Impregnated by My Nephew – Pt. 1

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Impregnated by My Nephew – Pt. 1

Sometimes nature has its own plans to set up situations which many times go out of control. Though many leave us with a sour impression, many a times though unwanted, they throw up surprises that even leave you spell bound. This is my experience, which I had experienced in my weak moment, but had now turned out beautifully. You may call it i****t or a swap; but who are we to challenge nature and the lust it erupts in us?

I am Seema, married to Ashok, who is 34 years. I am not voluptuous, nor one who made heads turn during by studying career. I was the only c***d of my family. Ashok too was quite handsome and again the only c***d in his family. He was lean in stature at 5’9″ and his manhood was about 5-6″ long.

Ours was an arranged marriage. Though Ashok kept me sexually satisfied, the last couple of years’ sex has been an on-and-off affair, due to our busy schedules. He works in an IT company in Pune as Senior Manager Sales, and has to work late to meet his targets and even travel out-station. I help out at a lady friend’s bookshop close by, though I do not have fixed timings of work.

I was aware of his work schedule before marriage and had prepared myself for these, sometimes long absences. Being brought up in an orthodox family, where even talking of sex was taboo, the taste of raw sex, had exposed me to novel experiences, unknown to me as a maiden. Our intercourse, or more aptly fornication, always in the traditional missionary style, right from the first night and further in the confines of our Pune flat, had opened the hidden flood gates of my sexual appetite. We were both novices in the sex act and had broken ice on the first night itself.

We resided in a company allotted duplex bungalow on the outskirts of the city. This allowed me to wear dresses, which I could not wear in my parental home. The kitchen was very spacious and served as a dining room too. The kitchen counter was broad and was laid with highly polished granite slab, which I loved to keep shining & spick & span. Our house also had a beautiful garden all around and offered much needed privacy in this busy city, as well as a place to have our office parties.

Our house had two bedrooms; one on the ground floor and one master bedroom on the first floor, which was occupied by us. The house had two bathrooms cum toilets — one attached to our bedroom and the other common one on the ground floor. The kitchen was on one side of the bathroom which sandwiched the ground floor bedrooms and the sitting rooms. Attached to the kitchen was a small store room.

Without wasting time, a little info about me; I am aged 28 years and married since the last 6 years. I am fair skinned and of height about 5ft 4″ and have sea green eyes. My hair reached my waist. I had retained long hair as my husband liked them long. My body is slim, bordering thin and weighed a meager 45 kgs, with a set of very small pointy breasts with statistics placed at 28″; my college girl friends, called my tiny pair ‘boiled eggs stuck to my chest’. They told me that my shape was called as “Snoopy” breasts and they called me Snoopy. I had always envied those friends of mine who sported huge sized boobs and were the target of the college boys. My small breasts did not sag, but stood like small cones, I only wore a small front clasp, 30A Bra for namesake and to muffle my elongated nipples, which topped the pink areola.

My husband always toyed with my tiny pair and loved to suck the nipples. He never complained about the size of my pair, but I guessed that he missed a plump set of boobs, as I could seen him watching every time his colleagues wives attended our house party.

My husband liked me wearing modern short skirts or loose shorts at home and had even bought me a micro mini- skirt, when we went for a beach stay for our honeymoon at Goa. He never forced wearing of traditional dresses on me. So I loved to wear short dresses or mini-skirts at home. At times, I just wore Ashok’s shirt with front buttons, without any inner wear, since I had total privacy of our home. We only had a maid who came to wash our utensils in the afternoon and was sometimes called in the morning after a night party.

Ashok, my husband, was not the sexually adventurous type, but many times I took liberty to go without my panties or bra. I had always wanted to experience remaining nude in the house, just like the hippies I saw in Goa, but had never dared to, even though I had all the opportunity. Though six years had passed for our marriage, I had not yet succeeded in conceiving. We had decided that we would not plan and to let nature take its own course. The doctors we consulted had said that both of us were normal and to wait for time and keep on trying. That such unexplained delays did take place at times.

At no point did I have any intention whatsoever to seek sexual satisfaction, outside my marriage, as I loved my husband. I remained happy with my rationed sex. All this changed in the last two months when my husband received a call from his close cousin, that her 26 year old son had a project in Pune, for about 4 months and whether we could put him up with us during that period. After consulting me, my husband informed her that since the location of his project was a stone’s throw from our residence, we would definitely host him during his stay. He was expected to start work on the project within the next fortnight and would be coming in a week to ten days.

