Indian Gem

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Indian Gem
Indian Gem

So I walked into our local newsagent to pick up a copy of my favourite wank mag “Titty Slags”. The shop closes at 7:00pm and it was now 6:45pm which is the best time as the shop isn’t busy and Mrs. Singh the owner is getting ready to close. I had just picked up my mag and was headed toward the back of the shop to pay when I see a new Indian girl sitting behind the counter. God, she was gorgeous. Wearing typical indian style clothing she had long, silky black hair that I could tell went halfway down her back. She had big, brown eyes (don’t they all) full lips and a dark brown complexion.

Normally it’s Mrs. Singh behind the counter and she is an elderly woman so I’m never embarrassed but now with this hottie behind the counter my face was red. I actually thought about putting the mag back and walking out but it was too late she had looked up and was smiling at me.

“Can I help?” she asked in perfect english.

“Just this,” I replied, red-faced.

She took the magazine and looked at the cover. Her brown eyes widened and she seemed to take an awful long time looking for the dam price. What must she be thinking of me a 23 year old, 5’10”, blonde, white guy buying dirty mags. Finally she found it and I paid with a ten pound note. As she gave me my change she looked at me right in the eyes and smiled.
“Enjoy that,” she said.
I couldn’t tell if she was flirting or just being a cheeky bitch but just then Mrs. Singh walked in the back door.

“Oh hello, John, how are you?” she asked in her heavy Indian accent.
“Fine, fine, Mrs. Singh,” I said still red-faced and wanting to get out of there.
“I see you’ve met my daughter, Ruby. She’s back from college.”
“Hello John,” said Ruby, almost huskily. She was smiling that kind of smile. The kind of smile that says I know somethng dirty about you. I was so embarrassed standing there with a dirty magazine trying to have a civilised conversation with these two, but Ruby’s smile did make my balls twitch. Finally I left and that night while wanking over my new mag all I could think of was Ruby’s gorgeous face.

Over the next couple of weeks I got to know Ruby (short for Rubina) a little better. She was studying some shit at some shitty college and was home for the holidays to help out her parents at the shop (don’t they all). Everytime I walked into the shop she would give me that smile almost as though she knew I’d just been wanking which was usually true. She always wore those loose Indian style clothing but I could tell she had a nice slim figure, round arse and 34B breasts. Needless to say I never bought a dirty mag when she was in the shop. I fantasised all the time about doing all kinds of nasty shit to her but we were just friends. Then one day it happened.

I was coming home from work and thought I’d buy a mag if Mrs. Singh was in the shop seeing as my old mag was used up, so to speak, and the only pictures left were of ugly fat readers wives. Mrs. Singh wasn’t there. It was Ruby. Dammit! Now I was gonna have to wank over those little pictures they have that accompany the letters page.

“Hello John,” she said. “You look sad to see me.”
“No, no,” I said.
“Yes you are.”
“Why would I be?” I asked.
“Oh, I don’t know,” she sighed and walked past me to the font door locking it. “Maybe it’s because your desperate to but a dirty mag and are too shy.”
Fuck me this was embarrassing. Was she teasing, was she flirting and why did she lock the front door and why was she switching off the light to the front of the shop so that now only the back was illuminated and what about Mrs. Singh?
“You don’t have to be embarrassed with me,” she breathed as she walked past me. “Do you want me to pick one for you? Here, I bet you’ve never seen this one.”
She picked a mag from the top shelf and went to the front of the shop. I followed.
“Have a look through,” she said, smiling a little. “Tell me which girl you like best.”

I looked at the magazine she had put down on the counter. It was titled “Indian Sluts”. My balls were twitching, my cock was getting hard and I realised I was gonna get laid and it’s been a long time since the last time. I flicked through the magazine. Beautiful sexy girls! Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, some outdoors, some indoors, some on the beach, some in lifts, some naked, some wearing bondage gear, all gorgeous. As I was looking through the mag Ruby explained her mum had to do some shopping for some shit or other and that she wouldn’t be back for an hour. My heart was pounding. One whole hour to do whatever we wanted. Finally I came across a picture of a young Pakistani girl. Her photoset started off with her being fully dressed in religous type clothing and then each new picture would reveal more and more of her sexy body.
“This one,” I said to Ruby. “I like this one the best.”
Ruby looked and smiled.
“I bet I know why,” she said. “It’s because she’s got that glassy, vacant look in her eyes. You just know she’ll do anything and not even complain once. That’s how you want me to be don’t you? Well, come on we’ve only got an hour.”
Your dam right that’s how I want you to be I thought as she led me upstairs to a small bedroom which had one single bed with a mattress. Nobody actually lived in the upstairs flat and the bedroom was obviously used for storage as there were boxes of stuff everywhere.

She turned around and looked at me with a serious expression on her face.
“Not a word to anyone about this, allright, John,” she said her eyes wild.
“All right,” I replied.
“I mean it. I come from a respectable family and the shame would just kill my parents.”
“All right, allright, you can trust me, Ruby,” I said feeling a bit sorry for her.
“Oh, and I don’t suck cock!” she said.
Fucking BITCH! I thought and decided there and then I was gonna tell everyone I shagged her.
“Right, take your clothes off,” she demanded.

