gone fishing

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gone fishing
The phone rang, and my mom answered it. After a couple of minutes she said Mr. Donald called and he’s on his way. Mom checked my backpack to make sure I had enough socks and under wear. There was a knock at the door, and I ran to see who it was. I opened it,it was Mr. Donald. He told me to put my things in the truck he wants to talk to my mother.
After a few minutes they came out still talking. She came up to me, eyes a little red told me to listen to Mr. Donald and do what he said. I will mom I told her. She hugged me and kissed my cheek. We backed out the drive and hit the freeway. It was a nice evening, not to many cars on the road the direction we were going. Mr. Donald said” why don’t you lay down for a while and undo your pants. I smiled, unzipping and unbuttoning my pants, I started to pull them down. “Not yet, he said. Just open them for now,we have a couple of hours till we get there, so I pulled them back up and laid down with my head on his lap. The vibration of the road and humming of the motor I must of dozed off. We turned on to a dirt road and hit some bumps, I woke up with his hand on my dick. “sleep well sport” he asked. I looked around, we were going down a rough road not well lit.”Where are we” I asked, he said” almost there, go ahead and sit up”. We pulled up to a building next to a big iron gate, a guard stepped out with a light. Mr. Donald showed him his members ID. ” Thank you Mr. Donald, hope you and your son enjoy your weekend”, Mr. Donald smiled” I’m sure we will, have a good evening” he said as the gate opened and he drove through. We pulled up onto a new road. We passed several nice houses winding through the woods, finally ending up at a long driveway to a large log cabin. He said we’ll get everything out in the morning, let’s go in and get a fire started and something to eat. We went inside, I found the bedroom and stripped.
Mr. Donald got a good fire going, went outside and came back with an ice chest. He cooked some hot dogs in the fireplace, and we sat on the back porch in the distance you could see a lake with lights shining off the water.
After eating Mr. Donald went inside for a few minutes, when he came back he was naked and had the bottle of lotion. He said hold out your hands, I did and he squeezing some lotion on my hands. He walked over to the edge of the porch and leaned on the railing. I rubbed the lotion on his cock and balls till it was stiff. I stroked him and massaged his balls like he showed me. After a few minutes I felt it start to swell up, I looked up to him and smiled. He smiled back and said go for it. I put my mouth over the head of his cock and stroked. I licked it and tickled the slit with my tongue. He moaned and I felt him starting to cum. This time I kept my mouth on his cock and sucked his head. He shot his cum to the back of my mouth and I gagged. He filled my mouth faster than I could swallow, it leaked out and ran down my hands.
When he was finished cumming he pulled me up and kissed my lips. He took me to a bench along the side of the house. He told me to sit on his lap and put my feet up on his legs. I sat down put my feet up, then he spread his legs. He picked up the bottle and squirted some on his hand and rubbed my butt. I felt his finger rub my hole then felt it push in. I leaned back, reached up, hugged his neck and rested my head on his shoulder. I loved the way it felt when he fingers my butt and strokes my dick. We sat there for twenty minutes or so when Mr. Donald said it was time for bed. We went inside, he wiped off my butt and dick, cleaned up his cock, and we laid down in the same bed to sleep.
I woke up with his cock poking me in my back, the sun wasn’t up yet, he was still asleep. I got up found the lotion and squeezing out, rubbing it on his cock I stroked him. He woke up while I was licking the slit on the tip. He smiled and pat my head. He came all over my face, I wiped off most pushing it in my mouth. He laid back and went back to sleep. Now wide awake I got up put my shoes on and went outside.
Seeing the lake I wondered if anyone else was up,so I went down the steps and looked around the grounds the house was on. The bush was trimmed back about twenty feet alone the sides and back, and clear on the front about fifty feet , with the driveway leading out several yards to the road with trees on either side.
In the distance I heard a boat motor, it must be close to sun up I thought. Not knowing anyone else out here I went in and dressed. I found a path in back and walked down it. After a while it opened up down by the lake.
