advance, Sadie does the same. So when Alice pulls Sadie’s arse cheeks apart to show her bald and wet pussy, Sadie runs her hands up from Alice’s waist to cup a breast.

She stares into Alice’s eyes, and Alice looks slightly scared. I don’t think she wanted to go this far, but now she doesn’t want to stop.

Sadie takes Alice’s hand and places it over her own cunt, encouraging her. She starts kissing Alice’s neck, very gently, and Alice’s head lolls to the side, eyes closed in pleasure.

Sadie moans and whispers something to Alice, and I notice Sadie suddenly jerk. I zoom down to her cunt and see that Sadie is holding Alice’s hand, guiding two of Alice’s fingers in and out of her tight pussy.

Sadie squeezes Alice’s tit hard and pulls at the top of the corset, revealing a beautiful breast. Alice moans a “no”, but it is half-hearted and it doesn’t stop Sadie, who moves her mouth down to the exposed tit and lightly licks at the nipple with her pierced tongue.

Sadie gets more and more vociferous with her licking and sucking, until she is pulling hard at Alice’s nipple with her teeth. Alice is moaning and moving her fingers in and out of Sadie’s snatch harder and faster.

Sadie suddenly pulls away, spins Alice around and pushes her face-first onto the bed. She grabs hold of the string that’s holding Alice’s corset tight and pulls at the knot. Now undone, she rips the string from its loopholes, undoing the corset and releasing Alice.

Sadie yanks the corset from under Alice’s body, spinning her around onto her back and revealing her glorious breasts. Alice quickly tries to cover them, and Sadie moves just as quickly to straddle Alice.

I move around to the side of the bed so that I can get a side-on view of the action.

Sadie kisses around Alice’s fingers, trying to get at the breast below. Alice moves one of her fingers so that Sadie can get at her tit, and Sadie sucks greedily on the nipple.

Sadie moves her hands over Alice’s, and squeezes and rubs, moving Alice’s hands so that eventually it is just Sadie’s hands that are covering her tits, Alice’s hands moving to Sadie’s butt.

Sadie slowly starts to work her way down Alice’s flat stomach, stopping to work her tongue into Alice’s belly button, then continuing on down to the top of her latex thong.

She locks eyes with Alice, and gives her pussy a long hard lick through the shiny material. Alice moans and looks away as Sadie goes to work on her cunt, her tongue stud pressing hard against Alice’s clit.

Alice looks into the camera with lidded eyes, and I know now that she won’t turn back.

She turns her attention back to Sadie as the licking has stopped. Sadie hooks her fingers around the thin strap and eases the thong away from Alice’s cunt.

Sadie moans, and I zoom in to get a good look at my daughter licking Alice’s lovely pussy. Alice begins to grind her hips as Sadie goes to work on her clit, rubbing a finger up and down her lips.

Sadie very slowly works the finger inside, moving it in and around, searching inside Alice. Alice bucks her hips up at Sadie, so she presses another finger into her cunt, sucking hard on her now protruding clit.

She’s still fucking her slowly, but forcefully, really pushing her fingers all the way in before pulling out and plunging in again.

Just as Alice looks like she’s getting close to orgasm, Sadie pulls away.

“Oh, don’t stop, please!” Alice looks desperate.

“Have you ever kissed another woman?”


Sadie slides herself up Alice’s body until they are eye to eye. She flicks her tongue out, teasingly, licking Alice’s lips so gently. Alice moves toward her, trying to kiss her, but Sadie is playing with her.

“Don’t move a muscle.”

My daughter sticks two fingers back into Alice’s hot cunt, and licks all the way around Alice’s painted lips, brushing them ever so lightly with her own and parting them slightly with her tongue. Alice looks tortured, not being allowed to move but so wanting to return the kiss.

Sadie gives in to her own desires, and pours herself into Alice, kissing her ferociously. Alice returns the kiss, moaning as her cunt is hammered by Sadie’s fingers.

