Finding love again

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Finding love again
“Help Wanted: Assistant, greeter for one person sales operation. Applicant should be Microsoft office proficient have good multitasking ability a must. Have a pleasant outgoing personality.

Call 714-555-2405 for interview bring resume with previous employment and salary history.”

Finally I am able to get an assistant. I have been building my sales marketing company for the last year all by myself and it took a great toll on my personal and social life.

A little back history, I was working for a restaurant equipment manufacturing company for 15 years when they decided that our district office was no longer needed. I was devastated and confused. I thought we were doing a good job hitting our numbers bringing in new clients and making the sales. Not long after I was laid off I had no choice but to begin collecting unemployment while trying to put my resume together and feeling sorry for myself.

I guess my wife couldn’t handle our down turn in lifestyle and left me soon after by announcing she has been having an affair for the past year. We were married for 25 years had two grown k**s WTF. This other guy I found out had family money that he liked to show off and I guess she couldn’t resist any longer.

The divorce went quickly thanks to his family’s high priced lawyers. We agreed on a clean break since we had no money to split the k**s were grown and I had no job or immediate prospects. We sold the house split the money from the sale after the real estate fees. I got to keep the furnishings in the house and the car, her gift for fucking me over. I took my half and bought a small investment property, a two family building with a storefront on a down town busy street. I moved into the apartment just above the store and started living off the rent I was getting. The third floor was empty when I took over and I left it that way, I didn’t care, the store front was making me enough to live off of for now.

Life sucked, I started drinking and rarely left the house. If I did leave, it was to get more beer and only occasionally food. I hadn’t seen my k**s in about 6 months when my son, JJ, dropped by one day. I thought he was going to go ape shit when he came in my apartment and saw the way I was living. He started yelling and swearing he was going to stage an intervention if I didn’t get my act together. I used to watch that show on TV and thought how bad could you let your life get to have to go through that embarrassment? Being as drunk as I was I was in no shape to defend myself. Although I tried to slur something in my defense but even I didn’t understand what I tried to say.

From that moment I knew I had to do something to help myself so I sobered up by going cold turkey. I started to think of what I can do to get out of this funk? I was getting calls every now and then from former customers asking questions about the products I used to make. Since I was still bitter about being laid off I ignored the calls. I started thinking this could work out into something. I returned a few of the calls and made a couple appointments to meet with a few of them. I listened to the issues they were having and offered to help, for a price. Since I worked for so many years on the production lines I knew the products in and out. There was little I didn’t know about any unit. I started putting my number out in the service agency circles and almost immediately started getting calls from service agents who were stuck trying to repair what they were not experienced to do.

These calls started making me money as a freelance adviser and I began thinking what else I could do to expand on my experience. I used my connections in the industry to get an independent rep position for a local sales agent and started knocking on doors and making the sales. In the mean time my store front tenant moved out and I was stuck with an empty space. Luckily I was making enough money now so I wasn’t dependent on the rent to live off of. I made a few agreements with a couple of the factories I was working with to give me some consignment product that I could display and show off. Since I had the space it was an easy set up. Business was picking up and I was really glad to be out of my funk. But now the problems started again. I was getting tired, over worked and in a bad need of some help. At first I tried to call on family for help but being the black sheep for so long all I got was excuses why they couldn’t find the time.

So here I am looking over the advertisement I was about to place in the local paper. Oh well here it goes, I hit send on the computer and off it goes into cyberspace. I am promised it will show up in the classifieds starting in two days but be available on line the following day.

Almost immediately I start getting call responses. I started making interview appointments starting the next day. A few of the people that came in were a NO right from the start, a few were maybe’s. It came down to two women I called them both in for second interviews. In order to get a better sense of their abilities I planned to give them both typing test along with a staged phone call requesting information. From that I thought I was going to pick my candidate.

But of course things don’t go as planned. I had one copy of a rejection letter written out all I had to do was fill out one name or the other. Then Amy came in, completely unexpected, different in a way I couldn’t describe if I wanted to. She looked about 25, jet black waist length hair, pale white almost goth looking, about 5 foot I would guess 100 lb pretty face not loaded with makeup. I noticed a few tattoo’s nothing too reveling or too punkish.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“I hope so, My name is Amy Williams I hear you have a job opening? I would like to apply, if it’s still available.”

