Gentle Fantasy

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Gentle Fantasy
“Are you sure about this?” I glanced back at my boyfriend nervously. He rolled his eyes at me and shook his head, gesturing for me to get up into the bondage sling set up in the bathtub. “You’re totally insane, you know that, right? What if I fall and break something? If I can’t work, it will be your fault.” I glared at the swing, squeaking as I was pulled up into his arms and forcefully deposited in the hanging cloth.
“Quiet or I’ll gag you.” My face went a little red as I slipped down in the swing, most of my weight being put on my lower back as he cuffed both my ankles up away near the ceiling. “If you didn’t want to do this, you’d be calling your safeword, now wouldn’t you?” I scowled as he moved behind me and forced me to raise my arms into the air, cuffing them up high as well.
“Don’t be an ass.” I snapped. His eyes flicked towards me, dark with something that almost looked like impatience. But my Dom didn’t get impatient a lot. “Is that your ‘Shut the hell up or you get the ball gag’ look? ‘Cause I’m not sure how convincing it is.” I tried hard not to shudder as an eerie smile came to his lips, glasses sparkling dimly in the low light. “Um, hey…”
His smirk widened. “Relax. This isn’t about punishment.” I squirmed again as a collar was placed around my neck and he started testing my bonds, making sure all the ropes were all secured to the ceiling. “You know,” He hummed, testing each of the bolts in the roof of the shower for strength, “I really hope no one ever uses this shower but us. I mean, I think they would notice the bondage hooks imbedded in the ceiling.”
I bared my teeth grumpily and sat back in the swing, trying to get more comfortable in my splay-legged state. “Why would it be a problem, I mean, no one ever looks UP, you know? Especially in the movies.” He chuckled, the sound low and yet deliciously sweet, and I tried to take it in, relaxing in the cuffs. “Um, so, I know you wanted to water torture me or something, but you know that torture is one of my hard limits. How do you plan on getting around that, again?”
He turned to look at me, humming to himself distractedly, tapping his chin. “You know what? I hate to say it, but there’s no question about it. We need duct tape.” With that he promptly stepped out of the shower/tub and headed for the door.
I gaped after him for a second before coming to my senses. “Wha… HEY!” I struggled fiercely, growling at the cuffs as the held strong. “Fuck. Dammit, you… You! You aren’t supposed to just leave me here!! You should have thought of the goddamn duct tape before–” He stepped back into the room calmly and I shut my mouth quickly. I loved pushing his buttons, but I never wanted to push too far. “Before you strung me up here.” I finished quietly.
He adjusted his spectacles and stared at me in exasperation. “Would you relax? It’s not like I’d go more than twenty feet away from you in scene, especially while you’re in bondage. You’ve earned a punishment for screaming like that.” I winced. Ducking my head as he ripped off some duct tape, I watched warily as he ripped it into strips. “We both know that if I was such a terrible Dom you wouldn’t consent to being my sub, so calm down or I’m gagging you. Last warning. You’re always so loud…”
I watched the strips of purple duct tape cautiously. “Um, okay, fine. Wai-wait, where… where are you putting—GAH!” I kicked my feet uselessly as he carefully taped my bare pussy lips wide open, wrapping the excessive amounts around my thighs and hips. “Are you serious?” I squeaked.
His smile was now bordering on demonic. “Oh stop it. You love duct tape, and all your fur has been removed so you should be good. Also, warned you—I’m getting the ball gag. Don’t yell, I’ll be right back.” I was stunned into silence as he started rifling through my apartment, looking for the gag. “You always put up such a fuss. It’s such a good thing we use safewords or else I’d be worried you didn’t want it.” He returned to me and stopped for a moment to stare, and I felt my face heating as his eyes wandered from the tips of my fingers to my toes. “You’re always so difficult. It’s actually kind of sexy.”
I stuck my tongue out at him. He grinned at me and forcefully shoved the gag between my lips, extracting a grunt from my throat. “Sorry, sweetie.” He patted my head, taking a second to tug on my curly hair. “You know how much I love kissing you, but you earned the gag. Also, you’re getting a spanking for yelling about the tape later.” I glared at him grumpily, and he smirked before turning from me and turning the shower on. I thrashed and squeaked as blissfully hot water started pounding my clit and tickling my pussy, inside and out.