Suddenly, her back arches and her moans, which are only partly muffled by Sadie’s mouth, get high pitched and elongated. Her orgasm sends shudders down her spine, and she squirts over Sadie’s hand.

Finally, Sadie breaks the kiss and lets Alice breathe.
“We’re no where near finished yet.”

Sadie reaches over and opens her bedside drawer, pulling out a smallish vibrator.

“You’re going to love this.”

She turns it on and slides it all the way into Alice in one smooth motion. Alice nearly jumps clean off the bed.

“Fucking hell!”

“I know, it’s great, isn’t it? Here, you take it for a second while I get something for myself.”

Alice takes the vibe and explores herself with it. Sadie reaches over and pulls out the long double-ended dildo that she used on herself earlier.

“Oh my God, you aren’t going to put that in you, are you?”

“Hell yeah, it feels fucking fantastic.” And to emphasise the point, she forces it into her pussy, a pained groan quickly turning to a long, satisfied moan.

“Turn over, I want to see your hot arse in the air while you fuck yourself.”

Alice rolls over onto her front, knees and tits squashed against the bedspread, and sticks her arse up high, her hand moving the vibe ever quicker in and out of her pussy.

Sadie gets into a similar position behind her, and begins licking Alice’s boots.

“What are you doing?”

“I love these heels, they’re so hot.”

She begins to suck the heel of the boot into her mouth, her tongue stud making little noises as it rubs and knocks against the wood. She’s moaning and slamming the dildo into her cunt now, and I think she’s getting close.

Showing incredible self-control, she stops, and tells Alice to do likewise.

“Put that vibrator down for a minute, I want to try something.”

Alice looks a little disappointed, but does as she’s told.

“What are you going to do?”

Sadie answers by moving up behind Alice, and by lining up the other end of the double-ended dildo with Alice’s weeping cunt.

“It’s too big, it won’t fit.”

“Have faith.”

She tries to press the head into Alice, but is having a little difficulty, until Success! The head pops inside and Alice wriggles her cute bottom.

“Oh God, it’s so big!”

“It’s okay, we’ll take it slow so that you can get used to it.”

And slow is how it goes, Sadie easing it and out, a little more each time, until Sadie’s thighs are moving against Alice’s arse cheeks. Between them, they’ve got what must be 16 inches of the same dildo inside them.

Sadie picks up the pace, and Alice is really beginning to get into it.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me you bitch!”

“That’s it, you whore, speak dirty to your fuck bitch! Tell me how much you like it.”

“I fucking love it! I never thought I could fit that much pleasure inside me!”

Sadie stops and Alice looks around, panicked, wanting to know why. Sadie is spinning around so that they are both on all fours, facing away from each other, arse-to-glorious-arse. Sadie slams herself back onto the dildo so that their arses are touching, and resumes at the same pace they were at before.

Sadie reaches down and starts to rub Alice’s clit, and Alice returns the favour. It is just mere moments later that Alice starts cumming again, and this triggers Sadie.

Both of them shake and fall to the bed, the dildo popping out of them and rolling to floor.


Sadie struggles to her feet and moves over to her bedside drawer.

“Alice, have you ever been fucked in the arse?”

“Er, once.”

“Really? Tell me about it.”

“I’d rather not.”

“Oh please. I won’t tell anyone.”

Sadie’s banking on Alice having forgotten that I’m standing there with a camera, filming all of this, and I stand completely still.

“Well, erm, it wasn’t strictly legal.”

“Cool, what was it.”

“No, I can’t say.”

“You can’t not say now, you’ve got my curiosity piqued. It can’t be much worse than anything I’ve done.”

Alice nearly whispers her answer. “It was with my brother.”

“Fucking hell, that’s hot. I wish I had a brother sometimes, just so that there was someone else around the house for me to fuck, you know?”

“You’re not grossed out?”

“Fuck no. You see my lover over there? That’s my Dad.”

Alice spins around and looks at me, shocked.

