i tough he was kidding

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i tough he was kidding
I shou;d have understand he was saying the truth
yet i tough only gay boys like to fuck other boys up the ass

it was too late when i realized he wasn’t backing up from his ”jokes” to fuck my pretty white boy ass until i cum if we got eliminated from the tournament too soon

he had me a bit drunk at the friday party at the video game event
our team got eliminated first and Mat the captain was upset we made it all the way just to get owned by a team from USA.

at some point in the night after drinking with our team and all of em agreeing my healing wasnt on point in the two first round
Mat and me were going in our hotel room to smoke weed before getting back to watch the event on the main scene

i was on the couch as he rolled one

”seriously , its friday and we already out of the game, this sucks so much man, i told you to play the medic, not that stupid elf”

”dude im sorry its just a game…”

”wooooo dude stop what the fuck stop”

pulling me on my stomach on his lap, my arm in my back holding them in place

”im so done listening to your excuses , i told you, Slap slap Slap, oh no you dont get away from this ”

”dude dude wtf stop please ahhhh ouchhhh ouchhhh fuck man your crazy ”

my sweat pants down ass up him just smacking it holding my arms with his big toned hand

”you gonna start to listen , im so fucking done with that attitude ”

slaping my ass hard making me yell for him to stop

”please dude ahhh ahhh stop stop , omg please please ”

my ow sweat pants removed and help to tie up my arm in my back

”dude dude no, please let me go please im not gay”

not carring about me pleading

”shut the winning up, tell me you will be a good boy”

”fuck you , ahhhh ahhhh”

”Slap slap slap”

”you gonna be a good boy say it ”

”no , you crazy , ahhh ahhhh”

”alright you dont want to listen , you preffer to be a bad boi”

getting something hidden in the living room cofee table drawer

watching him take a bottle of lube and a pink vibrator

”noooo dude let me go wtf , you fucking gay , let me go”

the lube pouring down on my naked ass , on his lap unable to move away

”not this not this please please”

the vibrating sound so audible

”ohhhhhh shit no dude dude stop omg omg nooooo”

the toy sliding just teasing the lube around my hole

it teased it too much, more lube poured down

”you say no but it start to open up for it”

the tip pushed in , ass up on his lap , slowly moving the vibrator in

”awwwww ahhhhhhh ohhhhh nooooo , ohhhhh Mat ”

”you take it so good relax, i told you id fuck your pretty ass”

”no no please just the toy, i let you awwwww just the toy ok awwwwww”

the toy vibration helping me open, getting lube down in my tight ass

”relax , let me open up that cute pink ass;”

”ohhhh fuck dude slow go slow”

taking it in and out , in and out

”ahhhhh omg ahhhhh dudeeee awwwwwwww”

”thats it open up , let that cute ass get fuck , it needs some cock ”

”no no not cocks, Mat im not gay awwwww awwwwww”

”you talk too much here , show me how you suck and i wont fuck you”

his pants slided down moving me a bit on his side still reaching making the toys stay deep in me moving it slowly , looking up for something down there

”awwwwwwwww shit shittttt”

”oh there it is, feel that spot, feel that pussy boy”

hitting the prostate with the vibrating tip again and again

”ahhhh ohhhhh mmmmmppphhhhh”

moaning mouth open Mat helping his cock between my lipse

”suck my cock , suck that big cock like a lolipop if yo dont want to get fuck’

my mouth working on his toned brown cock the toy still pushed deep

my hands in my back made it hard for me to keep bobbling my head up and down
he had to help me , holding my neck getting me to go up and down mouth on his big cock

”tharts better, no more winning more cock sucking, we arent gay, its just fun between friends”

my nice friend for the last 3 year getting it out on me so unexpectedly

i stop worrying and felt good crawl to his side mouth on his hot dark cock

it was bigger than me , maybe 7.5-8 and i kept trying to suck it like i ve been seeing in porn

”you start to like this, you dont try to move that much away now”

looking at him move me on my back my head toward his cock

the toy still in pushed inside by the couch as i look up at him calling me his secret sex friend

my cock hard unable to argue when he told me i like his big cock in my mouth
he took it and start to jack me off

looking up sucking his cock has he masturbate me

”you are happy like this, dont be shy its fun isnt it”

sucking him my eyes lock with his getting convince it was ok to have fun in secret like this

just sucking him listening to his calm voice

”its ok dude, i wont say a word im not gay , but its fun to watch you suck like this”

”sometime i wish it wasnt so judge and boys could do like girls, i mean no one complains when girl explore with each other”

i was loosing it to him
he was right
it was fun , just fun between boys

i wasnt stopping anything anymore
and kept drooling on his hot dark veiny cock

he untied my hands so i could jerk him while i suck

rubbing my hair ,letting me head between his spread legs on the couch servicing his cock like he wanted

”its better to be a good boy isnt it?”

smilling on his cock keeping it wet in my now willing mouth

he let me have fun for some time

before helping me sit on his lap

looking at him a bit afraid

his lipse touching mine his tongue fighting its way in my mouth

”you taste like cock , cute boy ”

getting overwhelm by his hands holding me on his lap sit on him feeling his cock rub my ass

”i wont fuck you, you will fuck me ”

his cock just inches off my hole, all i had to do was moving over it

i just did, i was getting kissed by my friend and never tough id love it so much id try to fit him in me myself

but i moved on him until it pop inside ,making me crash on his torso , him holding me steady on his cock , sliding in my pink ass hole slowly letting me do it

