Hot Time With You

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Hot Time With You
I am sitting at home thinking about the night we shared a few days ago. Thinking about it gets me super horny and I start touching my very hot wet pussy again. Suddenly a message from you pops up on the screen just like last time. I smile and touch my pussy more as I watch what you type.

“I’m free tonight and want to see you. Let’s meet.” you say.

I smile a wicked smile and use my free hand to reach the keyboard. I then start typing back.

“I’m free too and want to see you. I want you really badly. See you at 8.” I say.

You read what I type and you feel your cock get hard for me. You know that tonight you are finally going to get to feel my mouth on your cock. The thought of that alone makes your cock throb. We both chat for a while discussing all the naughty things we want to do to each other.

Before we know it, it is almost time for you to leave to come for me. We wrap up our conversation and I give you a kiss. You get ready to come to see me, getting in your new vehicle. You then drive to my house your cock so hard it’s straining against your pants wanting to be freed. You reach my house quickly and jump out going up to the door. I am waiting in the living room when I see you pull up.

I jump off the couch and run to the front door walking outside greeting you as you reach the front door yourself. We embrace in a hot kiss, with my arms going around you pulling you close to me. You kiss me back letting your arms do the same. You then lightly push me back against the brick of the house kissing me more, your kisses becoming more passionate.

I want to take you right there but I know I must wait till we get to our destination. We kiss a little bit more then stop both of us breathing hard. You look at me as I look back at you. We then walk to your vehicle together you opening the door for me. I get in and you shut the door. You then get in and start the vehicle backing out onto my road. We both know that we want to go back to the motel we were at before. However, I feel myself becoming so horny that I know I cannot wait that I must have you before we get there.

You go to pull onto the main road but I tell you to turn left instead of right. You want to question why but you decide not to as you know I know where I am going. You turn left and we head down the road. I start looking for deserted road we could pull off to. I then see one as we are driving and I ask you to pull over. You do and stop the car. I then lean over and start kissing you. As I kiss you, I let my hand wander onto your crotch feeling your hard cock throb. You moan into our kiss loving how my hand already feels.

You want me to take your cock right there. I want you in the backseat so we can stretch out some. I stop kissing you and get into the backseat. You notice and join me, pulling your pants then your underwear off at the same time letting your hard cock spring free. You toss them into the front seat. You then sit back and wait for me. I see you sitting there with your cock shining in the moonlight. I lick my lips and lean down taking your cock in my mouth. I start sucking you feeling how incredibly hard you are. I use my tongue to circle the head and start moving my mouth up and down your shaft.

You look down as I am sucking you and you let out a series of moans. You love how good my mouth feels on your aching hard cock and you can hardly wait to come deep inside. You bring one of your hands up and run it through my hair as I suck you. You then let your eyes close in the heat of passion. I feel your hand run through my hair as I suck your hard cock.

You taste so good and I love how hard you are for me. I am now deepthroating you letting my mouth bob up and down. I feel my pussy wetten more each time I suck you into my mouth. I want you to cum so badly so I can feel it and taste it. I moan against your cock to turn you on more as I want to make you so hot you cannot stand it.

The time passes quickly as I suck you more and more. You are coming close to cumming and let me know by thrusting your cock up into my mouth and letting your hand run more through my hair. You know you are almost there that it will only take one more suck to make you reach your orgasm.

“Baby I’m almost there. Make me cum, please.,” you say.

I hear you and I aim to please. I make a vacuum out of my mouth and suck harder. I want to taste you so badly. God, so very badly. You feel it coming and you thrust one more hard thrust. You then moan out into the car and night air as you explode.


I taste your warm hot cum as I keep on sucking. I start swallowing every sweet drop not wanting to miss any. My pussy is on fire now and I know I have to get some immediate attention to it before I go crazy. I keep on sucking the rest of the cum out of your cock and then pull my mouth away licking my lips. You rest your head back against the backseat catching your breath. You know I must be going crazy with lust by now and you want to please me. However, you figure it would be best to get to the motel first before you do so you can have me spread eagle so you can get your tongue in there deep.

“I know you want some attention to that pussy baby. So let’s get to the motel so I can lick you and make you cumm all over my tongue.,” you say.

I smile at you and climb back into the front seat. You then join me putting your things back on. We then head down the road to the motel. You waste no time getting there as the thoughts of what you are going to do to my pussy are running through your head and starting to get you hard again. We reach the motel quickly and you get out to get us a room.

You go in and get the room. You then come back out and get in the vehicle driving us over to the room. Reaching the room quickly, you stop the car and we both get out practically running towards the door. You beat me to it opening the door first and turning on the light. I walk in next sitting my wallet on the table as do you the same. We then embrace again our kisses still soft and sweet but with passion behind them.

