I love you, sis PRT4

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I love you, sis PRT4
Before he opened his eyes, Charles could already tell that his usual morning wake-up routine was different. First, he felt the cold chill of the room on his naked skin, which means at some point he had lost the bed covers normally protecting him at night. Secondly, in that coolness, he could feel a warm presence next to him, close to his left side, and knowing it was his sister Karen, it lead him to discovering the feeling that somebody was playing with his now rapidly growing cock.

Charles opened his eyes to see Karen staring at his genitals as she continued her playful exploits. As if to get her attention away from what she was watching, he softly cleared his throat. It had the effect he was seeking, as Karen looked up at him and smiled.

“Good morning, sleepyhead! I was beginning to think you were going to sleep the morning away!” Karen continued playing as she was now gently stroking him, which was the next logical move as his erection increased.

“Good morning to you,” Charles replied. “To what do I owe this unexpected method of waking me up?”

Karen laughed. “Actually, I was just evening out the score. Remember the morning after our blind date, when you woke me up by telling me you were ogling me? I thought it was high time to return the favor!”

Charles asked, “Did you like what you see?”

“Oh yes – very much! In fact, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take a little closer look!”

As Karen shifted to get up on her knees, Charles thought back to that first morning after the blind date. He had woken up next to his sister after their steamy sex in the dark the night before. As the sun had come up that next morning, he got a chance to look at his sister’s body for the first time, drinking in her beauty as he surveyed her in her glorious nudity. For the first time, he had seen her smooth skin, slightly darker than his, and her dark rosy nipples sitting on top of her medium sized breasts. He had admired her taut stomach, marveling at her navel, before sending his eyes down even lower to the dark triangle of pubic hair above her pussy.

What had followed that visual inspection was a round of sexy fucking as Karen had climbed on top of him and rode him until she had cum twice, before taking him over the top and receiving a load of hot juice deep within her pussy. Charles’ hope was that this morning’s play was going to lead to some kind of repeat performance.

Karen had the same idea as well. She had scooted down between Charles’ legs, and while he was thinking about Saturday night’s session, she began working on Monday morning’s session. She gently licked the head of Charles’ cock, causing it to lurch away from her tongue. Undeterred, her mouth followed it, licking it again and again, and coating it with a thick coating of saliva.

Satisfied that she now had his attention, she looked up into Charles’ eyes as she began a tongue exploration of his cock. She started at the base of the underside and continued until she ended up just under the head, before sliding her tongue back down again to start over. She did this several times, which lubricated his cock so much that it looked like it was glowing in the morning light.

Charles was enjoying this first oral offering from his sister. He wanted to find something for his hands to play with – her body parts immediately came to mind. But since she was down between his legs, she was too far out of his reach, so he threw his arms above his head and prepared to ride out the excitement.

As Karen continued, Charles felt like he was continuing to grow in her mouth, which he didn’t think was possible. She was bobbing up and down now, taking most of his length deep inside. She got a little too far a couple of times and gagged a little bit, before resuming. As she was bobbing, he could also feel that she kept her tongue somehow folded over into a cup shape, and every couple of strokes she would make would be followed with her cupped tongue gliding over his sensitive head, causing him to shudder.

Karen was looking up at Charles as she continued, enjoying watching his facial expressions when she would occasionally alter her technique. She stopped and took his cock out for a few seconds, blowing cold air over it, which literally caused him to shiver. Then she’d attack it again full force, back to bobbing up and down while cupping his head again with her tongue. Then she’d pull it back out to where only the tip was inside, and while she focused on the most sensitive part of his cock, she would stroke the base of it up and down rapidly with her hand.

Soon she pulled off once again, and looked up at her brother and asked, “How am I doing? Does it feel good?” Loudly Charles replied, “Oh hell yes – please continue!” With a smile and a quick kiss on the head, Karen once again dove down deep on his cock, picking up the pace and eliciting another deep moan from her brother’s mouth.

Charles’ breathing picked up tempo, and he was finding it hard to lie still on the bed. His moans became louder and more frequent. Karen took her mouth off again for just the amount of time she needed to tell Charles, “Tell me when you are about to cum.” Then she continued, with more intensity than before.

Realizing he was close, she got up on her knees, and wrapped both hands around the base of his now purple cock, while concentrating her oral assault on the upper third. With her tongue fluttering on the tip of his cock, and her hands working up and down on the shaft, Charles stammered out “I’m cumming!” Karen took her mouth away just in time to watch his sperm shoot out and fall down all over her hands. Instead of stopping, she used the slickness he expelled to continue stroking his cock, as all while he was yelling out “Oh, fuck – oh fuck – oh FUCK” and thrashing around on the bed.

Finally Karen slowed her stroking as Charles began to settle back down on the sheets. He looked down to see her great big grin, and he wasn’t sure if it was because she knew it felt amazing to him, or because she was so happy in her blow job skills. Either way, he knew it was an amazing way to start the day.

