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Last September I started having an affair with my bother-in-law and two of my sister-in -laws. Our first time together
was at a pool party with the entire family 30 feet from us as Bobby fucked me for the first time. From then on, I was Kim and
Karen’s sex toy and I was eager to please them too. Two weeks after that my husband was told he had to go to a new job site
in Europe and would be gone three weeks, back one week and gone three until the project was complete. They told him it would
be at least 4 to 5 months of this too. To make up for this they gave him a great bonus and raised his pay by over 10 grand. We
had talked it over and agreed to do it but I could no go with him so I would stay here. We planned on using the new money to buy
a house when it was all over.

Stewart’s parents told me I could move in with them and save money too. Kim and Karen quickly shot thins idea down and
suggested that their parents should go ahead and loan Stewart and me the money to get the house so I could be fixing it up. The
girls said we all know what house they want and it’s for sale now. They weren’t to happy about that idea until the girls added that
they would move in with me while Stewart was away and if it made them happier Bobby moved in the basement. Since it was only
two blocks away we’d all be together too.

I was in total shock now and when they said if Stewart and I wanted them to do it they would. Before I could blink Stewart said yes.
Before the end of the month I had a house, my husband was going to leave for three weeks at a time, and my three lovers were going
to move in with me. So stated the busiest time of wild sex ever, or so I thought, but that can wait.

I took the master bedroom the girls took the rooms on both sides and Bobby moved in the basement (which had a full bathroom). His
father told him he was not allowed to bring girls over for sex or any overnight stays. Little did he know he was going to have me and
his sister’s for sex.

So our first night together, the four of us had a little wine party after everyone else left. It was Friday and we were all wired about
being in our new house. Cards were brought out and after one hand of gin we started strip poker. I was OK but the girls teaming up
on Bobby and me. Soon I was in my panties and he was in his boxers while Kim and Karen were just topless. I lost the next hand and
was naked. They told me that if I lost again before everyone else was naked I’d had to do whatever they said. This was OK with me
as I was ready to do some fucking then and there.

Bobby lost and he was now naked. The girls lost and they were in their thongs in the next two hands. I lost big time and was at the
winner’s mercy and Karen was the winner.

She told to suck Bobby’s cock for 5 minutes but not to let him cum. I had never had anything that big before and had to work on it.

Time was up before I knew it. Karen said I had enjoyed that so much she had ideas of other things I could do.

I lost again. This time Kim won and I lost so I had to eat her pussy. Booby won and I had to eat Karen’s pussy.

Then he won again and he said he want to see them eat each other’s pussy. They refused at first but then gave in and got in a 69.
WOW what a turn on to see them eat each other.

They kept going when bobby said they could stop and so he started eating me and we got in a 69. We when on like this for a
while and I had to stop because he was so big it hard my mouth. Kim looked at me and told me to swap with her. I started eating Karen
and Kim when down on Bobby. She stopped and told Karen how good he felt in her mouth and she might even have to fuck it too. This
was too much for Karen and she came on my face. Karen rolled off me and Kim stopped and said I was right it was too big to suck for
long. I saw my chance and told Bobby to lie there and I moved over on top of him and we started making out.

I could feel him dick between my legs and he tried to roll me over but I told him, I wanted to be on top this time. He said OK and
went for my titts. I then felt his hands on my ass pulling me tighter as I rubbed his fat shaft against my clit. I was near cumming
and I felt another set of hands on my ass. I looked back and Kim was pulling my cheeks apart and playing with pussy by pressing
Bobby’s cock into my pussy lips as I slide up and down on it.

I asked if she wanted a really good view of that thing in a hot pussy and she said hell yeah. I told Bobby to just lie in the middle
of the inflatable mattress we had ion the floor and enjoy the ride. He jumped on and landing on his back and said to have at him l
adies. I told Kim to suck on his cock some more to help me get it in and Karen said that wasn’t fair since she hadn’t sucked him
yet so she took Kim’s place. She nearly took half his tool in less than a minute. Kim started to eat me some more to get me wetter.
When I was ready I had to push Kim away form me and pull Karen off Bobby’s cock. I told them to lay on both sides with their
heads at his feet and for him to finger them. I then got between his legs and started to lower myself on hid cock.

I was nearly cumming after just two inches. The girls moved in closer and I push down more and started cumming with about 8
inches in. Bobby stopped fingering his sisters, grabbed my hips and shoved the rest of his cock in me.

OK, let me say that I always thought it was bullshit to read how women start screaming to fuck them harder and all that stuff. I
really don’t like to talk dirty, but…I screamed right then and came like never before. I started to tell him to slam that awesome cock
of his home to my fucking cunt. I can’t remember all I said but I could not stop talking. I wanted more. I wanted to be fucked
senseless. At that moment an army of people could have lined up to fuck me and I would have welcomed them all to fuck me.

I leaned forward and the view of that cock in me was more than I could take. I became a different person. I sat back up and
grabbed Karen’s hair and told her to start licking bitch.

I told her to start with my clit and then move to his shaft and then to his balls and back to the top and start over again until
she was licking his cum and it flowed from my pussy.

Kim said she wanted to be eaten so she sat on his face.