“I was just about to hold my final interviews.” I replied, “I’m sorry you are a bit late. ”

“It’s ok”, she replied, “I was just taking a chance.”

She put her head down and started to turn away.

Something intrigued me about her, not wanting her to leave just yet I say “Hold on, if you give me a few minutes maybe we can sit for a sec and you can show me your resume.”

She turned back and gave me a shy smile but it was still a smile.

Then all hell broke loose. The phone started to ring and a customer came in both at the same time. Not being one to be able to turn either away I asked the customer to hold for a sec and I ran to the phone before it stopped ringing. The phone customer needed some information on replacing an existing range they had in their kitchen and the walk in needed the same.

Amy saw my stress and instead of just hanging around waiting for me to finish she actually went up to the customer and started talking to him. She started asking him what kind of range was he interested in purchasing, overall size, how many burners, griddle plate, kind of lower oven? All of the questions I would have asked. How did she know this I wondered?

When I got off of the call Amy excused herself from the customer and came up to me and ran off everything the customer had talked about. She took no written notes, just repeated what she was told in detail.

After she finished I excused myself from her and approached the customer.

“Hi my name is Jim I understand from my assistant you are interested in a 6 burner range………”

We spoke for about 20 min all the while Amy answered a couple calls, took messages and looked the part of my assistant. I was impressed.

When our conversation was done we had a signed sales contract I shook hands with my new client and thanked him for the order. I approached Amy and thanked her.

“You know Amy; I don’t think I would have been able to make that sale if it wasn’t for you. How did you know what to ask?”

“I worked in restaurants a lot and I am familiar with the sample you have over there.”

“First thing let me put out the closed sign so we can have a few minutes to talk without being interrupted and you can show me your resume.” I say.

There’s that look again. “What’s wrong?” I asked

“I don’t have a resume; I have been out of work for a while and don’t have access to a computer to have one printed. I can tell you anything you need to know. I can even show you my typing skills or whatever else you want to see.”

“Well I can see already you have good note taking skills your computer skills seem to be good. Why don’t you just tell me about yourself?”

“I have been out of work for a while and I am about to lose my apartment if I don’t find a job quick. I heard from the neighborhood you were looking for someone and I thought I would try my luck. My last job was at the Neighbor Diner across town, I was the chef’s helper. I worked there for about two months when the owner started hitting on me. When I told him no he suddenly realized he didn’t need a chef’s helper any more.” She says.

“Did you file a complaint?” I asked

“No, what was the use? It’s right across from the court house and who do you think the judges would believe me or their stomachs?” she replied.

She had a point, I knew that guy, and I sold him some of his kitchen equipment. Had a bad feeling about him then, he seemed skuzzy, guess it was true.

“Ok Amy, give me until tomorrow and let me think things over and I will let you know. I have an obligation to the other two applicants to finish their interviews.” I tell her

“I understand, would you mind if I just stop by tomorrow?” she says “I really have no way for you to contact me right now?”

“Sure,” I say “about this time tomorrow will be fine.”

We said our goodbyes and she left. Tomorrow was Saturday. I had no meetings arranged so I could focus on the interviews.

All night I couldn’t stop thinking of her. I even went as far as fantasizing about her. I began to stroke my cock as I wondering what she looked like under those clothes. If she had any more tattoos maybe one across her lower back, the tramp stamp. I envisioned her dark hair splayed across my bed with her thin pale legs tight up against her chest as my face is buried in the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever eaten. I run my tongue the length of her slit and back not stopping until I take a stab into her puckered rose. This sends her into a mind shattering orgasm I feel her legs tighten around my neck until I can feel the pressure starting to cut off my air supply. As she comes back down to earth I wrap her legs around my waist as I shove all of my 7 inches in and out of her hairless pussy. I start with a slow fluid in and out motion but I feel her pulling me in harder slamming my full length in over and over.

“Harder fuck me harder!” Amy demands.

“Shove that beautiful cock in me” Amy screams.

