Hailey & Danielle

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Hailey & Danielle
I had admired Danielle for quite some time. We had been in a high school class together for almost a year now, talked on occasion, but never much more than that. She couldn’t have stood much taller than 5’3”, and couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. Danielle had natural blond hair and blue eyes, with tan skin and an extremely petite, though toned frame. In the few times I had seen her outside of school, she wore tiny cheerleader shorts that showed off how beautiful her slender, firm legs were. She was a bit ditsy, but pretty smart when it came to academia.

I never had much to talk to her about, but luckily we were united by a bond of sports. She would come to class wearing a shirt from her favorite team and I wouldn’t hesitate to razz her about it. She’d give it back to me too, when it was appropriate, and that was basically the extent of our friendship.

One day, walking home from school, I saw Danielle biking down the street. I noticed her and waved, and she smiled and waved in return. I figured that would be that, but she slowed to a stop in front of me.

“Hey!” she said in a friendly tone.

“Hi” I replied coolly. “Do you live near here?”

“Yeah, I’m right in that neighborhood” she said, pointing to the nearest community, which happened to be a few down from mine.

“All this time I had no idea” I laughed. “I’m a few neighborhoods down the street.”

“No way!” she laughed too. “We’re basically neighbors.”

“We could have been hanging out!” I said.

“And why would we do that?” she raised an eyebrow, making my heart skip a beat, before her lips curled into a smile and she pushed me.

Before I could say anything she surprised me again.

“Why don’t you come for a swim sometime?” she asked.

*Danielle, in a bikini* was all I could think about.

“Uh, sure. How about this weekend?” I said.

“Sounds good!” she smiled and biked away. I watched as her tight ass raised slightly in her cheer shorts as she sped off.

I walked home a little faster after that, and went up to my room. I did some push ups and sit ups for some reason and couldn’t help but day dream.

The rest of the week crawled by, but eventually it was Saturday and I looked at my phone. Luckily, most of our class had exchanged numbers for projects and I had her’s. I texted her that I was going to head over, and started walking as soon as she replied with just a smile.

I was wearing a red t-shirt and black board shorts that doubled as swim trunks. I had my towel slung over my shoulder as I finally reached her house and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds that seemed more like hours, I heard giggling as footsteps approached the door. I expected to see Danielle on the other side, but this definitely wasn’t her.

“You must be Chris!” an excited, towel clad brunette said.

*This must be a friend or a sister* I thought to myself as I looked her over quickly. She had beautiful jet black hair and piercing blue eyes. She was paler than Danielle, and not quite as toned, which helped her bust stick out against her towel.

“Yeah” I laughed nervously. “Who are you?”

“Oh sorry!” she laughed and brushed my arm. “I’m Hailey! Danielle’s sister.”

“I didn’t even know she had a sister” was all I could think to respond with.

Hailey didn’t look any older than Danielle, and they certainly weren’t twins. I estimated she was a couple of years younger than her sister.

“Well, come join us!” she laughed and grabbed my hand, pulling me towards the backyard.

As we reached the pool area, Hailey ripped off her towel, exposing her pale, smooth skin, which contrasted sharply against her black bikini. Danielle was lounging on a nearby chair, getting some sun. Her sexy, tan skin glistened in the light, and her body was outlined by a shapely red bikini.

“About time you got here” she teased and got up from her chair. She gave me a hug before returning to her chair.

I couldn’t believe what was going on. I was hanging out with two gorgeous girls, hanging by the pool, with nothing but a few pieces of clothing between the three of us. I lowered that number by peeling off my shirt and jumping into the pool. I caught Hailey looking at my body, which was pretty muscular. Her younger age was starting to give itself away, as she gave me the eye and giggled.

After a few minutes of floating around, Hailey came closer to me. She looked me over and said, “So you and Danielle are in the same class?” As she did this, she pretended to move a fake pair of glasses onto her nose and furrowed her brow as if she was a parent looking over a date.

“Yes, yes” I smiled and laughed, becoming increasingly attracted to her cuteness.

“I see” she said, pretending to sound overwhelming interested. “Well, you almost check out. But first we’re going to need you to flex to make sure you pass the test.”

“Hailey!” I heard Danielle moan from her lounger.

She giggled and blushed and gave me one of those expectant faces that you just can’t resist. I gave her a quick flex and she felt my arm a little longer than I expected.

*What’s a few years?* I thought to myself. *I’m falling in love.*

I looked over Hailey’s body again and was struck by the fact that her body seemed a little more developed than Danielle’s. Danielle was so petite that she couldn’t have had anything more than a small B cup, but Hailey seemed to be sporting at least a full B. I guessed that the girls in her class were probably jealous.

“Well, I think he checks out Dani,” Hailey said.

“Shut up!” Danielle called back, growing increasingly frustrated.

Hailey came closer to me again, nearly putting her breasts on my shoulder before whispering into my ear, “She totally digs you.”

My eyes widen, but I couldn’t help and laugh.

“What are you telling him?!” Danielle yelled, getting up from her chair. I looked up and saw her tight figure barely covered by her bikini.

“Oh nothinggg” Hailey said and winked at me.

“Ughh” Danielle said, before jumping into the pool. “Wait till I get my hands on you s*s!”

I backed up against one of the walls as I watched Danielle swim after her sister in a fury. It took a while, but she eventually caught up to her and shook her. Hailey just laughed as her breasts bounced in her top violently. After a few seconds of this, Hailey’s left boob popped out. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head as I pretended not to notice.

“What the fuck Danielle!” Hailey squealed, adjusting herself. “I’d pull off your top but it’s not like you have much.”

*Holy shit* I thought to myself. *I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I bet it’s awesome.*

“You’re such a bitch!” Danielle said.

“Jealous” Hailey smirked. “Your little sister has bigger tits than you!”

Danielle continued to turn various shades of red. Eventually she knew this wasn’t a fight she was going to win and turned away.

“Sorry Chris,” she said as she swam towards me. “I should have made sure the bitch was going to a friend’s house.”

Knowing she already won the fight, Hailey resisted the urge to pour on more.

“Hey it’s cool,” I replied.

Then I got bold.

“If it makes you feel any better Danielle, I would have loved to see her pull your top off,” I said bluntly.

Danielle looked up at me with a mix of emotions ranging from shock to devious. Then she gave me a seductive look, pulled the tie to her bikini top, and let it fall into the water.

All I could do was stare. Although her chest was on the petite side, her breasts were still perky and lovely to look at.

“Sluuuut” Hailey said, this time with an air of jealousy herself.

Danielle just flicked her off without looking back.

With my eyes still on her breasts, Danielle took the hint that her excitement was reciprocated.

“You can touch,” she winked.

I didn’t need to be told twice, as my hands reached out and cupped her perky breasts. I gave them a gentle squeeze before rolling her nipples between my thumb and index finger. She let out a moan that nearly made me cum on the spot.

My erection built quickly and soon my 9 inches were standing straight up against my trunks. The water shielded this, but it wasn’t long before Danielle reached down. She gasped, and without hesitation, pulled off my trunks, allowing her to grab my full length in her hands.

“Holy fucking shit” she said as she rubbed my cock all over.

“What the fuck guys,” Hailey cried out from the other side of the pool. She clearly wasn’t having fun anymore.

“Jesus, this is the biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” Danielle said.

“What?! Let me see!” Hailey called out and started swimming over.

“Fuck you Hailey,” Danielle replied. “You wouldn’t know what to do with it. You’ve never seen anything like this.”

“Well obviously neither have you,” she said, approaching us.

I grabbed the edge of the pool and hoisted myself up on the side, finally giving both of them a clear look.

“Fuck” I heard them say in unison.

“Last one out doesn’t get any!” Hailey giggled and climbed out of the pool, followed quickly by Danielle.

“Why don’t we let him decide?” Danielle said confidently, as she slid down her bikini bottoms. Her toned thighs led perfectly to her shaved pussy. Her body was truly a work of art and I looked on eagerly.

Hailey quickly pulled off her own top, trying to persuade me with her best attribute. Her breasts certainly were more impressive than Danielle’s. Next came her bottoms, and I nearly lost it as her tight, shaved pussy came into view. I was pretty sure she was a virgin.

“Well what’s it going to be?” Danielle asked with a sly smile. She shoved her perky breasts in my face and let me lick her nipple.

Hailey countered quickly, pushing her breasts into my face and letting me squeeze and suck on her nipples.

“You know what, fuck this!” Danielle said.

She quickly got up from in front of me, climbed down to my cock, put one leg on either side of me, and impaled her pussy on my cock.

“Holy shit” I moaned as her tight pussy stretched around my thick length.

“Jesus s*s, you’re not even on the pill” Hailey said, shocked by the turn of events.

“I don’t care, I need this cock” Danielle said, moaning and starting to bounce violently on my rod.

Knowing she didn’t have many other options, Hailey spread her legs over my face and let me lap at her clit.

I was nervous that I wouldn’t last very long, given this incredible situation. These two gorgeous girls were moaning on top of me.

“Oh fuck, fuck, I’m cumming!” Danielle said as she rubbed her clit and rode my cock hard. I felt her pussy get even tighter, squeezing me in contractions as her tight body rippled.

“Fuckk!” Hailey screamed as some liquid squirted from her pussy onto my face. My tongue darted into her pussy as she rode out her orgasm.

“Shit, you’re getting so thick!” Danielle said excitedly.

“Does that mean he’s going to cum?” Hailey asked.

I found out later that Hailey masturbated a lot, but never had a cock before.

“You’re so inexperienced” Danielle laughed.

Hailey glared at her but got up and started to help her sister ride harder.

“Now you’re being useful,” Danielle said between moans.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned, as I felt my orgasm close in. The swirling cum had built up fully in my balls and was climbing my length towards the tip.

“Jesus he’s gonna’ blow!” Hailey said.

“Yeah, so let me off!” Danielle yelled as Hailey kept pushing her down deeper onto my cock.

“Fuck you s*s,” Hailey said evily as she forced Danielle deeper onto my cock.

“Shit!” I called out as my cock burst, shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum deep inside Danielle’s pussy. I reached out to squeeze her perky breasts as I came hard.

“Fuck he’s cumming inside me!” Danielle said, but moaned at the same time as I filled her tight pussy.

“Enjoy it bitch” Hailey said, pushing her down as much as possible one more time and letting go.

Exhausted, Danielle fell off of my cock, as my cum quickly started to drip out of her pussy.

“You’re such a bitch, what if I get pregnant?!” Danielle shrieked from the ground.

“They make pills for that stuff, don”t worry” I said, trying to calm her down.

“Yeah, but she’s still a bitch,” Danielle grumbled, but couldn’t help and sigh contently.

I laid back, but it wasn’t long before I felt lips around my cock. Hailey was trying to nurse my member back to health.

