Holly (mf)

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Holly (mf)

As I had been doing for months now, I was naked outside at 3 A.M. drinking my morning coffee. It was another warm summertime Saturday morning, between 70 and 80 degrees. I stood just outside my open front door enjoying the quiet of the night and the warm feel of the air against my bare skin. As always I loved being naked and wished I could be this way all the time but, of course, it wasn’t possible. So enjoyed my own nudity as much as I could, taking the opportunity to be naked when I could. These early morning sorties being one of those times
of freedom.

Of course I had to remain cautious. Society doesn’t approve of public nudity even in the quiet early hours, and an occasional car may sometimes drive by in spite of the time. So I stayed alert to the sound of the rare automobile and would keep an eye open for headlights. And there was the possibility of a sleepless neighbor taking a walk or one getting an early start on the day.
I’d been nearly caught a few times, having to duck for cover behind a parked car, a bush, or into the shadows.

So when I saw the lights come on across the street, I quickly stepped back through my open door into the darkness of my house and waited to see what would happen next. This wasn’t first time. My milf neighbor, Holly, a single woman living alone would sometimes left get up for a few minutes then turn them back off and go back to bed. All I had to do was wait her out. This is what she did again this time, so once the lights went out I stepped out of my cover.

This time though, it was different. To my surprise, the door next to her carport opened, and I stepped quickly back and shut my door, leaving it open enough to see what was going to happen next.

I watched as Holly stepped out into her carport. She appeared to be, like me, head to toe naked! I certainly hadn’t expected this. She looked toward my house and although I didn’t think she could see me I got feeling she wanted to.

She walked down the couple of steps from her door to the surface of her carport then toward my direction but keeping under the shelter of the roof.
A half moon gave off enough light to remove any doubts I had – she was totally naked and looking in my direction, giving me a full frontal view.

I’d known Holly for awhile. She was an attractive neighbor – cute face 50 something with 5’7”, roundish shape but not overweight. She kept her hair short to the top of her neck and parted in the middle, a style I liked. And now I could clearly see, nice breasts with pert nipples and a brown triangle of curly hair down below.

As I watched from the shadows she tilted her head to the left then cupping her breasts, squeezed them then teased her nipples with her thumbs. Whether or not she knew I was watching she was putting on a show. I figured she had to see my door was opened a crack but wondered if I should step outside or not. It was risky. But then she was taking a risk herself.

I opened my door and stepped outside, giving Holly the full Monty.

Seeing me, she touched her pussy and in the stillness of the night I heard her saying softly, “Please come here.”

Without hesitation I walked across the street, my now lengthening cock swinging back and forth. When I got to her she put her arms around me, pulling up against her naked body. Looking into my eyes she said, “I’ve been watching you for a long time,” then put her lips on mine.

Standing bare skin on bare skin, we engaged in a passionate kiss while running our hands over each other, like two hungry lovers needing to breed. Then, pulling away Holly took my hand and said, “Come here,” and led me behind her car out of view from the street.

“We don’t need to have the neighbors watching,” she said before giving me a quick kiss before whispering in my ear, “eat me.”

I bent my head and started sucking her tits, running my tongue over them before concentrating on each pert nipple. Holly sighed as I nursed myself, feeling her nipples grow hard against my tongue. She placed a hand on the back of my head, holding me against her. As I sucked, I felt her hips begin to grind against me. “This feels good,” she whispered urgently, “now lower. Please!” Her hands pushed down on my shoulders expressing her desire for a licking.

I didn’t need to think about it. It had been a long time since I’d had my mouth on a pussy and I missed the taste of it. I dropped to my knees and put my face in between Holly’s spread legs and started lapping like a thirsty dog. At the same time, I inserted one finger inside her, then feeling her dampness, a second one.

She let out an involuntary gasp as I finger fucked her. Putting both hands behind my head this time, she ground her soaking wet pussy around my face covering it with her tasty juices.