You lead me to the bed kissing a little bit more. You then stop long enough to undress me and throw my clothes on the floor. I let you then do the same to you. Once we are both naked, you start kissing me again letting me slowly lay down on the bed as you join me. I spread my legs and you place your hand on my pussy feeling how wet I am.

You slip two fingers in my tightness and start fingering me. I moan through our kiss as I feel you fingering me. It feels so good and I can hardly stand it. You start fingering me more letting your lips leave me and move down onto my tits where you suck on the nipples one at a time. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy, as I am so hot I do not want to wait. Your fingers feel good but at this moment, I want to feel your powerful tongue on my hard little clit and deep inside my fuckhole licking me then tasting me.

“Lick me.” I beckon to you.

You hear me and are more than happy to oblige. You get down on your knees letting your fingers slip out. You then place my legs on your shoulders as you start licking my clit. You work your tongue on my clit so good, only the way that you can. You taste my juices as they run onto your tongue and into your mouth.

You swallow them down still loving the taste and go back for more. I am going crazy now moaning out loud with so much pleasure. I have my hands in your hair running them through as I feel your tongue working my pussy over so good. My clit is throbbing under your tongue and I just know I am going to cum soon.

I push my pussy up into your face as you lick wanting to have you taste my cum and to have you feel how hot you make me. You feel my pussy being pushed up into your face and you love it. You just keep right on licking feeling my clit throb. You then do something you did not do before. You take your lips and start sucking on my clit wanting me to come.

You know it will not take long. I feel you sucking on my clit and oh my fucking god I come so hard. I come so hard in your mouth and on your tongue that I can’t stop shaking. I hold onto your head as I come my eyes opening then closing with ultimate pleasure.

I feel so good at this moment that I feel like I have went to heaven. I know there is no one else who could please me like this. You lick my pussy some more for a hour or so. You then stop and kiss your way back up getting on your side. You suck on my tits then kiss me again letting me taste myself. I return the kiss loving the taste too. I reach down at the same time and place my hand on your cock stroking you. You are so hard now and I love it. We kiss some more and I get on my side my leg crossing over you. We then stop and you look up at me.

“Get on your knees. I’m going to fuck you doggie style now.” you say.

I move and get on my knees. I then wait as I feel you getting up behind me. I grab onto the bedspread getting ready. You move up behind me and place your cock at my pussy. You then insert your cock into me and start fucking me grabbing onto my hips. I cry out and fuck you back pushing against your cock.

We fuck hard and deep with me having multiple orgasms. You then start getting close yourself. So you pull out and cum over my back. I moan and love the feeling. I then turn around and suck you again getting you hard. I want you to fuck me again so I get on my back with my legs still spread.

You notice and climb on top of me sliding your cock back in. I wrap my legs around you and we start fucking hard. You lean down bringing your body close and holding me as best as you can. I return the favor by wrapping my arms around you and holding you back. I love the closeness of our two bodies together.

The passion between is so hot and we cannot get enough of each other. We fuck harder and faster until you cum again only this time inside me. You then climb off me and get back down on your knees eating my pussy again keeping me going. I love how you will not stop and it makes me want you more. You eat my pussy until I cum then you stop moving back up on the bed.

I want you hard again so I climb down getting back on my side. I take your cock back into my mouth and suck you hard. We then fuck with me on top riding you. I love how hard your cock feels inside me. I know that when you cum I want to feel it between my tits. I keep on riding you harder until I know you are close. I then look down at you.

“Fuck my tits the rest of the way baby. I want you to cum between them.” I say.

You smile and love the thought of that. I climb off you and lay down. You then bring your cock between my tits and watch as I hold them together. You start titty fucking me nice and hard.

“Oh god baby this feels so good. I’m going to cum all over these sexy tits really soon.” you say.

I hold my tits together as you fuck them. I close my eyes in the pleasure and can hardly wait to feel you cum on them. You notice my eyes are closed and you fuck my tits harder. You then moan aloud as you cum over my tits. I feel your warm cum as it splashes onto my skin and I love it. I open my eyes and watch your face as you are in complete ecstasy.

“Ohhhh baby that felt really good. So kinky. I love it.,” you say.

You finish coming then pull your cock away. I watch as you lay down next to me and place your arm around me pulling me close. I feel your come starting to dry. You notice and get up long enough to grab a towel. You then help me clean off. Once I am, you throw the towel aside and wrap your arm around me again.

I turn towards you and we meet in another kiss my arms wrapping around you. Our two bodies embrace as we kiss more. We then both agree to go ahead and just spend the night there. We get up and get under the covers then hold each other close as we drift off to sleep in each other’s arms happy and completely satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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