“Your virgin pussy is going to take that?” Danielle laughed.

“Fuck yeah,” she said, with a hint of naivety.

The thought of this was returning the blood flow to where I needed it, and soon my big cock was back up.

Hailey didn’t waste any time before climbing onto my cock, pressing the tip of it against her tiny pussy.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked, knowing what a big deal this actually was.

“So sure” she beamed and started to press herself down.

It wasn’t easy, but little by little, her extremely tight pussy started to inch down my cock. She had masturbated with enough crazy things that her cherry was gone and she didn’t suffer through any other pain than the stretching.

“Shit it’s so big!” Hailey moaned as she kept sinking down, determined to take it all.

Surprisingly, Danielle came over and started to help her sister. Perhaps after the fighting, a wild fuck had taken her negative emotions away.

Danielle helped ease her down, while rubbing her clit to try to turn all the juices on. Hailey was a moaning mess before she ever made it all the way down. But finally, she was completely impaled on my cock. I looked up and saw the gorgeous sight of my cock completely disappeared inside of her tight pussy.

After adjusting to my size, Hailey slowly started to bounce on my rod, and I couldn’t help but squeeze her bouncing breasts. Her’s were perky, but also had some decent depth to them, and I lustily played with them.

“Come on s*s, make this count,” Danielle said. “Ride that cock.”

Hailey moaned and screamed as she got her first fuck. With each bounce, she got more and more into it.

Danielle suddenly made Hailey get off and put her on all fours. She motioned for me to climb on, which I did eagerly. In the doggy style position, my cock mauled her g-spot, and I also took advantage of the position to spank her. It wasn’t long before she was cumming hard.

I felt her juices flow all over my cock as her pussy clamped down on me so hard, I had to slow down.

“Oh, my, God, it’s so thick!” Hailey screamed as she felt what it was like to have a cock inside her as it neared orgasm.

Danielle reached between us and felt my thickening shaft. Then she moved behind me.

Just as I was ready to pull out, Danielle shoved me forward, knocking all three of us off balance. My cock, still lodged inside Hailey’s pussy from behind started to twitch, and before I could do anything, I was filling up her recently virgin pussy with my seed. I couldn’t help but reach around her body and squeeze her breasts as my cum rocketed out of my cock. Each spurt of cum felt like heaven.

“Oh fuck you Danielle!” Hailey yelled but kept moaning as each spurt of cum oozed deep into her pussy.

“Just a little revenge” Danielle retorted, as she rubbed my balls to make sure every ounce of cum oozed into her sister.

Part Two

Let’s just say that school dragged by on Monday. I didn’t have class with Danielle until last period, and I hadn’t talked with her much since our rendezvous on Saturday.

It may have been just as well that way. I was still lost in thought from the whole series of events. It seemed pretty clear that both her and her sister at least had a crush on me, and if I didn’t lie to myself, I liked both of them as well. But this wasn’t Utah.

I was the first one into class and took a seat towards the back of the room. I said ‘hi’ to my usual group of friends, but my eyes never left the door. Finally, before the final bell, Danielle sauntered in wearing shorts just long enough to avoid dress code and a sweater that unzipped just enough to show she was wearing a tank top underneath. Our eyes immediately met, and she blushed. She took a seat nearby and class began.

After an uneventful class, Danielle and I exited the room at the same time. Without saying anything, we walked down the hallway together towards the exit.

“I’ll walk with you,” Danielle said.

I was a little nervous that she was holding back some kind of information, but she just seemed to be at a loss for what to say, given the awkward situation.

After a few minutes I asked, “Everything okay?”

“Yeah, I mean, we took pills, don’t worry,” she laughed nervously. “I’m just, a little thrown off by the situation. It’s not like we invite a guy to do that every weekend.”

“Well that’s good to know,” I laughed in response, as we changed sidewalks towards our street.

“She likes you, you know,” Danielle said to me.

“I gathered that,” I laughed again.

“And you can’t date both of us,” she continued.

“Aw really?” I winked at her.

“Fuck you,” she said but laughed and shoved me.

“Think you already did that,” I teased her again.

“Oh what the fuck ever,” she rolled her eyes.

Our walk seemed to slow down the closer that we got to her neighborhood. Perhaps we were trying to prolong the conversation without reaching the destination.

As we hit the front of her neighborhood I asked, “Want to work on some homework?”

She studied me for a few seconds, as if she was doubting my use of the word homework. After she determined that I was at least faking seriousness, she nodded, and we turned into her street.

We got to her house and she let me inside. Of course, at the top of the steps was Hailey, whose eyes got wide as soon as she saw me before she ran into her room. I caught a glimpse and it looked like she was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Danielle offered me some water and we sat down at the kitchen table to get to work.

A few minutes later, Hailey came down.

“Chris!” she yelled and jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around me. She was now wearing a skimpy tank top and cheer shorts.

“Hi Hailey” I laughed and embraced her.

“You skank, what did you get dress code?” Danielle scoffed.

“Nope, I didn’t wear this to school,” she answered. “Besides, I’ve seen you in much worse.”

“Whatever,” Danielle said. “Just leave us alone, we’re studying.”

“Oh, what subject?” Hailey sat down and put her hand under her chin. Man, she was cute.

“Science,” I told her.

“Chemisty?” Hailey winked and enunciated the word way too long. “Or maybe anatomy?”

“Fuck off,” Danielle said after a few more seconds.

“Fine,” Hailey agreed. “I’ve got work to do anyway.”

She smiled and never took her eyes off me as she left the room. She turned and seductively shook her ass at me, before snapping her thong strap.

“What a fucking slut,” Danielle said. “That girl is way too young to wear stuff like that.”

I was glad the table could hide my erection.

After we worked on our assignment for a while, Danielle seemed to be growing bored.

“That’s probably enough for now,” she said.

“Yeah, it’s starting to get late anyway,” I said. “Your parents home soon?”

“They work pretty late,” she responded.

I started to gather my things together and prepared to walk back before things got too dark.

“If you want to play some video games or something, you can stick around,” Danielle smiled.

“Yeah, I guess we deserve some fun after that work,” I agreed.

We played Guitar Hero for a while, which she got way too into. I had to admit both of these girls were awesome. She even got up on the table during one of the solos.

After we finished a few games, Danielle got up and stretched.

“I really need to shower, but we should still finish that assignment,” she said. “Will you wait up for me? Just make yourself at home.”

I nodded and she ran off upstairs to the bathroom. After I heard the water on, I decided to do some exploring. I went up and found Hailey’s room; at least what I figured was her room. I heard music and the door was slightly ajar. I stuck my head inside and shouldn’t have been surprised. She was on her bed, in some sexy purple lingerie, with her hand down her underwear, masturbating away.

I watched intently and she brought herself to orgasm. She then opened her eyes and was caught off guard. She stopped herself from screaming, and instead jumped off her bed, shut the door behind me and locked it quickly. Before I could say anything, she had stripped us both laid back on her bed, begging me to join her.

I paused and heard that the shower water was still running. I jumped on the bed with her and lined up my cock with her wet pussy. I rubbed it back and forth on her lips, and she quivered and shook.

“Just fuck me,” she begged, just loud enough to be heard over the music.

I made sure to drag it out though. I kept rubbing against her wet, swollen lips, and bent over to start sucking on her nipples. She threw her head back and moaned constantly as I tortured her nipples, squeezing the breasts in my hands and alternating between tongue flicks and nibbles around her rock hard nipples.

After a few minutes of that, I let the torture end and pressed my cock into her waiting pussy. She was drenched, but still tight as hell, and it took a few tries to work my cock in as deep as I wanted to.

“Fuck, shit, fuck,” she moaned as I started to pick up some rhythm with my thrusts. I watched as her breasts bounced underneath me with each pound and a look of pure ecstasy was tattooed on her face. I started to rub her clit while my cock stretched her tight walls and this set her off into immediate orgasm.

She looked at me with her piercing blue eyes and said “I’m cumming.” Then her pussy started spasming and gripped me tightly, temporarily slowing down my thrusts as her juices flowed. I grabbed her breasts and started using them for balance as I fucked her harder, sometimes pinching her nipples.

This girl couldn’t get enough. She had one hand above her head, holding onto the wall above her bed, and used the other to rub her own clit. I couldn’t believe she was so young and inexperienced, but I was turning her into a sex machine. I bent over and started to gently bite her neck, still keeping up the constant pounding I was giving her pussy. I felt another wave of spasms hit and her tight stomach rippled.

I lifted her ass to give me a better angle and hammered her entrance as fast as I could. I made sure to start to angle my cock more towards her g-spot, and she again responded with another orgasm and more juices starting to leak from her. I cursed in my head when I felt that familiar feeling slowly starting to build in my balls.

As my cock started to swell, she knew what was happening this time. “You better fucking cum in me again, I love how it feels” she said. I didn’t have the heart to check if she had started with a regular pill.

I returned to her clit with one hand, and grabbed her hip with the other as I slammed in and out. She grabbed her breasts and pinched her own nipples as her mouth hung wide open. I moved forward and started to kiss her, for the first time, which she eagerly returned. As me made out like it was our last night, the first rope of cum shot into her pussy and the sound she made was indescribable. She let out an a****listic low moan, which vibrated into my mouth as we kissed, and breathed heavily with each spurt of cum that hit deep inside her pussy. We embraced each other as I let everything I had unload inside her, and then we collapsed and laughed as my cock slipped out. She made sure to give me another seductive look as we watched my cum leak from her pussy.

Then the water turned off.

I gave Hailey one more kiss and then started to dress myself. I left her door with a wink, and further wondered just how complicated this situation could get. I made a mental note to look at Salt Lake City house listings later.

As I made my way back downstairs, I heard the bathroom door open. I sat on the couch and flipped the television on, as if nothing had ever happened. I heard steps coming down the stairs and looked up. Danielle was there, in just a towel.

“Sorry for my dress,” she laughed. “I just took so long, I wanted to make sure you weren’t too bored.”

“Oh I’m fine,” I said, before coughing, from swallowing the air wrongly.

She giggled, and instead of going back up the stairs, she continued to descend.

“I have a serious question to ask you,” Danielle said.

I felt my heart rate pick up as she approached.

“I have this freckle near my boob,” she continued. “Can you look at it?”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” I laughed, wondering just how serious she was, although she did look a little nervous.

She unwrapped her towel, exposing her naked body. I looked her up and down, marveling at how tight every part of her arms and legs and body were. Her tan skin was still a little wet from the shower. I managed to snap myself out long enough to look at the area in question.

“Oh that looks fine, I have stuff like that all over,” I smiled.

“Pheww,” she let out a deep breath and allowed herself to fall on top of me. “You don’t know how worried I’ve been about that with all of my tanning.”

