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Sally was school teacher who had led a fairly uneventful life sexually. She was happily married but sexually she was not fulfilled and needed to experiment and know more about her own sexuality.

She had many fantasies and knew that she needed to fulfil them one by one, this was of course without her husband knowing.

She was now 46 years old, she was well built in that she was a size 16/18, 5’7” tall but she knew she was attractive and was constantly having men coming on to her. Her own husband had told her that she had come to bed eyes.

She had been working part time in the pub for a couple of weeks now, it was a quiet town centre pub which had more or less the same clientele on each day of the week.
One of the men who came in the pub regularly had been flirting with her and she had responded so much so that he had become very open with her.

He was at least 10-15 years older than her but he looked fairly fit and told her hat he worked on the oil rigs.

On this particular friday night the pub was particularly quiet although he, John, was in as usual. He had yet again been flirting with her and had told her he was going back on the rigs for here weeks on the Sunday.

She knew he wanted to have sex with her and she was thinking to herself perhaps this is the time to start fulfilling some of her fantasies. Since her marriage she had been completely faithful o her husband and even before their marriage she had only had sex with 4 men so she was fairly inexperienced despite her age.

She was due to finish work at 9pm and John knew that. He had not had much to drink that evening either which was unusual. Then as I got to about 8.30 he asked her if she would drop him off at home when she finished work. She knew he lived about three miles out of town. She hesitated but then he told her that he knew she wanted him as much as he wanted her and that this was their last chance for at least a month.

She smiled and said ‘ok then, but this is a one off and no-one must ever know’, he replied ‘I know that Sally’. Then she told him to meet her in the car park by her car.

She finished work at about five to 8 ad got her coat, it was December and it was fairly cold outside. She quickly walked to her car and there he was waiting for her. She was both excited and nervous as she was not sure about what she was going to do.

They both got in and he directed her to where he lived, they were there within five minutes. He lived alone in a bungalow, they parked on the drive and both got out and walked up the drive to what was a side door. He quickly unlocked the door and they walked straight into the kitchen.

She was immediately aware of how old the kitchen was and he opened another door which led into a lounge area which again was sparsely furnished.

The bungalow was warm as she quickly took her coat off and him his jacket. She was wearing a lilac satin material blouse, knee length black skirt with a black silky bra and matching knickers/suspender belt and black hold up stockings.

He came towards her and started to kiss her, she responded as she almost trembled with excitement. He was so excited as well as he started to undo the buttons on her blouse, he was struggling as she helped him undoing her blouse completely to reveal her large 40 breasts contained in the just too tight bra, her nipples were already erect as he stroked them through the silky material saying ‘my god these are magnificent. She chuckled as he said that.

He peeled her blouse of her shoulders as she started to unbutton his shirt and soon it was lying on the floor with her blouse as his mouth descended to her nipples sucking and biting hem I turn through the silky material.

Then his hands moved to the back of her legs as he pulled her towards him, his hands going up her skirt until he reached the smooth flesh of the back of her thighs above her stocking tops. She reached down and quickly undid the zip and clasp o the side of her skirt as he then pulled it down in one motion leaving her stood in just her underwear. He just gasped and said it again ‘you are magnificent’.

Then her hand went to his crotch, she felt his huge erection immediately and looked at him and smiled as he again started to kiss her passionately. He was only a couple of inches taller than her and as she hd thought he was supremely fit for his age. His chest was a mat of almost red hair with grey highlights. Her hands went to his nipples and gently squeezed them before again dropping to his belt. She soon undid the belt and his trouser catch and he was soon kicking them off. She dropped to her knees as he stood upright and quickly pulled his white underpants down, he kicking them off and leaving him completely naked.

Once released from his pants his erect penis stood right up in front of her face. He was huge compared to anyone she had had before. She quickly started to lick the whole length of what she thought was probably 8 plus inches of solid muscle, not only was it long it was thick with a massive girth as well. She wanted him as he groaned as she slowly worked on him, she was sure he felt harder by the second and she was right. He was struggling to control himself as she took his penis into her mouth whilst she gently caressed his balls at the same time.

He knew he had to stop her before he exploded and pilled slightly away from her before dropping down to his knees as well. Then they were beside each other on the carpet in the middle of the lounge floor. She undid the clasps on her bra and took it off revealing her 40d breasts to him.

She was now like him uncontrollable as he said ‘I want you now’! She rolled on to her back saying ‘fuck me then’, why she said that she didn’t know as it was not the language she used normally. He almost ripped her knickers off as he got ready to fuck her.

She opened her legs for him in anticipation as he knelt between then fingering her. She was already damp/almost wet and ready for him as he lowered himself on to his hands above her. She could feel his hard penis in her mound of neatly trimmed pubic hair as he guided it in to her. She knew the first insertion would hurt because of his size as she anticipated him starting to make love to her.

Then she felt him pushing his way in as she cried out a little cry, then he was in her as he gently pushed himself deeper into her before starting to fuck her slowly. He thrust gently into her as she gasped with every stroke of his penis in to her.

Her hands went to her breasts as she squeezed her own nipples as he started to fuck her harder. She was groaning now as he started to grunt everytime as he thrust deep in to her. They were both starting to sweat as she was now moving in unison with him. Her feet entwined over the back of his calf’s as he continued to thrust in to her.

She felt herself approaching an orgasm as he thrust deeper and harder into her, she could feel his balls slapping against her as he made love to her.

She lifted her legs up as he quickly moved himself to allow her ankles to settle either side of his neck. He knew he was coming and so did she as he got louder and louder. She was gasping in unison and then she came, her whole body trembled as she tried to thrust herself deep on to his penis and keep it deep inside her. She felt her almost wanting to pee herself as suddenly he pulled out of her at the very last minute. Then he was astride her body above her breasts as he ejaculated, a stream of white semen shooting across her face as she opened her mouth to try and catch it. Some she caught as she tasted the saltiness of it. He just groaned as slipped off her and layed beside her.

He said ‘That is probably the best sex I have ever had’ as she wiped the semen off her face with her hand. Then she said ‘well I haven’t got to go home yet so maybe……’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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