Karen continued staring at him, the grin still on her face. Then she stuck her tongue out and licked at the little puddles of cum that were pooling around the base of his cock. With a deliberate show just for him, she collected some on the end of her tongue, holding it out to make sure he could see it, before drawing it back in and swallowing it down.

Finally, she asked, “Was that good enough? It’s been quite a while since I’ve done that. I hope I remembered what to do!”

Charles saw an opening for a little teasing. “I guess it was pretty good – tell you what, any time you want to practice to try and get better, just let me know, and I’ll let you practice on me!” Then he winked at his sister, whose smile was now transitioning to more of a perturbed look.

“Charles, you ass! You know that was a damn good blow job! She grabbed a handful of his pubic hair and yanked, as if to punish him for his comments

Charles winced, then laughed. “Okay, okay – it was an amazing blow job. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but I hope I do whatever it was again, because I know I’m ready do to that again!”

Karen smiled back at Charles. “You do know what you did – you swept me off of my feet and loved me like no one has ever loved before. You rescued me, big brother – you are my knight in shining armor.”

“Wait a minute – I thought it was you who saved me! All those things you just said, I could say about you. Well…maybe not the knight in shining armor part…”

Karen scoffed at him. “If I did do all of those things, then I think perhaps you owe me a reward!

Charles asked, “What do you have in mind?”

“Well,” Karen thought for a moment. “If you enjoyed the oral favor I just bestowed upon you, I think you owe me one back!”

And with that, Karen climbed up on top of Charles, not stopping until her legs were at his side, her ass poised above his chest, and her very wet pussy dropping down into his mouth. Charles lifted up his arms to where his hands were cupping her ass, and he forcefully pulled her down and aligned his tongue with the swollen folds of her pussy.

Karen gasped at his tongue’s first contact. She began to thrust her hips back and forth, as Charles held his tongue out so that it became almost like a little wet cock. Karen was doing all the work, first moving so that his tongue was probing inside her wet vagina, then sliding back so that her clit had its contact time with his tongue. She would make a slow transition at first, but as the tingling in her groin started to increase, her pace of movement on his tongue did as well.

While Charles was enjoying feeling her slide over his tongue, he wanted a little more control, so he grabbed her ass with a firm grip, stopping her movements, as his tongue latched onto her clit. He lightly feathered it with the tip of his tongue using rapid strokes. Then he would tease her by circling his tongue all around the clit without actually touching it. This caused Karen to moan, partly out of the sheer pleasure that was racing through her mid-section, but also out of frustration caused by the teasing Charles was doing.

Karen had been resting her hands on his shoulders, but she wanted her orgasm to hit more quickly, so she sat straight up on Charles’ face and grabbed her own breasts, squeezed her nipples, all of which added more fuel to her swollen pussy. She took control back from Charles and started to seriously grind into his face, focusing on her clit coming in contact with first his chin, then his tongue, and finally his nose before sliding back down and starting its journey again.

Charles was now pretty much relegated to being a device she was using to obtain her pleasure, but he didn’t mind. So far in their i****tuous relationship, he had enjoyed watching her orgasms wash over her. Certainly he was going to see this one close up, he thought to himself. Still wanting to find a way to help her, he took his left hand off her ass cheek and brought it up next to his chin, then down under her waist to where her pussy was, and moving it around in just the right way, was able to get two fingers lodged deeply inside her canal, where he fluttered them back and forth deep inside of her.

The added attention was just what Karen needed to get over the top, and with a loud “OH FUCK,” began to feel the familiar electric sparks fire from her center and out to the very tips of her body. She released her breasts and reached down to grab Charles head from behind in order to lift his mouth up tighter to her now throbbing pussy, paying particular attention to her engorged clit.

Karen gradually began to slow down. She breathily called out, “So fucking good, Charles – so fucking good,” as she began to slide her ass back down his body. In the process, she found a roadblock in the form of his once-again erect cock, so she figured ‘what the hell’ and positioned herself to where she was back over the top of it, and using her hand to steer, gently pushed herself back down, a shiver coming over her body as his cock was seated inside her soaking wet pussy.

Gently, Karen began to kiss Charles, tasting the fluids she had deposited on his lips. She then began to clean his face with her tongue, licking his chin, then around his mouth, and finally coming to his nose. Charles realized watching her this morning that she had no aversion to tasting and seemingly enjoying both his and her body fluids, something that other people would find repulsive. It wasn’t something that Jessica was fond of. She preferred not to taste the flavors that Karen seemed to enjoy.

Suddenly a pang of guilt flooded Charles’ mind, and he turned his head away from Karen’s attention. Seeing his reaction change all of a sudden, she raised herself up a little off of his chest and grabbed his chin, turning his head back to where they were eye to eye again.