Looking across the lake I seen the boat I heard earlier, and it looked like there was two men in it. I looked around some more, saw a couple of boat houses, a large covered area that looked like it was a meeting place for dinners or dances. I looked back towards the boat, and now there was three people, two men and a woman. Wondering where she was before I decided it was time to go back.
When I got to the back of the house I stripped down and left my shoes and clothes on the porch. When I walked in Mr. Donald was already up and making breakfast.” When did you get off to”-he asked.” Hope you didn’t run into anyone like that”. I told him my clothes were on the porch and I found the lake. Good he said, we’ll be going down after we eat. After eating we cleaned up and went outside, I dressed and we went to the lake. He opened the door to one of the boat houses and we packed our things in. He started the motor and we headed to the center of the lake. We cast our lines and waited. After a few hours Mr. Donald said we’re going to another part of the lake. We headed to a part I didn’t see when I came out earlier, this part was narrow and hidden by trees. We set our lines and he said I can undress here. I jumped out of my clothes. He picked me up and put me on his lap. He hugged me with one hand and rubbed my dick with the other. After a couple of hours a fish hit his hook. We reeled it in and reset. A few minutes later my pole bent, then his. In all we caught our limit for two days. He said if I wanted to I could swim for a while. The water was cold and I started shaking. I got back in the boat and laid across his lap resting in the sun.
A boy came up in a row boat, which scared me.” Hello Mr. Donald” the boy called out,” I see you have a new friend with you, mined if I come by later” he asked. “Hi Timmy, maybe later. How’s your dad” he answered. “He’s Ok,we missed you last summer, see you later.” the boy called out and went on his way. “Who was he” I asked. “That’s Timmy, him and his family live here. They take care of the property” Mr. Donald said.
It’s getting close to lunch time, you need to get dressed so we can head back and cook some of these fish he said. I put my pants and under wear on and we went back to the boat house. He said to leave the gear in the boat we might be back tomorrow.
We went up to the house, the whole time thinking about Timmy. Wondering how he knows Mr. Donald, and if he like him better than he liked me. We went inside, I stripped down and washed up. Mr. Donald cleaned the fish and fried them. After eating we cleaned up and went to the couch. Mr. Donald told me to lay down with my legs spread. I hopped on the couch and lay across his lap resting my head on the arm of the couch. He picked up the bottle of lotion squirted some on my butt while rubbing my butt. I felt his finger push against my hole then felt it push in. He pushed it in and out a few times then pulled out. He squirted more lotion on my hole and pushed in, he did this four or five times, then I felt something on my hole. It was bigger than his finger, he said to relax, you enjoyed this before. I relaxed, I felt something funny inside. As he twisted it and push, it slowly entered my hole. It felt better than the first time. He’d push a little pull out, squirt some lotion on my hole then push back in.” How does that feel”he asked. ” it feels big but it’s ok” I said. He patted my butt cheeks and asked” let’s see if you can take five inches this time”‘. As he pushed deeper I felt pressure in my gut. While he was fucking me he stroked my dick.
After fifteen minutes, he asked “How you doing, feel good” I was breathing hard and my heart pounded.” I like it” I mumbled. “Good boy”he said. When he pushed in what I thought was five inches, he stopped and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Slowly he pulled it out and rubbed my butt. “That wasn’t to bad was it” he asked. No, it felt good, I answered. “That’s good and did you know it was six inches in you this time” he said. ” How much is that” I ask. He showed me the thing he used.( It looked like a white hot dog, but made of plastic) it went this far pointing at it. “Wow, almost the whole thing” I said excitedly. “Can you put it all the way in” I asked. “No, but I have some that are longer and some thicker. We’ll see if you can take a bigger one later ok” he said I smiled and nodded yes. He took my face and kissed my lips then took me out back. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Instead of letting me stroke it, he did it himself.He shot his cum into his hand and licked it clean.
We sat outside for a while, and watched the sun go down and washed up for dinner. After eating we were sitting on the couch when there was a knock on the back door. Scared I jumped up and was going to go to the bedroom.” It’s ok” Mr. Donald said” only my friends come to the back door. Still shaking, I stood in the hallway. Mr. Donald went to the door and opened it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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