I looked at the better view I had and noticed her pussy lips looked a little swollen. So that’s what took so long.

“No, I’d be a little more worried about this swelling,” I winked at her and let my hands trail down her body towards her pussy. She shivered as my hand tickled her belly.

“You should talk!” she laughed and grabbed my cock. Luckily it had been just long enough that the situation had brought it back quickly. “This is some extreme swelling! I better take a better look.”

She pulled my cock out of my shorts and boxers and pretended to give it a long study.

“I’ve heard sometimes you have to taste these things to make sure everything is okay,” she said with a flirty look and started to suck my cock. As she took some of my head into her mouth, I started to rub her clit. She responded by opening her legs for me, and I plunged a finger inside of her and went to work on her g-spot. She slowed her sucking as the pleasure overtook her, and she started to buckle from my finger’s assault. It wasn’t long before her pussy gripped my finger and she came hard. She looked up at me with a similarly desperate look as her sister and whispered, “Take me.”

I had long dreamed about having my way with her petite body, so I didn’t resist. I got up and picked her up in an embrace. With a quick adjustment, I dropped her pussy straight onto my rod and impaled her deep.

“You fucking a****l!” she moaned loudly. I started to slam her up and down on my cock from our upright position, and she loved every moment of it. Her legs wrapped tightly around me, and one of my hands went to her perfect, tight ass and gave her a spank. She moaned out loud again as her pussy gripped me in a quick but strong orgasm. We could still hear Hailey’s loud music from upstairs, and I wondered if she was masturbating again.

I put Danielle back down onto the ground and she got onto her hands and knees. I jumped up behind her and slammed my cock as far into her as I had. I gave her ass cheeks alternating spanks as my cock rubbed against her g-spot. She was struggling to keep her balance, but still had a hand on her clit, rubbing herself wildly during the pounding.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned and came on my cock again. This time she did fall over in a heap, but my cock remained inside her. I pulled out and flipped her around, before driving my cock back into her soaking wet pussy. Her perky breasts bounced just noticeably enough as I fucked her.

“Do you love my cock?” I teased her.

“Yes, I fucking, uh, love your, uh, big cock,” she moaned in response. This time I kissed Danielle for the first time, and she, too, eagerly reciprocated. She moaned and breathed heavily, seemingly every second, as I thrust into her at a fast pace. Her moaning got higher and higher pitched before her body spasmed into her biggest orgasm. I watched as her tight stomach rippled and contracted as she came hard. She fell back more, too tired to do anything at this point but moan. I grabbed her hips and rammed into her pussy harder, feeling my cock reach new depths in her pussy as my orgasm neared.

She felt my cock getting harder but didn’t say anything. She just looked up at me and seemed to indicate I better not think of pulling out. Just before I was about to burst, I felt her pussy go off into another orgasm. Her pussy muscles clenched me tightly and forced my cum out in quick, bursts of hot, sticky cum. I painted the inner walls of her pussy as she milked me for all I had. We grabbed hands and laced our fingers tightly together as I flooded her.

Part Three

I barely got out of the house that night. Their parents came home just a few minutes after Danielle and I had fucked. Luckily I was able to sneak out of the back door and make my way home.

Things were becoming a little odd at school. Danielle and I were hanging out a lot more, and towing the line of acting like we were in a relationship. In reality, I hadn’t asked her out because I didn’t know what to do. I was in full on lust mode with both her and her little sister. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ride things out as long as they lasted before making any major decisions.

“So my parents are going out of town for the whole weekend,” Danielle beamed as we talked at lunch. “Hope you don’t have any big plans.”

“Hmm,” I started, pretending to look through a schedule in my folder. “I may have to move some things around, but I’ll try to show up for at least a few minutes.”

She shoved me and laughed. If I was really honest with myself, I would probably just ask her out and get things over with. We were basically the same age, we had enough in common, and obviously had a sexual connection. But I didn’t feel comfortable taking that step with the uncertainty of Hailey. In some ways, Hailey turned me on more than her sister did. But I wondered if that kind of lust would last. Either way, if I dated one of them, things would probably be awkward with the other.

After we parted ways for our next class, my phone started vibrating. I flipped it open and saw it was a text message.

“See you this weekend cutie,” it read, from an unknown number.

I guess Hailey stole my number from her sister.

I decided to play along. “What makes you think I’m coming this weekend?” I responded.

“Oh you’ll be cumming,” she wrote with a wink face. “Over and over and over again. In my pussy.”

I hope the government isn’t tapping our phones.

I decided to make this weekend last as long as possible. I packed a bag on Friday afternoon and told my folks that I was staying with one of my friends for the weekend. I texted Danielle and made sure that her parents were gone and then walked over.

Danielle answered the door when I got there. Tonight she was dressed in a button down shirt and a skirt. A few minutes later, Hailey trotted down the steps in a tank top and a shorter skirt than her sister. The two seemed to trade stern glances but didn’t toss out any insults.

“We decided it would be best to try not to fight this weekend,” Danielle said, noticing my surprised look at the silence. “We want you to stay over this weekend and have fun, so we’ll try to stay civil.”

It looked like they were going to keep to that. The night started out very innocently, with the three of us watching some shows on television, before ordering in a pizza. We laughed and joked around and bullshitted about school.

“The guys at my school are so freaking immature,” Hailey lamented. “That’s why I like when you come over.”

She said it with at least enough restraint to not set Danielle off.

“Most take a while to mature,” I told her. “Some won’t for another 10 years.”

“Ain’t that the truth,” Danielle chimed in.

We all laughed; I was surprised at how well this was going. Maybe the three of us really could go to a deserted island for all eternity.

Of course, things weren’t going to stay tame the whole weekend. A little bit after we ate, Hailey busted out the Twister board. It wasn’t long until Hailey was in a compromising position, skirt up and panties showing (guess she wasn’t wearing a thong tonight). Of course she was wearing those really geeky panties that look so sexy on girls. A few moves later, and Danielle was in a similar position, but she was rocking a thong tonight. I admired the view of her tight ass and hoped we’d stay in these positions for a while.

With both of them bending over to a far spot, I decided to spank them both at the same time. Danielle gasped and Hailey giggled before we all collapsed on top of each other.

“Perv!” Hailey teased, as her skirt remained up, showing off her panties, which had a frog on them. Danielle was on her stomach, her ass completely exposed in her thong, with her skirt ridden up.

With all of us getting along, I hoped that this would be the chance to get both of them together. I hopped onto Danielle’s back and grinded my firming cock against her pussy, with my shorts, boxers, and her thong blocking the way. She groaned a little and moistened as I grinded a little harder. Hailey was ready to go, as usual, and came up behind me and removed my shirt. I traded the favor with her as I still grinded against Danielle. Hailey ripped off her own bra and was left in just her short skirt and panties. While still on top of Danielle, I decided to remove her shirt, unbuttoning each button from behind and slipping it off her, before unhooking her bra and adding it to the growing pile of removed clothing.

I decided to catch Danielle off guard. She was facing the wrong direction still, with me enough on top of her to keep her down. I pulled my shorts and boxers down enough to release my shaft, and quickly pulled Danielle’s thong to the side. Before another second passed, I shoved my cock deep inside Danielle’s now exposed pussy.

“What the fuckkkk yeahh,” she moaned as I entered her.

As I started to get into a rhythm, Hailey came in front of me and threw her chest in my face. I started to suck on her nipples wildly as she pulled down her panties. She must have been feeling pretty wild, and less mad at her sister because she decided to lay down on top of her sister. She flipped her skirt up and showed me her ass.

Danielle was having too much fun to get upset over this as my cock stretched her tight walls with each thrust.

Their two bodies were close enough for me to live out something that I had only seen in porn. I pulled my cock out of Danielle’s pussy and slammed it into Hailey’s. She screamed and urgently shoved her hips back against me, bucking wildly. After a few seconds, I pulled out of her and shoved my cock back into Danielle’s pussy. Each time I would enter one of them, I would grab their hips to make sure they got it hard.

“Fuck, shit, fuck, yeahh, ugh, unnn, fuck,” the two of them rambled as they got fucked.

I made Danielle flip over to lay on her back now, and had Hailey turn towards me. After the quick maneuver, Hailey and I were making out, while I slammed Danielle’s pussy with all my power. A few seconds later, Hailey was moaning into our kiss. I looked down and nearly lost it when I saw Danielle eating out her sister. Danielle had spread Hailey’s pussy lips and was flicking her tongue across her clit.

Danielle was the first one to cum, as her pussy started to squeeze my cock in big contractions. Hailey’s breathing was getting more desperate and she was vibrating more into our kisses. She screamed out and came, squirting some juices onto her sister’s face. I kissed Hailey passionately as I watched her squirt onto her sister. I picked up the pace and rammed Danielle’s pussy deeper. Danielle was still eating out her sister, but Hailey was now helping me, bending over to lick my balls as they slapped against her sister’s ass. Every so often, she would switch to licking Danielle’s clit, putting the two of them in a 69 position while my rod bounced in and out of Danielle.

“You better cum in her you stud,” Hailey said. She ran her hands up and down my body, adding to the sensations that were already starting. “Cum, cum, cum!” she chanted.

Hailey then began to suck Danielle’s clit hard, barely avoiding my crashing body from each thrust. This sent Danielle into another orgasm, and finally brought me with her. I tried to hold back my cum as long as possible, but Hailey’s massaged my balls until I couldn’t resist, and my cum shot into Danielle’s pussy with a broken hose. I grabbed Hailey’s breasts as I filled up her sister’s pussy with my seed. After the final blast of cum, I pulled out and Hailey licked my cock clean.

“Isn’t it nice when you two get along?” I laughed.

Hailey smiled and gave me a playful slap on the cheek. Danielle was too worn out to respond, but I think she smiled too.

“Why don’t we let her recover?” Hailey beamed and grabbed my hand. “Let’s go play some video games!”

Danielle just nodded as Hailey and I ran off to her room. Surprisingly, Hailey actually turned on her Nintendo and sat down next to me. We were both still naked, which I wasn’t about to complain about.

“I’m totally going to beat you,” Hailey teased.

“Not going to happen,” I fired back.

“We’ll see about that,” she winked and started up the game.

After it became pretty clear that I was going to easily beat her, Hailey stood up and put her ass in my face.

“Hey I can’t see!” I laughed.

“Are you actually trying to look at the game around my ass?” she responded. She paused the game and reached down to stroke my cock. After she had gotten me hard again, she unpaused the game. Without saying anything, she sat down on my cock, impaling her pussy with my length.

I decided I didn’t mind losing this time. I put down my controller since I couldn’t see anyway, and guided her bouncing ass up and down. She started to moan but was still playing the game, making sure to beat me. That changed after I reached around and started to rub her clit. She started moaning louder and put her controller down to, grabbing onto the floor to help her bounce on my cock harder. She came quickly, gushing her juices all over my cock and using the extra lubrication to fuck me harder.

