Homecoming – 2

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Homecoming – 2
A tiny beam of sunlight peeked through the curtain and tickled Holly’s cheek. She twitched, rolled over and wrapped the blanket tighter against her body, shivering as she relived last over and over again. What was I thinking, she thought? She remembered how his cock slipped in and out of her mouth, her fingers buried deep inside her pussy and that spurt of cum choking her. She rolled over and stared at the ceiling. Why? She couldn’t answer her own question but one thing was certain, she would never go back there again.
Holly had vague memories of pulling her panties up and splashing water onto her face before leaving the restroom. She avoided eye contact, walked to the bar to retrieve her change, then rushed out. She felt humiliated and ashamed, sickened by her slutty behavior. Holly was glad she was a stranger. Nobody knew her, not in that part of town. Holly’s body jerked and she crawled into a fetal position, pressed her knees hard against her breasts as tears fell. The alarm rang and Holly realized she had to get over last night and go to the hospital and see dad. She couldn’t allow last to night to interfere with why she was there. Her life had to move on.
Holly showered, dressed and drove to the hospital. Her dad was finally out of recovery but asleep when she walked into the room. Her mom was snoozing in the chair next to the bed. A nurse checked his vital signs.
“Daughter,” she whispered when the nurse looked up. Mom opened her eyes, reached out her hand and Holly squeezed it. “How is dad?”
“He’ll be fine, sweetie. You slept okay last night?”
“Yes, mama.” Holly suppressed the image of that hot, throbbing cock filling her mouth, her fingers buried deep inside her pussy. “I slept well.” She hugged mom, sat on the edge of the bed and held dad’s hand. “He looked so pale.”
“Wait until he fully wakes up.” Mom laughed. “He is going to be a terror.” Holly brushed the hair away from his eyes and sighed.
“You must be tired. Did you get anything to eat?”
“I’m fine, sweetie.” Holly smiled and knew she didn’t have to worry. Dad was doing well and mom was in control. She spent the day taking care of both parents, holding dad’s hand, making sure mom ate something, being the dutiful daughter. When visiting hours were over, she convinced mom to go home, to get a good night’s sleep. She told dad to behave, then drove back to her parent’s house.
They arrived home and while mom showered, Holly sat in the den wanting a drink, anything to ease the edge. She wished she bought a bottle of wine but she drove straight home. She kept dreaming of last night, how his cock poked through the hole, begging to be touched, caressed, relieved. Stay home, she kept telling herself, but she craved the sudden attention. Attention? Being used as a fuck toy for total strangers? Tears welled in her eyes but she realized her panties began to cling to her wet pussy. This can’t be happening, she whispered. She reached down and slowly rubbed herself but mom, finished with her shower, interrupted and Holly’s fingers retreated.
“I’m going to bed sweetie. You going to be okay?”
“I’ll be fine, mom.” Holly felt her thighs shaking. “I may go out for a little while but I’ll be fine.” She kissed mom after wishing her sweet dreams and went upstairs. Standing in front of the mirror, she dreamed about last night and her willingness to lean over to satisfy someone she never met. She imagined a hard wet cock, the rush she felt when the strangers spurted on her thigh, then in her mouth. Holly could barely stand. She took off her shirt and bra, pulled down her jeans and stared at her body. Noticing the spot on her panties, Holly pushed three fingers under them and realized how wet she really was, how excited she felt when her fingers touched her pussy. She ached to find release.
“Oh God.” Holly’s voice was barely audible as she stepped out of her jeans, reached into the travel bag and pulled out a bra, a loose-fitting skirt and a fresh blouse. Holly thought for a moment and put the bra back. She dressed in front of the mirror and admired how her nipples, hard from her excitement, poked through the soft material. She dreamed someone’s cock was sliding between her breasts, his cum dripping, his groans reaching her ears. Not wanting to wake mom, she tiptoed down the stairs and out the door.
Holly drove toward town debating to go back or find another bar for her glass of wine. Who knows, she thought? I could meet someone who would want me, take me home and make love to me. She wanted to turn a block before that failing Rolling Rock sign, take a different route but she couldn’t. She had to go back, sit at the bar and drink until she had to pee. After parking the car, Holly sat for five minutes, scared to move, but she finally unbuttoned a couple of buttons of her blouse, locked the car and walked in.
It was Friday night and the room was more crowded. Holly walked to a deserted part of the bar, avoided all eye contact and sat down. The same woman who was working last night crushed out a cigarette before walking toward Holly.
“Chardonnay?” Holly nodded, watched her open a bottle with a familiar label, pour a healthy portion into a clean glass and placed it on the bar. Holly produced a twenty but the woman didn’t take it. Instead, she lit another cigarette, then began washing glasses. The wine tasted wonderful and Holly felt the warmth of the alcohol. She also felt her nipples protruding, sensitive to the soft touch of her blouse. She turned so she would be facing the room, hoping she was being watched. Again, she prayed no one would wander up and try to strike up a conversation. Holly wanted more and finished her glass. Without asking, the glass was filled and her twenty remained.