“What’s the matter, Charles? Am I too heavy on top of you? I have to tell you, I could spend an entire day this way, lying on top of you with your cock in my pussy. Sometimes we don’t have to grind and fuck to feel each other this way. This connection we have right now is about as close as any brother and sister could get.”

Charles laughed, but she could tell something was still troubling him. “God, no, you’re not too heavy. You feel light as a feather right now. It’s just that…well…look, let’s go out on the bedroom balcony and see if you can help me through what’s going on in my head.”

“Okay, Charles. I want to do anything I can to help you. It’s what sisters do for brothers. It’s what one lover does for another. Let me run to the bedroom to get something to slip on.”

“No – don’t,” Charles replied, as he grabbed her arm. “Let’s go out like this.”

“Naked? I mean being in the pool last night naked was one thing, but it was dark, and we were alone. But in the middle of the morning?”

“Relax,” Charles comforted her. “These bedroom balconies were built so that nobody else could see you – especially these upper floors. The only way someone will see us is if a helicopter flies by, or somebody is flying a drone. Come on out and sit with me.”

He slid the sliding door open, and they stepped out into the mid-morning August heat. Charles sat down on the love seat and pulled her into his lap, where she curled up and rested her head on his shoulder. This allowed her to give him little kisses on his cheek and lips, something she loved to do.

Charles collected his thoughts for a moment, then began to speak. “I have some things I need to say to you, and I want you to wait until I’m completely finished before you say anything. I realized something this morning that I had not really thought about before. This weekend has been amazing – one of the most incredible times in my life.” He looked deeply into her eyes as he continued. “I want you to know that I love you. I know that we have been telling each other that these past three days. But I’m not talking about brother/sister love, and I’m not talking about the lust-filled love that comes from fucking our brains out all weekend.

“I love you deeply, Karen, with all my heart and my soul. This all has come on so fast and sudden, especially considering that up until Friday night, I wasn’t sure if I was going to be capable of ever loving a person like that again.

“But you have proven to me that I can, and I can’t tell you just how liberating it’s been to discover things about me that I didn’t think were possible. You are responsible for that, Karen. You saved my life, and taught me that I was capable of loving again. I love you, my sweet, beautiful sister – more than you can ever know.”

Karen put her hand against his lips. “Charles, I’m going to start crying, because you’ve said some amazing things to me, and I want you to know that I feel exactly the same way that you do. I don’t know what’s still on your mind, but don’t you go screwing this up!”

Charles gently took her hand away from his lips. “Sweetheart, that’s not my intention, but I need to lay out something before you, just because I love you so much that I don’t want these feelings to get in the way of what we have created.

“I realized that this entire weekend has been part of a process for me – a process of letting go some of what Jessica and I were to each other, while discovering what you and I can and hopefully will be. We have already talked before that I can’t just put Jessica away as if our lives never happened. My love for you is different than my love for her, and it will always be that way.

“But I’ve found myself bringing bits and pieces of Jessica into our relationship. Part of that is because before you, she was the only woman I’d ever been with in any way – relationship, sex, family – she is my only reference as to what life is.

“But as we’ve been creating our relationship, I’ve brought some of Jessica into that. Friday night, our first time, I still feel terrible about what I did – calling out Jessica’s name inside – ”

Karen cut him off. “Charles, no – don’t! I told you I knew what you needed! If you think that bothers me, then stop that right now!”

“I know what you said, both during and after, and it’s one of the reasons I love you so much.” Charles’ voice softened a bit as he continued. “It’s when I knew that our first fuck together was more than just the desperate sex of two people who hadn’t had any sex in very long time. I think, looking back on it now, it was when I fell in love with you.

“But the guilt still hangs on a little bit. And that wasn’t the only time. That next morning, ogling you as you like to call it, I compared your body to Jessica’s. It’s the only reference point I have – and I probably shouldn’t need a reference point. Then fucking in the pool last night, picking you up in the deep water like I used to pick up Jessica.

“Even this morning, there were comparisons. Jessica wasn’t into oral like you are. She would give me head every once in a while, but I knew she wasn’t fond of it, so we found other ways to express our love and lust for each other. She did love it when I would go down on her, but she wouldn’t kiss me until my face was clean. It just wasn’t her thing.

“And now, sitting out here, naked, with you cuddled up on my lap. This was something Jessica and I did all the time. We’d play a game, where she would reach under her and play with my cock until I got hard, which would get her wet as well. Then she would stand up and lower herself on me, and we would fuck just like that, out here where no one could see us. The game was that I would try to time it just right so that we would have an orgasm together, her riding on me, and me reaching around and attacking her clit. It was just perfect, the best way to start a morning with the woman I loved.

