First time out part 2

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First time out part 2
**This is part two of my first time out en femme. This is a true story. It is important to read the first part to understand the story completely. Enjoy**

I arrived at the bar and walked up to the large, handsome black doorman. He saw me and motioned for me to pass into the bar. He smiled at me and as I passed him, he winked and said “Very nice, baby”. I felt so feminine and sexy, I blushed a bit and smiled back at him. “Thank you”, I said looking back over my shoulder with the most sexy voice I could manage. I kept looking at him as I walked away, a slight swing to my hips, feeling more and more confident. I turned my head and let my pretty hair swing around. Oh, I was feeling so good.
The bar was full of guys and TG’s. Most of the gurls were very passable. I sat down at the bar, sliding my sexy ass onto the barstool, crossing my legs, enjoying how my nylons rubbed together. I pulled out my compact case, gazing into the mirror to make sure my makeup was still perfect, slightly dabbing the corners of my mouth to smooth my lipstick. The bartender, a very handsome young man, come by and said, “You are very pretty…. Are you dressed or genetic?” I almost passed out. I told him I was dressed and thanked him. Although I figured he probably said that to a lot of gurls, nonetheless, I was very pleased. And, after all, I really was extremely passable. (giggle)
After getting a glass of wine, I scoped out everybody in the bar. I thought “wow, this is exciting. My first time as Kathy in a bar, looking at all the guys and pretty TG’s”
All of a sudden, I looked and my eyes were caught by her. My tummy did a little flip as I gazed into the eyes of one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She was dressed in a little black dress, black nylons, and heels. Her auburn hair was long and flowing. She had a tall hourglass shape and stood about five feet nine inches in her heels. I thought to myself, “well, I came with the idea of maybe hooking up with a pretty TG, but here is a genetic girl giving me the eye. Wow. That might be pretty hot”. We walked toward each other and started talking, and it was obvious that both of us were interested in hooking up. After a while, she asked me if I wanted to go to her place for a nightcap. I was so excited….I said yes, thinking about how this might develop.
When we got to her condo, I followed her in and closed the door behind me. Tina immediately spun around and kissed me. She then took my hand and led me directly into her bedroom. She said, “Let’s lay down in my bed”….I didn’t have to be asked twice. As we lay looking at each other, I said, “I hope you know that I’m not really a girl”. I was so very afraid of what her answer would be.
Tina said, “Honey….you are one of the most beautiful “gurls” I’ve seen. It doesn’t matter what’s down there”, pointing between my legs. The level of relief I felt was incredible. She saw my reaction, and said, “Do you know my secret?”. I had no idea what she was talking about and told her so. She kissed me deeply, stroking my nylon-clad thighs. She whispered in my ear, “I’m the same as you… that ok?”
No way, I thought….. I must be dreaming. There was no way this beautiful creature could be a TG. I looked into her eyes and said: “Am I dreaming or is this the most exciting night of my life?” We fell into a deep kiss, caressing each other’s legs, hips, tits, and asses. My girl-cock was getting hard and straining against my panties, wanting to be freed. Tina’s she-dick was bulging out from the front of her hot little black dress. We stood and took each other’s dresses off and my heart did a flip as I saw that Tina was dressed like me: nylons, heels, garter belt, and bra. I wore a slip and she wore a little chemise. Tina said, “Should we free each other from our panties?”
We both reached down into each other’s panties and gently freed our girl-pricks from their prisons. Tina was rock hard and about eight inches in length, with a girth to match the impressive length. I could barely get my fingers around it. Tina was holding my fully erect, hard seven inches of girl-cock as well and we kissed deeply as we both squeezed each other’s throbbing members, slowly moving our hands up and down the she-cocks, catching pre-cum and smearing it over the cock-heads. I was never so sexually excited in my life. I couldn’t take it any more….looking deep into Tina’s eyes, I mumbled, “oh, damn!!”, and dropped to my knees and looked straight at a beautiful, erect, throbbing, she-cock….the smooth head was leaking pre-cum so I moved my tongue underneath her cockhead and let the string of clear pre-cum touch the surface of my tongue and I lifted my head upward so I could lick up to her cum hole, coating my tongue with pre-cum that was not mine. As I kissed the cock head where the girly pre-cum was leaking out, my body had an internal orgasm that literally shook me as I trembled thinking about what I was doing. I was lost in the lust of the moment. Tina helped to get me to my feet and kissed me, as we shared the taste of her pre-cum. We laid down on the bed and she turned around so we were on our sides looking directly at each other’s hard, leaking girl-cocks.