I did as I was told and in a moment I was naked with a half erect penis. She started undressing taking off her top and bra to reveal her brown breasts which had even darker nipples. She then took off her bottoms and knickers to reveal her shapely legs and shaven pussy. She was the same colour all over. A dark brown that reminded me of melting chocolate. To think all this was hidden away in those traditional Indian style clothing.
“Come here,” she said.
I walked over to her, my dick fully erect now.
“Kneel,” she said. “And smell my pussy.”
I knealt and smealt. My head was centimetres away from her pussy and the smell was intoxicating. It made my head spin. I buried my head into her fanny and inhaled deeply. The feel of her skin and the smell of her was amazing. I flicked out my tongue to get a taste of her honey. As soon as my tongue touched her fanny she thrust back and shuddered and let out a little yelp at the same time. It was almost as though my tongue had sent a little electric shock right through her. I’ve never gone down on a woman before but something inside of me had changed. The b**st within had awoken and needed satisfying. Who did she think she was? She won’t suck my cock but wants me to lick her out? The b**st won’t be satisfied until it had made Ruby into that vacant eyed Pakistani girl in the magazine.

I grabbed her firm butt cheeks with both hands, digging my nails into them and pulling her towards me I nuzzled my nose right up into her pussy. She struggled a little trying to get my head out of her pussy by pulling my hair but she lost her balance and fell back on the edge of the bed. As she flopped down her legs opened a little and I forced her legs even wider with both hands on the inside of her thighs pushing down. Why was she resisting? Was she having second thoughts? Was she feeling guilty? Well fuck that she’s mine now. I began licking her pussy like a cat lapping milk. None of that slow sensual crap, this was fast and furious. She opened up like a flower and her stuggling ceased as her juices began flowing freely. Now instead of fighting me she was actually pulling me towards her almost as though she wanted my head right up inside of her. Her moaning grew louder and she kept saying something which I couldn’t quite catch then I realised she was speaking in her indian language. I wondered if she was going to cum and then I remembered something I had read in a dirty mag once. Instead of lapping away at her fanny I decided to write my name with the tip of my tongue on her clitoris J-O-H-N. After about thirty seconds of this her whole body started shuddering uncontrollably, her breathing quickened and it sounded like she was gasping for air. She was cumming. She arched her back and shoved her pussy even more into my face almost breaking my neck! I carried on licking her pussy until she had calmed down, her pussy juices smeared all over my face.

I stood up and looked at her exhausted, limp body on the bed. It was like I had sucked the life right out of her. She still didn’t look vacant enough. There was still some life in those eyes. I leaned over quickly and kissed her on the lips. I wanted her to get a taste of her own pussy. She didn’t like it but couldn’t really resist me now. I pulled her up so she was sitting on the edge of the bed and brought my rock solid dick near her face.

“No, I don’t do that!” she said looking scared and turning away so that I ended up smearing her right cheek with pre-cum juice.
“For fucks sake, come on. I did it to you,” I said grabbing the back of her hair with my left hand and squeezing both her cheeks with my right hand so that her lips were forced open like a fish just like my mom used to do when she was force feeding me some crap. I managed to get the bell-end of my dick in her mouth bit she still struggled so I gave her a little slap across her cheek which seemed to do the trick as she gasped and opened her mouth a little more which let me put half my cock in her mouth. I held her there with both hands on her head making sure she couldn’t get my dick out of her mouth. I looked down at her and saw her big, brown eyes filled with tears and looking at me pleadingly. I moved my pelvis slowly back and forward and round and round and soon I felt her loosen up. She was getting used to having my white cock in her mouth and now I could feel her tongue on the underside of my penis. She was beginning to enjoy it. She closed her eyes and started jerking her head up and down my shaft taking even more of it into her mouth. The sight of my white dick disappearing into her mouth was amazing. The feel of her smooth lips and moist tongue was driving me crazy and I knew I was going to come soon. I told her to get on her knees as her head would then be just the right height for my cock.

Once on her knees she willingly took my cock in her mouth and gripping it with both of her small brown hands wanked it fast. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I took her hands off my dick, grabbed her hair with both hands and rammed my dick to the back of her throat. She made a noise that sounded like muffled scream. I carried on fucking her face brutally with my cock as she fought the gag reflex. Her eyes were wide open with fear. She couldn’t believe what I was doing. Just before I came I pulled out of her mouth and still holding her hair with my left hand I wanked furiously with my right hand my dick an inch from her face. She knew what I was going to do. I felt my balls tighten as the first string of gooey cum shot out of my penis, arced in the air and landed on her forehead and hair. The second string of sponk landed across her right cheek. The third across her nose and left eye the, fourth across her left cheek and ear and the fifth actually landed on her lips. The blob of cum left on the end of my cock I wiped across her chin. This wasn”t like a porno movie where the girls have their mouths and eyes wide open and big smiles on their faces while they’re getting splattered. This bitch kept her mouth and eyes tight shut. I looked down at her face. Only a few bits of brown skin could be seen the rest was covered with my cum. I stood up straight and backed away my knees felt a little weak. She stayed where she was on her knees her head cocked back, my cum dripping down her cheeks.

