First Anal With My Irish Exchange Student

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First Anal With My Irish Exchange Student
I woke up as usual on a Saturday morning and expected to see my boring 45 year old wife lying next to me. Instead, I looked over and realized how lucky I was. I glanced over and there was my beautiful naked Irish exchange student twenty year old Kathleen next to me with her long red hair covering the pillow and gently brushing up against her bare breasts. Then it all came back to me. Last night I was lying flat on my bed, Kathleen straddled me as she furiously rode my cock. Out of the morning fog I recalled how she had her third orgasm of the night as I exploded inside her, filling her pussy with my semen for the second time that night. My wife was gone for the weekend and Kathleen did not know about my very special plan for my young Irish beauty.

I looked at Kathleen’s young naked body and my mind flashed back to the beginning of our relationship. My wife went on a trip to Ireland and befriended Kathleen a very gawky young college freshman co-ed at Trinity College, Dublin. A few months later my wife arranged for Kathleen to spend a semester in America. When Kathleen came to our doorstep she had apparently grown up over the past year. I greeted a mature very tall Irish beauty with long legs, long fiery red hair and green eyes. She was one fabulous looking young lady. All I could think of was I’d love to fuck her!!!

Kathleen lived with us and soon it was obvious to both of us that something was going to happen. Sure enough she had a school girls crush on me a much older father figure. I never imagined I would be the lucky man who would pop this Irish beauties cherry. Like most young virgins once she had sex she just couldn’t get enough. Soon, I was making love her three to four times a week whenever my wife was gone. I was one lucky forty-five year old. I got the chance to introduce her to the joys of oral sex and I couldn’t remember how many times I made her young body shiver from the orgasms I gave her as I devoured her beautiful sandy haired pussy. Despite her initial I introduced her to the art of fine cock sucking. Soon this little red-haired was pleasuring my cock with her mouth. She was a wonderful lover and this weekend would prove no different.

Kathleen didn’t know what I had in store for her tonight, but I’m sure she sensed that it would be something new and special. Kathleen left for the day to study for an exam. She left her computer on and I knew she watched porn and I mean a lot of porn. I checked her history and was surprised at viewing after viewing of vids dealing with anal sex. I looked around her room and found in her nightstand a special thin anal dildo used to prepare someone for anal sex. I said to myself it looks like Kathleen is going to get her virgin ass fucked for the first time tonight!!!!

She spent most of Saturday at the library and returned home. We were both taking advantage of my wife’s absence and proceeded right to bed. Soon Kathleen had my cock in her mouth. I relaxed and watched Kathleen’s head bouncing up and down between my legs, and she sucked hungrily on my cock. Then just as I expected she said, “Jim, get some lube and stick your finger in my ass! I want you to “butt fuck me tonight”. Who was I to refuse this lovely girl!!! I lubed up my index finger and slowly inserted it into her. At first she flinched a little, but then got used to the in-and-out motion of my finger. I added a second finger to stretch her open in order to get her ready for my cock. I gently began fingering her rosebud to get her ready for the larger organ that was soon to follow.

For someone relatively new to fucking she was turning into one kinky girl, I guess she had fantasized about ass play all week because she came almost immediately. I pulled my fingers out of her throbbing rectum as she fell back on her bed breathing heavily. Then she said “It might hurt, let me relax a minute, before you fuck me in the ass”.

We had a drink and rested for about thirty minutes. Then she led me by the hand back into the bedroom. What really turned me on was that I could see that her ass crack was all shiny from the lube I had applied in her earlier. Kathleen lay down in bed with her ass facing upwards. Now, I knew I was turning Kathleen into someone who would take a man anywhere, be it in her pussy, mouth or ass. Kathleen knew she was going to be fucked and fucked in her ass for the first time in her life.
Kathleen lay on the bed and I decided to give her just a little more anal foreplay. I could tell Kathleen loved this as she squirmed from my finger being in her ass just like she did before. As I gently manipulated her ass. After a few minutes I knew she had gotten used to her anal opening being manipulated and was ready for my larger organ.

I decided to take her doggy style and placed Kathleen on all fours on the edge of the bed. I stood up and aimed my cock right into the center of her ass rubbing the head of my cock against her rosebud. I pushed in and I was not surprised when she screamed in pain. After all she had never taken it in the ass before so I was entering her virgin ass for the first time. I decided to go slow and gave her about two inches so she could get used to it. Kathleen whispered “I’m Ok just take it easy”. I knew once I got my cockhead past her anal opening she would relax and get used to a man inside her. I stood still for about two minutes as Kathleen got used to my cock. Soon, I could tell she was OK so I gave her another three inches and began slowly and gently fucking her ass. An ass that had never been fucked before.

Then, when I was sure she was ready, I grabbed her hips and held her firmly in place. Then I plunged all of my seven inches of man meat into her tight little hole. Kathleen yelled “ouch that hurts” but after a dozen or so more strikes she began to moan in pleasure as I gently fucked her. I started a regular slow rhythm my dick slowly worked its way in and out of her rectum. Kathleen was turning out to be the best ass I ever fucked. She gripped my cock in a tight hold from its base to the tip. My wife’s ass had never been this tight. I knew that before we got married my wife took it regularly in the ass from her black boyfriend.

Then Kathleen’s demeanor changed as I awakened her love of anal sex. I could tell she was beginning to enjoy it. I began to fuck this red haired beauty faster as she began to move her ass towards me. This young girls body began to feel the pleasure of anal sex and we both began fucking each other in perfect in unison. I knew I was pleasuring her when she let out a loud scream as she had her first anal orgasm. I knew an anal orgasm was more intense so I fucked her ass faster slamming into her all the way until my balls began bouncing off her ass.

Then Kathleen screamed at the top of her voice, “fuck me, fuck my ass don’t you dare stop!! “. I obliged my young lady and fucked her vigorously for another five minutes. Then I could not take it anymore and I shouted “take my load baby, take it” as I shot a huge load of cum deep into her bowels. I withdrew my cock to look at her sphincter as it closed. I loved to watch this, I saw her anal orifice close and my cum began to drip from her ass. I knew I had given her a good size creampie. Soon rivulets of cum were running down her ass and dripping onto the bed.

Kathleen turned her head and we passionately kissed each other. Kathleen whispered in my ear “thanks, thanks, tonight was my first butt fuck, it was better than I expected!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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