I chased her around with my mouth, keeping contact with her sweetness, licking her while my lips sought her clit. As I sucked on the core of her sex she started crying, “oh, oh, oh,” repeating the sound over and over again, getting louder as I ate her. I was beginning to think she’d wake the neighborhood.

Pulling back a little but keeping contact with the tip of my tongue, I heard her say, “I want your dick.”

“Okay,” I replied, standing up.

Holly took my hand and led me to her backyard. There on her patio was a beautiful cushioned rattan corner group. Next to it was picnic table, like the sort you in at the park. She eased herself onto table and leaning back braced herself and spread her legs. I bent over and took another lick at her tasty pussy.

“No,” she said, “I’m wet enough and really hot and ready. I want your dick now.”

I straightened up and moved toward, my hard cock pointing the way. I rubbed the head against her slit, discovering as I did just how wet she really was. She wanted me just as much as I did her.

I aimed for Holly’s center and slowly pushed my way inside, feeling her open up and then encase my shaft. As moved into her we both let out sighs of pleasure. “Your pussy feels good,” I moaned as I reached all the way inside her.

“Thank you. It feels so amazing to have a man inside me again. It’s been so long. You feel so good in there.”

“I glad to be in there.”

“I’m particular John. Many have tried but you’re the first in a very, very long time.”

“I hope then that I’m worthy of the honor” I said leaning over to suck her tits as I slid back and forth inside her, my cock now slick with her juices. The same juices whose taste still coated my tongue.

Holly’s breathing quickened as I sucked and fucked her. She laid back on the table and grabbed my ass, massaging it as I rode her. “Faster,” she ordered and I increased my pace.

She suddenly shuddered as I started to move even quicker and taking her hands from my back where she had been holding me closely pushed me off. I was startled as she stood and said, “over there,” and moved toward the rattan sofa. Bending over and holding the cushion she looked over her shoulder at me. I took the hint.

I quickly moved behind her, grabbed her round, smooth ass, and inserting my cock inside her pussy, drove deep inside her soaking box. Then, she started to move on my cock, fucking herself with it. She was in charge of her sex now. I just grabbed her hips and held on tight, looking down, watching and fascinated as she took her pleasure on my hard meat.

She rode my shaft for what must have been ten minutes before my balls tingled and cock began throbbing. I blew a huge load into Holly’s horny hole. She felt my sperm shooting inside her and said threw clenched teeth, “that’s it baby, fill me up,” then collapsed on the sofa.

I followed her down, dripping the last of my cum inside. Then I felt her pussy muscle clenching then releasing, clenching, releasing as she milked the last drop of cum from me. I never felt so good in my life as I did that moment. I said to myself, “John, this woman can fuck!”

I finally softened and fell out. Holly turned and sat on the sofa. I sat down beside her. Looking me in the eyes she said, “You fuck good John.”

I smiled and let out a quiet chuckle, “You’re not so bad yourself,” meaning it. Holly leaned over and kissed me hard, open mouth, her tongue driving so deeply into me I thought she was going to wash my tonsils. Her hand rubbed my chest then down my stomach to my stirring cock.

She must have felt my excitement because she moved quickly to my cock and put it in her mouth, simultaneously cleaning it and getting it hard again. I thought she had pretty much drained me but it wasn’t long before I was shooting a bit of sperm in her mouth. She pulled off me, opened her mouth to show me her prize then made a show of swallowing it. “Mmmm, you taste as good as you fuck. We will have to this again sometime.”

“Sometime soon I hope.”

“We’ll see,” she said. “My son is coming home from school Friday and then there is your wife.”

“Well we’ll figure something out,” I replied.

“Of course! I don’t intend this to be a one time thing. But now we both have to get ready for work today.”

I’d almost forgot about going to work. In fact if I was single I might have called in sick and spend the day with and in Holly. As it was, I was probably going to be late to work. But it was worth it.

Holly walked with me to the curb, both of us naked and gave me a kiss before I dashed across the street. I got inside my house and was just closing the door as a random car drove past.

I was already starting to wonder how we would work things out.

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