House of Repentance,The Interview,Part II.

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House of Repentance,The Interview,Part II.
I was beginning to feel very uncomfortable. How could nuns and monks whip and spank people the way I had seen and the way Mother Superior was describing? I thoughts kept flashing back to the naked bodies of that boy and girl I saw getting whipped with the strap by that smiling nun. As I was lost in my thoughts and trying to think of more questions to ask Mother Superior stood up and went to a bookshelf. She chose a book and returned to her seat.

NUN- This a record of those punished at this convent this past week alone ,(she began to flick through the pages and I watched in horror as she began to smile and her eyes widened;was she remembering the bottoms of those she whipped?).

ME- So,what is the process someone goes through when then arrive here and ask to be a penitent? (I asked,trying to find out more).

NUN- When a penitent arrives he or she is shown to a cell. There they are told to write down the reasons they believe they deserve to be punished. The reasons are many and various. Once they have written down their reasons ,their writing is given to a nun or a monk who is experienced in the discipline. The nun or monk assigned to the case of this penitent reads through what the penitent has wrote and then sends for the penitent. The penitent is brought from their cell to a place of punishment,usually the private room of the nun or monk who is going to administer to them. The penitent has to read aloud what she or he has wrote and then the nun or monk decides on a proper course of discipline,which can include spanking,caning,flogging,humiliation. A discipline session made be held over a number of weeks,whereby the penitent has to return to the convent on a given date or time to receive their punishment. I have sentenced people,both male and female to receive corporal punishment once a week for a month or indeed longer. Depending on the severity of what the penitent has done sometimes punishment will be administered on the bare back,bottom or thighs of the penitent.

(I listened intently to what Mother Superior was saying but I was more interested in the feelings that the nuns or monks felt while they had a naked boy or girl over their knee).

ME- But is it right,Mother Superior,for a nun to spank the bare bottom of a boy or a monk to spank the bare bottom of a girl,or indeed whip the naked bodies of boys and girls? Surely some libidinous thoughts must arise in the person doing the spanking or whipping?

NUN- Yes,my girl, we would not be human if we did not feel some excitement,(her eyes fell on a page of that book,what was she remembering?).

(I watched her read h that book,what was written in it;was there detailed descriptions of the beatings she inflicted on her naked penitents,was she turned on by reading what she had wrote.?)

ME- How many people have you punished today,Mother Superior?

NUN- I have administered to nine people this morning so far and alas I am expecting another penitent shortly,so I am afraid I must end our little meeting now,but if you have any further questions or indeed something to confess you can make another appointment.I trust your article when punished will only increase our work load here.

I left the room and walked back down the corridor. My mind was racing,I heard another ‘session’ taking place in another room. I couldn’t resist anymore,I reached the reception and told the nun at the desk that I needed to confess. In a moment I found myself in a cell in the basement of the convent,only things in the cell were a chair and a small table upon which was a pencil and paper. I was told to write what I wanted to confess and the cell door was locked. I sat down and as I wrote I wonder who would punish me,would it be that smiling nun with the strap,dread spread over me.

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