“Seriously? I thought the age difference was quite big, but hey, you see that every now and then. But father and daughter? Wow.”

I lower the camera slightly, realising that we now won’t be able to use this bit on the website. The rest of it will still be great, but what I’m hoping will come up next will be for our own private collection.

“Hey Daddy, why don’t you put that on a tripod and come get a taste of her sweet pussy? Alice, you don’t mind, do you?”

Thank you Sadie, my dear sweet daughter. I’m willing Alice to say it’s ok.

“I guess not.”

I line up the camera on the tripod as quickly as I can, and strip in double-quick time. I walk around to Sadie and give her a quick frenchie, before settling on the bed next to Alice.

“Alice, you are gorgeous. It’s been an honour to see you fuck my daughter.”

She blushes her thanks, and I move across to kiss her. Her lips are so soft and gentle, I struggle to reconcile this girl with the slut I’ve just seen getting nailed.

I slowly kiss down her neck to her tits, suckling her nipples, before moving down her flat stomach to her still-soaked pussy. I part her pussy lips with my fingers, and lick very gently at her clit, and she starts to moan. As I bury myself in her mound, I hear her moans suddenly get muffled.

I look up to see Alice taking a dildo down her throat, but the surprise is that the dildo is a strap-on, being worn by my daughter. When did she get that?

“Okay Daddy, how about I take her arse while you fuck her cunt?”

The sultry look on Sadie’s face was nearly enough to make me forget all about Alice, but I snapped out of it, and we all got into position.

“I’m not sure about this, I’ve never had anything in both holes before.”

“Alice, trust me, you’ll fucking love it.”

I lie on the bed, Alice getting on top of me and impaling herself on my unprotected cock. Her pussy is still really tight, despite the size of dildo that Sadie was fucking her with just minutes ago.

As Sadie licks Alice’s arsehole to get it lubricated, it suddenly strikes me that I have no idea whether or not Alice is on the pill. I decide against asking her – I like the idea, the danger of making her pregnant, and don’t want to have that bubble burst.

She leans in close to me and moans: “You’ve got a lovely cock. It fits me so nice.”

She’s right, we’re a perfect fit. Though I’m not moving in and out of her at the moment, I can feel her muscles tightening around my dick as she’s getting stimulated by Sadie’s arse-licking. And, ooh, there I can feel Sadie’s fingers up her arse, it’s incredible.

“Okay guys, here we go.”

Sadie points the strap-on at Alice’s puckered hole, and slowly pushes.

Alice groans and wriggles against the intrusion. I hold her close to me.

“Just try to relax.”

She does, and I can feel the sudden movement past her sphincter. Slowly, Sadie inches the black pole in and out of Alice’s arse.

“Let me know when you’re okay, yeah?”


Sadie’s begun to get it moving quite well now, and Alice seems a bit happier.

“Okay, I’m fine.”

“Okay Daddy, lets give this girl a fucking she’ll never forget.”

With that, she thunders into Alice’s arse, pumping incredibly quickly, and I try to keep rhythm with her, first by alternating with her thrusts, then with us thrusting together.

Alice moves her mouth to mine and we kiss passionately, and she cums, her inner walls vibrating at such a rate that I can’t stop myself. I unload into her, my baby-making seed firing up into her with great enthusiasm.

Sadie, realising that we’ve both come, stops.

“How about we swap round? Daddy, would you like to fuck this tight arse?”

“I’d love to.”

Alice looks tired and surprised.

“You can’t be ready again already?”

“My Daddy’s incredible like that. I can always get at least two loads out of him before he goes soft.”

I don’t like to boast, but it’s a gift.

I roll Alice off me, and Sadie takes my place on the bed.

“Give me one sec.”

My lovely daughter is struggling to force a frankly huge butt plug up her arse.

“Arrrr…uunnh.” It nestles inside, and I realise that it has a remote control attached to it. She gives it to Alice.

