How I turned my shy co-worker Anne to a freak Par

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How I turned my shy co-worker Anne to a freak Par
I’ve thought about writing this account for months. Finally got her permission to post pics vids and tell the story.

My coworker, Anne is 29 year old white single mom. B cup. Firm and perky and tiny sexy body.

Anne started working at my firm in Jan 2016. We work together as sales associates. She always wears these sexy tight skirts to work. I often would wonder what she looked like underneath those sexy cloths.

During her first few months I found Anne to be very sweet and shy, not the typical personality for a sales position.

One night about 5 of us were working late till 9pm for a huge project with a Vancouver firm. As we finished I joked with Anne about needing a drink after that day. To my surprises she agreed and said we should go to the bar around the corner. So we went.

We started having a few beers and Anne started to loosen up and open up to me. She confessed that she doesn’t feel very confident at work and she needs to work on her self esteem. I was so horny by now watching this hot mom dressed in a tight skirt share her story. I wanted to take her home and CONSOLE her lol. I managed to keep my cool. I started tell her how wonderful she was at the job but that she needs to act like a boss. To have more confidence!!!
She laughed. “Act like a boss” she repeated. How??
We both have had a few drinks by now and feeling a bit more confidence I decided to flirt with my suggested.
I told her that I heard woman who go commando at work feel a heighten sense of confidence. She laughed. Oh please she commented. Where did you hear that bull shit. We laughed together for a bit and I quickly changed the topic not wanted to look like a fool. We had a few more drinks then called it a night.

During the next for weeks after that night I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Anne. I did notice she started to walk and talk with more confidence. She started closes more cases and seemed to be fly high.

About a month after that drinking night. I congratulated her for her success within the month. She kinda grinned. She replied well I have you to thank. I said huh? She said remember that little bit of advice you gave , well it worked. Then she walked out all confident . Lol I ran after and said are you serious?
Yup she replied. I said prove it. She said wouldn’t you love to see. Give me your number and one day you may get a pic lol. I gave her my number and left home for the day, thinking this is nuts. Was this really happening.

Two days later I get a text with a pic. This is what I’m wearing today! You like? It was a pic of her skirt with no panties!! My head was spinning. It was so sexy. I knew right there I would fuck her!

The next few weeks we would text back and forth and she would send multiple pics of her without panties. She even sent me a video. All of which I’ve posted.

My next step was how was I gonna take it to the next step and fuck her.

Stay tuned for the first time we fucked in part 2.

Enjoy the pics and vids!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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