I did not remember meeting my husbands’ cousin, during our marriage; neither had I seen her son or her other family members. On being informed about his arrival, by my husband, I dusted and got the bedroom on the ground floor ready for his stay.

Ashok went early morning to the railway station to pick him up. His name was Jitendra, but his pet name was Jeetu. He was slightly taller than me and shorter than my husband. But it looked like he had been attending a gym as he had a well toned body and manly muscular arms. Fair in complexion, I noticed that his eyes were green, like mine. He had a beautiful smile playing on his full lips, which hid a white row of teeth.

He had come with a suitcase full of his clothes and his lap top. He had brought a box of gifts sent by his mother, which he handed to me. Ashok introduced Jeetu and introduced him to me.

“May I call you Kaki (Aunty)?” Jeetu asked me extending his hand. His eyes were on me — judging or gauging me?

Ashok immediately interjected, “Well! Does that not make her look too old? You two are of almost the same age; why don’t you call her by name, if Seema has no problem?”

“Absolutely no problem! Jeetu please call me by my name Seema. OK?” I replied taking his extended handshake. I felt his strong grip.

I was dressed in one of my short white skirt and a silky front buttoned shirt, which must have made me look like a school girl. My hair was tied in a bun, like a small pony tail. I do not know why but at first sight of this young lad, who was just 2 years younger to me, I felt a stir between my legs, which I could not understand. I could feel a little wetness between my legs and I hurried into the kitchen immediately.

Ashok led Jeetu to his room on the ground floor and gave him a short brief.

“Jeetu, I have to leave for work. Seema will be there in case you need anything.” With this he went up to our room to get ready to leave for work.

By the time I got ready to prepare breakfast, my husband had gone up to freshen up while Jeetu unpacked his bags. I knocked on Jeetu’s door and went in with a cup of tea. Jeetu had removed his shirt and was bare bodied. I noticed his well toned muscles and strong biceps. He was the exact opposite of Ashok, who had a slight paunch and was a typical husband, but with a heart of gold.

I left the tea cup on the side table and told Jeetu about it. I could feel his eyes looking at me, in a very special & different way. Could not guess what was going on in his mind.

“What?” I asked.

This jolted him into reality.

“Sorry, Kaki; Uuh, I mean Sorry Seema,” he stuttered a reply, “I was looking at your beautiful hair. I did not notice them earlier. They are gorgeous.”

It was then that I realized that my waist length thick black hair had loosened out and strewn behind me.

“Oh! Thank you for the compliment,” I could not control a blush.

“Wow! I am now floored with the blush!” he commented.

“You are naughty,” I said and rushed out of his room. The earlier feeling between my legs had returned. What was happening to me?

I got the breakfast table ready and Ashok came down and was joined by Jeetu. Ashok asked him about his family and told him that if he wanted any help in his work he was free to ask. He also told him that I was familiar with the city and that I could take him around to familiarize with the city, since he would be at work the whole day.

He told us that he was to joined work after 4 -5 days and that he was free till then. Breakfast being over, Ashok left for his work and I returned to the kitchen. I remembered that Jeetu had to have his bath and I went back to his room. Again, I knocked on his door and went in.

“Jeetu, you may want to have bath. The bathroom is next to the kitchen. I will show you taps and the geyser.” With this I went to the bathroom at the ground floor with Jeetu in tow. The bathroom was not very big and at one moment of time, I had to squeeze to one side to allow Jeetu to come in. I felt my small, now taut breasts brushing against his side. I felt a shiver run down my stomach as my sensitive stiff nipples skimmed along his chest. It was the first time after my marriage that my boobies were rubbing against another male. A sigh left my lips and the wetness between my legs returned. I could actually feel my panty getting moist.

Why was my body reacting to this male person in our house? . . . And, that too within such a short time? I came out of the bathroom. I did not realize that due to habit of being alone in the house, I had left my earlier worn colorful bra and a purple panty, with a fairy on the gusset, hanging on the clothes hooks behind the door, in the bathroom.
After some time, Jeetu went to have his bath by wrapping a towel around his waist and calling out to me that he was going to have his bath. I heard the door close and the sound of the shower. I was busy in the kitchen moving around with the wet panty reminding me of my recent encounter. I was thoroughly confused.