“So now I bring you out here, and I would love to play that game with you, but that’s where the guilt comes in. I’m afraid I’m trying to bring too much of what Jessica and I did together into my relationship with you. I’m afraid that as these things come up, you’re going to feel like I’m trying to turn you into Jessica.

“I want you to know that I love you, Karen. Jessica will always be in my heart, but I love you. When we were fucking in the pool last night, yes it was a position that Jessica and I loved, but last night I was fucking you, not Jessica. Same thing out here right now. I loved sitting out here with Jessica, and I loved fucking her on this very same loveseat while we played our game. But right now, it is you – Karen – my sister – who I’m out here with, and there’s not one other person alive on this earth right now that I’d rather be with than you.”

Karen looked deeply into Charles’ eyes, and much to his relief, leaned down and gave him a huge kiss, forcing his lips apart with her tongue so it could dance with his. After she broke the kiss, she said, “Ok, my turn, and I want you to listen to me until I’m through.

“First of all, I love you, too, more than I have ever loved any man in my life. I may have had more sexual partners than you have, but I have never felt this kind of love before – not with Roger, not with anybody. I was fooling myself when I thought I loved that asshole. However, each minute I spend with you is another new minute of knowing what love truly is.

“But this is my first experience loving someone in your position – grieving over a wife you were hopelessly in love with, and was taken from you far too soon. So I don’t have any instruction manual on how this is to go. With each new experience we share, it’s the first time for me, too.

“But Charles, I know you love me, and I know you have enough love inside of you that you don’t have to let Jessica go, and can still love me as well. Yelling out her name when we fucked that first night showed me something pretty powerful – it showed me just how deeply you loved her if even after two years, you still had that kind of passion for her. To tell you the truth, I think that moment was when I really started falling in love with you as well. I really believed that if you loved her that much, you could love me as well.

“I think you’ve proven yourself to me this weekend. I think you’ve shown me that you can and do love me. And I can hardly wait to spend the rest of our lives growing our love for each other.

“I realize that there may be times when something might be said or done that might seem like it’s a little too much Jessica for our relationship. But I promise you this – if something you do makes me uncomfortable in any way, I promise I will talk to you about it and get it out in the open so we can deal with it together. It’s what lovers do for each other, and I want to be your lover for the rest of my life!”

They kissed again. Karen shifted her ass in Charles’ crotch a little bit so she could reach down and grab his penis with her hand. “One more thing, stud – If there is anything else that you and Jessica did together in the sex department that will make me cum as fucking hard as I did in the pool last night, you have my complete and total permission to use it on me! My god, that was awesome!”

That comment chased away any tension that might have remained from their serious discussion. Karen’s attention to Charles’ cock was beginning to work. In no time, he was standing at full attention, and Karen continued to stroke him lightly. Eventually she turned to look at him and asked, “Charles, can I play you and Jessica’s game?”

Charles didn’t say a word, but answered with a simple nod and the spreading of his legs. Karen put her feet out in front and positioned herself above his cock, and with a simple sitting back against his lap, she fully engulfed him deep within her pussy once again. They began to fuck each other – not rushed, but instead deeply, as in this position, Charles felt he was able to reach the very back of Karen’s vagina.

Soon he started to feel the familiar tingling behind his cock, and he knew the game was on. Reaching around in front of Karen, he found her clit and began to attack it. Karen jumped but kept her up and down motion going, picking up speed in chorus with Charles’ attention to her clit. Her breathing pace increased, and she reached up as she often did and grabbed on to her nipples and pulled them erect and away from her, as if she was trying to pull them off.

Charles was feeling an increased intensity as well, so he picked up the tempo of his attack in Karen’s clit. This proved too much for her, and she began to spasm with another orgasm as she rocked back and forth forcefully on his cock, crying out the entire time. It wasn’t long until he came as well, filling her pussy with his juices as he cried out.

Karen collapsed back onto Charles’ chest. Her hands were still on her nipples, so he reached up and put his hands there as well, as he hugged her closer to him. Then without warning, he yelled out “Shit!”

Karen jumped. “What? Why did you say that?”

“Because you came before me – by at least 10 seconds! I’m off my game. I promise I’ll do better next time!”

Karen purred as she replied, “I don’t know, I think you did it pretty fucking well!”

By this time, Charles’ cock had softened, and it fell out of Karen’s pussy, which allowed most of his sperm to fall out onto his lap. Karen stood up, turned around, then plopped back down on Charles’ lap, facing him now.

“Thank you, Charles, for playing that game with me. Thank you for allowing me the pleasures of what you and Jessica would do together. I know that you love me – I know it in my heart, and I want you to know that I’m not threatened by her in any way, and I feel no jealously over what you and her did while she was alive. If it ever comes to that point, I promise you we will talk about it, but for now, I’m so madly in love with you, and part of that comes from knowing what kind of a husband you were for Jessica.