The thought of my brother-in-laws fat cock boring into me while one of his sisters sat on his face and the other was licking
his dick and my cunt was nearly making me cum. He started to grunt and I knew he starting to pop. Pop he did. I love when
guys cum in me, and Bobby was giving me plenty. I came as I looked down and Karen was licking his cream as it started coming
out of my cunt around his cock.

Karen pulled his cock out of me and sucked it hard then sat up and moved me forward and sat on her brother cock. In three
humps she had the entire length buried in her. She started fucking him like a wild a****l. I moved out of the way and Kim and
Karen started kissing as one sat on his face and the other on his cock.

Karen stooped kissing and told him he had no idea how many times they had wanted to fuck him and how close they had
come to fucking him several times. Kim let Karen fuck him for a while and then pushed her off and took her place. I would
lick up his balls and dick to their clit while they sat on his cock. It took longer for her to take all of him but she was soon
riding Bobby as hard as Karen did. He rewarded her by pumping his second load in her. She started cumming and I started
licking the juice from her pussy when she lay beside him.

We all fell asleep there and woke up the next morning as started round two. If the twins weren’t fucking Bobby or me they
were on each other. They told us they had always been this way but it was their secret.

Saturday I was pretty sore and told them I was out for the day and we all took a break. But the girls were soon on each
other again. It was about 10 and I was downstairs eating a snack. Bobby and I had been fooling around on the couch for
a while and he headed for the bathroom. We had been naked all weekend so I was standing there naked actually with one
foot on a stool enjoying the cool air on my pussy. Which looked twice the size it normally does but it had also had four times
as much sex in the last 12 hours as it had had in a month.

I heard someone behind me and thought it was Karen or Kim coming up behind me. I was about to make some comment for
them not to get near my pussy when I noticed they just came down the stairs. I turned and their mother was behind me. Oh
Shit was all I could say to myself.

She looked me up and down, and looked over the girls and said from the looks of our boxes we had all been getting a good
working over. She asked if it was anyone she knew.

As if that was his cue. Bobby sprang out of the bathroom off the kitchen. Needless to say the raging hard on he had gave
us all away.

I was ready for a large explosion but all she laughed and told him to be careful with that weapon and she should have known
he’d be involved somehow. Their Mom asked if he was the one fucking all three of us or was there someone else. He said it was
just him.

She told them they needed to make double sure not to get pregnant.

She told us to be careful and she’d call and let us know when to come home for diner. I was at a lost of what to say as she
walked around and kissed us all on the cheek. When she got to me I was ready for her to snack me with her hand and scream
at me but she kissed me on the lips and smacked my bare bottom and said nice ass. She said she’ll call soon and headed out the door.

We watched her get in her car and drive off the three of us looked at Bobby he said yeah, Mom and Dad had caught him a
Stewart fucking Julie a few years ago and had told him it was OK but not to let anyone else know we were doing it. This little
comment floored all three of us. I told Bobby that Julie is Miss prissy so it was hard to think of her getting banged by two of
her brothers.

He said we didn’t know the real Julie. That Mom and Dad had caught her fucking three guys and Mrs. Kendal when Julie was 18.
All you had to do was get two beers in her and she would do anything and anybody to get off.

He told us a few more adventures he’d had with her and this lead to another fuck session for us. About noon their Mom called
and told us to come home about 3pm for a cook out by the pool.

They had just had it re coated and put in heaters and got one of those plastic domes for it.

The work had been finished this week and they had just finished refilling the pool today.

I still wasn’t sure how I feel being around my mother-in-law who just caught me having sex with her other son and two of her
daughters. They all told me not to worry so we all got cleaned up and headed that way.

Well it was about 2pm when we got there and we headed straight to the pool to check it out. You had to go through the patio
to get there and when we rounded the corner there was their Mom and Dad fucking away. She was bent over holding on to a rail
while he fucked her from behind. They were facing away from us so we just stood there and watched them fuck. She was grunting
and he rammed her hard. She started to tell him to bang that hot cunt good. She would tell him harder and faster and how good his
cock felt.

He started to tell her he was going to floor her fucking cunt with his juice and she told him not yet. We watched for 5 minutes and
they just kept fucking like a****ls.

He told her to tell him again about catching us fucking. Told him how she had come over last night while we were in the living room
and how she had watched us all fuck each other and suck each other. I looked at the other three and we all had our mouths open
wide at this statement.

Their Mom when on to tell him how she had fingered herself off while I was licking Bobby while the twins sat on his cock. This was
making he hot and I could feel someone rubbing my ass. They slide a hand around my waist in into my loose sweats and fingered me.
I let out a groan before I knew it. Their Mom Dad looked over and saw us there. He stopped and started to pull out. Their Mom told
him to put that cock back where if belonged and don’t worry about us but she was about to come. This was all the needed. He fucked
her even harder and she started cumming and telling him she was cumming.

WOW what a site. I don’t remember taking off my clothes but I was naked and laying on the table before I knew it watching their
Mom and Dad finish up.

I didn’t even know who was eating me and I didn’t care. Their Dad hadn’t come and when their Mom told him to pull out so she
could suck him I was shocked to see a cock bigger that Bobby’s. It wasn’t much longer but it was bigger. When he walked by me
to get to a chair I grabbed it and pulled in my mouth. I licked it clean and then begged him to fuck me hard. He looked back at his
wife and she said for him to tear that hot young pussy up and show me what a real cock did in a cunt.

Needless to say it was a wet and wild weekend that left me swore for a week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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