After sometime, I heard the shower stop and a few moments later, I heard the bathroom door open and then Jeetu’s bedroom door close. I had forgotten to inform Jeetu that most of the latches were loose and to secure them properly. It was this delay in informing Jeetu about the loose latch that opened doors to all my college fantasies.

I did not disturb him as I was sure he wanted to rest after such a long trip. I finished my kitchen work and I knocked on his door and told him that I was going for my bath. He replied that he was comfortable and to proceed. I went upstairs and after taking my towel & undies and entered the bathroom. I thought of coming out and then wearing the bra.

Keeping in mind my recent excited state, I decided to have a head bath. Usually, the Indian women do not have a daily head bath, but prefer to wash their hair separately due to their long hair remaining wet. The feeling of the warm shower rippling down my head and back

I entered the bath room and removed by bra and the now wet panty and dumped them in a bucket for washing. It was then that I realized that my earlier set was hanging in the ground floor bathroom. Since I did not want Jeetu to feel awkward about my used underwear hanging around, I decided to remove them later.

I let the shower run over my head and the streams of warm water ran down over my back and as I turned, it ran in between my boobies, giving me a nice feeling. I felt my hand reach up and hold my snoopies. I tweaked my nipples and closed my eyes to savor the feeling. For a moment I visualized that Jeetu was fondling me. My eyes flew open.

What was this thing happening to me? I had never ever thought of any other man touching me earlier. Yes, I did find Jeetu attractive, but he was two years younger to me. He was also related to my husband.

I finished my bath and came out in the bedroom, which I had locked when I came in. I wiped myself dry. I looked in the full length mirror and saw my body. Though my body had the fairness & looked sleek, I lacked in my upper department. My long hair, green eyes and fairness compensated for the lack of my body statistics. I found my boobies taut and very sensitive; my thighs were thin and I did not have much of the buttocks. I was a typical “Zero” Figure.

I decided to be adventurous and wore a pink polka dotted panty and a colorful bra under a T-shirt and loose colorful shorts with an elastic, that showed my slim-thin thighs. I then remembered about my used bra & panty in the lower bathroom and decided to remove them.

I came down the steps bare footed, as was the practice to walk in the house and turned towards the lower end bathroom. The bathroom was still steamy after Jeetu had his bath. I reached behind the door for the clothes hooks but did not find anything there. I was in doubt whether I had actually left them there. Maybe the maid had put them to wash!

I decided to check on Jeetu. Since I had come down silently, Jeetu may not have been aware that I had finished my bath and I was down. I did not call out but decided to go and knock on his door.

When I reached there I found that the door was slightly open and not latched. Instead of knocking I decided to peep in. What I saw inside made me freeze in my tracks. He had not realized that the bedroom door was open and must have thought that I was still having a bath.

Jeetu’s head was away from the door and hidden from the door and his undressed waist and legs were parallel to the door, slightly spread. Between his legs was a huge, darkish brown, baton like object, which he was furiously pumping up & down, with the help of a cloth like item grasped in his hand, which was encircled around this baton. I guessed that it must have been about 10 — 12 inches long and as thick as my arm. It was not straight, but curved upward like a banana in shape. It had a round red shiny ball like appearance at its top.

I gasped as I realized that Jeetu, it was his penis and he was furiously masturbating on the bed. I realized that the cloth in his hand was my missing panty, which he was using to titillate himself. My blood froze for two reasons — one for the sheer guts of this young man to masturbate with my panty, and secondly for the massive size of his penis.

I pulled myself back from the door as it was mind-boggling for me that anyone could have such a huge penis. Was it normal? I was feeling very edgy & excited between my legs and had to press them & rub them together to control myself. My hand had gone to my pussy and was rubbing it subconsciously over my shorts and panty.

I could not control myself. I had to watch his massive tool again. I peeped in through the door slit and then came the next shocker. When he was about to climax, his pumping intensity increased and then a jet of sticky semen flew upward, almost touching the ceiling fan and falling somewhere on the bed. Immediately Jeetu’s other hand came up in view holding my missing bra. He clamped it with the bra cup over his red turgid head and shot his load into it, holding it in place. I could see the spasms of his penis in his hands.

I was literally dripping from my pussy and luckily had my panties on; otherwise there would have been a puddle of my juices at Jeetu’s doorstep. I forced myself away from the door, knowing that he could come out any time. I also wanted a release badly or I would be found moaning helplessly outside this youngsters’ door.

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