Hot and steamy

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Hot and steamy
Hot and steamy

The gym was busy, that’s when I first saw her, her feet pounding the treadmill at a speed that would put a marathon runner to shame. The beads of sweat pouring off her brow, dripping onto her cleavage and down between her large amply breasts disappearing from view and then reappearing as a wet patch on her pink vest. Bead after bead poured from her, again the same route taken. I watch in ore as she intensified the pace.
Other members around were training hard, some not so hard, some just damn right lazy. I had just finished a spin class and was filling my water bottle up. That’s why I was there. Bending down towards the drinking fountain, I kept one eye on her and one eye on what I was doing. The cold water smacked my lips like an ice cube hitting water. The water splashed over my already sweat ridden body, causing a jerk reaction from me.
The grace and rhythm of her body was perfect unison with the running machine. Finishing at the water feeding station, I proceeded into the changing rooms to exchange my spin gear with my swim gear. I was glad nobody was around that very moment as I pulling up my trunks over my semi erect penis quickly.
With a towel d****d over my shoulder and the warm air rising up the stairs that I was descending, I opened the door and I arrived in the pool area.
Having just finished the spin class, I knew that most people had gone however there was one other person swimming. A lady in her late 60’s walking up and down the pool. Apparently convinced that this exercise would lose weight and give her muscle tone. My initial thought was if she lost 3 stone it still would not show. However she was happy.
I showered as the sign told me before entering the pool, and then adjusting my goggles I stood at the edge of the pool and got ready to swim. Up and down I swam whilst counting lengths, 1,2,3, etc.
Length after length I tick off the numbers 73 74 75 , the end way still 40 lengths away and the heart was pumping, the muscles aching. However I was distracted by a shadow walking along side the pool. I could make out an elegant figure, a lady, a lady who carried herself well and was very trim indeed. Not an ounce of fat to be seen. The same Lady that was running just half an hour ago. The towel that was wrapped round her swimsuit was placed on the peg revealing a slender looking expensive black and white high leg swim suit.
She proceeded to enter the water, not diving, not using steps, but slipping into the water with little or no splash. The next 40 lengths swam went by in a flash, as I went alongside this lady. Her hair was short and white as snow, not grey or out of place in anyway. Her head kept still as she did the breast stroke. Her long legs exaggerated by her high cut swim suit. They looked silky smooth as the water flowed off them with little ease. Each stroke her legs parted and came together in an erotic manner.
With my heart pumping hard I finally finished to swim that I had set myself, resting at the end of the pool for one last minute I looked for the lady but she was not there. How strange? Where had she gone? Thinking that I had missed her get out I lifted myself out of the pool and proceeded to make my way to the steam room. Opening the door, I entered through the mist and steam. It was very dark, I could only feel my way around to the seat in the corner. I sat down breathing heavily.
“I was watching you” came a question totally out of the darkness. Shocked I looked round; I could still not make anybody out. Who is that I asked? A figure in a swim suit moved towards me and I could now make out that the swim suit was being worn by the lady earlier. Shocked to hear a voice I could only mutter thank you to her. Do you mind if I sit next to you? I find swimming very erotic and thought provoking? She said that she can lose herself in erotic thoughts whilst swimming and nobody knew. Tongue tied, I nodded my head in approval.
She introduced herself as Sarah. I told her my name. Sitting next to me I could see that her swim suit had tie sides, I made polite conversation however knowing that my manhood was now showing signs of erection, I placed my hand over my groin.
I am see that you are thinking of this situation aren’t you came a reply. Well at that moment I wished that my trunks were bigger because the bulge grew larger. Don’t cover up for me she said, with this steam and the sweat beads pouring off us both I am so turned on I could fuck you right now. Shocked and flabbergasted by this remark, again I muttered a reply on the lines of well we are alone aren’t we and I am a man who has needs. What a silly answer!.
Her hand reached across to my trunks and slid across the top of them. Her index fingers sliding just inside feeling my neatly shaved pubic hair, My legs parting slightly in response. Again my manhood straining at its lease to be freed.
To counteract this move I reached across and placed my hand on her right leg, smooth and silky to the touch. Her reaction was not of shock as she was in total control. she parted her legs to reveal the material of her costume. Both moving our hands toward each other I followed the outline down between her thighs and stopped level with her slit. I could feel the material slightly indented and forming the shape of her entrance at the same time feeling my manhood released from my trunks like a coiled spring. I moved my head and kissed her gently on the lips inserting my tongue inside her mouth. She must have enjoyed the French kiss as I could feel her hand gripping my cock and slowly raising it up the shaft. Again I responded by moving the material to one side pushing my finger deep inside her. Even in the heat of the steam room I could feel the warmth of her juices flowing over my fingers. Removing them for a short time I raised them up and placed them inside her mouth allowing her tongue to taste the juices.
I want you now she said as she licked my hand dry, I want you here and I want you now. Without hesitation and thought for anybody else around I raised her body and aligning me cock with her pussy I lowered her down. Slowly the head disappeared inside her pussy, then half of it then all of it was inside. We stayed in this position for a short while whilst adjusting our position to take full advantage.
Using her hand as supports, she raised her body until her pussy was just holding onto my cock inside her and with one great thrust she dropped down again shooting me erect penis deep inside again.
Repeating this movement again and again she knew I was near to coming as I started to move with her. Her orgasms flowed one after another and then Just I was about to ejaculated, she in one movement released my cock from her cunt and placed my cock into her mouth, awaiting the arrival of my spunk.
It came shortly and with vengeance, hot, sticky and lots of it flowed from my jap’s eye straight down her throat and without hesitation swallowing every last drop.
Raising her head and licking her lips, she smiled and without saying a word rose, adjusted her costume thanked me and left never to be seen again.
Well steam rooms have never been the same since. Looking forward to another swim and steam soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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