“I’ll clean it up,” I said pretending to be helpful. I scooped my cum on her face with my fingers toward her lips. She kept her lips tightly shut. I told her her mum would be back soon and at that she became compliant (probably wanting to get it over with) and opened her mouth so that I could shove my sponk into it. I wanted her to taste my juices. Now and then she dribbled it back out and I would just scoop it up again into her mouth until she had swallowed all of it.

Satisfied for the time being I wondered what to do next. We still had about half hour as long as Mrs. Singh didn’t come back early. I looked at her chocolatey body and felt like eating her up. Also she now had that glassy look in her eyes. She was mine now and would do anything I wanted.

“Get on the bed, Ruby,” I ordered. She sat on the edge of the bed. I knealt down and lifted her right leg kissing and licking my way up it from her calves to her thighs. She let out little winces as I nibbled the inside of her thighs. I made my way up to her titties. Smooth and firm, brown titties in my mouth. They felt like melted chocolate. I nibbled on both nipples as she took hold of my hair and thrust them towards me as though she wanted me to get as much as I could into my mouth. I then flipped her over so she was on her front on the edge of the bed with her arse towards me. I sunk my teeth into her beautiful brown bum. I licked and nibbled and bit and then I did something I’ve never done before. I licked her crack and kept on licking. I pulled her arse cheeks apart and drove my tongue into her hole getting it all wet and then started to fuck her arse with my tongue. She started thrusting her arse back into my face. She wanted me to tongue-fuck her bum. This was too much. I now had another masssive erection and needed relief. I pulled my tongue out of her arse with a plop which made her yelp and nearly made me laugh. I straightened up and shoved my dick right into her pussy, all the way in. She gasped loudly. She wasn’t expecting that. I proceeded then to fuck the shit out of her. Her arms were flailing wildly as she tried to grip something. It looked as though she was trying to get away from me but there was no escape from my merciless pounding. Her pussy felt amazing. She was no virgin but I could tell she has never had sex like this before. I grabbed her by both shoulders to steady her as I brutally fucked her pussy. Her head was laid down on the mattress so I grabbed her long hair and pulled it back. She gasped and let out a little scream as her back arched even more. She managed to dig her nails into the mattress to steady herself and I realised through her shuddering and gasps that she was actually having another orgasm. Once she had calmed down I shoved her head back into the mattress and withdrew my dick from her pussy which made a disgusting squelchy sound. I positioned my dick over her arse and spread her cheeks. In a flash she knew what I was doing and screamed.

“No, god no, please John NO! Not there, thats the wrong hole! PLEASE!!” she begged, a look of sheer terror on her face. Shit I felt sorry for her but all her stuggling and that frightened little girl look really turned me on.
“All right, all right!” I shouted back at her. “Just shut the fuck up and stay still.”
She quietened down and went limp as I furiously wanked my cock. I came then, not like before but still it was alot. Blobs of sticky, white sponk landed all over her brown arse cheeks and lower back and I rubbed my dick clean on her thighs.
I sat back on the floor. We were both exhausted now. After a while she got up and I saw my cum dripping down her back and arse cheeks and down her thighs and onto the floor.
“You’re going to tell everyone, aren’t you?” she asked forlornly.
I was going to. I wanted to show off. Then I thought who would believe me? No one was going to believe I’ve just shagged an indian girl and she was never going to admit it. Then I thought why tell anyone? I liked her. I wanted to shag her again and again.
“I told you, Ruby,” I said. “You can trust me to keep my mouth shut. Now can I have your number.”
She breathed a sigh of relief and smiled and said, “No, you give me your number and I’ll call you.”
She was back to her old self again. Confident and in charge. Never mind. When we’re fucking I call the shots and next time I am gonna shag her arse. I gave her my number, got dressed, said goodbye awkwardly and left. I took the “Indian Sluts” mag from the counter without paying and left the shop. As I walked down the street I saw Mrs. Singh walking up with bagloads of shopping and a big smile for me. I hid the mag in my coat sleeve and helped her with the bags carrying them back to the shop. As we walked in I could hear Ruby upsatirs shuffling about and I realised she was probably trying to clean herself up.
“Come down, Ruby,” called Mrs. Singh. “Your such a good boy, John. We really must invite you to our house for dinner one day. We only live a few streets away.”
Ruby came into view, her clothes were all rumpled up, her hair a mess.
“What have you been doing?” asked her mum.
“Cleaning, mum,” Ruby said red-faced. “Just been cleaning.”
I nearly laughed out loud. I made my excuses and left. I was invited to Ruby’s house for dinner and alot more besides but that is a story for another time.

The End

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