Not being as young as I used to be and still a bit out of shape I wrap her in my arms pulling her up to me and without losing contact I flip us both over where she is now on top. I release her from my grasp and in an instant she is bolts upright and I swear I can feel my dick slide even deeper in to her silk lined love canal. Amy leans forward grabbing onto my chest hairs and starts slamming her hips into mine fucking me hard and fast. I can feel my balls start to tighten and grunt that I am about to cum. Just as I am about to fill her with my seed Amy leaps off of my cock and engulfs my entire length in her throat. Bobbing her head up and for maybe two strokes I fire my first volley of white hot liquid into her mouth. I look down at this beautiful creature sucking me with determination of inhaling my life force.

The second volley of cum shoots from my cock and hits me right in the face waking me from my lust filled fantasy. Shaking my head trying to get my bearings back I look around and see that just my luck I am still alone and with my cum starting to drip down the side of my chest. I grab the towel I used from my shower before my thoughts again run away with this intriguing waif of a vision.

The Saturday interviews came and went. The two people I had lined up just couldn’t seem to match what I saw in Amy yesterday. I thanked them and sent them on their way. I was in the middle of writing their rejection letters when Amy knocked on the door. I closed my lap top and walked over and invited her in.

When Amy walked I noticed she didn’t come alone. Along with her was a little girl of about 6 with Blond hair in pig tails beautiful green eyes definitely her mother’s daughter. I asked for her name and she replied Suzie.

“Really?” I said, “well that’s a very pretty name but I think you came a day late for the Job of my assistant” I joked. She giggled saying “No silly it’s my mom who is looking for the job I’m too young.” “Well yea” I say “you’re too late because it’s your mom who got the job ahead of you.”

I looked over at Amy and just winked, I could swear I saw a tear form in her eye as she turned away.

“Suzie?” “Let me and your mom talk for a sec ok?” “And if you want to cook just don’t burn anything.” And there was that giggle again as she turned to play.

Turning my attention back to Amy, “well then we have a few minor details to work out. The basic paperwork, tax forms, application for the file and I will ask you to sign a confidentially agreement. It basically says that you agree, if you were to leave my employ that you will not disclose my cost structure or pricing agreements. Is that ok?”

“No problem” replies Amy, “But I don’t think I will be leaving any time soon, I hope.”

“Well then it settled I can start you off with a salary of $30,000 per year with commission for sales done here from the store. Work week is Monday thru Friday 8-5 Saturdays only if we have a client that demands it. Your responsibilities will include the bookkeeping, managing my appointments and of course greeting when it comes to that, as you remember from yesterday.”

I went on about my expectations regarding timelines, organization and my favorite dress code. “I expect business casual nothing too reveling and no street clothes. I expect 100% professional look and attitude. Agreed?”

Turning the papers toward her I finally look up and I was looking at the biggest most beautiful smile I saw in a very long time. Amy was beaming, to over use an old saying, she reached over the desk and placed her hand over mine and said thank you. Taking my pen she signs each of the forms.

“Well don’t thank me yet, I reply, you haven’t seen the books yet. You are going to need a lot of pencils to get those back in order,” I joke.

“Well now that the formalities are over how about some lunch? I know this place around the corner, good friends of mine we can sit and get to know each other a little better.” Turning to the little beauty playing cook “Suzie would you like some pasta for lunch?”

“I like spaghetti and meatballs” she says.

“Well I think we can get Mario to get something together for you.” I tell her.

The three of us sat in the restaurant for a long while, Amy and I talking while Suzie charmed Mario out of dessert, not that it was that hard. I found out Amy was running away from an abusive relationship and they were living day to day in a rooming house on the other side of town. I told her of my divorce and how it almost ruined me and how my son saved me. After we finished eating I asked where her car was so I could drop her off at it.

“I don’t have a car I came by bus, we can just take the bus back it’s ok I couldn’t ask for you to do any more than you already have. ”

I had a meeting to get to on the other end of town so I said ok. As we left Mario came over and gave her a dish to take with her, for later he said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. We said our thank you’s and good by’s and left.

The following Monday there was knock on the door looking at my watch it was only 7:30 Amy said she came right over after dropping Suzie at school. “Doesn’t make sense to go all the way home and have to leave again to come here. ”

“No problem” I said, “I have coffee made up stairs in my apartment would you like me to get you a cup?”

“Thanks that would be great I haven’t had any yet.” She replies.

