First time with Adam

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First time with Adam
It was late spring, early summer. I was newley married, had a new job and life was great! My beautiful young wife and I had been home from our honeymoon for about 3 weeks when I got a call from my boss telling me, “your assistance is needed out of state and you need to fly out asap”. I said, “Not a problem”. The next available flight was late the next morning, which was okay because I lived about 2 hours away from the airport. Not knowing whether to travel that evening or early the next morning, my wife said, “you have an uncle that lives near the airport, right? If you can, you should travel down tonight and stay at his place.” Taking my new brides advice, I called my uncle and he said, “not a problem! I’ll give you a ride in the morning so you don’t have to park your vehicle at the airport.” “Great! See you soon”, I said. Kissing my wife goodbye, I hit the road.

The whole way down, I kept thinking about how good it will be to catch up with my uncle and his husband. Yes, I said husband. Both of them work in marketing for one of our states professional sports teams, and it’s always fun to talk sports with them. My uncle has been openly gay for as long as I’ve known him. He has had several partners that have attended holiday events over the years but, his husband by far is the most down to earth of them all. If you didn’t know, you would never guess that either of them were gay.

As I approached my uncles’ home, I realized that they are financial well off! The house they have was enormous and so were the houses surrounding them. I just couldn’t believe all the nice vehicles they had. I thought to myself, “man how nice it must be”. So, I pulled into their house, gathered my things and began walking toward the front door. As I walked I couldn’t help but hear the sound of music coming from behind the house. Again, I thought to myself, “maybe it’s the neighbors”. I knocked on the door and my uncle answers the door, shakes my hand and says, “good to see you, come on in and make yourself comfortable”. It was still unclear if the music I heard was coming from another house or his. What was not unclear was the fact, my uncle had on only a pair of swimming shorts and flip-flops. Shortly thereafter I was greeted by his husband and he too had on only swimming shorts and flip-flops. I asked, “did I miss the memo”? They both said, “don’t worry we’re having a pool party out back and you’re invited”! “Okay”, I said. So I followed them out back and it became pretty clear this was not your normal pool party. NO WOMEN!! The words, “oh boy” went through my brain. Not to be rude, I sat next to the pool and chatted with my uncles.

As the beverages began going down, faster and faster so did the articles of clothing on all the guests. Soon, this was a naked pool party and I was the only guest there that was not gay and clothed, so I thought. Now, I don’t have the body type of an olympian but, I’m not too out of shape either. The body type of the guests varied however, most were physically fit. It was also clear that this area must have something different in the water than where I hail from because, every man there was 7 inches or larger! I must have missed the measuring device at the door because my 6″ cock was nothing compaired to everyone elses. I said this to a gentleman next to me named Adam. Adam said, “If that’s why you still have your shorts on, don’t worry about.”

Adam was taller than me, not by much though. He was about 6’2″, athletic build and snow white in color! Very nice guy. When we started talking the sun was still up. He explained his whole life story about where he came from, his family, career and how being openly gay was not a big thing to him. Much like my uncles, I would never have guessed he was gay in a million years. He was a guy that anyone would go have beers with. Speaking of beers, I was staring at about 5 empty cans in front of me, and I was starting to feel the buzz. Anyway, much like myself, Adam pitched minor league baseball for 2 years (1 year longer than me). I was cut because I sucked and he was released because he wrecked his elbow. I kept thinking about how oddly similar our lives were. About that time my wife called, so I excused myself from the table.

Upon my return, Adam was in the pool and next to my chair was a mixed drink. I was sipping out of the straw when I saw Adam get out of the pool, not dry himself off, and make his way back to the chair next to me. By this time the sun is gone, the party is dwindling and I’m feeling pretty damn good. My uncle walked past and said, “don’t stay out all night, you have a plane to catch in the morning.” “Adam”, my uncle said, “if you have too many more cocktails just crash in one of the spare bedrooms.” Adam replied, “I just may.” Adam and I had been talking for a while longer when he said to me, “are you ready to get out of those shorts yet?” Butterfly feelings began to come over me, as it did when i first met my wife. I never thought I would ever do something like this but, it didn’t feel wrong! It didn’t feel right either but, I was buzzed and honestly I guess something about the situation intreagued me. Needless to say, my shorts came off.