“So I propose this – every morning, you have to tell me one thing you loved about Jessica. It can be as revealing as you want, or something really simple – it’s up to you. Remember, she was my friend as well, and I loved her – not like you did, but I miss her also. You telling me something lets me know a little bit more about her. Can you do this for me?”

Charles replied, “Of course – I could talk from now to the end of time about why I loved her!”

“I knew you could,” Karen answered. “What’s your first one for today?”

Charles thought for a few moments, as if he was trying to organize all of the reasons why he loved Jessica in his brain. Then he spoke, “I loved her because she was so genuine. She was never fake. If she smiled at you, it was because she liked you. And it didn’t matter what your attitude was to her, if she liked you, you knew it, and were usually hooked.”

Karen nodded her head. “I know what you mean. After she stole you from me, I was pretty nasty to her for a long time. Maybe not nasty, but certainly cold and aloof. When I realized how much you two loved each other, and when I finally matured out of being a whiny teenager, I could see that genuineness. All that time I was distant from her, she kept trying – she’d say nice things, and even though I wouldn’t respond very well, she kept on trying. I’m so glad I put that stupid nonsense aside so we could become friends.”

They hugged one more time, then got up together. Charles spoke first. “We need to get busy. We have a lot to do today, and as much as I would like to spend this day off from work fucking your brains out, we need to get busy.”

They walked straight into the bathroom attached to Charles’ bedroom. Charles started the shower, which was big enough that both got in together. He whispered in her ear, “One of these days, I’m going to fuck you in here.” Karen giggled as they set out to wash each other. When they were finished, Charles stepped out and handed a towel to Karen, then grabbed one for himself.

They each dressed in comfortable clothes appropriate for the August heat. As they dressed, they decided that they would take a car service over to her apartment so they could drive her car back to the condo when their duties were done. It took about 30 minutes for the car to get across town to her apartment. During the ride, they didn’t speak to each other, but held hands the entire time, turning every once in a while and smiling at one another.

When they got to the apartment, they saw that the manager’s office had a “Closed for Lunch” sign on the door, with a little clock that said they would be back at 1:00. Charles turned to Karen and said, “You know, I just realized that we haven’t eaten yet, and I’m hungry. What do you say we walk back down to that café you took me to Saturday? If I recall, we didn’t each much of what they brought us, so maybe we should go and actually eat this time!”

Karen replied, “An excellent idea, as always my dear. You do know how to take care of me!”

Charles held his arm out for Karen to grab on to, and they walked the short three blocks to the café. Since it was lunch time, it was much more crowded than when they were there two days ago, but they were able to find a table. After ordering, they sat and waited for their food to arrive.

Karen looked at Charles and said, “So I figure we have one more hurdle to cross, and that’s telling your daughters. Have you thought about that yet?”

Charles nodded. “In fact, I’ve given it quite a bit of thought. I’m not sure that it’s been productive thought, but at least I’ve been working on it.”

Charles thought about his daughters. Catherine was the oldest at 26. The same Mediterranean gene that had given Karen darker skin had also found its way into Catherine’s DNA. She matched that darker skin tone with long, dark brown flowing hair like her mothers. It was easy to see that she was her mother’s daughter in looks alone. But Catherine and Charles had always had a special bond. She had an analytical mind like her father, so in their free time they sometimes would ask each other about technical things just to stimulate each other’s brain. Catherine had taken an interest in the cell phone company, working her way up the ladder even during her schooling. Charles had no doubt that if they had kept the company, she would have been the likely person to assume the CEO spot when Charles would have stepped down.

His other daughter Ciara was now 26. While she and Charles were closer in appearance, Ciara had always been a momma’s girl. Somehow the Mediterranean gene had escaped her, meaning she had Charles’ skin complexion and almost sandy blonde hair. She probably had more of the typical “small-town-cheerleader-type” high school career. She was also a good student, but she didn’t apply herself as much as Catherine did. She also worked for the phone company for a while, but wasn’t as interested in advancing as her sister.

Both of his daughters had married guys they had met in college. Catherine married Steven, a clean-cut, down to earth kind of guy who was from a small town similar to their hometown. Ciara’s husband was Craig, a bit of a free-spirit which was more to her style, but Charles thought he would be a good provider for her and their family if they chose to have c***dren.

Charles knew that both of his daughters reeled at their mother’s death, but it was probably hardest on Ciara. As he thought about those two years since, he was ashamed at the way his own grief had allowed him to abandon his girls, leaving them to try and heal on their own. His girls had moved away when they had gotten married, but fortunately, they were only a couple hours’ drive from each other. He figured they had spent a lot of time consoling each other and helping each other survive the grief he knew they felt.

Charles sighed, catching Karen’s attention. She could see the concern in his face. Wanting to help him through whatever it was that was troubling him, she squeezed his hand, causing him to look into her eyes. Karen could see the first formations of a tear in one corner.