“Ok, be right back.” After I get back with the cups mine just milk and hers with 4 sugars, I sat with her to show her my filing system, as it were, and the basic surroundings. In the basement I show her the files I have stored and where I keep some of the parts and tools I use when I go on repair jobs.

After a few hours of this I ask her,”So, that’s the place. Did I scare you off?”

“No, I like a challenge” she says, “and this is going to be a challenge.” I look at her in surprise and she gives me a wink to show she is joking.

Back upstairs I let her know I have an appointment in the afternoon and I will be leaving for a while. She can show herself out if I am not back in time. I let her know that I have a coffee pot upstairs in my apartment if she wants more but please don’t mind the mess I am as good a cleaner upstairs as I was down here.

The next few weeks were surprisingly busy, a good sign the economy is picking up. Amy is great, the office is in order for a change my appointments are in order clients are happy with her and I feel much less stressed.

I also notice my apartment is looking cleaner. The dishes are washed and put away the living room is straightened. Magazines are piled neatly the couch pillows are actually on the couch as opposed to the floor. And it smelled clean. I asked Amy why she was doing that, “I hope you don’t feel that I implied it is part of your duties while you’re here.”

“No, she replies, I just thought since you are so busy and have been so nice I thought I would do something nice back.” Besides, she adds with a wink, “I couldn’t find a clean cup anywhere.”

I was in the office one day and I noticed Amy was looking like she was just making herself busy. Not really what I expected to see from her. I ask what the problem is.

“Well,” she responds, “when you are here in the office and since there is only one computer I have to keep myself busy with what ever I can find.” WOW, the stupid light was just glaring over my head at that point, how could I be that unobservant? I pick up the phone and I call a friend of mine who is a computer wiz and tell him I need to set up a small office network with a new top of the line computer and I need it right away. No problem he says it will take a couple days to get what I need but you will be running by the end of the week.

“Just like that,?” Amy says, “You are going to install an office network no questions asked?”

“Why not?” I reply, “You have so far exceeded all expectations I could hope for in a helper, and a friend, you deserve your own computer and workspace. This way we will be linked and not have to look over each others shoulders all of the time. I just feel so stupid I didn’t think of it till now.”

“Why so surprised?”

“No one has ever trusted me enough to do what you have done for me in just so little time as we have known each other.” Amy confesses.

“Well obviously no one took the time.” I reply.

“OK so here’s the deal. There’s an equipment show coming up in Orlando I think it would be a great idea for you to come and look around maybe get a few idea’s for some new products you think we could add to our lines. What do you think? That would depend on weather you might be able to get a sitter to watch Suzie for a few days?”

“If it is alright with you and I could bring Suzie my parents live not far from there and they have been asking to see her. I would pay her share of the plane of course.” Amy askes.

“I didn’t realize you were from Florida?: I say.

“I’m not, they moved there a few years ago to retire I stayed back in New Jersey until I came here.” She says

“Doesn’t matter anyway, no way you can bring Suzie.” I tell her.

“But?????” She had a look of disappointment in her face.
“If, you think you are going to try and pay.” I finished.

She relaxed enough to smile and say thank you.

I just smile back and say, “Settled then. We leave Saturday. Wolf will have the network up and running by the time we get back.”

The flight to Florida was uneventful we arrived at the airport were picked up by the hotel shuttle. When we were in the limo and all of the luggage was loaded the driver turned to us and said that the car rental agent has dropped the cars off at the hotel already and we will be given the keys when we arrive.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“Key’s?” Amy questioned.

“Yes, you don’t think I am going to shuttle you around all week do you?” I joked in reply. “You will have your own car to drive to your parents to drop off and pick up Suzie that way she can enjoy the pool after we return from work.” That’s all Suzie needed to hear. “Mommy, Mommy they have a pool we can use? Any time we want? Can we go see now? Can we go swimming now can we please? Can we Mommy?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Yes Suzie we can go see the pool right after we check in and go see the room.” ”

“YEA!!” Suzie screams.