“Alice, I want you to control this, it’s the vibrator in my arse. Don’t turn it up all the way until you’re about to cum, but you can change the speed as much as you like before then.”


Sadie removes the strap on, and slips the double-ended dildo back into her cunt.

“Ride on this.”

Alice climbs on top of Sadie, and sinks her pussy onto the large tool. They wiggle about a bit, getting comfortable.

“Are you ready for me?”

“Let’s go.”

Alice’s arsehole is still gaping slightly, so I decide to go straight for it. I line up my cock with the hole, and push hard. It’s still a lot tighter than I realised, and Alice screams as I rip straight into her, but the scream quickly merges into a loud moan.

“God, that feels so GOOD! Why doesn’t everybody do this?”

Sadie’s loving this, and I can hear the whine of her vibrating butt plug rise and fall as Alice plays it like a video game.

“Because it’s naughty, and dirty, and you’re only doing it because you’re a dirty fucking slut like me.”

I slam in and out of Alice’s arse, and realise that my second cumming isn’t far away.

Alice is obviously in the same position, because she ramps the vibrator right the way up to maximum. That starts the chain reaction.

Seeing my daughter orgasm, I cum up Alice’s hot arse, and my hot sperm triggers her. We all start jerking, shuddering and screaming.

Slowly, we all come down from the incredible high. Sadie is the first to speak.

“Alice, keep your arse closed, I want to eat his spunk from you.”

I can’t believe she’s just said that, but it sounds fantastic. I ease out of Alice’s arse, and grab a towel to clean up. As I’m doing that, I move to the camera, thinking that I can get some great close-ups of this.

Alice removes herself gingerly from Sadie’s dildo, and collapses on the edge of the bed.

Sadie jumps up and, with butt plug still stuck in her arse and vibrating away, she moves to the floor below Alice. Gently she licks at her stretched arsehole.

“Okay, let me have it.”

Alice visibly relaxes her arse cheeks, and I zoom in as a small stream of my dirty cum starts to run out of her arsehole. Sadie licks at it, testing it, before placing her mouth around Alice’s hole, and sucking noisily.

She slurps and licks and, satisfied that she’s got it all, turns to the camera. She opens her mouth, showing her pierced tongue covered in slime, and swallows with a huge grin.

“That was fantastic.”


A couple of hours later, after we’ve all cleaned up, Alice is looking really sheepish. I think she may be regretting what happened. I pay her the £100 as agreed, and she takes it hesitantly.

“What are you going to do with the video?”

“Edit it down, and post it on Sadie’s website.”

“Please can you at least leave out the bit where I said about my brother?”

“Of course, yeah, I was going to do that anyway.”

A car horn sounds outside, signalling that Alice’s father is here to pick her up. Sadie struts back into the room, and gives Alice a hug and a kiss.

“I’d love it if we could do this again sometime.”

Alice seems to have retreated back into the shell that she came in.

“I don’t think…I mean, I would, but…I can’t.”

“That’s a real shame, we’d both love to see you again.” Sadie looks at me, and I nod enthusiastically, but I know looking at Alice that it won’t happen. “You know where we are, contact us anytime you like.”


She leaves, and Sadie waves goodbye until Alice disappears from sight. We move back into the living room, and collapse on the couch.

“She won’t come back, will she?”

“I doubt it.”

A brief flash of disappointment passes across my sweet daughter’s face, and she snuggles up to me, her head resting on my shoulder.

“Was that the first time you’d been with another girl?” I ask.

She looks up at me with those great big, pale brown eyes.

“Yeah, except for kissing Trudy a few times.”

I raise my eyebrows in surprise.

“You never mentioned that before.”

“Yeah, we only did it to turn guys on when we were out dancing. That girl’s got some moves!”

“I can believe it.”

I put my arm around her, and pull her closer. She lifts her head and we share a wonderful, soft, lingering kiss.

“I’m going to give Trudy a call, see how soon she can visit.”

Now that sounds like a good idea.

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