I engulfed her cockhead in my mouth, tasting more of Tina’s pre-cum, my cock-head swelling in her mouth now, as I also leaked pre-cum into her pretty mouth. We both made oral love to each other’s cock-heads and, almost as if we both knew exactly what the other wanted, we both deep-throated each other.
I allowed the head of Tina’s cock to slip into my throat, lubricated by all the pre-cum that now coated my mouth and throat. Although I had deep-throated dildos before, this was like no other experience I could have possibly anticipated. Here I was, dressed as Kathy…no…here WAS Kathy, with the hard, incredibly hot cock of a transgendered girl sliding in and out of my throat. As Tina drew her cock out, I nursed on the head, my tongue lashing the pulsing member as I made love to it with my lips. I continued to hold her with my right hand, slowly jacking the she-cock as I sucked more of the clear, viscous, sweet pre-cum which was now flowing freely out of the cum-hole. The very idea of what was happening struck me like a ton of bricks and I was so very happy with it. It was naughty. It was nasty. It was forbidden. I plunged my head down so that my lips were clasped around the base of Tina’s forbidden shaft. I swallowed over and over again around the head of her she-cock now buried deep in my loving throat. I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled hard towards me…. lodging the throbbing shaft of cock-meat even deeper. At the same time, I jerked my hips, burying my girl-cock in Tina’s throat. As we now continued to throat and mouth-fuck each other, we moaned, squealed, murmured, groaned, and grunted around the rigid flesh, coating the fuck-meat with our saliva mixed with pre-cum. I slowly pulled off the she-cock and as I came off the head, a long stream of viscous, nasty, clear bubbly fluid connected my slutty cock-sucking girl-lips with the angry cock coming that stuck out from this beautiful woman’s genital area. It was nasty, dirty, and obscene. I loved it.
We continued to mouth-fuck each other, still wearing our nylons, heels, garter belts, bras, and me in my slip and Tina in her little chemise.
I reached around again and lovingly cupped Tina’s panty-clad ass as she did the same to me, all the while making love to each other’s now-angry cock heads and shafts. Tina’s pre-cum was starting to taste different…. all of a sudden, her cock swelled up, the head growing, getting hotter, and now pulsing with each beat of her heart. With a warning only perceived by Tina’s screams around my now throbbing cock-head in her mouth, her she-cock erupted with forceful, long, sticky, hot, salty cum into my mouth, coating my tongue and mouth as I swirled my tongue through the nasty, forbidden fluid. As I used the filthy, spermy, cum as a lubricant to deep throat this magnificent organ and swallow the massive amount of ropey cum still spurting out of the cum-hole, I buried my girl-prick into Tina’s throat and shot my gurl cum into her, pulsing and ejaculating as we both stuck a finger into each other’s winking asshole-pussies, feeling the sphincter snap shut on our fingers with each spurt of cum. I nursed every last drop of cum out of her and then still continued to hold her deflating she-cock in my mouth, reveling in the forbidden, dirty, nasty, lust of being locked in a 69 giving and receiving cum with another TG.
We spent the rest of the night in both dom and sub roles sucking each other, including our mutual oral cock worship with first me on top, in control of sucking her she-cock, and finishing with me underneath her, my head tilted back, while Tina lovingly fucked my mouth and throat the way she wanted, as we finally simultaneously spurted our salty, slimy, ropey, nasty, but beautiful cum into each other….. orally breeding the other gurl. I have never felt so dirty and pretty at the same time. The next morning, we both kissed each other goodbye and I returned to my home, walking in and dropping to the floor, trembling and crying……not from shame, but from satisfaction and completeness. I am so happy to be Kathy.

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