We heard feet on the stairs and Danielle called out, “What are you guys doing?”

“Shit here she comes,” I said and found the nearest blanket. Though we had all just fucked, I wasn’t sure if Danielle would be set off by this. Hailey seemed to agree and she stopped bouncing, siting down on my lap as best she could. My cock was pretty deep insider her at this point.

Danielle came in and rolled her eyes when she saw us.

“How is he supposed to see with your body in the way?” she asked.

“That’s the point!” she laughed. “I’m winning now.”

“I guess that’s a pretty good strategy,” she laughed too, and sat down by us.

I decided to have a little fun with the situation. I stuck my hand underneath the blanket and lowered some of my shaft out of Hailey’s pussy. I started to jerk off with the tip inside her still. I’m not sure Hailey knew exactly what I was doing, other than that less of my cock was inside her. I rubbed the sensitive underside of the tip of my cock against the inside of her pussy while I jerked. Hailey did everything she could to keep her breathing under control. The biggest surprise came when I was able to put myself over the edge and started to cum inside her pussy.

“Fuck!” Hailey yelled and looked back at me with her eyes wide open. I was blasting hot cum inside her as Danielle looked over surprised. “I shouldn’t have gone that way…” Hailey tried to play it off, her voice quivering as she felt the warm spurts burrow into her pussy. Danielle studied her a bit, then shrugged and looked back at the screen.

I took a moment to step back and wonder how I got myself into this amazing situation. Here I was, fucking two gorgeous sisters on a regular basis, walking around the house naked with them.

“So, where do I sleep tonight?” I asked with a small laugh.

“With me!” the two of them said at the same time.

“No way he’s staying with me!” the two went back and forth for a while.

“I guess it’s only fair that I stay with Danielle,” I said. “She is the one who invited me after all.”

Hailey pouted but I winked at her.

“Alright fine,” she said. “If you get bored, clothing is optional in here.”

Danielle and I went back to her room and laid down on her bed.

“Of course clothing is optional in here too,” she winked. She reached down and started to rub my cock, slowly but expertly bringing it back to life.

“I haven’t really gotten to taste you much yet,” she said. With that she got on her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Her tongue immediately started to swirl all around my cock, paying extra attention to the tip and underside. I reached out to play with her perky breasts as she worked her magic. With one hand she jerked my shaft and with the other she played with her pussy. As she got more into it, she started to take more and more of my length into her mouth. The friction increased and so did the pleasure, and I squeezed her breasts harder in response. This only urged her on more as her tongue constantly flicked over my cock head. She started to go faster and then looked up at me, with my cock still in her mouth, and shot me one of the sexiest looks I’d ever seen. She didn’t stop either; she continued to stare at me with that look on her face, jerking my shaft faster and flicking her tongue over my cock more. Her eyes brought shivers up my spine.

“I’m not looking away until you cum,” she said seductively, then wrapped her lips right back around my cock. It didn’t take her much longer to get her wish. I finally shut my eyes as she bobbed her head up and down deeper down my shaft until she forced my cum up to my tip and quickly into her mouth and down her throat.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned as I shot my load uncontrollably, holding onto her breasts firmly as each shot aimed for the back of her throat. She swallowed every last drop and then licked me clean.

“Ready for bed?” she winked.

I could only laugh and nod as my breathing finally slowed down. We both got into bed naked, and spooned as we fell asleep.

I woke up an hour later and noticed Danielle was asleep. I carefully moved my arms away and got out of the bed as gently as I could. I exited her room and shut the door quietly behind me.

Not surprisingly, Hailey’s room was lit up, although the door was closed. I turned the knob and entered her room. She was masturbating again, although this time she heard me enter and slowed down as I approached. She was in an incredible lingerie set; a black and pink matching bra and panties combo. The bra was an extreme push up one, and her breasts looked a full cup larger in them. She was also wearing knee high socks.

“Took you long enough!” she said, but there was a smile in her complaint.

“Yeah sorry, I kind of fell asleep,” I said.

“I knew you wouldn’t resist coming in here,” she said seductively.

I jumped onto the bed next to her and grabbed her breasts against her bra. As nice as it made them look, I would rather have it off, and unhooked it and tossed it to the floor. She went to work on my cock, wanting to get it hard again.

“I can’t believe you came in me during the video game,” she laughed. “What was that about?”

“I don’t know,” I laughed. “I decided to have some fun.”

“It was pretty hard not to moan,” she said. “Your cum feels so nice and warm when it’s deep inside me.”

She had me hard again and took the liberty of taking off her own panties. She left the knee highs on, and looked pretty sexy in just those.

“I haven’t shown you how flexible I am yet,” she winked. “I’m going to be a cheerleader next year.” She laid me down on my back on the bed, with my hard cock standing straight up. She smiled wide before working her legs farther and farther apart. She had one foot on either side of my legs and her socks got farther away from me as she stretched. Finally, she got herself into a virtual full split and sank her pussy down on my cock.

“Holy shit,” I said as I felt my cock push her pussy walls apart.

In this position she needed a little help, so I aided in bouncing her up and down on my cock, as she held her split as much as possible given the circumstances. Her breasts bounced beautifully as her tight entrance expanded to me.

“Now this,” she said, grabbing the bed to help her get off me, before getting on the floor. She put her hands on the ground and did an arch over the ground. As she stared at the wall behind her, I got into position and slammed my cock into her again. She held onto the ground as best she could as I pounded her tiny pussy. Her breasts flopped around in this odd position, and I bent over to suck on them as they found my mouth.

“One more,” she said and managed to right herself with a little help from me. She stood up, put one hand against her wall, and used the other hand to raise her leg as high into the air as she could. I took advantage of the position and buried my cock inside her, slamming in and out at a faster speed with the extra room.

“Now here’s one of mine,” I smiled and shoved her body against the wall, with her ass facing me. I wrapped my arm around her body and mercilessly slammed her tight pussy onto my cock over and over again, her breasts bouncing into the wall with each thrust.

“Oh fuck yeah, take me,” she moaned as I pounded her. I reached around and started to rub her clit, which brought on another orgasm, and her pussy juices started to leak over my cock and down her thighs. I was finding new depths of her pussy, thinking I might be reaching her cervix, as I brought her down harder onto my cock. She was moaning, just sort of screaming, not wanting to wake her sister up. It seemed she was basically in a constant orgasm at this point, as her juices kept leaking down her thighs, hitting her knee highs and even falling to the floor.

“I love, uhhg, your fucking cock, ughgh, so much,” she moaned. “Cum inside my fucking pussy. Ughh, empty your, uhhn, fucking balls.” She reached behind her and started to rub my balls as my cock started to swell inside her. Her tight pussy walls gave way to my every thrust as I buried my cock to the hilt inside her pussy. She screamed and covered her own mouth as my cum shot against her deepest pussy walls. Each twitch of my cock gave her another big, thick shot of cum, and each rope that hit her insides made her quiver. She came hard, squirting around my cock as I emptied my load inside her, and a mixture of our cum leaked out before I even removed my cock. After I pulled out, our cum rushed out, some spilling and sticking to her knee highs.

“Come back soon,” she winked as I headed to the door.

Part Four

I winked at Hailey as I left her room, stealing once last glimpse at her naked body, covered with sweat and still oozing my cum.

I slowly opened Danielle’s door and was relieved to find her still asleep. Plus, even if she was cool with me leaving the room to fuck her sister again, I’m not sure how much I had in me for the day. I had already cum four times over the course of the night and could actually use a break.

I climbed back into bed with Danielle as gently as I could. When I had settled in enough that I was done adjusting, I put an arm around her still naked body and let my hand rest on one of her perky breasts. Okay, so maybe I hadn’t gotten enough.

This was enough to finally rouse her, and Danielle turned towards me and smiled.

“Can’t sleep?” she asked as she noticed I was awake.

“Just woke up,” I covered for myself with a smooth smile.

“It’s nice having you around at night,” Danielle said. “it’s too big for just me.”

“Well just get your parents to move out permanently and we can always do this,” I laughed.

She laughed too but it trailed off after a little bit.

“Everything okay?” I asked.

“I guess,” she started. “It’s just a weird situation isn’t it? I mean just a matter of days ago we were barely acquaintances in class. Now we’re fucking, with my sister involved nonetheless, and you’re staying here for the weekend. Where does this go?”

I let out a long sigh. I knew this conversation was coming, as well it should have, and probably sooner, but I still wasn’t necessarily ready for it. I was enjoying this set up and wanted to have it for as long as possible.

“It’s tough,” I started. “There’s no denying that. I always thought you were cute, and to have this chance is mind blowing. Your sister is really cool too. Obviously, you and I connect on a more mature level that I don’t have with your sister, but…”

“She turns you on,” she said. “Clearly. I’ve seen her get you excited with her outfits and the way she talks and flirts.”

I looked down, knowing that everything she said was true. I was just glad she didn’t know about all the extra times Hailey and I had snuck off for a good fuck. It had been at least three times already.

“Well yeah,” I started. “She does. What do you want to do with this situation?”

This time she sighed and paused before starting, “I don’t know. I’ve clearly developed feelings for you. As you said we connect emotionally as well as physically. But if we were to date, how could this continue? I don’t envision having threesomes with my sister for the rest of my life.”

“It’s not going to be the rest of your life,” I laughed nervously, trying to quell some of the tension. “We’re still so young. Who knows what’s ahead of us. Why don’ we just see where things go and let it develop naturally?”

“I guess you’re right,” she smiled and climbed on top of me. She spread her legs across my lower body and slid down so that her pussy lips straddled my limp cock. She grinded back and forth.

“What’s the problem?” she laughed hard. “Can’t get it up all of a sudden?”

Of course she didn’t know how many times I had already cum tonight. Her sister’s pussy was still full of two loads of my cum.

“Shut up,” I laughed and poked her sides, which made her jump. Eventually, as she continued to rub against me, I started to feel the blood flow again and my hands cupped her breasts. I pinched her nipples between my thumb and index finger, and she shuddered and twitched on top of me. She bent over and started to kiss me passionately, and I returned the sentiment. Her tongue found mine and the two danced together, before a wrestling match ensued. With our tongues intertwined, Danielle reached down and grabbed my shaft in her hand. She pumped it a few times and then found her opening. A quick maneuver and she split herself on my cock, sliding down and moaning into my mouth was we made out.

This was certainly the most passionate fuck we’d had. Not in the a****listic passion we had shared a few times already, but in more of a romantic sense. We hadn’t kissed that much, but we were hardly coming up for air as my cock expanded her pussy walls. Slowly, she started to bounce up and down on my cock, and the vibrations from her throat became more noticeable.

