I think I might be the dirtiest girl on x-Hamster

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I think I might be the dirtiest girl on x-Hamster
You acquire habits from watching porn if you watch it enough. Like, I’ve been into wearing socks during sex. I must have seen it in a porn video recently. Any socks will do but coloured ones are best, and not short ones—socks that go up the calf a little. Thick ones. Knee socks, of course, especially mid thigh ones, wow, they make my pussy wet. Makes me feel younger, like a little girl starting all over.

I like most porn categories. I like lesbians. I like strippers. I like socks. I like babysitters. I like The Milton Twins. I like lap dances. I like swingers. I like room mates. I like brothers. I like sisters. I like cheaters. I like fondling. I like wives. I like threesomes. I like foursomes. I like spring break. I like interviews. I like maids. I like strippers. I like punishment. I like small tits. I like blow jobs. I like kitchen sex. I like group sex. I like motel sex. I like bathroom sex. I like pool sex. I like massage sex.

How is that for a bunch of opening lines to a bunch of men I have never met?

I could have simply said, ‘I like a broad range of sex’, or, ‘I like sex’, but to be honest with myself, I like it so much I feel I have to be specific.

So what makes a normal healthy girl turn into a cock hungry female adult, who has no compunction about showing her tits to a stranger who wants to jack off on them, well, that might be a poor example, as I was always told when my nipples started to swell, that rubbing sperm into them would make them bigger, I would tease my poor father to ejaculate and let my watch, then gather this tit growing serum and rub it in until it was completely absorbed, while my poor father sat mesmerized, watching his ten year old daughter being so sexual.

Then there was another family incident when my mother, who had the biggest sex toy collection I have ever seen, (Turned out she was shagging the sex shop owner and his teenage son, and getting her pick of sex toys, as a reward.)

Mother was intolerant towards both her c***dren, when she and daddy separated, we were kept in a small room while she entertained men for money.

One night she caught my brother watching her and another man on the floor, engaging in anal intercourse. He was under the table pulling on his cock while she lay face down on the carpet, pushing her rump upwards into his cock.

When the stranger left, she called both of us out into the living room, she was still naked and she grabbed my brother and pulled him over her lap, and began to violently spank him, really hard smacks, but my brother said nothing as her smacks increased until double digits, then he moaned out loud, and mother stopped.

He eased himself from her lap and as he stood up, he had an erection, and dripping white fluid from his cock. She turned to me and told me to come over and made me hold my brothers cock, while she stroked his bottom.

She spoke softly, encouraging him to cum, and as she spoke she worked her finger into his anus, and my hand filled up with his tit enlarging fluid, I rubbed it into my fledgling breasts, and mother asked us if we were fucking, something she thought was normal.

After that night, my brother stayed with mother and I went to live with daddy in Edinburgh, where my sexual deviancy increased, and my large list of come-ons just got larger, and my bedtime needs were satiated by the man who sired me.

I was 22, and fresh out of University. I had just successfully got a great new job within the media in TV, and moved into a new apartment, down past Leith Walk.

The day I had moved in, I had spent the evening unpacking boxes and drinking a bit too much wine.

the emotions of the day eventually left me feeling horny and decided to have a shower, and decided to attach the new shower head my friend Jenny had bought me, ‘Guaranteed fucking orgasm’, she told me enthusiastically, girl on girl talk, so I screwed it on, making sure no leaks or loss of power, when directing those pulsating jets onto my happy sac and swollen clitoris.

I lay back naked with my legs wide open and set the head on pulse, Jenny had suggested number eight setting,but I could only handle number three, either way you might imagine how exasperated I got when the fucking warm water suddenly ran out, so I had to stop playing before I could get off.

All the more worked up now, I decided to experiment with another new toy, the end of my bed posters, had steel ball on each end, so in my state of high arousal, and with all the pubs being closed, I greased one up with butter, and eased myself down onto it, using a small clit vibrator, to excite my extremities, while my pussy gripped onto my bed frame.

I put on one of my favourite movies in which a girl is spanked by her masked lover.

So there I am, in my living room in front of the TV, wearing only socks, and being VERY moved by the effects of the new clit vibrator.

I’m not usually all that loud but the orgasms came in such intense and quickly repeating waves that the screams just came out. I wasn’t thinking, I was busy with the story in my mind and having a series of much needed orgasms.

At the same time I was moaning/screaming, the girl in the movie is screaming out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, and then…..I hear “Are you okay?”

My front door was open and this old guy is standing there, having the view of his life, and my jaw just dropped open, before I realized I was still moving this clit vibrator along my clitoris.

I was standing with one leg on the floor, and the other bent under me, in a semi squatting position, close to orgasm. He came into the room and closed my door behind him, ‘Can I help you’, he asked, watching as the brass ball on the bedstead , plopped from my pussy, covered in my thick white vaginal lubricant.

I stood naked, except for my thick socks and saw I was slightly taller than him, ‘OK’, I said holding out my hand, ‘I’m Fridagirl’, I said, and yes you can help me, if you can keep our secret’?

‘Would you like me to spank your lush bottom’, he asked?

‘Would that rock your boat’, I retorted, I had sucked a couple of old cocks in he past and they were hard, and having his move around inside me was something I felt could be nice.

‘We shall see’, he was being non committal, and at the same time, spank my cute derrière, without promise of an erection. ‘Lie face down on the settee’, he ordered, and I did as he bade, my mind instantly going back to my mother and my brother’s experience.

‘Play with your clitoris’, and I realised I was still holding the vibrator. I put it under my clitoris and immediately started grinding down on it, feeling his hand all over my silken soft bum cheeks, feeling my cheeks tightening and lifting and falling with my humping action.

Suddenly and without warning, there was a very loud smack as hi hand came down hard on my pert posterior, the shock waves rippling between my thighs, along my labia and imparting sound vibrations on my magic button.

I could hear myself gasp, ‘Fuck this old guy knows how to spank a girls ass’, and then another rained down, with equal violent force.

There was no pain, just a dull thud, a warm spreading and a tingling where it felt good, I was starting to have an orgasm, I was about to share a very private emotion, but what the hell, I let it rip, and it was loud and dirty.

‘You like to share my first night in my bed with me’?

He nodded and undressed and slipped in between the sheets with me, ‘You know’, I said as I cupped his balls and started playing with them, ‘I don’t know your name’?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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