Fun at the wedding Part 2 of 3 The best man.

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Fun at the wedding Part 2 of 3 The best man.
This was originally going to be a 2 part story but it evolved into a 3 part story.

I had hoped Paul wouldn’t come to my wedding. We had had a brief affair just after I started dating his mate Michael, who I was marrying after four years of dating. It was early days and I didn’t think we were exclusive and it just happened. A snog one drunken night after too many beers and sambucas. A snog another night and a fingering for me.Then Michael and me became more serious, so I decided no more fun on the side. Paul said fine, no problem. Said fine a bit too quick actually. I thought he would plead for more fun, but no. Then we were all out one night , me and Paul, Michael and some girl he was dating at the time, and we bumped into a coupe of their friends from the private school they had attended years before.
“Mikey”, one of them screamed, “Donkey , what are you two doing here ? “.
“Donkey ? “, I had inquired, which was met with howls of laughter. After obvious explanations I was regretting not having got at least a mouthful of Donkey ! But then, who did my darling husband to be pick for his best man ? Donkey !
So Paul turned up to the wedding looking damn hot in his tux. He still had his rugby players body from his playing days, whereas Michael who I was marrying today, now had a darts players body, which was fine to be honest. I loved him so much and wanted to be with him forever and have his k**s blah blah blah.
But Paul, or Donkey as I now called him in my head. He was my guilty pleasure. Half the time when I shagged Michael I thought of Paul. Mostly I imagined it was Paul putting his big cock inside me instead of Michael’s six inches. Sometimes I even fantasized being spitroasted by the two of them. Michael would never do anything kinky like that, and maybe I wouldn’t either, but Paul would I was sure. He was a player. He seemed to have a new hottie on his arm every time I seen him. Not that it made me jealous. I had Michael. Boring safe Michael. I was happy. I really was. But God I wanted to at least see Pauls cock….
So the wedding went off without a hitch. Paul had turned up with a red head about ten years younger than him but she left after a row. Paul had been flirting with my mam and she got all annoyed with him. She accused him of looking down my mams top at her tits and he said she was just jealous because my mams tits were bigger than hers. Then my mam pulled her top down exposing herself. Paul cheered and wolf whistled which really annoyed her. But then Paul asked my mam when did she remove her nipple piercing. The red head asked how Paul knew she used to have a nipple piercing and the two of them just looked at each other and erupted in a fit of giggling. That was enough for the red head and she stormed off. I think he knew because she often flashes her tits after a few drinks. I think that’s how he knew.
After the laughter died down, Paul went over to get another round of Sambucas. I looked over at my mother,Sam. I told her she needed to cover up.She looked down and one of her nipples was poking out. She giggled and covered up.
I asked her if she and Paul had fucked. Before she could answer Paul returned with the shots which we all knocked back. Paul turned to chat with Michael who was passing our table. I looked my mam in the eyes and asked, ” Well , did you ? “. She went very serious and replied, “What do you think ? ”
I wasn’t sure what to think, so walked outside to smoke a joint. Paul followed a minute later and asked if everything was ok. I told him yeah ,why wouldn’t I be ! “.
He asked if I was jealous of my mam. I laughed and said why would I be. He said you know why. I asked him if he had shagged her, as I took the last drag of my joint. Instead of answering my question he moved closer,very close, and asked me what affect the joint was having on me.I told him it relaxed me, and made me hungry. He pulled my head close to his, my lips close to his lips, and said ,”According to Michael they make you horny ! ”
I should have been angry at Michael for telling him, but he moved that inch closer and kissed me. I grabbed him even closer and we kissed passionately. He took my hand and and put it on his cock.I gasped. It was huge.
I told him I wanted him and I wanted him now. He just smiled.The garden although quiet and empty was still too public.Anyone coming out for a cigarette would see us. I took his hand and quickly walked to one of the side doors and into the kitchen area. There was only one old guy there cleaning up.He looked at us and smiled, as if he seen women in wedding dresses dragging men all the time.Little did he know it wasn’t the groom but the best man. Donkey.
