Her Ass at Last

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Her Ass at Last

I was starting to wonder if Effie was ever going to let me fuck her in the ass. For some reason I was getting obsessed with that idea, but she didn’t offer. She insisted that I come over on the 4th of July to join them at the neighborhood party at their community pool. I didn’t want to at first, but she said I had to, and I would be happy if I did, so I went.

When I got their house, Effie was in the kitchen supervising her husband’s work making potato salad, and she was upset that they were running late. She said that she still had to shower and shave her legs and get into her bathing suit.

“I barely have time to suck you off,” she said, and told me hurry up to the bedroom and get my pants off. I went up to their bedroom and got undressed and laid on the bed to wait. After about ten minutes, Effie came in started taking her clothes off.

“This has to be a quick one,” she said as she knelt on the bed next to me. No foreplay this time, she got right to work sucking my cock. She bobbed her head up and down quickly and stroked me with her hand. She was in a real hurry, so it wasn’t so much a blowjob as she just basically just jerked me off into her mouth. She stroked and sucked until I was completely empty.

“That’s so you’re ready to give me a good long ride later,” she said .As soon as she was done she jumped up started the shower running. She tossed me a wet towel and told me clean myself and get dressed.

I got dressed and headed back downstairs, and watched Tim loading a cooler with food and drinks. I felt a bit awkward, but then he asked me to carry it over to the pool area which was across a wide road from the house. I left the cooler, explaining that I was staying with Tim and Effie, and it was their stuff. When I got back to the house, Effie was dressed in a fairly skimpy bikini and a beach robe, and a pair of high heeled sandals.

“I still have to do my hair and makeup, so you two go on over and I’ll join you.” I felt a bit funny walking along with her husband, but he assured me it was fine.

“Relax,” he told me, “if it wasn’t you it would be somebody else. When we’re down in Florida she hangs out with a whole group of sluts and fucks around with four or five different guys.” I told him I was little surprised that he was so comfortable with what his wife was doing.

“It was something we agreed to before we got married,” he told me. “She doesn’t bother me about my drinking, and I let her screw around. When we got engaged she told me she would always love me and never leave me, but she had to have a lot of cock in her life. She said she could never be with just one man because she absolutely adored double penetration.” I was curious, so asked him how they met.

“It was over forty years ago, when we were in our mid-twenties,” he said.

“I was a bartender, and she was a nude dancer. I was working a private bachelor party, and she came in a did a strip show. Then she blew all 8 guys that were there. For some reason, her ride didn’t show up, so I ended up driving her home. I pulled into her driveway, and we talked for a few minutes. Believe it or not she was living at her parent’s house at the time. Anyway, to thank me for the lift, she sucked my cock right in the car there, and she took all my cum and swallowed it. I was in love with her from that point on.”

When we got to the pool, the festivities were in full swing. Tim immediately poured himself a giant glass of bourbon and told to help myself. I felt a little funny as the only black guy there, but the people seemed very friendly. Tim introduced me as a friend from Effie’s old job, and no one seemed surprised that I was there. Effie came one a few minutes later, and she was looking pretty good. She smiled at me but then went over and sat with a group of women and started chatting.

After a while, Tim announced that they were running low on beer and whiskey, so he was going to make run to the liquor store. Effie rushed over to me and told me that he was too drunk to drive and I should go with him and do the driving. She told Tim I would come along and help him and he agreed.

When we got back to the party, Effie was sunning on a lounge chair. She still had her top and robe on, but had taken off her bathing suit bottom. When no one else could see, she flashed me a view of her pussy. After a short while, she came up to me. “Let’s go back to the house for a while,” she said.

As we walked along she said, “Well today’s the day,” she said . “I need to be assfucked by that big beautiful black cock of yours.” I was amazed at how her just saying the words gave me a tremendous erection. As soon as we got in the house we began kissing deeply, and she easily slipped off her robe and took off her top. As I followed her up the stairs, her ass was right here looking me in the face. I had never had a woman who liked it in the ass, so I was really looking forward to it, especially after what Mike had told me about how good it was with Effie. I just couldn’t believe I was about to give it to an old white woman up her ass.

When we got to the bedroom, she undressed me and dropped to her knees to suck my cock. Within seconds I had a raging hard on. “I don’t use lube, so it has had to be good and wet” she said. She went over to the bed and began rearranging the pillows. She laid on the bed face down, and with two pillows under her hips her ass was up high. She spread her legs wide and reached back with her hands and spread her cheeks open.

“Okay baby, it’s time,” she said. I knelt between her wide spread legs and guided my cock toward her asshole. I pushed against it and was surprised how tight it was. She bore down and I was able to get the head in, but then she told me to wait. “Wait, wait,” she said, “It hurts more than I expected.”

“Should I stop?” I asked. “Fuck no, it hurts good,” she said. “Just like it should with a big cock. Just let me slide back onto it.” She raised up on her knees a bit and her legs squeezed my knees. She slowly backed onto to my cock until I was in all the way to my balls.

“Okay baby, start fucking. Go slow at first“ she said. I started thrusting slowly and gradually picked speed. She was thrusting back at me too and it was a fantastic fuck. “Now baby, harder and faster,” she said. By now I was fucking her with all I had and she was moaning loudly. “Oh yeah, pound me baby,” she said. “You fuck that white ass, baby,” she said. “It’s all yours, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me good.” I was really pounding away by now and she began to whimper. “Is it okay?” I asked. “It’s fantastic,” she said, just keep fucking.”

I guess I had seen too much porn, because I tried to get my hands to her pussy while I fucked her ass. I though that’s why women liked. “No, no,” she said. “No distractions, I just want to feel it in my ass.” I think she could feel me starting to build up because she said, “Don’t you cum back there.” You know I want it my mouth as usual.” I stopped fucking and began to pull out. I was amazed at how tight and difficult it was to get out. I finally pulled out with a popping sound, and she immediately turned around and clamped her mouth on my cock. It only took seconds for me to shoot my load into her mouth.
After she swallowed, we just lay back on the bed panting. She put her head on my stomach, and just laid there holding my softening cock in her mouth. After about fifteen minutes she told me I could leave or stay in the guest room for the night. Then she asked me to get Tim and tell him to come home. “My ass is sore,” she said, “and it needs some of his tongue work.” I told her I could lick her ass, but she said Tim was really good at it and it always made her feel better. So I went and got him, and decided to head home. I guess I felt a little weird about it. She was his wife, but I just didn’t like the idea of him licking her.

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