“What’s the matter, love? Is this from talking about the girls?”

“Yes,” Charles choked out his reply. “I’m worried about this, because I haven’t really been their father for the last two years, which was probably the two years they most needed me in their life. I was so caught up in my own pain that I didn’t help them with theirs. Now you’ve brought me out of that, but I’m so afraid that one or both of them won’t understand our relationship, and won’t accept me back into their lives. I need to make up this lost time for them – somehow, some way. I just pray that they understand why I need you so badly as well.”

Karen swallowed an imaginary lump that had formed in her throat, then began to speak. “I can’t have your girls not wanting you in their lives because of me. If necessary, I’ll – ”

Charles cut her off. “No! I’ve already lost one love in my life. I will not lose you as well! We will figure out how to make this happen.”

He realized his raised voice was starting to lead the other diners to look his way, so he calmed down as he spoke again.

“I’ve been thinking I would ask the girls to fly in for Labor Day weekend – just the two of them, and not their husbands. I’ll tell them we need to have a family meeting. When I call them to invite them, I will tell them that you have already moved in with me because of your problem finding a job, but I will not tell them about the other part over the phone. I will also tell them that you have brought me out of my depression and that I want to make up for the two years that I was absent in their lives. I’m hoping that will be enough to get them to come and spend the holiday weekend with us.”

Karen asked, “What do you think their reaction will be when you tell them?”

“I think that Catherine will upload the information in her analytical mind and process the fact that we’re adults making adult decisions, and if being together is the best thing for us – and it is, don’t you ever think otherwise – if it’s the best for us, she will be fine.

“Ciara, on the other hand, will process with her heart and not her mind. I don’t know if she will be more upset over the fact that I’ve found someone that’s not her mom, or if the fact that the someone I’ve found is her aunt. Either way, she’s going to be the hardest for us to try and get her to understand, and I’m afraid of the potential for her to have an extreme negative reaction.

Karen said, “I think it’s an excellent plan, Charles. I’m not sure what I can do to help, but just know that I will do whatever I can to try and make this work.”

“I know you will, and that’s why I love you.”

By this time, they had finished their lunch, and started walking back to the apartment complex. The manager had returned by now, and they went in to negotiate Karen out of her lease agreement. They settled on two months’ rent plus the security deposit, which Charles paid. They promised the manager they would have Karen’s things removed by the end of the week.

Next they went to her apartment. Karen decided that other than her clothes and some personal items, there were just a few things she wanted to keep, and those would fit in his SUV, so they could come and get them later. He then contacted a thrift store to see if they were interested in the rest as a donation, with the stipulation that they had to come and get them. They agreed and said they could come right away, and would be there within the hour.

While Charles was making these arrangements, Karen was busy doing a final cleaning. The agreement they made with the apartment manager did include that the security deposit was forfeited, but Karen knew that if the apartment wasn’t cleaned and in the same shape it was when she first rented it, they could be charged more money. She had a few cleaning supplies she kept on hand, so she started in making the place as clean as she could.

Charles had driven Karen’s care to a moving company to purchase some boxes for her clothes. By now he had returned, and as the thrift store truck was pulling up, they were boxing up items from her closet and dresser. As Charles helped Karen pack, he could see that some of her clothes were pretty worn, so he made a mental note that a shopping spree was on the immediate agenda.

Finally the clothes were packed in boxes and put in the back of her car, and the furniture and other things she didn’t want were loaded on the truck, making with way to the thrift store. All that was left was the few things that wouldn’t fit in the car, but would be picked up later in the SUV.

They looked around the apartment one last time. Charles knew Karen had never really been comfortable there, hoping it would be just a stopgap until she found a better job and could afford a better place. But despite her misgivings, Charles knew they both would always have a special fondness for the place. It was here that they fucked for the first time, crossing over the line of i****t and into each other’s hearts.

They held out their hands and moved into each other’s arms. They leaned into each other and kissed – softly, lovingly, unhurriedly. Finally they broke the kiss, walked through the apartment together one last time to make sure they had gotten everything, and then out the front door, closing and locking it. It was as if they had closed the first chapter of the story of their life together.

On the drive home, they decided to stop at an ice cream shop for a late afternoon treat. As they sat together, they talked about their past three days, and all that had happened. In that short period of time, they had gone from being two lonely, depressed and struggling people to suddenly finding each other through a blind date, and because of that, they both felt now as if they had been reborn, and ready to spend the rest of their lives together.

From the ice cream shop, they stopped at a park and just walked along the paths as they held hands. This was one of the things Charles missed about Jessica the most, times like this where there was no agenda. Instead, it was time for even more bonding and falling in love with each other. He knew he was blessed to have someone to do this with again. He began to think that their coming together was an act of fate, and if so, he knew he wasn’t willing to fight it.