Suzie ended up staying with Amy’s parents the entire week which left us to work freely and most of the time fairly late. The next couple days Amy and I were very busy with the show and meetings with potential suppliers. By the end of the show we were wiped out. On the last day of the show we finished our last meeting and decided to have a light dinner before Amy went to see her parents and pick up Suzie. In the mean time I met up with some old biker friends who happened to be in town. I ended up staying up all night partying with my old buds. I missed my plane home the next morning. I woke up to my cell phone beeping indicating I had 10 messages all from Amy. I listened to them one at a time. First they started of calm “just a heads up we have a plane to catch” and ended up with Amy almost crying wondering if I was hurt somewhere and she was starting to call hospitals looking for me. But the last call, I couldn’t tell if she was more worried or angry because I wasn’t calling her back. I hit redial to call and apologize for worrying her but all I got was her voice mail. I left her a message telling her I was sorry for making her worry and assured her I was fine and I decided to take a few days off and relax by the beach. I told her to do the same and leave the office closed and spend some well deserved time with her daughter at a hotel in town of her choice and expense it back to me. “I got a surprise for you when I get back but I can’t tell you till then.”

A few days after I finally made it back to the office, and my home, to find Amy already there.

“What are you doing here?” I ask. “I told you to take a few days and relax from the craziness.”

I was feeling really good, about to surprise her with my new toy. A 2011 Harley Street Glide, I have wanted one of these for years and I figured I am finally in a position to get one. I was going to surprise her by having one of my old buddies pull up in front of the building and hand me the keys then take her for a ride. But, when I walk a little farther in I see her ex sitting at MY desk with his feet up and a smirk like he is the fucking king. I also see that Amy has a mark on her face and she had been crying. That didn’t go well with me from the get go. I told him to get his “fucking feet off of my desk and get the fuck out of my office before he regrets being born.”

He gets up and, damn he stands over me by almost half a foot, and gets in my face. “I’ll sit where ever the fuck I want and what are you going to do about it?”

I tell him very calmly at that point, “If you wants to live the rest of the day I advise you to leave and don’t bother to look back, otherwise you was going to be in a world of shit.”

And of course being the tough guy he didn’t get the hint and takes a swing at me. I telegraph the swing and easily move throwing him off guard. In the mean time we were arguing loud enough that we didn’t hear my buddies pull up and come into the store. Amy’s ex tries to regain his balance only to find himself face to face with ten of the biggest bikers around and with a very distinctive patch on their back. I thought he was about to shit himself.

The club president Tony, was one of my old buddies I met up with in Florida and it was he who rode my new toy to the store. I did the club a favor by selling them an all new kitchen at cost and doing the install personally. At that time Tony told me that if there was anything he could do for me all I needed to do was ask. It was Tony who got me the bike and dressed it up at no additional cost. They have contacts I guess.

Tony was the second to walk in right behind his body guard Lurch, they call him this because he stands 7’2″350lbs and not an ounce of beer gut. This man is pure angry muscle. Tony looks the jerk in his face and he just freezes.

I walk up to him and say “I warned you but you had to be a tough guy and thought you could just come in here and do what ever the fuck you feel. Not so confident now are you? Now I am going to be nice and ask my friends to stand aside and not beat your woman beating pussy ass senseless so I can give you one last chance to take me up on my offer with one stipulation, lose this address, Amy doesn’t need you and Suzie sure as hell will be a better person not knowing her father is a woman beater. I will leave it up to Amy to decide weather to allow you to be a part of HER daughter’s life some time in the future. But If I ever find out you contact her with out first asking my permission you will get a visit from another friend who will remind you of our conversation here today. It won’t matter where you live I will know and I will be sure to let my friend Tony here know. Am I making myself understood?”

The jerk was so scared he could get out a sound nevertheless a word. He just nods and slowly backs out of the front door. He makes about one step past Tony before Lurch picks him up by the back of his neck and tosses him out into the street. I look over my shoulder and I see that he is “escorted” out of the neighborhood by a few of the other club members.

Amy came running up to me and threw her arms around my neck and started to cry. Between her sobs she told me he found her by stealing a letter she had sent to her mother that had her return address on it and he followed her here. He had apparently followed her to the office after she dropped Suzie off at school and forced himself into the office when she opened the door. I was looking over her shoulder at Tony and I saw him say something to Lurch and watched him leave. Tony would later tell me lurch was to teach him a lesson about stealing and stalking.