”mmmm i love this tigh ass, thats good fuck my cock boi, gimme that cute pussy ”

getting into it so much, i coudnt stop , i felt good on his cock, my friend fucking me , i was happy he was my first, happy to have fun with him now he had broken me into loving my ass fuck

i was bouncing up and down making him grunt of fun, taking his cock like a champ, up and down on his lap

”you fucking love getting fuck , look at you, you smach that ass down on my cock”

not arguing, not saying a word but moaning like a bouncing good boy on his friend bigger cock

”i love you man , you fuck so good on it, i want to cum in you all night, making that cute ass mine”

i really didnt care, i was his cute fuck hole, it was wring but i coudnt stop
he help me doggy on the couch making me wait ass up like a good boy

made me lube his cock more calling me a good boy ,holding the bottle up pourring lube so i woud be fuck more

loving how he hold my tigh ass has he slide in

feeling how big and hot his cock feels in my ass now all for him to fuck

”this is just normal, big cock inside a cute ass”

”ever wondered why you had such a cute ass and a little cock, well now you know and you love it”

”fuck in that pretty pink hole, thats is why , sexy white boi small ass needs to be fuck”

i kept moaning has he humiliate me for loving my tigh ass fuck so easy

ass up his hipse hitting me with a loud slap each time he dive in

i was drooling face down , trying to understand what was happening to me

his cock keep hitting deep

i sounded like a pet, as i cum no one touching me , squirting cum all over on the couch

”omg i knew it, i told you, id make you love getting fuck”

feeling so owned now , unable to ever say i didnt like him fucking me, trying to recover , but he kept hammering me

i lost controll of my body , i was feeling weak and a just a gaping fuck hole for him

he made me shake and feel so weirdly good , until i felt him get bigger and yell

”take it all, take my cum , you are mine now”

all of it spurting in me like a fire water sprinkler

i got filled, literally filled with warm cum
unable to move ass up getting my friends cum all in me
realizing how he was making me his bitch

i felt weird ad empty when he got out

i let him pull up my pants

”you are drooling cum, here better to wet your boxer full of cum has you sleep ”

and he took me in his arm to the bed
making me sleep with him

”i love your tight ass so much, i will keep this our secret and we keep having fun ”

in his arm admitting i want it

”you love my big cock , its so perfect in your small white ass, i should have fuck you before”

”i didnt knew i liked it, im scarred of what people would think too….”

”no worry, we are not gay, we just want to have fun, no one needs to know”

getting my pants down his cock felt back alive as we talked spooned in the bed

”oh wow you such a good boy now, here lket me help you”

back sliding in my ass
kissing my neck

”i love your ass moving back on my cock, its so cute”

pounding in me as i move my ass back on his crotch , spooned offering him my wet hole drooling from his load

in the night, learning how good it is to have a top secret friend , fucking behind closed door , moaning on the hot big cock of my nice friend, who work his 2nd load ever in me

reaffirming he own my tight ass . loading me once again before sleep

the next day nothing had change as we meet with our teamate

except at lunch time when we disapear in the restroom

after Mat ask me if i was hungry

on my knees in the restroom drooling on his cock , loving this secret alot, sucking cock in secret was becoming my days highlight, getting back with our friend my belly full of Mat cum

one saturday night i was waiting in my dark lobby and i never see who got in , but he was with another guy both drunk just here to get suck

i was upset at him at first , but after going from one cock to another i felt slutty sucking 2 guy in secret , totall dark on my knees both both cock all for me, them breath smelling of alcool as they called me a good cock sucker

”dont know who you found him , but he really suck good ”

”happy birthday man, told you i had the best gift for you”

moving on the stair doggy sucking Mat his birthday friend opening a pouch

”fuck him, he likes big cock ”

i got my hipse hold and a cock pushing in in no time

already lube up because mat liked when im wet as we met

his friend enjoying my tight ass , pounding finding his rythme in me

the calm lobby turned into a echoing moaning bitch getting used in the dark

”damn you sound like a slut you know”

”big black cock slut, Mat told me how you like his cock”

”take it slut, Mat thank you man this is a nice tight ass”

”keep moaning fag , im not done, fuck this condom , im cumming in you ”

”oh yeah so much better, you feel that black cock boyy. oh yes you do slut”

”go easy man , he is a nice boy , fuck him good if you want him to want you again”

”ok ok your right your right sorry boy, your ass so good, ”

slowly fuck and i coudnt help myself loving 2 cocks in me from both side
taking time , taking me good , slowly feeding both my holes

”fuck your right this is better, he likes it ”

”yes bro ,i tell you , go easy and hell become a bitch for your cock too”

switching position, Mat showing his friend how i like my tight ass slowly pounded deep on my spot

then letting him try

they made me feel like a doll, a fuck doll in the dark getting shared by 2 very good friends

commenting how to shove their big cock in me so id love it

until i got filled in turn , both cuming in me laughting drunk and having a blast

leaving me alone after thanking me

i was going to sleep when my door knocked

it was Mat friends

”mat think im gone”

pushing me in the light lookig at me scarred

”yo yo dont be scarred, here dude you are so good i got hard again”

smilling at me falling me my knees still naked looking up at the nice black dude

”I have a gf but she never suck me, i love how you suck my black cock, your very cute mouth around it working like a good boy”

i listen to him compliment me
tell me he want this in secret too

helping me on his lap kissing me
has i get him in me

”fuck boy your so good”

fucking myself on another cool guy who just want some secret fun with me

his cock so big and dark in contrat to my small pink ass

my door opening mat smilling, told you bro you just had to be nice with him

both helping me to the bedroom
under the sheet kissing me and fucking me again all night

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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