The sun was beginning to set by the time they got back to the car. Charles started it, then turned to look at Karen and said, “I have one more place we need to go together, but I don’t want to tell you what it is until we get there. Just trust me, s*s – do you trust me?”

She smiled at him and said, “I trust you with my life – the life you have given me back.”

Fifteen minutes later, they pulled into a cemetery. Charles had chosen to have Jessica buried there because it was not far from the condo. Karen recognized the place – she had been here two years ago with Charles and his family as they laid Jessica to rest. It was a sad day, to say the least, and certainly some of that sadness remained as they walked together over to Jessica’s grave. But with that sadness was a feeling of hope and love with this new relationship, which created a somewhat surreal atmosphere when combined with the setting of the sun. Both Charles and Karen were aware of this, but he felt this was an important step as he climbed out of his dark hole and back into the real world with this new relationship he had developed with his sister.

Karen stopped about ten feet from Jessica’s headstone and let Charles continue by himself. When he reached the stone, he rested his hand on top of it, and began to speak.

“Jessica, baby, I love you and I miss you so much. I didn’t think I could continue on living without you, and for the last two years, I was nearly right. I had stopped doing anything other than work and feeling sorry for myself. I let my job down, I let my family down, and now I realize I let you down as well. I know you would have been disappointed in knowing that I had become a victim of the pain I felt with your loss.

“But I just wanted you to know that something has happened, and for the first time since you died, I feel like I can live again. Our friends Stan and Lori set me up on a blind date, and it just happened to be my sister Karen. We found each other, and we have fallen in love. She has saved my life, Jessica – she literally saved me from my despair.

“I know it’s an unconventional relationship, but she is just what I needed, and I know you’d want me to be happy again. She loves you like I do, and she won’t let me forget you. You’ll always be a part of both of us.

“Jessica, thank you for all the love you have given me. I will never forget our perfect love. Now I hope you’ll smile down on Karen and me as we grow together, using your love for me as a goal for our love for each other.”

Charles knelt down and kissed the top of the stone. He put his arm out on top and laid his head down on top of it. Karen could see that his breathing was deep and somewhat erratic, so she started walking over to be with him. She knelt down beside him and put her left hand up on his shoulder. It was her turn to talk to Jessica.

“Jessica, I love you also, and I promise I will take care of your man. He’s a great man, as you know, and I’m so honored that we are together.”

Tears were streaming down her face as Charles turned to her and wrapped her up in a deep, soft hug. They held each other in this position for several minutes. Finally they stood up together, and Charles bent over and kissed the top of Jessica’s stone one more time. Then they turned and made their way slowly back to Karen’s car.

Once they had gotten back out on the streets, Charles turned to Karen and said, “Thank you for doing that for me. I hated to keep you in the dark as to where we were going, and I promise never to do that to you again. But this was important to me, and your being there made it that much more special.”

Karen put her hand on Charles’ leg as he drove. “It was important for both of us. And I know I’ve said this a lot lately, but it made me fall in love with you even more, if that was possible. I want to spend the rest of our life seeking that same love that you and Jessica had for each other. I’m just so afraid that I’m going to wake up and find out this was all just a dream.”

Charles took her hand in his. “It’s not a dream, my love. I’ve been here before, and what you are describing is exactly what I felt falling in love with Jessica. It’s the way I feel now, with you. It’s not a dream, but instead a new reality for us. The reality is, I love you, and I know I will always love you.”

Charles parked her car in his second spot, next to the SUV. Together, walking hand in hand, they walked through the doors, into the elevator for the ride up to the 10th floor, then down the hall to his condo door. Once inside, they came together again, hugging and kissing for what seemed to be the longest time. After the kissing, they decided to take a trip down to the Jacuzzi to work out some of the physical stress the work in her apartment earlier had caused.

Charles went into his bedroom quickly and grabbed some trunks, then headed across the hall into Karen’s room to put them on. They had decided that even though they were now sharing the same bed, until he told his daughters of the nature of their relationship, she would keep all of her clothes in that bedroom. That way if they did come on Labor Day weekend, they wouldn’t see he and Karen were sharing the same bed before he could talk to them.

Charles was hoping to get a chance to see her put her swimsuit on, and he was in luck. She had just stepped out of panties when he came in.

Karen laughed, standing naked in front of him. “Don’t you ever knock?”

He laughed back at her, and said, “If you remember right, the rule was that if the door was closed, we were to respect each other’s privacy. But you left the door open, so anything is fair game!”

Charles hurried now to join her in her nakedness. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the ground beside her, then slid his shorts and underwear off together before stepping out of them. Then he looked up at his sister, who could see he was becoming aroused just by looking at her.

Karen walked over and grabbed his growing cock. “Did I cause this?” She slowly stroked it up and down, as it continued to grow in her hands. “I’m going to keep it forever, never let it go, and hopefully I will continue do the things it likes so it can grow anytime I want it to!”