Tony broke in and Amy gave him a hug and thanked him profusely. Tony handed her a cell phone and said “this is for you, if at any time you see him around ever you hit me up on speed dial #1, but I don’t think he will be bothering you any more”

“Please tell me you didn’t really hurt him? Scumbag or not he is still my baby’s father.” Amy says between the soft sobs.

“Don’t worry about that we are just going to teach him a lesson about how to treat a lady.” Tony replies.

I jump back in and say, “Well, Amy, please meet my good friend, and the reason I missed my plane the other day, Tony.” “Tony and I have known each other for a long time and we met up at the rally in Florida after our dinner that last night. And being the great friend he is he convinced me to get back into a passion of mine BIKES!!.

I walk Amy to the door and there in front is my new baby in all her chrome glory.

“Let’s go for a ride?” I tell her enthusiastically.

“WHAT? No, I can’t I have to pick up Suzie in a couple hours.” She responds almost terrified.

“Don’t worry we will be back in plenty of time I just want to take a quick run out and we will come right back, promise.” I plead with her.

“I need a helmet I can’t risk not wearing something.” She says

“No problem got one right here. I hand her a brand new blacked out ½ size with her name painted along each side. Now will you go?” I ask.

“You had this all planned out didn’t you? Ok let’s go.” Now see starts sounding like the cheerful Amy I know.

We rode for about two hours up the coast and then back down, the wind and fresh air, damn how I missed this. The sounds of the ocean over the rumble of the bike. The feel of a woman’s arms around my waist. Everything was perfect.

We got back in plenty of time for Amy to take my car and go pick up Suzie.

I pull Amy into a hug and say “Amy, thanks for today, I know it started out a bit rough but I think it ended perfect.”

“Yes it did, thanks to you and Tony. It could have ended a lot worse if you didn’t come in when you did.”

Changing the subject as quick as I could I tell her, “OK listen take the rest of the day off and hold on to the car I think I will just hang around the office we don’t have anything setup for the afternoon anyway.

“Are you sure you won’t need the car later? I could bring it back?” she asks.

“No I’m sure, besides I have a new mode of transport just in case.” I smile.

The following day I come down from my apartment my usual time and of course Amy is already there and I can see something is not right. She looks cold and tired.

She see’s my expression and says that her room had a flood last night and she spent all night trying to clean up the water and didn’t get much sleep.

“Where is Suzie,” I ask?

Looking around I see her sleeping on the couch out front. “Amy, take her upstairs and put her in the spare room so she can get properly rested. While you are at it you rest too. No offence you look like crap.”

“Are you sure? I can work I’m not that tired.” She yawns.

“Listen, I’ve known you long enough to know when you are trying to act tough. Besides you will scare the customers.” I tell her jokingly.

She looked at me with a surprised expression and that shy smile that I have come to love. I could see she wanted to think of a snappy come back, but, she was just too tired.

“Go ahead up and open the bed I will carry Suzie.” I tell her.

“OK” she says as she walks past she stops and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for?” I ask.

“Just thanks,” she responds.

I carry Suzie upstairs to my apartment and put her down on the bed in my spare room. Amy lies down next to her and before I am even out of the room I can tell from her breathing she is already asleep.

Back downstairs in the office I have a crazy day. It is unbelievable how much Amy handles in a single day. Between the calls the emails my schedule I have no idea how she does it. This woman is definitely underpaid.

Later that night I went to check on my two sleeping beauties. I enter the room to see both of them still sleeping; Amy with Suzie in her arms both of them breathing softly. I notice the cover slipping down off of Amy and I go to over to her and pull the covers back up. As I lift the cover I look down and see that her dress has risen up above her ass. I stood there almost in a state of shock. I had the urge to touch her but I knew I shouldn’t. I wouldn’t violate her that way.

I close the door softly and go to my room. As I was undressing to take a shower I hear the bathroom door close. Amy must be up I think. I grab my robe and go into the kitchen to get a beer and I hear Amy on the phone. From what I can over hear she is talking to her landlord and I hear start to sob. I knock softly and enter the room. I ask her what is wrong and she says, “my land lord just said the damage is too extensive to let me back in for at least a month.” “Jim what am I going to do?” Amy starts crying.