“You used to get off like this when you were alone, did you not? You’re always complaining about how this shower doesn’t have a movable head… I don’t really think you need one if you’re up high like this, right?” He stroked under my chin gently, and I purred under his touch, letting my head loll back. “No sleeping. I’m measuring reactions here, remember… Hold on, I need to grab the clamps.” I gave him my most mournful look as he started digging about in a bucket by the bathtub. “Don’t you give me that look. You know you deserve this, and you have the spanking and the other punishment to handle after this is over. Not all tonight of course, but still. You’ve lost the right to complain.” Quietly, he slipped a jingling bell-ball into my hand, and I shook it at him a few times c***dishly, making him smile. I knew that if I threw it, he’d stop the scene completely, so I made sure to keep a tight grip on it. “Hush, now, hush…” He soothed, and I yelped and tried to jerk away as he carefully attached some clamps to my nipples. Not as brutal as the wooden clothes pins, but it still hurt a little.
“There. That makes a pretty picture, doesn’t it?” He tilted his head and squinted critically. “I know what you need. More sensation. Being a sub isn’t all play and no work, you know. Lazy girl.” He teased, and pulled out what looked like a thick butt plug and a little tube of lube. I whined and struggled a little. “Hey, it’s water-based lube, don’t look at me like that. Before you try to ask, no, you don’t have a choice. I know we haven’t stretched your ass in a while, but that’s what it’s there for, right? You know I always have a reason for making you get enemas.” Staying out of the stream of water so it continued to beat down unmercifully on my cunt, he prepped my ass quickly and started pressing in the toy. I threw my head back and gasped past the gag, arching. “Slut. I know you can take it.” I shut my eyes tight and relaxed the best I could, making a hiccupping sound when it popped in the rest of the way. “Perfect. All the way in, good girl! Now for the hard part.” I blinked at him dazedly. The hard part?
I watched him cautiously and my eyes widened as he pulled out some weights that could be hooked together. “You know, sometimes I love your short attention span. If you were paying attention, you would have noticed the little hook at the base of the toy buried in your ass. Go on, guess what it’s for.” I whined through my gag, kicking a little, and he grinned as he hooked some of the weights and forced me to clench my ass to keep it inside. “That’s perfect, good girl… I knew you could do it. Now… make sure you don’t let it drop. I’ll leave you cuffed with two vibrators inside you for six hours if you do.” His smirk was so knowing it sent violent shivers up and down my spine. “Getting wet already, aren’t you? Little whore..! I can’t take you anywhere.” He hummed cheerfully, bending to dig through the bucket again. He glanced up at me and saw the trepidation on my face, giving me a smile. “Relax, girl. I’m just going to take some pictures, okay? All you have to do is stay there, keep the toy in, and oh—don’t cum, okay?” With that, he started snapping shots from halfway across our tiny bathroom, grinning as I cried out and thrashed under the stimulating spray.
Some ten minute later, I was on the edge, tears brimming in my eyes as I tried to hold it back. I made desperate sounds through the gag, and he seemed to get the idea, putting down the camera and looking down at me affectionately. “You close, girl? Good. Since that water will get you off all by itself… Here, look at this, this is awesome…” He tugged at one of the ropes hanging from the mess on the ceiling, and the gag muffled my scream as my upper half abruptly dropped, my entire body tilting so my twitching pussy was even closer to the torturous hot spray of water. “Heh, the perfect position. Like that, girl?” With a shudder, he straddled my chest, undid the fly of his pants and grabbed my hair, bringing my mouth to the head of his cock. “Go ahead and cum now, girl.” He rasped, ripping the ball gag off of my face. “Bring me off as well and I’ll wait an hour to fuck you instead of doing it right away. Deal?” I leaned forward to capture his cock in my mouth, keeping my teeth away from it and grinding my tongue along the bottom of it even in my dazed state. “That’s my good girl… Go ahead, work for it… I’m already close from taking all those pretty pictures of my cute little sub… fuck…!” He shut his eyes tightly, his glasses slipping down a little, and I leaned forward as much as I could, sucking and pumping my mouth over his cock. I could feel his precum slipping down my throat, and my toes curled and my body tensed as it got ready to cum.
“Ahhh, good girl, good girl… FUCK…!” My Dom bared his teeth in a snarl as he came, splattering the back of my throat with his cum, and I jerked and swallowed desperately, trying not to choke on him as orgasm rocked my entire body. After about a minute it got genuinely painful, and I whimpered desperately up at him. “Mmm… You’re pretty sensitive, huh, girl?” Giving me an affectionate grin, he reached back and turned off the water, making my entire body slump with relief. “There you go. Fun, right? I told you so.” Stretching contentedly, he swung his leg around so he could get off and remove me from the cuffs. “We’re gonna leave the duct tape on and the butt plug in, okay sweetheart? I want to fuck you all spread and stuffed. Oh hey, relax, relax. I’ve giving you an hour, remember?” I laid limply in the swing as he took the collar and the weights off last, kissing me gently. “You were such a good girl. Those punishments will be negotiable, but not tonight, okay? Come on, you look like you could use a nap.” He lifted me gently and held me close to his chest as he turned towards our bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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