Finding Relief For My Exibitionist Mom

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Finding Relief For My Exibitionist Mom
Hi, I am Nasir, 24. My Mom Rasiya, 43 is a hardcore exhibitionist and a seasoned voyeur too. she loves to show off as possible as she can according to the occasion. And she is rejoiced where she can peep in and finger herself when I take bath or masturbate or watch a porn flick or so. ditching dad before seven years he is horny as hell too. Then she found me worth using for her pleasure.

She always wears low cut blouses and transparent sarees like chiffon, nylon etc…when she is back home she wore nighty show most of her 42 D boobs. most of her nighty are made out of worn out sarees and a few of them are bought from stores made of linen and thin cotton etc… so no need to tell how transparent those were.

One day after watching a porn flick I was shagging as usual in my bed. I noticed through the corner of my eyes that my door is opening very slightly and a pair of eyes are peeping in. since i was in no point of return, I proceeded further and jacked the final laps. And I shot. I closed my eyes and relaxed. I knew it was mom. Who else will it be where only I and my mom live. I had a few experience with her when I take bath and so, I have been made sure by this time that she is a voyeur.

She always bends more than necessary when serve me tea, or wake me up in the
morning. And always used to call me when she dresses after a bath for hooking up the bra etc. so I knew the fact that she enjoys to exhibit too. Anyway as an i****t wannabe I was enjoying these too. We have a common bathroom and toilet. She always kept the door unbolted when she take a bath expecting my unknown entry. And comes out only clad in the bath towel which neither cover her boobs nor her thighs completely.

She always makes sure that I am around watching her. She jog on the treadmill everyday for an hour. So she got a perfect belly at this age which projected her naturally huge melons more one day I was lying on the couch in our living area. mom was about to take a bath. The bath room is inside the living area. She came crossed the couch I was lying. Wearing a bath robe which was loosely tied across the midriff, she enters the bath room.

Our bath room door has a defect. If you don’t shut it a little hard. it will go back open again. Mom did what I expected. she closed the door. And went to the shower area. the door started its way back. Very slowly it went open. Mom, “not knowing” about this untied the robe and hung it in the wall hook. Entered the shower. The door has a mirror on the outside. The position I lie is more than enough to have a clear view of inside.

She opened shower rub all over her body. Ran her hands under her boobs seductively. one hand went into the crotch and started rubbing there. She started finger herself pretending she didn’t know the door was open. I got a paining hard on under my boxer shorts (which I used to wear home). I am sure she can see me as well through the mirror on the corner of her quarterly opened eyes. I decided to give her a show too. I took my dick out through the fly hole of my boxer and started shagging.

After a few seconds I heard my mom started her moans loudly. suddenly Mom called my from inside Nasoo”(Nasu is my pet name Mom calls me). get me the towel Monoo, I forgot it. Oh shit, I was on the brim of shooting my wad. I somehow pushed in my dick and get to her room, grabbed the towel and came back, the door is still open somewhat halfway. I knocked the door.

Come in Money”(Come in son). I went in , only then, Mom took the robe from the hook in a way making sure I saw all her assets thoroughly. she held it across her chest. a half of the Jugs were covered and an end hem of the robe hung before her crotch. I handed her the towel. and she stared at the tent in front of my boxer. my still hard cock was attracting her eyes.

She told me ,”Monoo, if you want to pee , finish it and go. mom will wait.

I said

“No mom its okay. I will do later”.

She insisted . “no no resisting the urge to pee is harmful to your body come On”

I hesitantly went near the WC and pulled my still hard dick out. I heard a gasp
from her. Seeing my enormous dick. How a man can piss when his dick is raging hard? I couldn’t. then mom came near me holding the robe same like she held. she patted on my under belly and said,

“Why this is so stiff? that’s why you can’t pee. let mommy make it relaxed”.

Saying this she hold my dick and started rubbing it. a slow jack. I closed my eyes in ecstasy. my mom is wagging me. Wow… after a few moments I felt something strange hot moist thing encircling my dick.

I opened my eyes. holy shit! She mouthed the entire length of my cock. and started pumping with her mouth now there is no bath robe covering her boobs. Her jugs are jumping according to the blowing motion with one hand she is rubbing her clit. .

I moaned oh mom’, she groaned ‘ummm’. and she released the hand on the pussy and held my arm. and placed it on her boob. wow….. I need those milk tanks. I was on the heck of shooting my load. I said ‘mom .. I am coming’. She signaled me with her eyes and hand to come n her mouth. She started to suck violently.

1…2….3….4….5….. eeggraahhh!

I came loads and loads. She drunk without wasting a drop. she licked my dick clean and told me,

‘now try to will take a shower’.