As we continued, her restraint began to subside and she started to rub her clit as she bounced faster. My hands returned to her breasts and started to twist her nipples. She shuddered in excitement and picked up the pace again. She was struggling to keep our kiss up as her moans started to overtake her. She came hard and her pussy squeezed me in delight. This finally made her break the kiss and she moaned out loud. Danielle reached back and started to massage my balls, all the while not stemming the tide of her wild ride. Her bed was squeaking now from the increased motions. She stopped briefly and got on all fours, inviting me to continue quickly.

I had to take another moment to absorb the situation. I looked at this goddess bending over in front of me, with a perfect body and one of the best asses I’d ever seen. I climbed up behind her and slammed my cock back into her pussy, which made her scream out in lust. I alternated spanking each of her ass cheeks, making them turn a slight shade of red from their previously tan state. Danielle was slamming her body back onto me to meet each of my thrusts, as my balls now slapped against her clit as we came together each time. She went off in another orgasm and that brought me to the edge. She seemed to be getting used to the feeling of my impending orgasms, as I stiffened inside her.

“Cum inside me you stud,” she moaned and slammed into me again. “I want to feel your hot cum spurt deep inside my pussy. Hit me as deep as you can. Get to my cervix. I want to feel it deep!”

Her dirty talk finished me off as I pulled on her hips to enter her as deep as I could, and shot my load. I must have sent a dozen ropes of sticky semen against her cervix and deepest pussy walls as her contracting pussy made sure nothing spilled just yet. She reached back and rubbed my balls again, wanting to feel every drop ooze into her depths.

We collapsed in a heap and fell asleep. I don’t think I ever took my cock out of her.

I awoke the next day to a shriek. I looked around and noticed I was alone in the bed.

“I got in!” Hailey said and busted through Danielle’s door. She was dressed in a t-shirt and panties. “I made the cheer team!”

“Congrats!” I said as she hugged me tightly. I almost ran out of oxygen before she finally let me go.

“They’re having an initiation for me tonight!” she said. “It’s going to be here. Please come!”

“I-I mean well, sure” I stumbled. I had always dreamed of what it would be like to attend one of these cheerleader parties. I always saw pictures on social networking sites of girls in bikinis around the pool and in skimpy outfits having pillow fights. I couldn’t turn this down.

“Yay!” she yelled and hugged me again. “Oh and don’t worry, Danielle just went out to get some food. She didn’t want to wake you.”

Danielle, shit, what was she going to say about this? She seemed a little uncomfortable with her sister around. I couldn’t imagine how she would be with 5 or 10 other young girls. Maybe Hailey would have a decent idea.

“Speaking of her,” I started. “I don’t imagine she’s going to be around for it?”

“Naw,” she responded. “I wouldn’t want her crashing any of our fun.”

“And how do you suppose we can get her out and me here?” I asked.

She paused a bit. “Leave it to me, I’ll think of something,” she said.

Danielle came back a bit later and the three of us had some food and watched TV. As the afternoon wore on, I wondered if Hailey had come up with her plan yet. Danielle and I had just talked about where a one-on-one relationship might stand and this didn’t figure to clear things up any.

Just then, Danielle got a text message.

“Shit,” she said. “Rachel really wants to do something tonight, or all nights? Ugh, I don’t know.”

Hailey looked at me as if to say that’s your cue.

“Oh, it’s okay,” I said. “Go hang with your friend. I could go home for a bit anyway and then come back for the night.”

“Thanks!” she smiled and gave me a quick hug. “I’ll go get ready then. See you later tonight!”

Danielle ran off and Hailey gave me a high five.

“You’re slick,” I said, raising my shoulders in acceptance.

“Tonight’s going to be awesome!” she cheered.

I sat on her toilet seat while Hailey tried on a million different outfits and hair styles. It would have been pretty boring if it wasn’t for her being naked every few seconds. Believe it or not, it had been over 12 hours since my last orgasm and I was getting horny. She seemed to be distracted from this though, which was rare for her. I guess tonight was pretty important.

In the end she went casual, and wore a pink tank top and black cheer shorts. It wasn’t fancy, but she definitely looked like a cheerleader. After a few more peaks in the mirror, the doorbell rang.

“Let’s go!” she said, grabbing my hand and running down the stairs with me.

“Hi!” she opened the door and greeted the first couple of girls to arrive. They exchanged hugs as I got my first look at Hailey’s new teammates. One was a blonde haired, green-eyed beauty, who looked a little bit like Danielle, minus the eye color difference. The other was a red head, with beautiful green eyes, pale skin and lots of freckles. The former had an average chest, similar to Hailey’s, but the latter looked like she had full C’s, easily the biggest of the group so far. Both of them had unbelievably fit bodies, shown off with tight tank tops, and slender legs, shown with short shorts. Hailey seemed to fit right in with how she dressed.

“This is Chris,” Hailey said happily. “He’s a good friend of mine. I wanted him to hang with the group.”

I held my breath as the last obstacle for my night of fantasies that most dared not dream was tossed into the open. They studied me for a few seconds, and I could only dream of knowing their thought process.

“Sure” the blonde beamed finally. “He’ll be just fine.”

Before I could stop to analyze what that comment meant, another doorbell chime went off and another pair of girls walked in. One was a Latino girl with brown hair and big brown eyes, a great body and nicely developing curves. The other was a brunette with beautiful curly hair and yet another slamming body. When all was said and done, there were seven girls there, including Hailey. A few of them tried a flirt attempt or two, which I gladly received and reciprocated. Hailey was too wrapped up in impressing everybody to care.

The party started with some loud music and dancing in the living room. I still couldn’t believe I was the only guy here, as the girls seemed to go out of their way to grind on me. There was plenty of chips and soda around and everybody was having a blast. I was happy for Hailey – she was a great, energetic girl and I knew this meant a lot to her.

Finally, one of the girls yelled out, “Pool time!” and everybody made a dash for the backyard. In the midst of this, tank tops and cheer shorts went flying in all different directions, as everyone had come prepared with a bikini underneath. By the time I had walked over all of the loose clothing and made my way to the pool area, seven cheerleaders, with tight bodies, were splashing around the pool in bikinis. Every one of them had at least a flat stomach; a few of them had six packs. The girls all had varying size ranges of chests, everything from small B’s to full C’s. Most were pretty impressive for their young age.

It suddenly dawned on me that I didn’t have my swim trunks with me. I turned to go back inside to get them and was greeted with multiple, “Where are you going?” calls.

“I’m just going to grab my swim trunks,” I laughed and started for the door again.

“Just use your boxers!” one called out.

“Yeah it’s the same thing!” another said.

“Yeah,” a few more chimed.

“Give me a B,” one of the head cheerleaders started. Everyone laughed.

“Alright alright,” I said laughing and started to take off my shirt and then my shorts, leaving myself in just my black boxers. The girls whistled and gave their approval, seeing my fit body for the first time.

After enough prodding from the girls, I finally jumped into the pool, splashing everyone and setting off a round of giggles. A few of the girls approached me, touching my arms and asking me questions. I didn’t do much yet, although I did feel one of the girl’s six packs just to make sure it was real.

“Marco Polo!” one girl yelled out, and everyone cheered in return. One of the blonde cheerleaders volunteered to be it first. She called out ‘Marco’ and we all responded ‘Polo.’ She went immediately towards me, easily picking out my deeper voice for the rest of the crowd. Soon she was swimming right towards me until I was back against a wall. She crashed into me, giggling, and reached out for my cock.

“I think I’ve got him!” she said. She made enough contact with me to start my blood flow and she gasped loudly as she felt me grow. “I’m going to have to come back to you later,” she said and swam off. I didn’t know if she was talking to me or my friend.

The game continued on with the winner ultimately getting to fondle the caught person for a few seconds. Almost every girl went straight for me.

Some girls started to grow bored of the pool and climbed out. They dried off and went back inside. I decided to join them, as I had had enough water for now. The rest of the girls in the pool followed me back inside.

“Now it is time for one of our favorite activities,” the lead blonde called out. Everyone looked excited except for Hailey, who had no idea what they were referring to. “Let’s let the new girl do the honors,” she continued. Hailey was still unsure what to expect, until one of the girls untied her bikini top and let it fall off.

“Very nice!” everyone called out as Hailey’s perky breasts were revealed. One by one, every girl took her own top off and they started to compare their blossoming breasts.

“Your’s are cute!” one said.

“You’ve always got the best ones!” another said to the busty red head.

As I watched the girls feel each other and compare sizes, I watched in amazement. My cock was rock hard and pressing out against my boxers. Finally, the original blonde noticed and ran over to me.

“Look at this!” she said and yanked down my boxers. All of the girls giggled and yelled and came over to me. The blonde immediately stuffed my cock into her mouth, knocking me off balance in the process. I managed to lay myself down on the floor as all the girls crowded around. Hailey came over and kissed me, while giving me a look indicating that I owed her one. The girls started to crowd and force their way closer. I now had multiple tongues on the side of my cock while the blonde sucked as much as she could. Now it was the bikini bottoms that were finding the floor, as the girls stripped each other and started eating each other. A couple formed a 69 and I watched excitedly while three girls still sucked my cock.

Hailey was one of the ones in the 69, and was going at it with the busty red head. The site of them on top of each other was incredible, as their breasts jiggled and the moans started to increase. Still, it was tough to completely concentrate on them while I was in a dream situation. One of the girls started to suck gently on my balls while the other two focused on my head and shaft. I wanted to last a long time, but I knew I didn’t stand a chance on the first one. As my cock started to harden, the blonde yelled out, “Here he comes!” and jerked me wildly. “First one, cum for me!” she cheered and I let loose, painting her face with my cum, as the other two took a few blasts on their faces too. They started to lick it off each other’s faces, and the blonde quickly came over and spread her legs over my face. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and then tongue fucked her clit. She moaned and grabbed her breasts, and all of the girls came over and helped her get off. One finger fucked her and two girls sucked on her nipples while I sucked her clit. It was only seconds before she was cumming, leaking some juices out onto my face as all the girls cheered her through her orgasm.

“Don’t let him rest!” one yelled out, and two girls were back on my cock, trying to get me back up. The busty red head shoved her breasts in my face, which I lustily sucked on and played with. It became a blur of breasts and lips, each girl making sure she got some time to kiss me as well as get her chest played with. I was completely blocked from what was going on lower down; I just felt my cock being worked until I started getting hard again to the sound of more cheers. Before I knew what was happening, my cock was splitting a tight pussy, and I felt a girl starting to ride my cock wildly. I couldn’t even see what was happening, but I saw Hailey being eaten out by another girl to one side of me, so it was a random girl fucking me.