“It’s real easy” I tell her “you will stay here. I have plenty of room and you’re here most of the time anyway. I could even have the upstairs apartment fixed so you wouldn’t have to go back to that place at all. What do you think? Could you stand being around me even more than you already are?” I ask questionably.

“You aren’t that bad” she reply’s “but I will need to think about it.”

“Take your time, in the mean time get back in there and rest. You will need it after you see the mess I left you downstairs.” I joke.

For the second time that day she comes over to me and brushes her hand along the side of my face gives me a kiss. “You are a true gentleman”

Boy, am I sure glad I was standing next to the counter because she would have definitely seen my cock jump inside my robe.

I called some friends to come over and clean out the extra apartment. When Amy saw the workers I thought she was going to flip.

“I told you I would think about it!! Why are you pushing me??” she is almost screaming.

“Wait a sec I am not pushing anything.” I try to defending myself. “I told you, you could stay while you were looking for something or waiting for your apartment to be fixed. It’s your choice. But in the mean time I needed to get it cleared out anyway if you decide not to take it I will rent it. It’s about time I did something with it. In the mean time I was thinking you would be more comfortable with your own space. I guess I was wrong.”

Amy didn’t speak to me most of the day after that. I had a few meetings set up and was gone for most of the day anyway.

When I got home it was late, about 11pm. I had stopped at the bar and wanted to have a few but I couldn’t even finish one. I just sat there. Not wanting to go back to the apartment and face Amy but not wanting to drink either. When I did finally go back, I checked in on my two beauties again and they were sleeping soundly.

A little later after I started dozing off I felt something warm against my back. I opened my eyes to find Amy pressed against me, nude. I felt her reach around and feel for my ever increasing cock. I felt her tiny hand squeeze and massage my member to live duty. I turned to look at her and tried to speak but she just put her finger to my lips and whispered “later”. All at once she disappeared under the covers and I could feel her kisses as she slid down the length of my body. I could feel her wet pussy as it rubbed against my leg. Next I felt my cock slide between her smallish tits and then the moment of truth. I felt her lips touch my cock. It’s been so long since I had any one touched me. I thought I would blow right then. Her tongue started to slide up my cock making it very wet. The feeling was amazing. All at once she slipped my cock between her lips and slid down. Her head started bobbing up and down sucking me in and out. I was in heaven. The blowjob was incredible. I was on the edge now I wanted to cum so bad and told her so. I pulled the sheets back so I could see her. Her jet black hair almost made her invisible in the darkness but the moon light reflected off her pale white skin. I move her hair aside to see my cock disappear between her lips again and again.

“Oh baby that feels so good. Keep it up and I am going to cum.” I tell her almost panting.

“Do it, cum for me cum in my mouth. I need to taste you. I need to taste what I have been dreaming about for all these months.”

WHAT, am I hearing right? She wants me? Dreams of ME? Have I been so blind not to see that?

The feeling in my balls brought me back to reality. The reality that this beautifully perfect woman who has my cock in her mouth is about to get what she wants, what I want.

I reach out to grab her head and push her deeper but she brushes my hand away and pulls off me.

“NO don’t do that. I don’t want to be controlled. I want you to just lay back and enjoy.” As she lowered her head back down I felt her take my entire length down her throat. She stuck out her tongue again and licked my balls at the same time. The feeling was intense. My hips jerked as I felt my cum explode from my cock Amy pulled back just enough where she had only her lips tight around the head and sucked hard. It felt as if the cum was being pulled from my balls. All at once she stuck her finger in my ass and I exploded again. Holy shit it felt incredible. I didn’t think I would ever stop cuming. When I could move I lifted my head off the pillow to see Amy licking her lips catching the cum that had escaped around the corners of her lips..

I just lay there exhausted, totally spent. My heart was beating so hard I thought it would pound right through my chest. As Amy crawled back up into my waiting arms I kissed her. Truly, lovingly, kissed her for the first time. I tasted what was left of my cum on her lips but I didn’t care at all. I pulled her to me feeling her naked skin for the first time. The first of the rest of my life I hoped.