She went back to the shower and started to bath. nude! having me beside watching she started fingering herself. in the middle she stooped the shower and asked do you want to join mama in the shower?”.

I jumped in. and she held me tight. I squeezed her milk pots. and she placed her hands on my head and pushed down. I sensed her intention and went to her boobs sucked them vigorously. after some minutes she pushed me even further down. and placed my head on her pussy. I started licking her. she ground her puss on my face. after a few minutes she came in my mouth. we finished bath and went out nude. she held me close and led me to her room.

Reaching her bed she pushed me on the bed and sat before me and started sucking my dick again. after a few minutes my dick started again and got stiffened like an iron rod she left it and stood. placed her each legs each of my side lowered herself to my crotch and sat on my crotch. slowly she made my dick fully inside her. and started riding me. that was our first fuck.

From that day we are fucking every possible day like married couple. now it’s been four years we are having the sweet i****t affair nowadays I feel my mom lacks something. she is not so hot in bed all the time even though we try everything to make variety in our fucks, I feel she is not 100% hot. so I decided to add something in our sex to spice up our lives. thus I decided to satisfy my mother’s exhibitionist thirst.

I started inviting my friends, colleagues and anyone whom I make an acquaintance, to my house. so that mom can have some exhibition fun. I inform mom prior to their visit and mom will dress in all her glory to have the fun. they will most probably return from my home having a great raging hard on and me and mom will have a great fuck at night. mom was so eager to have a visitor every day.

One day I invited my senior manager to my house and to my surprise and a little disappointment he came with his wife. She was in her mid thirties and a gorgeous women. I was afraid my mom will lose her confidence in front of her even though she is a lot ahead of this women according to me but to my amazement mom seemed to be more enthusiastic having a female company too.

That night she was dressed in a dark light grayish pink chiffon saree and a dark Brown ultra short sleeve blouse tailored in the same fabric having a very deep and wide neckline. she wore a dark Grey metallic color silk lacy bra inside and dark red panties. she wore no petticoat. instead she tied and safety pinned the saree into her gold ‘waist chain’ (the ornament Indian women wear around their hip it was so strong and thick crafted resembling a rope. so, it can easily hold any moderate weight. so there is no fear of break out of the ornament).

So… it was only thin chiffon of the saree and the silk bikini type panty she can faintly see her beautiful legs through the saree. if she stand
against a light source anyone can clearly make out the silhouette of her legs. it was a sight ,I was already having a raging bull under my boxers. I wore blue worn out jeans and a jet black semi casual angular cut shirt. they came and me and mom welcomed them.

I noticed my manager’s eye popped up seeing my mom. his wife was also not different..she was also dressed sexily . she never reached anywhere near my mom. mom’s tits where like popping out of the blouse due to the ultra deep and wide cut of the neck. the blouse had only two clasps. so, you can imagine how deep was the neckline. one third of her areolas were visible out of the blouse. and she wore the saree very deep at waist.. at the point where her pubic hair line begin. and her naval was decorated with a glitter stick-on jeweler stud.

My manager’s name was Ramesh and his wife was Deepthi. Ramesh was a little disturbed to enjoy my mom’s beauty in his wife’s presence. we welcomed them to our living room. and they sat in the couch. mom served them drinks. she had made vodka martini. after a couple of drinks everybody was at ease a little bit when serving them the drinks mom was very carefully careless to let her pallu drop down to her left elbow. since she held the tray she had to wait until they pick up the drinks to straighten her pallu. it gave Ramesh enough time to have a clear view of my mom’s melons.

She stood straight and put her pallu back to the shoulder. but this time
she made it a single sheet instead of dr****g the fabric put altogether to the
shoulder. now it is only the thin transparent chiffon which is ‘hiding showing’ her bosoms. even Deepthi seemed to be aroused a little. Ramesh’s bulge was clear through his pants. after a few drinks mom asked me to show them our apartment.

While she take the dinner to the dining table. I led them to the rest of the area of our home. and when we came back dinner was ready on the table. while dinner, mom intentionally took the seat next to Ramesh and Deepthi was on the other side ours was a six chair round dining table mom took advantage of all opportunity to show her assets to Ramesh. when she walk to the kitchen she swayed her ass globes more than usual.

And when she served each dish to him her pallu dropped. after a couple of times she abandoned the attempt to put it back. so until the service was over her pallu remained on her left elbow. both Ramesh and Deepthi were staring right at the Jugs when the dinner was over we declined to our Guest room. Deepthi excused us for the toilet. Mom ordered me to show her the toilet. I escorted her to the toilet.

When she was in I came to the door and peeped mom and Ramesh. mom was showing Ramesh our photo albums sitting on the armrest of the couch. bent more than necessary, she made sure her melons brush his shoulders. her pallu was at the heck of the shoulder. even a normal blow of ones exhalation could make it fall down. mom leaned her left shoulder a little bit forward …ah..its gone. now she is only clad in the low-wide cut thin transparent blouse on the top. her lacy bra is clearly visible.