“Fuck him, fuck him, fuck him!” the girls cheered as one of the girls rode me hard. Just as I tried to get a look at who it was, the red head did a split on top of my face, and I started to eat her out. My tongue fucked her hole and my hands reached up to grab her amazing breasts. Some of the other girls were starting to feel my arms and body as I was being ridden, which enhanced all of the sensations even more. The room was full of moans from everybody.

My mouth was still buried in the red head’s pussy as I felt my second orgasm starting to build. Whoever it was continued to ride me as the red head came on my face, shaking and shuddering on top of me in ecstasy. Unable to move or speak, I felt my cock start to spurt into the unknown pussy, as the girl slammed down on me again.

“He’s cumming inside me!” she yelled. “Oh fuck.”

“Good!” one yelled out.

“Fill her fucking pussy!” another cheered.

“Take all of his cum!” a third said.

After I had finished filling her, I felt the girl get up off me, and saw that it had been the cute brunette with curly hair that had come during the second group of girls.

“Get him back up!” the blonde yelled and I felt my cock get engulfed by another mouth. I caught a glimpse of my cum leaking out of the brunette’s pussy. I was never aware that I could recover so quickly, but given the situation, it wasn’t taking all that much to get me back up.

“Who’s next?!” one cried out.

“How about Melanie?” one suggested.

“Yeah! Melanie!” they chimed in.

Melanie was one who I hadn’t seen much of. She seemed to be one of the more shy ones of the group, although she had been in on every festivity. She was a petite girl with jet black hair that was styled with bangs. She walked over slowly before a couple of girls shoved her and dragged her faster. She seemed a little unsure of the situation, but still looked excited. One of the girls helped me up off the ground and told me to take charge of Melanie because she was shy. The girls put Melanie onto her back and she looked up at me with an innocent look on her face. A couple of girls shoved me into place and my cock rested against her pussy lips.

“Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her!” the girls chanted as I pressed my cock into Melanie’s ultra tight pussy. She was probably one of the tightest ones I had ever felt. She threw her head back and the girls cooed in delight.

“Oh look at shy little Melanie getting fucked by a stud!” one teased.

“Suck her tits!” another yelled.

Two girls supported her arms and body to keep her in position while I fucked her hard. Two more started to suck on her breasts, licking and biting on her nipples. Another girl started to rub her clit and that quickly made her cum hard on my cock.

“Look at her tight pussy cumming!” one cheered.

“Who knew she was such a bad girl!” another said.

“Someone rub his balls,” one said. “Make him cum!”

“I-I’m not sure I’m ready to be cummed in,” Melanie said shyly.

“Oh fuck that!” the lead blonde said. “Make sure she doesn’t go anywhere!”

The girls grabbed her arms and legs, even though she hadn’t tried to escape, and held her wide open for me.

“Fill her pussy up!” the blonde said. “Don’t you dare pull out until she’s flooded!” To make extra sure she didn’t move, she spread her legs over Melanie’s face and made her eat her out.

Melanie had her eyes closed while she tongue fucked the blonde and was still moaning loudly. Her nipples were being sucked hard while she was being held in place, just in case.

“Don’t hold back,” the red head whispered in my ear and bit down on my ear lobe. She was massaging my balls passionately and licking my neck. “Fucking cum in that tight pussy.”

“She’s struggling!” one girl called out and everyone ran over to hold her in place tighter.

“I am not!” Melanie said in a muffled tone and giggled. I was guessing this might have been a game they were playing with her since she was the shyest.

Nonetheless, her arms and legs were held tightly in place, while the assault continued on her nipples and clit from her girl friends, and her pussy from my cock. Finally, I buried myself to the hilt and unleashed my load, feeling rope after hot sticky rope of thick cum shoot into Melanie’s pussy.

“OH FUCK,” she cried out from between the blonde’s legs.

“He’s cumming in her!” one yelled. The red head rubbed my balls more to make sure my cum was rapidly firing inside Melanie.

“Oooh it’s shooting into her so fast,” the red head cooed as I came. “I can feel his balls pumping the cum inside her!”

After emptying everything I had inside Melanie, the girls finally got off her. She laid there with my cum running down her inner thighs. I wasn’t sure what to think until she smiled and laughed. Guess it was a game.

“Let’s move the party to Hailey’s room!” one called out. “Not sure how much sleeping we’re going to get in tonight,” she said, and everyone laughed.

I wondered when Danielle was getting home.

Part Five

“Andrea’s next!” one girl yelled and everybody grabbed her. She seemed to be joining the game and struggled against the grip of the girls but couldn’t get free from the four girls that held each of her arms and legs. They proceeded to carry her upstairs into Hailey’s room and we all followed.

She mumbled something in Spanish and stuck her tongue out as we reached Hailey’s room. The four girls continued to hold her as we made our way to the bed. Andrea had gorgeous mid-range skin, what appeared to be C cups, and the best ass on the team. One of the girls that wasn’t engaged in holding her came over to me and knelt down. She grabbed my cock and started to work on getting me hard again. It took a little more effort than before, but given the situation, it was inevitable.

Andrea flailed against the girls holding her, though she had a big smile on her face. “Don’t let him fuck me!” she giggled. “My pussy is way too tight. He’ll break me!”

“Fuck her hard!” one yelled.

I climbed up closer to her and bent down to suck on her nipples. The girls all cheered their approval as Andrea still pretended to struggle. I rubbed my cock against Andrea’s pussy lips.

“Don’t let him!” she giggled again.

“Shut up!” the blonde leader (Ashley) yelled. “Hailey! Get over here and stick your pussy in her face!”

Hailey quickly ran over there and did a near split on Andrea’s face. She was facing me and smiled with dilated pupils at me. I had guessed that Andrea went right to work as Hailey immediately started to moan. As I thrust my cock into Andrea’s tight pussy, Hailey brought me closer and we started to kiss. The kiss quickly turned into a make out as I started to fuck Andrea’s pussy harder. Andrea’s muffled moans just added to the vibrations of Hailey’s pussy and she moaned loudly into our kiss. The girls all cheered their excitement at the scene.

A few seconds later, Hailey was cumming, and squirted her juices onto Andrea’s face, catching her by surprise. The girls all cheered, many unaware that Hailey had the ability to squirt. I had one hand on Hailey’s breast and my other hand on Andrea’s breast through all of this. The two girls who were observing finally got into the act, one girl starting to play with Andrea’s free breast and the other beginning to lap at her clit.

“Use this!” Ashley, holding her left leg said, temporarily removing herself from the scene and reaching into her bag. She pulled out a vibrator and tossed it to the red head (Alana) who was licking her clit. “Give me this leg bitch!” Ashley said and yanked it further towards her, giving me more room. Alana turned the vibrator on full blast and put it right against Andrea’s clit. Andrea shrieked into Hailey’s pussy as the vibrator hit her and my cock pounded her deeper. She quickly came, her pussy squeezing me tightly and her juices flowing around my cock. Hailey gave her some extra air, but continued to kiss me as the onslaught continued.

“Oh. My…Fuck!” Andrea screamed and moaned. “Fuck! Stop, ugh, it’s too much!! I can’t, uhnn, fucking take it!” Andrea thrashed against everyone holding her and managed to get an arm free. She tried to crawl away with it but was immediately grabbed and held tighter in place. “AHHHH!” she screamed as she came again as the vibrator combined with my cock to hit every spot. The vibrating sensations felt extra good on my cock when it got close enough.

Hailey started to kiss around my neck and chest, adding extra sensations. “Give her that big rod you stud,” Hailey started to whisper in my ear. She reached down and cupped my balls. “I want to feel you cum inside her pussy. I want to feel each pump of cum blast into her.” She rubbed my balls passionately begging me to cum inside her teammate. “Show them how much cum you have,” she continued. “Don’t stop until you flood her pussy.” My cock started stiffening up as Hailey talked filthy to me. “He’s gonna’ cum!” she cheered. “Hold her tight so she has to take all of his cum deep inside her! I’ll make sure every drop of cum fills her up. This is going to be a big load, I can feel it!” Hailey bit my ear and rubbed my balls again as I came hard, emitting an “Oh fuck” as my seed started to spill inside of Andrea. She muttered something in Spanish again and thrashed about as I came inside her. Multiple ropes of hot, sticky cum blasted into her pussy as they all held her in place. “Cum, cum, cum!” they all cheered and Hailey massaged my balls to make sure I emptied fully. Finally, they were satisfied and I pulled out, and my cum leaked down Andrea’s thighs towards her legs.

“I think he needs a break,” Ashley said with a laugh. “Let’s all go back out to the hot tub area! I think there are some nice jets in there.”

With that, all the girls scampered down the steps, although Andrea was lagging behind, spent from our fuck. Hailey stayed with me too, continuing to make out with me. Finally, the three of us went down and out to the backyard. Three of the girls had already found the jets, and were masturbating furiously with them. The pulses of water hit right at the clit, bringing on earth shattering orgasms in short amounts of time. Hailey and I looked on as the rest had fun.

“I’d say this is going well,” I laughed.

“Oh I bet you think that,” she giggled and kissed me. “I told you you’d have fun.”

“Danielle will be home soon,” I said. “What do I do?”

“Shit,” she said. “I forgot all about that. Ugh, let me see if I can get her to stay at Rachel’s.”

Before I could even respond, Hailey was inside the house, trying to work her magic again. I couldn’t picture Danielle agreeing to stay out, with this limited time arrangement of her parent’s being gone just one more night. But, if anybody could pull this off, it was Hailey.

“Help us get off!” a few of them called out to me from the hot tub. I laughed and walked over, jumping into the shallow water where multiple girls were moaning. “Support me!” Alana smiled at me as she pressed her clit on a jet. I got behind her and supported her weight, and reached down to feel what was happening. The strong pulse of water was rushing constantly against her clit, sometimes burrowing into her tight pussy. She reached back and stroked my cock, encouraging me to get hard again, while she moaned loudly. She must have started to cum because she screeched and then started to shake. I had to hold her in place while she rode her orgasm out against the jet. “Oh fuck, okay let me back,” she said. But I didn’t, instead pressing her pussy up even closer against the jet of water. “OH FUCK,” she screamed and continued to shake against me as I held her tightly in place. A couple of girls came over and started to suck each of her nipples, as her breasts bounced from her violent shakes.

The situation had once again succeeded in getting me ready to go again, and before Alana knew what hit her, I had grabbed her legs and impaled her tight pussy. I pressed her up against the wall of the hot tub and took total control. I had no idea if she was ready, but I had her where I wanted. I held her legs apart below the water, and mercilessly thrusted upward into her tight opening repeatedly. One girl grabbed her arms and held them above Alana’s head, as her red hair whipped around.

“Oh fuck,” Alana moaned. “Guys, I’m, ughhhh, not ready!”