We ignored the lift area which was too public, and ran up the stairs, me holding my dress up exposing my white pull up stockings. He was behind me and I knew he was watching.I pulled my dress up further,showing him my bridal knickers.
We got to the door of the bridal suite.As I struggled to open the door with the electronic key card Paul came up behind me. . He grabbed a boob in each hand and nibbled the back of my neck. I felt his cock on my ass. Oh my God that cock. I would have fucked him there and then, but the door suddenly opened I almost fell in.He grabbed me,saving me and kissed me again,full on the lips. We went past the bathroom door with it’s Jacuzzi. I heard him turn the taps on to fill it. I ran past to the bed and stripped naked. He followed me in and removed his top.He was lean and muscled and he knew it. This was the result of hours and hours in the gym. But that wasn’t what I wanted to see.He removed his shoes and socks.Then, without breaking eye contact he lowered his trousers and underwear in one movement.I gasped. Michael was six inches and had a decent girth. But his.This monster was at least nine inches.And fat too.Not fat, but big.I took my eyes off it and looked Paul in the eyes.He had a huge grin.Obviously well used to this reaction.
He pushed me back on the bed and went down to my soaking wet pussy. He kissed and licked all around the area but avoiding my clitoris. After no more than a minute I could take no more. I grabbed his head and pushed down.He took the hint and licked my swollen clitoris.I was in heaven. I quickly came on his face and he continued licking until I was too sensitive.I grabbed him by the hair and dragged him up.He kissed my belly and then my tits on his way up.He sucked and squeezed my nipples. I loved it, but it wasn’t what I wanted. He moved up to my face.He kissed me slowly and sensually. His mouth was still soaking from my juices and I loved it. I felt his hard cock on my pussy and pushed forward with my hips. I gasped, but I knew he was barely half in. He told me to slow down and not to move.I reluctantly lay still. He moved to my neck and bit me.A little hard but not hard enough to mark it. He inched his cock in slowly,inch by inch,pausing every inch. Because I was so hot and horny, and because of his practiced technique, I finally felt him all the way in.I had cock further in me than ever in my life.
He thrust back and forward carefully. It was sore for a minute or two but exquisite. I knew I would never feel the same again.And I loved it. I think at that moment I loved Paul.
After a few minutes Paul said he was going to cum and asked if he should pull out.I told him no( I was on the pill), and he shot his load inside me. We gasped and moaned as we came together. In fairness it was at least the third time I came, when the door to the room burst open…..The door slammed shut in the doorway and my heart sunk.I waited for Michael to walk in and that would be the end of my marriage. We were naked and sweaty on the bed, the blanket on the floor.
Incredibly my mother ran to the bed. She took one look at us and shouted that Michael was on his way up. We were in a panic. Then we heard him at the door struggling with the electronic key pad, as I had.
My mother looked around the room frantically then glanced in the bathroom and away,then back at the Jacuzzi.
You she said to Paul, wardrobe now. You she said to me, cover yourself with the blanket and pretend to be asleep. She looked at Paul again and said wait five minutes then leave quietly. She quickly stripped naked and I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I was in a panic but she was calm and collected, as was Paul. Incredibly he was eyeing her up.
She turned the light off and told us both to be quiet.She actually turned the light back on then, looked at Paul’s cock again, and turned the light off again. She turned the bathroom light on and disappeared out of view.
Just in time I heard Michael enter the room.
Paul staggered into the room and reached for the light switch. My mother appeared in the doorway,lit up the only light on behind her.She was fully naked .
She pulled Paul inside.
I heard him ask her what the hell she was doing in his room and she said she badly needed to pee, and the staff were cleaning the loo downstairs.
At this hour ? , he asked, confused. Listen I’m going to bed he told her. He turned to go back to the bedroom to see if I was in bed drunk when Sam grabbed him and turned him around and kissed him hard on the lips. He kissed her back for a second or two then pulled back asking what the hell did she think she was doing…..
Well you all know what happened next because it’s Part 1 of this story. It was intended as a 2 part story but I have a horny idea for part 3. But…..time for work for me unfortunately……but……part 3 will be up tomorrow !
Jack xx

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