One third of her areolas are visible. Now Ramesh is brushing his cheek on her left boob without letting her think he is doing it deliberately. I could see her nipples were erect then. then I heard
Deepthi coming out of the toilet. mom also heard that. she stood from the armrest as if she was doing that naturally finishing the album. she put her pallu back through the edge of her shoulder and took the end of the pallu around her waist and d****d it in the front still showing her ample bosom. This caused her saree knot move further down. it revealed the upper line of her closely trimmed pubic hair.

Deepthi came and sat on the opposite couch of which Ramesh sat. This gave mom an opportunity to sit near Ramesh. The air was of sensual arousal for all of us. We cracked jokes and mom laughed on each joke swaying and wriggling her all body. Sometimes in between she patted Ramesh thighs as if in the laughter and joy. Slowly she got closer to Ramesh.

Now her boobs are brushing his elbow when he moves his arms. after two three pats she rested her palm on Ramesh’s thighs. Very near to his crotch. Then Deepthi said some joke. it made us laugh again and this time my mom placed her palm right on his crotch. this made Ramesh twitched a little. Mom casually stroked there a few times and withdrew her palm it was 10:30 Pm. they stood up to go.

We insisted them to stay there since the next day is Saturday and thus holiday. but she was worried about the c***dren back home. And they stood up to leave. Mom hugged Deepthi very tightly in the pretext of saying good bye. She crushed her jugs against Deepthi’s. Mom told Ramesh to send Deepthi sometime so she can have a chat with her and Deepthi can have a company also. Ramesh agreed and said good night and they both left. Ramesh was very reluctant to leave mom.

After closing the door on their back. mom literally jumped upon me. She was smooching very passionately. She undid her saree and blouse. Stood clad only in bra and panties. She knelt down and undid my jeans and pull my dick out and started sucking it vigorously. She sucked foe a few minutes and removed her panties and bent forward. Stood holding the armrests of the couch and she asked me”fuck me moan. Fuck mommy like a whore. I am so horny today.. ”

While fucking mom I asked mom do u want to fuck Ramesh?’ For this she giggled and said .. I want to fuck him while you fuck Deepthi”. wow… it made my cock jerk in pleasure and excitement how kinky she is.. And I came after a few minutes. We went to bedroom. Mom was only in her bra and I was nude. In bedroom. She removed her bra. Sucked me and made me stiff once again and rode me we collapsed and slept.

After a couple of weeks.. my manager Ramesh went to Singapore on a business trip for a couple of months. Deepthi was alone home so she used to drive in sometimes. She sent her c***dren to her mother’s place since it was vacation. One day she dropped down to our place. that day I was on my annual leave me and mom were just back after a vacation trip to Goa. when she came it was 12:30 Pm. she was surprised to see me there. we had dinner.

And she went to take a nap to my room(now arranged as a guest room since now I am sleeping with mom).me and mom came to our room. mom was aroused by the presence of someone else. so she straight came to me and started sucking me. the door was open. our room was across the living area in line with the toilet. if Deepthi goes to toilet she needs to cross our door to reach the toilet.

Deepthi felt an urge to pee. she walked towards the toilet. she didn’t notice to our room when she entered toilet. but in return she heard mom’s deliberate moans. she looked in. she got stunned by the scene. mom was sucking my dick.

Deepthi’s eyes glued on my enormous dick. after a couple of minute mom stopped and positioned on me and sat on my pole. she started riding me. after a few slow strokes she was literally jumping up and down on my crotch. her huge tits were jumping along with her. she was groaning like a bitch in heat.

Oh baby..fuck mama.. oh like that..

Tear mamas pussy.. aahhhhh. fuck fuck…fuck…oh


Deepthi had read in the internet about i****t and seen a few videos but she never seen it in reality. a mother is riding her son. it caused her pussy honey flood her crotch. she mesmerizingly lifted her gown and started fingering. we knew Deepthi was there and she was watching us. but we continued as if we didn’t see her.. after sometime.

Mom stood up from my crotch and laid side by side and lifted her left leg. I was behind her i need to enter her from behind. now both of us are facing the door. half of Deepthi’s face is visible on the edge of the door frame. mom kept her eyes closed. I was looking at moms boobs and mounding her from behind.

We fucked , fucked and fucked. the fact that someone is watching us excited both of us like hell. we started yelling.. “ohh . motherfucker…fuck your mother…fuck mommy..tear my cunt…

I also started talking like that.. I said..