“What’s there to be ready for?!” one laughed and then looked at me. “Keep stuffing that tight pussy full of your cock!”

I put an arm around her six pack body and used the position to slam her pussy onto my cock over and over. One hand grabbed her beautiful breasts as I kept her in a compromised position against the wall and her back towards me. One of my hands started to playfully pull her neck and head back towards me and I kissed her as I gazed into her gorgeous green eyes. All I could tell was that they were full of lust as I kissed her again.

“You’re. So. Big!” Alana panted as the wild pace quickened. Her pussy started contracting as she hit an orgasm. A couple of the girls were kissing her body up and down which caused her to shiver and twitch, but she remained firmly in my grasp. I felt my cock force open her pussy lips with each thrust; her walls expanding to accommodate me each time. Water splashed up and over the sides and the water level was getting lower.

“Make sure you get it nice and deep!” Andrea cheered.

“She’s a co-captain,” Ashley said. “So take pride in making her your bitch.” That got a big cheer and group laugh. I wrapped an arm around her fit body again and slammed her pussy down as deep as I could onto my cock. I unleashed a torrent of cum against her cervix, and the ropes came out in quick bursts, as if my cock wanted to see how many shots it could blast out. “AYEEE” she screamed and everyone cheered. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” they chanted. “Fill her up! Flood that pussy! Make her take it all!” they all yelled out. Alana just moaned and screamed and writhed on my cock, and the added friction just made me shoot more cum inside her. “How do you still have so much?!” she asked breathlessly.

As we calmed down from yet another high, I saw Hailey come out of the house. I gave Alana a quick, playful smack on the ass and went over to Hailey.

“So what’s going on?” I asked her as I reached her.

“Well,” she started. “There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is I couldn’t convince her to stay out. The good news is she seems exhausted. My guess is she’ll want to go to bed quickly. Just lay down and then come to my room when she falls asleep.”

I nodded and went inside the house. Knowing that Danielle was on her way filled me with mixed emotions. I felt bad about the situation, but we weren’t dating and this was a once in a lifetime occasion. I threw on my clothes and I saw some of the girls give sad faces out in the backyard. Hailey seemed to be explaining the situation to them. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up as much as I could. I dried myself off and fixed my hair to make it seem like I hadn’t done much that night. No sooner had I come out of the bathroom then Danielle walked through the door.

“Hey!” she smiled and gave me a hug. “Sorry I was gone so long. I hadn’t seen Rachel in a while.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I laughed.

“Hope you weren’t too bored tonight,” she said.

“Not terribly bored,” I said and hid a smile.

“Good,” she responded. “Let’s go upstairs and stay away from these crazy girls.”

I nodded and followed her upstairs to her room. She went inside and plopped down on the bed. She was wearing a nice dress, and was able to take it off with one swoop over her head. That left her in just a sexy matching pair of lace black bra and panties. I wondered if I had any sperm left.

“Man I’m tired,” she yawned and laid back down on her bed. I laid down next to her and smiled. She gave me a kiss and said, “In the morning, you’re mine,” and gave me a wink. I laughed and let out a small sigh of relief. I put my arm around her and waited for her to fall asleep.

About an hour later, I woke up. I guess the continuous fucking had taken a lot out of me. I carefully got out of the bed and walked down the hallway. I could hear some laughing coming from Hailey’s room. I opened the door and the girls all turned towards me.

“What took you so long?!” Hailey asked, and the rest echoed.

“I fell asleep” I laughed. “Guess you girls took a lot out of me.”

A chorus of displeased noises went up before Hailey grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the bed. A couple of the girls had me naked in a matter of seconds, which of course brought on a round of cheers.

“So much for the pillow fights and tickle parties I thought went on at these,” I laughed.

“Well that’s a normal night,” Ashley said. “We don’t normally have an amazing guy to kick around. Sometimes we have vibrator orgasm races. How do you think we stay in such great shape?”

I looked around and noticed multiple toys on the ground. I guess that’s how they passed the time while I was asleep. These girls couldn’t get enough.

“I think it’s the captain’s turn,” Alana said, and everyone cheered and looked over at Ashley. She gave an excited smile in response. “And it’s going to be awesome! We’ve got a fun thing planned specially for her.”

“What do you mean?” she asked curiously.

“Oh you’ll find out,” Alana winked. “Just go have fun.”

The time off had done me some good. I didn’t even need anybody to help me get hard as I was presented with Ashley’s gorgeous body. As she started to lay on her back, Alana stopped her and said, “No, why don’t you ride him.” Ashley gave her a quizzical look but decided to go along with things. I laid back on Hailey’s bed as Ashley climbed on top of me.

“Watch how it’s done girls,” Ashley said with confidence. She gripped my shaft in her hand and pumped it a few times. She grabbed a firm hold of the base and let the tip split her pussy’s entrance as she sat down. “Fuck yeah,” she moaned as she sank deeper and deeper onto my cock. It felt amazing as she dropped down, every inch pushing her pussy walls apart. After she got down as low as she could, she bounced back up and started riding me hard. Andrea came over and started to pay special attention to her perky breasts, which bounced noticeably with each drop. Andrea let her tongue lick all over her nipples and Ashley moaned with excitement. In the background, I saw Alana grab a strap-on and wrap it around herself. She put a finger over her mouth to make sure nobody gave any hint as to what was happening. She slowly snuck up behind Ashley and started by casually rubbing her hands on her back. Ashley was loving our fuck too much to remember that something special had been planned, and she continued to ride my cock like her life depended on it.

“Now girls!” Alana called out, and two girls grabbed Ashley’s arms, taking over control. They brought her towards the edge of the bed, although my cock was still firmly entrenched inside her. She struggled to turn around but couldn’t get a look at what was happening. Alana gripped the head of the strap-on in her hands and forced the tip slowly into Ashley’s ass.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Ashley called out in the surprise as Alana forced the strap-on into her tight ass. The two girls held Ashley in place and Alana got deeper. “AHHH! STOP!” Ashley whined as the strap-on went further into her ass.

“Let’s take her!” Alana cheered and thrust it into her ass.

“AHHHH” Ashley yelled, as one girl covered her mouth, knowing the situation of Danielle sleeping.

I joined the fun, after the initial shock, and started to thrust in and out of her pussy again. “OH FUCK,” Ashley yelled out in a muffled scream against a hand as she was tag teamed by my cock and Alana’s strap-on. Ashley struggled against the girls, perhaps not as a game this time, as Alana and I timed our thrusts together. Andrea started to bite Ashley’s nipples when they came across her mouth and Ashley’s screams continued to be muffled.

“Take it bitch!” Alana laughed.

“Stuff both holes!” another yelled.

It seemed as though any pain had subsided, although Ashley was still struggling. As I fucked her hard, I looked at her and saw her eyes rolling back with pleasure. Alana slapped her ass and eventually the hand muffling Ashley’s mouth was replaced with Hailey’s mouth, and the two girls kissed. Moans and various noises now muffled into Hailey’s mouth as Alana and I kept up a merciless pace. Ashley’s juices started to flow and didn’t stop, coating my cock and making it easier to fuck her quickly. Her tight body rippled with each contraction and her orgasm count was a lost cause.

“Woo! Look at her cum!” Andrea squealed. “I’ve never seen her cum this hard.”

“She’s never had anything like this,” Alana smiled and continued to split her tight ass with the fake cock. Alana and I joined hands and started to kiss around Ashley’s helpless body, stuck in perpetual orgasm, and kept the double fuck going.

Ashley finally broke her kiss with Hailey and said, “Fucking stop! I’m going to pass out!” Hailey continued the kiss.

“That’s a chance we’ll take!” Alana giggled and kept the pace going. “We’re not stopping until your pussy is filled with hot cum.”

Ashley struggled again but was no match for the hands holding her in place. Alana and I started to alternate thrusts now; she’d watch my cock disappear into her tight pussy and then bury her strap-on into her ass every time I pulled out. Hailey grabbed a vibrator and stuck it up against Ashley’s clit. She muffled a scream again and stopped struggling. She had lost all strength but was still conscious. Hailey purposefully put the vibrator slightly against my cock, and gave me a seductive look as she watched me feel the extra pleasure. Sure enough, this helped to put me over the edge, and my cock stiffened and I tensed up as my orgasm closed in. I felt the load build in my balls, move up to the base of my cock, travel up the full length, and build in my tip. I knew I had a big load stored as I held back as long as I could to savor this moment.

“Bury it!” I said as I stuffed my cock into the hilt, shoving right against Ashley’s cervix as my cum rocketed out of my cock head. Alana buried the strap-on as deep as she could into Ashley’s ass and her scream could still be made out in Hailey’s mouth. My cum had a mission to find its way into Ashley’s pussy as quickly as possible, and I twitched slightly with each pleasure-filled shot of seed. Hailey, Alana, Ashley and I finally collapsed in a heap on the bed.

“Fuck you guys,” Ashley laughed, completely out of breath.

Part Six

I figured that last act would be impossible to beat, plus it was getting late, so I got up to take my leave. I was met with a smattering of groans and protests.

“Sorry girls,” I said, laughing. “I loved this as much as you all did. Maybe you’ll come back for another party some time.”

That was met with some vigorous nodding and giggling. All of the girls gave me a kiss, and I exited Hailey’s room. I knew I had just experienced something that most guys dared not dream. I didn’t know if I was ever going to have a night like this again, but I was glad for the chance.

As I walked back to Danielle’s room, I was hit with mixed emotions. If I wanted to claim this spectacular girl as my own, I was going to have to do something soon. She wasn’t just going to be a toy, and I wouldn’t expect her to be.

I let out a small sigh of relief as I opened Danielle’s door and found her to still be sleeping. I crawled back into bed as quietly as possible, first laying far from her and then smoothly moving closer. I gently laid an arm back around her and fell asleep.

I awoke way too soon after that from Danielle’s stirring.

“Someone’s sleepy,” Danielle laughed, still in her matching black lace lingerie.

“Yeah yeah,” I laughed, but didn’t move. She didn’t know how right she was. I was damn exhausted and wanted to sleep more.

“I can’t believe my parents get home tonight,” Danielle said, sounding genuinely disappointed. “I’m looking forward to college so I can have my own place.”

“Yeah, it should be fun,” I agreed.

“So what do we do stud?” Danielle laughed and climbed on top of me. She grinded down onto my crotch and slowly got the blood flowing in me again. “Are you going to keep fucking my sister or do you want me?”

I laughed nervously. “It’s not necessarily that simple,” I started. “She would be so sad.”

“She’ll get over it,” Danielle said a little impatiently.

I let out a small sigh. “I know,” I said. “How about I try to wean her off?”

“How so?” Danielle said, laughing a little now.

“We’ll hang as a three less,” I started. “I’ll start to reciprocate the flirting less. She’ll eventually get bored.”