Holly stole a glance around the room and realized many eyes were staring back. She suddenly loved the attention and turned her body more, hoping enough cleavage was showing. Before she finished her second drink, another filled glass sat on the bar. Holly knew she was drinking to fast but she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was touch someone’s cock, to rub her pussy and cum. She didn’t realize it but she slowly spread her legs for anyone looking to see her stained panties, an invitation. Holly didn’t sip her third glass. She drank it, eased out of her chair and walked to the restroom. Closing the door, she went to the last stall, pulled up her skirt, slipped her very wet panties off before sitting down. She began rubbing her pussy.
Holly heard that familiar sound of footsteps in the hall, a door opened, the light turned on. Her fingers froze as she leaned over and peeked through the hole. She watched him pull down the zipper of his pants. He pulled out his very hard cock. He began rubbing it slowly while turning toward the wall. Holly ran her finger around the perimeter to beckon him, praying his cock would slip through for her to enjoy. Instead, he kept masturbating and came in his hand. Cum oozed between his fingers and fell on the floor before he rammed his cock back into his pants and fled.
“Shit.” Holly unbuttoned her blouse and resumed rubbing her pussy, praying for what she craved. More steps, the door opened and she could see bulging jeans standing very close to the hole. She watched his fingers slowly pull his cock out. “Yes,” she whispered. He turned and slipped his cock through the hole.
Holly touched it and she saw it throb. She ran her fingers up and down his shaft, exciting him, teasing him. She squatted and began rubbing his lubricated cock between her breasts, loved how it slid up and down in a wonderful rhythm. Holly pressed her nipples against his cock in a matching rhythm. She spread her legs to maintain balance. She bent her head down and each time his cock thrust up, she would kiss its tip, taste him while squirming on shaky legs. Her pussy ached. Holly didn’t need to touch herself. His cock buried deep between her breasts was more than enough. She squeezed them tight, his cock pumped faster in desperate strokes. He groaned, rammed his cock hard and spurted. Cum splattered against her chin, fell onto her breasts and dripped onto her lap. Before she could savor the excitement, he pulled his cock out and left.
Holly sat back down and allowed his cum to leave a sticky trail on her skin. She rubbed her fingers in his sperm before licking them clean. The salty taste excited her and she knew what was waiting for the next guy who shoved his cock toward her. Soon, the familiar sound of footsteps, the door opened, closed and light poured into the stall. Holly fell to her knees, moved her mouth closer to the hole, hoping, no praying to suck him off. She could see him pull out his cock and wave it in front of her. Her moans seemed to excite him. He stepped closer, then shoved his cock toward her waiting mouth. It was slim, very long and it arched upward with a tiny glob of cum peeking out of its tip. Holly reached up, pulled it lower and opened her mouth. She teased it with kisses and a lick down the shaft before slipping it deeper between her lips. She slowly worked her mouth up and down, feeling it fill her. He groaned and pressed harder against the wall. Holly felt his cock slip deeper, her breath heavy, her passion growing.
Holly didn’t hear the stall door open but she felt the heat of someone standing close. Rough hands grabbed her waist, lifted her up and she panicked. No! She tried to scream but words couldn’t form as she sucked the cock harder and faster. Feet kicked her legs wider and she felt her body lower, his cock pressing against her pussy. Oh God, she thought, but all she could think about was the cum glistening on her lips and chin. Those rough hands pressed harder and she felt his hot, throbbing cock penetrate her pussy. She tried to scream but couldn’t. His shaft filled her as she squirmed, tried to pull away but, she was pinned.
Holly felt helpless. Each time she felt his hard thrusts inside her pussy, she would feel her mouth being ravaged. Cum trickled down her throat and she wanted to flee. Not this, she begged, but with each thrust, she pressed harder and wanted more. She squeezed her muscles and felt cum ooze into her. Silent screams became moans as his cock rammed deeper, her hands rubbing spent cum over her breasts. Her mouth filled and she gagged. Cum spilled out of her lips, down her chin and coated the top of her hands. She rubbed her breasts harder and pinched her nipples. Holly heard a groan and she felt the other cock explode very deep inside her body and she came so hard. Her body raged out of control, her spine tingled, her pussy contracting.
He kept fucking her faster and she fell into oblivious lust, begging for more, not wanting this feeling to end. Even though he was losing his erection, Holly took control. She reached between her thighs and started rubbing his limp cock against her clit. His wet, spent toy teased her, excited her, his cooling cum coated her very sensitive clit.
“Oh God!” Holly pressed it hard and began to shake. Her body screamed for release as she arched her back, quaking and tense, forgot her sadness and frustration after all those years with Bob. Her excitement carried her beyond what she ever experienced.
“Finally.” She fell into spasms and couldn’t stop her orgasm. She felt his cock pulling out of her fingers but she kept rubbing her clit, hoping to prolong the moment, to never end her happiness. She collapsed into the corner of the stall after both men fled.
Holly was finally alone and started to cry. She cleaned herself up but her blouse was hopelessly stained. She was afraid everyone would see and know. What is happening to me, she thought. She just wanted go home, get in bed and have this evening behind her. She pulled her panties on and suppressed all the fears overwhelming her. She was about to leave when she heard the men’s room door open. His thighs stood so close. He slipped his jeans, then jockeys down and started playing with his cock. She gazed at his wonderful cock, so hard, so inviting. Holly fell to her knees and pressed her opened mouth against the hole.
“Fuck me, baby,” she whispered, “fuck your angel.” She waited for his hot cock to find her eager mouth

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