“Yes bitch… you whore…I am fucking you.. your son is riding your pussy..I will tear you apart… do you love my cock? …tell me you slut…

“Yes you motherfucker..I love your cock…shove it deep…aaahhhh…mommy is going to come…. fuck me harder…don’t ….stop…aahhhh….zzzzzzzzz……..mommy is coming..

She wriggled..jerked and came in loads and loads. I too shot my load in her. After few seconds we looked at the door… she was not there… we were sure she was aroused and must be fingering inside the toilet. when mom went to the toilet and pushed the door, it was bolted from inside. mom winked at me. and kissed me..

Ohhhhh monooo, it was the nicest fuck I ever had…”we didn’t bother to dress up. we lay naked and slept.

In the evening we woke up and mom went to the kitchen . she made tea. and asked me to wake deepthi too. i went to her room. she was sleeping like a baby. I woke her by shaking her shoulders. she opened her eyes and looked at me as if in an amazement. I asked “what happened? why are you looking like this?” she didn’t know that we were performing for her.. so she shrugged her shoulder and said

“Nothing..I was just looking”.

“Okay, come out.. mom made tea..

We went out and sat together and sipped our tea. Deepthi was totally silent all the time. mom noticed and asked “why Deepthi .. why you are silent.. what happened? she sat closer to Deepthi and patted her back and asked

What happened Deepthi?are you alright?”

She said “I feel a mild pain on my chest”.

Mom suddenly placed her palm on her chest and rubbed the valley.”want to see a doctor o something? ” she asked. Deepthi said “no its okay, it feels good when you rub”.

Mom continued to rub. and she now started slowly cupping her boobs from beneath. Deepthi and mom were wearing night gowns. both are low cut and semi see through. mom wore nothing underneath since we were naked in the room and she just put the panties and night gown on.

Deepthi had a blood red bikini panty and same color laced bra. the night gown had a elastic seam under the bosoms. so it made the bosoms project forwards and made it clear. mom is now rubbing Deepthi’s nipple and Deepthi is leaned on mom with closed eyes. she is moaning in a very low voice.

Mom said “come on Deepthi you lay down sometimes. I will rub your chest. then you will be alright”. she winked at me and led Deepthi to the guest room. I sat there. after a few
minutes I started hearing loud moans. I went to the room and peeped in. Mom is
rubbing Deepthi’s pussy now. Deepthi is sucking mom’s boobs. “oh God ! my mom was a lesbian too”. Deepthi is topless and mom is nude.

Mom saw me and bid me to come in . I went in. I asked Deepthi, you sucked her dry or left something for me too”? hearing this Deepthi looked up and saw me. but she didn’t show any sign of shyness or hesitation. she smiled at me.

“You already finished this now nothing left in these”. she said laughingly.

I smiled back and sat between her thighs. and started licking her pussy. I positioned myself in a way Deepthi and mom can suck my dick if any of them wish to. I continued licking Deepthi’s cunt then I felt a mouth encircled my cock. I looked down to see Deepthi sucking my dick. mom was now sucking Deepthi’s boobs.this went on for a few minutes.

Deepthi now became wet all over down. I stood and withdrew my dick from her mouth. I asked mom with my eyes whether I can proceed or not. mom signaled me to go ahead. I inserted my rod into Deepthi’s pussy.

I started with slow strokes. after a few strokes I withdrew my dick and mom sucked it. then again I rammed her. this went on for a few minutes. then I stood upand mom made Deepthi standing in doggy style. i rammed her from behind. she was shouting all sort of things to me and mom. after a few minutes she came in floods.

And she requested me not to cum in her cunt. because she can be pregnant. so I asked her then what I do. she asked to fuck her ass. I licked her ass for which she shouted in pleasure. and after a few minutes I lubricated her ass with my saliva and entered her ass slowly. it was not so tight as I expected. I asked her the reason.

she told me her husband is an ardent ass lover. he always prefer ass than pussy. that’s why her pussy was thirsty for a longtime. I rammed her ass, in the meantime mom positioned her cunt on Deepthi’s mouth, Deepthi started lick her vigorously. I rubbed her clit and fucked her ass. in a few minutes I came in her ass. And she came with me too. Mom also came in Deepthi’s mouth. we all laid there for some time.

Then we sat there and talk. Deepthi told us the night after the party her hubby was so hot in bed. From that day he had a secret wish to fuck mom. mom told mom also want to fuck him and Deepthi can fuck me anytime. we can arrange a swap party when Ramesh comes back. we enjoyed all days when Ramesh was away. And after Ramesh came back. Deepthi told him she had sex with me and my mom. he laughed saying

You overtook me and the next night we arranged a swap party where we fucked both ladies. me and Ramesh fucked mom from pussy and ass at the same time as well as Deepthi. Now we all enjoys all possible opportunity. Ramesh and family is very close to us..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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