I seduced a teenage virgin

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I seduced a teenage virgin
I was having some roof tiles replaced and when the lads turned up the older one realised he had the incorrect ladder, after some thinking and talking to his younger apprentice he announced he was going to get the correct ladder. “Is it alright to leave him here” he asked me “Of course” I replied, and he said “I won’t be long maybe 45 minutes” and he was going. I gave the lad a coke and we began talking he was 18, Josh, and learning a trade.

As we spoke he told me that he’d just ‘come out’ a few months previous and his parents were unhappy but what could he do. Then his phone rang and he said “The van’s broken down I have to make my way back to the office, sorry” “It’s ok but there’s no rush is there?” he replied “No I suppose not”. We talked another five minutes or so and I summed him up, he had blond hair, wearing Chino’s and a T shirt. As he talked I couldn’t help but watch him, then he stopped talking and I walked over to him.

Putting me left arm around his neck and my right arm around his waist I kissed him, just a peck and as I pulled away he smiled but looked embarrassed, I repeated the process and after 3 kisses I ran my tongue over his lips, he opened his mouth and my tongue darted in as we snogged at a steady pace. His arms around my neck as we kissed quicker and more intense. After a good five minutes I said “Take your shoes off and come with me” as I led him upstairs.

Leading him by the hand we went into my bedroom and stood at the side of the bed our kisses started up again. A couple of minutes went by and I put my hands around his waist and lifted up his T shirt, taking it off over his head and then pulling mine off myself, as we resumed kissing my hands ran up and down his torso. After another few minutes I came off his lips and kissed his neck, then his shoulders, then down to his nipples, licking one and then the other he sighed.

Working my way back to his neck and then to his lips and then snogging again I was so turned on and remembered when I was seduced by Ray months previous. We kissed and I brought my hands round and unbuttoned his pants, pulling the zip down I pushed them off his hips, and pushed mine down also, I was at full stretch. His arms still around my neck as we smooched, I gave it a couple of minutes the ran my hand down his side and onto the front of his undies, he moaned.

Rubbing his erection with my right hand, my left hand caressing his bum he groaned. I stroked him slowly but smoothly as we kissed, then I turned him round and carried on touching his cock as I ran my tongue down his spine, as I reached his undies, I pulled them down with my left hand and licked his ass, again he groaned. Pulling them down to the floor I turned him to face me and his cock must have been a good 6″ had pre cum in his eye.

Licking up his shaft and down again, repeating over and over and then down to his balls and back he groaned over and over. Grabbing him with my right hand and feeling his balls with my left I peeled back his foreskin and engulfed his helmet, again he moaned. It was a pity really as I got in a steady rhythm he was groaning louder, I glanced up and he had his eyes shut and then he started to thrust towards me.

Suddenly he let out a “Uuuuugggghhhh” and I felt his seed fill my mouth I swallowed it all and there was plenty as I wanked him over and over until he’d gone limp. I stood up and we kissed, I slipped my undies down and reached for a condom I keep and rolled it on my 6″, then I turned him round and he put his hands on the bedroom drawers, using some gel I lubed up my cock and then his ass, he gave a quiet whimper.

With my cock in my hand I ran it over his hole and then edged in, again he moaned. Then I was inside him, with my hands around his waist I started to fuck him slowly then building up speed, then slowing down and so on. Around 3 minutes had passed and I was coming, I sped up and was soon fucking him at speed, I put my hand down and felt his cock at just the right time, he grunted and I felt him shoot his load in my hand.

That was too much for me and I came in the condom. Pulling out I pulled it off me and he turned to face me, he smiled and we kissed and got dressed in total silence. “Thanks for that” he said. I smiled as we walked downstairs and then he was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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