After we kissed for what seemed forever I pulled Amy on top of me being so little I could barely feel her there. I did feel her wetness of her pussy as my cock seemed to know just where to go. I felt her hand move between us and guide me into her. She felt like silk as she slid down my shaft we slowly started fucking. All at once Amy slid her legs up and got to her knees. I reached up to feel her smallish tits. Her nipples stuck out as I pinched them. Amy started moving up and down in circles grinding her pelvic bone into me. Back and forth she moved her arms stretched out grabbing on my chest her nails digging into me. The pain and pleasure combined was incredible. I could feel her pussy clinch onto my cock as she started to cum. All at once she stiffened and slammed down onto me and I could feel her cum running down my balls onto the sheets below. As she started to come down off her climax Amy stretched out on top of me our mouths locked in a passionate kiss. I felt her pull away slightly to roll off of me. As she lay on her side pulling me into a spooning position I pulled her close and whispered “I love you” and fell into a deep contented sleep.

Thank goodness the next day was Saturday, I awoke to find myself alone naked still exhausted but somehow feeling alive. I haven’t felt this way in years. I could smell the coffee and eggs cooking. I got up and pulled on my robe and went to the kitchen where I found Amy in front of the stove Suzie was sitting at the table eating her breakfast. Good morning Daddy. Amy spun around and just looked at me as I just stood there not knowing how to react. Somehow I needed to get my jaw off of the floor. Amy just smiled and went back to cooking. I went over to Suzie and gave her a kiss on top of her head, “good morning darling.” I moved to Amy and put my arms around her kissing her lightly on her neck.

“A friend is coming to get Suzie for the day so we can talk, she whispered. Coffee is ready go sit and I will pour you a cup.”

“OK” I responded.

“Daddy, Mommy said I can go play with Anna today. She invited me over to her house she has a swing set and a sand box and a pool.” Suzie says excitedly.

“Really?” I say trying to sound surprised. “Well then you need to finish up so you can pick out your prettiest bathing suit to wear.” 10 minutes later after Suzie finished her breakfast and Amy got her dressed the door bell rang.

“Bye Daddy,” says Suzie.

“Bye Suzie have fun today well see you soon.” I tell her as she is running for the door.

I could hear Amy talking at the bottom of the stairs. “Suzie go wait in the car with Anna I will be right there, OK?” a voice says.

“Ok Dot.” Suzie says back.

I remember her, Amy mentioned her name a few times but I’ve never actually met her.

“Is everything OK?” I could hear Dot say.

“Everything is great” Amy responded. “Jim and I need some alone time to talk. Thanks again for coming on such short notice.”

“No problem” Dot said, “I hope everything works out. See ya later.”

I was getting myself a refill when Amy came back in the kitchen.

“Jim, I need to explain about last night.”
“What’s there to explain?” I ask.

“I was so worried when you didn’t come home last night. I thought I fucked up big time, again. When I snapped at you it was because I was scared. I don’t want to move in the upstairs apartment I’ve been trying to find a way to tell you how I, we, Suzie and I, feel about you. I felt that if you made me move upstairs I may never get the chance to let you know how much I’ve wanted you for so long and I needed to find out if you felt the same. But when you didn’t come home I didn’t know what to do.”

I could see a tear run down her cheek. Without saying a word I stood up walked over to her took her in my arms and kissed her again.

“Amy I’ve felt the same way about you for months now I just didn’t know how to say it. When I told last night that I love you it was not the sex talking it was real. I love you. I’ve been in love with you since the day I met you. But I didn’t want to push you in fear of pushing you away. I am a better person today because of you. I wouldn’t have been able to do the things I do if it weren’t for you. I need you in my life now and forever.

Amy wiped a tear from her eye, “You really love me?”

“Yes I do, and not just you I love Suzie too.” I reply.

“Then I don’t have to move away?” Amy asks.

“The only place you are going to move is from Suzie’s room into ours. We will work out where we will put your stuff later but right now I need to make love to you.”

I picked her up and carried her into OUR bedroom for the first time.

The following month we were married. I called my son to meet us at city hall and be my best man and we flew Amy’s parents in for the ceremony. My daughter even came. Dot was Amy’s maid of honor and Suzie was the flower girl.

The same week I went to the doctor and had my vasectomy reversed and not long after Amy had a baby boy.

Life is good, finally.


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