Danielle paused for a few seconds but then smiled. “Sounds like an okay plan,” she started. Then she bent over and started kissing me hard, and grinded on my crotch a little more urgently. Our tongues started to wrestle as she grabbed my cock. I was still naked from the night before and Danielle gave her black lace panties a tug to the side. She rubbed the head of my cock against her clit, and started to moan into our kiss. The vibrations picked up and she finally slid my head inside her awaiting opening. “Oh fuck I’ve wanted this” she moaned as she dropped down my length. When she reached her limit, she got up and started to ride me wildly. She ground down on my cock and let it explore all around the depths of her pussy, before finally breaking the kiss.

She got off my cock and got on all fours. She pointed her amazing ass at me, and looked back with a seductive smile.

“You’ve really got the best ass I’ve ever seen,” I said as I entered her pussy from behind. I gave her a playful spank.

“Well, maybe if you’re good, someday I’ll let you fuck it,” she said breathlessly. “I’ve never tried it but if you like it so much…oh fuck yeah!”

She started to cum around my cock as it rubbed against her g-spot with each thrust. I grabbed her perky breasts and gave them lustful squeezes as I continued to pound her. I rubbed her nipples between my fingers and this sent a shiver through her body. I then grabbed her hair and used it to get a little rougher, slamming my cock into her tight hole harder.

“Oh take me!” she cried out as I picked up the intensity. I pulled her head back more and felt my cock reach new depths inside her. I gave her a harder spank and she moaned out. I wrapped an arm around her body and used the position to slam her onto my cock repeatedly.

“Ho-ly shit,” she moaned louder as I got rougher with her than I had so far. “I’m cum-minggg” she called out and I felt her pussy spasm around my cock again. Her contracting pussy brought my orgasm rushing on and I felt my cock getting thicker inside her, stretching her walls further. “Fill me!” she yelled and I made sure not to disappoint, feeling my cock shoot off like a rocket, dozens of ropes of hot, sticky cum deep into Danielle’s pussy. “FUCK!” she screamed as I came hard, squeezing her breasts with each shot of cum. She fell over in front of me as a little of the cum dripped out. I gave her another spank and she giggled while out of breath. I grabbed her firm ass cheeks in my hands and squeezed them.

“How is your ass so perfectly tan?” I laughed.

“Sunbathing,” she said, still recovering.

“Damn, I should have come over sooner,” I laughed again.

“Then you would’ve been a stalker,” she laughed too. She slowly got up, still trying to fully catch her breath. “I think I could use a shower,” she said. She gathered a few clothes together and headed to the bathroom.

After she left, I decided to go see what was going on with Hailey. I noticed the house seemed oddly quiet, and her music coming from Hailey’s room. The girls must have gone home because all of the loose shoes and other items of clothing that were laying around were gone. Right before knocking on her door, I stopped myself. “Shit, I should probably start this process.” I went back to Danielle’s room and found my clothes. I got dressed and then knocked on Hailey’s door before entering.

“Hi!” Hailey’s face lit up when I entered and she hugged me. “Wasn’t last night amazing?! Like I even need to ask.”

I laughed. “Yeah, it was pretty much a fantasy for me,” I admitted. “I’m happy things went well though. I know it was important for you.”

“It was,” she smiled. “Thank you. The girls seem really cool and they all like me. I can’t wait to start practicing. They all want you at the next party.”

I laughed but took a deep breath. “I don’t know about that,” I said.

“What?! Did you not have fun?” Hailey asked, surprised.

“Oh no, it’s not that,” I said. “I’d do that every night of my life if I could,” I laughed. “But I can’t do that to Danielle. She likes me a lot, in more than just a sexual way. And I feel the same way about her.”

Hailey sobered up a bit. “Yeah I knew that was coming sooner or later. I guess I should just be happy I got what I got. I’m glad you were my first fuck.”

I was a bit surprised with the response. She was taking it pretty well and pretty maturely too. But she was definitely upset and I still felt a little bad.

“I told her that I would try to calm things down, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop cold turkey,” I smiled at her. “If this keeps up, we’ll probably go out, but we aren’t yet. She knows the situation and she accepts how things are right now.”

She seemed a little happier, but only slightly. “Grown up stuff sucks,” she said, with a mix of laughter and disappointment. “Maybe if I was a little older, we’d be at that point.”

I looked at her and sighed again. I gave her a kiss and got up to go back to Danielle’s room.

Danielle came out a short while later in just a towel. I admired her gorgeous legs as she paraded around, getting ready to get dressed.

“So I talked to your sister,” I said.

“Oh yeah?” Danielle responded.

“Yeah, she seemed to understand,” I smiled.

“Wow, maybe she’s a little more mature than I give her credit for,” Danielle responded.

At that point, Hailey appeared in Danielle’s door frame.

“Hey s*s,” Danielle said.

“Hey,” she smiled. “So, I know that you two are getting closer. And I know this fun situation won’t be around too long. But before we get to that point, can we go out with a bang?”

I looked back and forth at the two of them, smiling slightly at the play on words. I didn’t know if Danielle was going to be happy at her sister’s understanding, or if she was going to be upset that she was still going at it.

“Go on,” Danielle said.

“Well, I mean, our parents don’t go away that much,“ Hailey said. “We’ve got a few more hours. Let’s just go crazy. One more time. The three of us.”

Danielle paused and thought things over. “If you’re so eager for that, why am I the only one not wearing clothes?” she laughed.

Hailey broke out in a big smile and probably set the world record for fastest strip job, and soon she was naked. She clearly wanted to have some fun with me this time, and helped me to get out of my clothes. Danielle seemed as though she was going to oblige her sister, at least this time.

“Let’s get him ready s*s!” Hailey said, grabbing the base of my cock and inviting her sister to take the top. Danielle smiled and joined her, and the two different hands on my cock turned me on, getting me hard quickly. Danielle sucked on my tip for a few seconds and then let her sister take a turn. I reached down and grabbed one of each of their breasts in my hands, giving both a lustful squeeze. Hailey’s were definitely at least a little bigger.

Hailey then got up and climbed up onto my lap. “Pump it into me s*s!” she said as she split her legs across my cock. Danielle jerked my shaft up and down a few times and inserted the head into her sister. “Fuck yes!” Hailey yelled as it entered her and she started to ride. Danielle then got up and did a split of her own across my mouth. My tongue dove into her pussy and then licked her clit as she started to moan. I flicked my tongue back and forth against her clit over and over and her moans quickened and got louder. “Yeahhh!” Hailey screamed as she came on my cock, her juices gushing against my cock and escaping her insides. Danielle wasn’t far behind, and she let out a loud “Fuck!” as she came against my face. Danielle got off of me and I took the opportunity to lay Hailey down on her back and start to fuck her harder. She started to scream and grabbed the sheets over her head as I moved her slightly with each thrust. Her hands explored my body as I pounded into her tight little pussy mercilessly. Danielle was letting herself get into this, and came over to rub her sister’s clit. This pushed Hailey over again and she came around my cock again, her cum slowly starting to leak out. Danielle started to kiss me and rubbed my balls as I started to get closer. She felt my orgasm starting to build and looked me in the eyes. Her mouth curled to a seductive look and she whispered, “Do it, cum inside my little sister’s pussy.” As she said that, she lightly dragged a nail across my body and I shivered as I came, blasting an extraordinary amount of cum into Hailey’s pussy. “Oh there’s so much!” Hailey panted as she felt herself fill up with my warm seed. I let myself fall onto Hailey’s body and gave her a kiss as my cock still twitched more cum into her. She moaned a little with each bit of cum that found its way inside her.

“Maybe you can help me with the grand finale s*s,” Danielle said.

“What’s that?” Hailey asked curiously.

“Well, I think somebody here really wants a piece of my ass,” she looked at me and winked.

“You’re going to let him?!” Hailey asked.

“I think we should try it,” Danielle smiled at me.

“Oh let me help!” Hailey said and ran to her room. She came back with some lube that must have been left over from last night’s party. Danielle resisted the urge to ask her where she got it.

Hailey poured some of it out and rubbed it all over my cock. I couldn’t help but get hard again from this treatment and Hailey smiled as I grew in her hands.

“Neither of us have done this, so let me know if it’s bad,” I said to Danielle, and she nodded.

She got onto all fours, and this time I looked at her perfect ass and knew it was mine for the taking. Hailey wanted to be a part of this, and helped to guide my cock as I got behind her sister. I slowly pressed my tip against her asshole and Danielle held her breath as I tried to enter. Hailey helped by rubbing her sister’s clit while I entered her. I was making progress and Danielle was doing a good job handling it, when Hailey disappeared underneath her sister and started to lick her clit. This turned Danielle’s grunts into moans and helped relax her, as I entered more. I figured I was in far enough at this point and started to slowly push in and out of her. Hailey had inserted two fingers into her sister’s pussy, curling them to rub her g-spot, while still licking her clit. This was enough to put Danielle into ecstasy from the new sensations, and it wasn’t long before she was cumming. I had to slow down as her holes contracted from the violent orgasm. Hailey was making sure everything went well, and even started to massage my balls as I fucked her sister’s ass. I gave Danielle a spank and she cried out again as my cock was squeezed like never before. Hailey took great joy in going from my balls to the base of my shaft, rubbing the big vein and feeling it throb as the pleasure picked up.

“Fuck my big sister’s ass!” Hailey said, getting into things. “Her ass is yours, claim it! It’s just for you. Look how perfect it looks with your cock inside. Hailey got up and started to kiss my neck, while still keeping a hand down on her sister’s clit. Danielle was cumming again, and my cock was squeezed to a brief stop. “Look at her cumming for you. She can’t help but cum for your cock. She loves it!” Hailey kept cheering. “You better cum in her ass! I’m going to make you cum so much!’ Hailey continued to rub my balls and the base of my cock while kissing and biting my neck. Her fingers danced on the big vein on the underside of my cock and the pleasure began to overwhelm me. “Oh! He’s growing! I feel the vein getting bigger! s*s, he’s going to fill up your ass with so much cum!” Her fingers rubbed my vein and the sensation felt good. I held back as long as I could but soon I was cumming hard, filling up Danielle’s ass with my cum. “OH FUCK!” Danielle screamed as her ass was filled with hot cum for the first time. “So warm!” she panted and collapsed in a heap. I fell on top of her, cock still buried slightly in her ass and shooting more cum. I bit her neck and ear lobe as I felt her grunt as my cock shot the last ropes of cum into her ass.

“Out with a bang” I smiled at Hailey.

Everybody caught their breath and then cleaned up and dressed. I gave both of them a hug and a kiss and left. It had definitely been the best weekend of my young life.

The next day, I waited for Danielle before school, and we walked together, holding hands.


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