Forest Trip

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Forest Trip
Once I was go with my cousin to a forest trip, after a day we lost the way to move ahead, we tried to call but our mobiles were zero signals.
We kept moving on a way and we reached deep in forest, sudden we saw smoke and moved ahead, this was tribal colony, all persons were naked there, they saw us and covered us with armed hands.
Ohh! Fuck, we caught by them.
They snatched our baggage and removed our clothes, we both were tied face to face, my cousin saw my perky boobs and tight shaven pussy and I saw his 10 inches hanging dick.
My mind was changed and my eyes looked the tribal dicks, all had more 11 inches dicks which were swinging when they walked, the youth of tribal males touched my body everywhere which made my cousin dick hard, when I saw his face, he felt guilt and closed his eyes, but his dick still hard rock.
Coz that was dark of evening, so some of tribal fucked their females in group. Females were jumped on their dicks.
Now we both were untied by the youth tribal, girls seduced to my cousin and boys played with me.
Before did something, they gave us sometime of drinks which boost our stamina for sex.
Old aged tribal were moved to huts with c***dren.
Girls started sucking of my cousin dick and soon they jumped over it, and my cousin fucked them hard.
The group of by tribal, circled me and licked my holes and boobs, I was not new for fucking but this was group sex.
I sucked their cock which was covered with smegma, due to smegma fouly smell, I vomited twice but they did not fucking my mouth, Soon I was sat like a****l and they fucked me hard.
They left their semen inside me.
My cousin fucked many girls but his dick still hard due to drink of stamina.
They fucked me till bonefire was down.
In morning they gave us food to eat. They again fucked me hard in noon. They had nothing to do besides hunting, eating and fucking.
We were so tired of three day fucking then they left us on the border of forest.
We again caught by poachers at the border, they tied my cousin and unzipped their pants and pulled out their dicks, they fucked my mouth, cunt and asshole badly, and left their semen in mouth like English movies, and they also pissed me and my cousin too.
We backed to our hotel in very bad condition, we took pain reliefs and slept tight.
Next day, we decided to not share this experience to anybody ever.
My cousin said, “Di, sorry for that day, my dick raised to see your gorgeous body.”
I replied, “No issue Bro, I also like your dick too.”
My cousin added, “Di, if you allow then we make some fun tonight.”
I replied, “Hmm! We can try once.”
Now we undressed on hotel bed and started loving and kissing each other, in 69 position, we sucked each other’s genitals. My cousin became hard and pulsate in my mouth, and his tongue made me so wetty.
Soon, he came over me and held my boobs and fucked my cunt pleasantly.
This was the loving sex which I was enjoyed. We changed position many times and enjoyed around 20 minutes. We he reach on climax, he pulled out his dick and spread his semen on my face.
I tasted some, it was weird.
We backed to home after that weekend.
After sometimes, I needed to fuck again, so, my cousin visited and fucked me.
But I needed actually group sex, I discussed my cousin, he suggested me a lonely place behind the wine shop, he told me there was four or five person gathered on daily to drink.
I thought on his idea, I went there to check, he was right, this was covered with trees, after watching three days, I finally moved there and started drinking beer below the tree, they were finished their bottle and stood up to go to home, but they always pissed near the same tree before they left, when they came, they watched me to drink.
One of them shouted, “Hey Girl! are you drinking here?”
I replied, “Yes! But why your dicks come out of the pant, what you want?”
They said, “We piss here daily.”
I move and replied, “Ohh! Just for pissing, go then.”
They pissed in front of me and moved towards me, their dicks still hanged with dropping of some piss. One of them hold my hand and put on his dick and I started rubbing, then they all gathered me and started rubbing their dicks on my face and my mouth, the bad piss odour came from their dicks but I controlled my feeling coz I wanted a group sex.
I cleaned smegma from their filthy cocks. Drops of piss, smegma and precum made my mouth taste so much weird.
Then they removed my all clothes and started fucking me, they fucked me around two hours and my body covered their semen.
My body was so sticky from semen, so they pissed on me and cleaned my body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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