She released his cock and wrapped her arms around his back, while laying her head on his chest. They just stood there, holding each other, the feel of their warm skin to skin contact soothing each other. There were few words spoken. Instead, the power of their close and intimate contact was enough for them to understand that no words were needed.

They broke the hug, and each of them stepped into their swim suits, she choosing the black one piece again, despite his objections. Grabbing towels for each of them, they headed back to the elevator, down to the first level, and into the indoor swimming pool where the Jacuzzi was located.

The soothing heat of the waters felt good to both of them, as they relaxed. Once again, Karen laid her head against Charles’ shoulder. There was another couple already in the Jacuzzi, and Charles could tell there was some hand activity going on beneath the bubbles. The man looked up at Charles with a questioning look, and Charles gently nodded his head back.

Both Karen and Charles were staring at the younger couple now to see what they were going to do. Soon, the woman rose up and sat on the lap of the man, facing him. There was some movement beneath the water, and then everyone could hear the woman sigh as she settled down farther on his lap.

The woman started working herself up and down on the man’s cock. He assisted her, at first, by grabbing her waist and helping to lift on her up stroke. Eventually he let go and grabbed the straps of her swimsuit and pulled them down along her arms, freeing her breasts. Even though Charles and Karen couldn’t see them, they could tell that they were fairly small. But obviously they were sensitive, because as the man took one of her nipples into his mouth, she groaned and increased her pace.

The woman threw her head back and started in with intense moaning. Charles grabbed Karen’s hand to indicate it was time to go. He was pretty sure there would be something floating around in the waters before too long, and he knew they didn’t want to be there when that happened. They silently climbed up and out of the Jacuzzi as the moaning grew louder and the thrusting grew more violent.

As Charles and Karen made their way to the door, they stopped to look back, just in time to hear the man call out “Oh fuck yes!” The woman obviously wasn’t quite there yet, as she called out to the man “Don’t stop, don’t stop – keep fucking me, keep fucking me!” Before they knew whether she got there or not, they slipped quietly out the door and headed back up to their own condo.

By the time they got inside the door, they were giggling like a couple of little k**s. Karen looked up at him and exclaimed, “Can you believe that? I’ve never seen two people having sex like that in front of strangers. Could you do something like that?”

Charles laughed again. “I don’t know – I doubt it. Something like that has ever crossed my mind. But then again, we did fuck down in the outdoor pool last night, and it’s not exactly shielded from view.”

“I suppose, but at least we tried to be quiet so that we wouldn’t call attention to ourselves. That couple down there didn’t care at all – they just went at it in front of us!”

They began to strip out of their wet suits. As he pulled his down, he asked Karen, “The real question is did you enjoy watching them?”

Karen’s suit hit the floor, and once again she was standing naked in front of Charles. Smiling back at him, she said, “Yeah, I have to admit it was pretty hot, even though we really couldn’t see that much!”

Before she could stop him, Charles lunged forward and ran his finger through her pussy lips, feeling the wetness that confirmed that she was excited. As soon as he felt the moisture, his cock gave him away and began to grow.

Now it was Karen’s turn to reach out, and grabbing Charles by the cock, she pulled him into his bedroom and over to the bed. She climbed up on the bed, laying on her back with her head on the pillows, and bending her legs, she spread them wide open, giving him a clear look at what he knew was her aroused pussy. She took two fingers of her left hand and placed them against the bright pink lips. She swirled them around, getting them wet, before plunging them inside her hot, wet canal.

This lasted for about 15 seconds, before she pulled them back out, took them up to her mouth, and licked her own juices clean with her tongue. By this time, Charles was at full mast. He loved it that Karen was not afraid to touch herself in front of him, and logged that information in his brain for later usage.

As he stepped towards the bed, Karen stopped him. “Charles,” she said, “after the intensity of the day, I don’t want to fuck tonight. Instead, I want you to make love to me – slow, passionate, mind-numbing love. Show me how much you love me, Charles – show me!

Charles positioned himself on top of Karen, and using his hand to guide his cock, he found the entrance to her pussy and slowly pushed himself in. Karen groaned as Charles bottomed out deep inside of her, then gradually pulled back out and repeated. As they slowly fucked, they looked deep within each other’s eyes. It was as if with each stroke of his cock into and out of her pussy, they fell that much more in love with each other.

After an hour or so, using multiple positions – each performed slowly, they stopped. Neither had cum, but this wasn’t about cumming. It was about their love for each other. As he pulled the sheet up and over them, Charles placed his hands on her breasts, while Karen found his cock, and they slept that way, facing each other. In spite of the challenges of the day, they had exceeded in falling deeper in love with each other. Tomorrow was another day, and they knew they would face it together, as brother and sister, and as lovers.

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