Giving my Boss some relief

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Giving my Boss some relief
After moving to Savannah, I found a job in a small insurance company.
My Boss was called Barnaby and he was an attractive elegant black man in his mid-fifties. I used to hear him complaining about his unfaithful young wife’s behavior; until he finally started to get divorced from this bitch.
One day he invited me to take lunch with him and I gladly accepted.
I knew the guy just wanted someone to talk to. I thought maybe it was because I took an interest into how he was actually going…

We got in his very nice car, very luxurious and roomy. It wasn’t long before he told me what was going on: he needed someone to talk to.
I smiled at him and said it was fine for me.
He smiled back, saying things at home were getting even worse.
Finally he had found out his young wife had been having an affair with some guy she met online.

As I heard him, my mind turned on to my own marriage and how open my beloved Victor and I were. Last weekend I had fucked a total stranger while my hubby watched us…

Barnaby described that his wife was cheating on him as he was at work.
Then I asked him if he was still trying to work it out. He answered he did not know yet how to react or think.
He continued saying he had not had sex in six months.
I told him six months was a very long time and I thought that I could not go more than a week. We both laughed. Then I felt a little courage as I asked him what had he been doing for six months…

Barnaby gave me an evil grin and he said that he had not had a single orgasm in a long time. I looked at him with a small smile.

Then I said I could help him with that…
My Boss looked surprised, but he listened carefully.
Then I continued, saying that instead of a restaurant we could find an empty parking lot and I would relief some of that stress he had been dealing with…

I reached out my hand over and ran it up his thigh.
Barnaby smiled and he turned down a side street, while I undid his belt…

I worked his trousers down as far as I could and tugged down his boxers.
I pulled his cock free. It was around eight inches and very thick. I could see pre cum already oozing out the tip and I brought my mouth closer…

He felt me licking his cockhead and he moaned softly. I started pushing my mouth down his shaft until his cock hit the back of my throat.
He was now moaning loud in pleasure as I repositioned slightly to allow his cock to continue down my throat. I began sucking up and down his cock, one hand holding me steady while the other held the base of his cock.

I pulled my head up and licked up and down his shaft. I paused to ask when was the last time he had got a wet blowjob. Barnaby smiled, saying he had one two years ago…
Then I said I wanted him to cum in my mouth.
He needed the full experience.
I redoubled my efforts at sucking him dry. My head was bobbing faster up and down, my tongue swirling around his hardened shiny black cock.

The car came to a slow stop. We were now at an empty parking lot.
Barnaby leaned back more, letting me go down even farther on him…
I felt his black hand roaming down my back and eventually squeezing my buttocks before giving me a soft smack.

He whispered that he had been dreaming about smacking my ass for so many time. I moaned with a mouthful of black cock. I kept going now, determined to make him cumin my mouth; I wanted to swallow every drop.

Suddenly his other hand grabbed the back of my head and a handful of hair as he started controlling the tempo, making me go faster and deeper.
I just let him take full control. He started thrusting up into my mouth, I just did my best to make sure I was pleasing my gentle Boss…

Finally, I heard him start breathing quicker; then his hand started to squeeze my ass really tight, as his other hand grasped my hair tighter. I felt his legs and his abs tighten up and I knew he was about to release his six months’ worth of salty cum into my mouth.

Then I felt a huge blast of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it all.
My mouth was full to bursting when I was finally able to gulp it down.
My Boss shook and shivered as I sucked him a few last times, to make sure I got every drop before returning to my seat.

As I sat upright, he smiled and thanked me. He really needed this…

Then I told him what about going lunch now and discuss getting a raise.
He laughed and said we would have lunch again tomorrow…

I replied it sounded fine to me, as I was thinking I was going to have a great story to tell my beloved husband that night at bed…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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