Home alone, at last

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Home alone, at last
At last, home alone for a while …..

So, I managed to have a whole day home alone. My life is quite complex with people arriving and leaving regularly, then there’s me being away for short stays whilst I’m working so being home alone can be difficult.

But the problem was that I was missing being naughty, so I planned a whole day for FUN !!!

I started advertising that I was available on two French contact sites a couple of weeks ago, lots of interest and messages but as usual, quite a lot of nonsense, fantasists or guys without the real interest in some serious action.

But one of the sites is good for almost instant rendezvous so yesterday morning I went on line early, marked my profile as ‘receiving’ – being able to accommodate – and voila, two serious hits from guys who live not too far away.

So once confirmed, one for the morning and the other for the afternoon, I was in the shower, made sure I was shaved all over, into my lingerie, heels and makeup, hair done perfectly and then time to choose what to wear. I’ve just bought a pair of very nice tailored black linen trousers that went perfectly with the black stockings and heel, I very nice beaded sleeveless ivory silk top (I always shave under my arms too) and a live matching ivory coloured jacket, single button which a long black silk scarf.

I played a little online whilst I waited for my morning date, I just wanted to get in the mood with a couple of naughty ‘phone calls just to hear a couple of sissies wanking and then the first guy arrived.

Short, tubby, large stomach and he reeked of cigarettes. I always make it clear that I’m a non smoker and the house is a no-smoking area and I would have thought he would have been mindful of that, but no. I was his first ever trans experience, he was quite nervous so after chatting for a while and making him some coffee, I helped him relax, slipped his jeans down and saw what he had to offer – well, not a lot to be perfectly honest and difficult to get him into the correct position to actually get him in my mouth because his stomach was so big, even horizontal it was a problem.

But of course, a little imagination goes a long way and when I finally got him in the back of my mouth and I could deep throat him, things improved slightly and he relaxed. And eventually I helped him relax completely when he sprayed my throat with his cum. I wasn’t expecting much but I think he had been saving up because once I turned on his little tap it didn’t stop running, it was wonderful. And being his first time, he wasn’t expecting what came next – which was me – all over his face, he was rather surprised but after we’d cleaned ourselves up a little, he asked if he could see me again and whether he might fuck me during our next date.

Well, it would have been impolite to refuse, he’s not very long or very thick and I think he wont be too much of a problem to have inside me so of course I said yes, it’s just the smell of smoking that rather prevents me seeing him again.

After he left I jumped into the shower again to get rid of the smell, changed the lingerie and just slipped my dragon kimono on to wait for the second guy. He arrived promptly, I was waiting for him on the terrasse in my heels, lingerie, make up, hair done, kimono open so he could see my legs and he looked much more promising. Taller than my previous visitor, though not as tall as me in my 5” heels, slimmer and with some experience and that became evident quite quickly. My rule is that I never fuck on the first date but I was very close yesterday.

We sat on the sofe and I did the usual ‘seduce me’ pose, legs crossed at the knee so he could see my stockings with the 4” lace cuffs at the top, kimono slips to one side so you can see them properly, his hand on my knee, me stroking his crotch and then he stood up, told me to kneel, I opened his jeans and pulled them down to see a rather nice 6” or so cock, not too thick but this guy had experience. He wasn’t very subtle but that often suits me. He basically fucked my face whilst I gave him a great bj. I licked his balls and shaft, sucked, licked, tongued and pinched wherever I could and he loved it.

And he had some control, he was able to control himself for at least 10 minutes before he gave those delicious little grunts, his cock throbbed a few times and I had another mouthful of delicious cum. It was lovely, some dribbled out and he ordered me to lick it off and to swallow, which I would have done anyway but it’s nice to be reminded sometimes.

He left shortly afterwards, I cleaned myself up, showered again and changed but now I’m trying to find another clear day, the problem with having cocks to suck and cum to drink is they’re very addictive. And both guys want to fuck me too, so I think I’m going to be spoiled for choice soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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