The conversations were getting deeper, when I happen to notice the size of his erection. He saw me look too and said, “sorry about that”. I started laughing and asked, “how big is that weapon?!” Adam said, “on a good day it’s 8″. Right now it’s 8.5 inches.” I believe I began to turn red a little. I too had an erection and Adam asked, “what’s all that leaking down from the tip to the side of your leg?” All I could say was, “not sure”. Adam had a serious look when he said, “that’s a waist.” He then asked, “have you ever had sex with a man before?” I said, “no but, I’ve done anal with my wife so, I know what it feels like.” Adam quickly replied, “Do you?” I just smiled and said, “you’re not talking about giving anal are you?” He said, “no”. I said to him, “then no”. He explained to me how good it feels when a perfectly sized cock like his own is going in and out at a steady pace, not hardcore pace but, steady fucking pace. “It’s all about fucking your love hole until I cum”, he said. I asked, “does it hurt?” Adam smiled when he said, “what did you tell your wife when she asked that question before you fucked her in the ass?” I laughed and replied, “I’ll go slow, don’t worry.” Adam said, “There’s your answer, I’ll do the same.” About that time, we both got up and headed for the house. I had a feeling but, not knowing exactly what was going to happen I said to Adam, “see you downstairs”. He never said a word as he walked away from me into the house.

With my mind racing, I laid in bed wondering what the hell just happened and what did I get myself into!? My thoughts soon when from that to, what the hell is taking him so long to get in here! Soon enough, I heard the sound of the door knob turning. Before me standing in the moonlight was the figure of Adam. He was casting two shadows; one of himself and the other of his massive cock. Carrying a couple items, he slowly and silently closed the door behind him and made his way to the bed. Starting at the foot of the bed he crawled under and up the sheets, making sure to clean all the pre-cum from my cock on his way up. I was SUPER nervous but, shivered in anticipation and excitment all the same time. Soon he was face-to-face with me, laying on top with his cock under my balls, between my ass cheeks. Like the gentleman he was, he asked, “are you okay with this?” Saying nothing, I nodded my head, “YES”. He never did kiss me but, he made sure to touch every other part of my body. It was the best blowjob I’ve ever had and the way he rimmed my ass hole with his tongue was amazing! I never even let my wife do that!! How it happened I’m still not sure but, in state of amnesia, I soon found myself sitting on the bed with Adam in front of me, giving oral sex the log he called his cock. I’ve actually tasted my own pre-cum and cum before but, his was unbelievable!! I couldn’t stop sucking his cock, it felt sooo right! I don’t think I was doing it well but, he didn’t seem to mind. As I kept sucking, licking and teasing him with my mouth I felt his body tense up. Adam pulled back and shot cum over my left shoulder, leaving a portion on my body for evidence. I looked up a said, “that was great, are you done?” He said, “you wish.” Slowly he pushed me backwards, onto my back. One of the items he was carrying was a condom which he said, “is my only one so, hope you’re not too tight”, and the other item he brought was a bottle of lube.

After helping him get the condom on and slowley working the lube onto his cock, Adam took over. Using the lube he gently inserted one finger into my tight asshole, coaching me and telling me to, “relax”. One finger soon turned into two. He was fucking with his eyes and fingers both. Before I could do anything further I felt the tip of his cock knocking at the door of my ass. He had one arm around my head and the other under my left knee. I’ve never felt more connected to anyone, as I did at that moment. With pressure increasing ever so slightly from his hips, my asshole was stretching around the tip of his cock. I was in shock as the feeling of pain, which I was seriously anticipated, was not there. It felt amazing! Soon I was taking his beautifal shaft half way. As he said, it was not hardcore. Slow and steady. I could not help but whisper in Adam ear, “give it all to me!” Minutes later I could feel his ball against my ass. Slow and steady thrust started to give way to a faster pace, when i felt something odd. Adam knew exactly what happend. The condom broke. He slowly pulled out and said, “we’ll have to finish another time”. I reached down, pulled off the broken condom and whispered, “that time is now”. I think his cock grew another inch, as again the pressure of his tip was felt at the entrance to my ass.

The next 20 – 25 minutes were incredible! I felt like a bum, laying there on my back the whole time with my legs up but, Adam insisted that he do the fucking and man did he! His cock was sooo wet from our juices. His pace was steady, until I heard him start to moan a bit. He got off pace, folded over at the waist and let his cock fall out of my now loose ass. I felt streams of hot load shoot across my balls, erect cock and onto my stomach! On his knees below me, quivering with stimulation, Adam grab the base of his cock and again slipped it into my now gapping asshole. In my ear he said, “no way could you be a virgin, that was incredible.” I said to him, “I’m not anymore”. Using plenty of lube and his cum, Adam emptied his balls 2 more times between the hours of 2 and 4 a.m.

I’ve not spoke to Adam since that night and I’ve never spoken of the night to anyone else either. To my knowledge my Wife knows nothing of my gay adventure or of my bi-sexuality. I did make my flight the next morning however, what Adam didn’t tell me is that my ass would be a tad bit soar the next day!

Hope you enjoyed!!

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