Indian Maid Service 2 Updated

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Indian Maid Service 2 Updated
Eva soon left for home.

I went to the store after my work and paid the store clerk her commission. She replied, “your wife is cool, get her here more often”. I simply nodded and tried keeping a low profile.

Soon I reached home and noticed that Eva had been busy. She had washed her new lingerie and it was drying in the gallery. She was not around so I went to my room and quickly took a shower. As I came out of the shower in my towel I saw Eva sitting on the bed ready with my nightclothes. She was wearing a plain T-shirt and yoga pants with her hair tied back in a ponytail.

I asked her, “So, how was shopping?”

She replied it was great and as usual she managed to get some good deals. She unknowingly smiled and I quickly replied, “looks like someone is happy. So do I get a thank you?”

She immediately got up and gave me a tight hug and thanked me for helping her. I was still wet from the bath and could hardly control my hard on. I patted her on her back and casually let my hands drop gently brushing her hips.

I then proceeded to wear my underwear; once my hardening dick was under my boxers I removed the towel and handed it to Eva and asked her to wipe my hair. She stood on the bed and started wiping my hair. I proceeded to get dressed. Once I was ready, Eva started heading out. I tool the opportunity and patted on her yoga pants covered ass and said, “good girl Eva”. She simply smiled.

Soon we had dinner and were ready to sleep. Eva entered my room to sleep in her night suit. I could make out from sheer material that she was still wearing her old lingerie. Sounding a bit irritated I asked her, “Eva, why are you still wearing your old underwear?” She replied that the new ones are washed but they are drying.

I quickly responded, “I do not like this behavior, go and get me all your old lingerie and a pair of scissors.” Eva hurriedly went out of the room and did what I said. I took the scissors and started cutting all her lingerie. Then I replied sternly, “I hope you get the point why I am doing this?” She simply nodded.

I replied, “then don’t just stand there, I will need the ones you are wearing currently too, you can wear the new ones once they dry tomorrow. So hurry up”.

She quickly went outside and came back in about 2 minutes holding the lingerie she was wearing. As she handed them over to me I could clearly make out her nipples through the sheer material of the night suit. She was covering her crotch with her hands. I cut the final lingerie and we went to sleep.

I got up in the morning at 6 am to go to the gym. Eva was still asleep. Light morning sunlight was on her and I couldn’t help but marvel at her body. Her hands were no longer on her crotch and I could see a beautiful natural bush through her night suit. He breasts were pointing skyward and her hands were over her head. I slowly bent down and with the faintest of touches unbuttoned her top two buttons. Then I moved her nightshirt apart so that her nipples were visible. Her nipples were unlike any Indian girl I had seen, typically Indian women have darker areolas. Eva’s areolas on the other hand were lighter shade of brown and looked magnificent. I slowly closed one button. Then I untied one of the strings of her shorts. As they became loose I lifted them to take a peek inside. I couldn’t see her vagina but the pubic hair was sparse and smooth unlike the curly growth I have been use to seeing. I bent forward and smelled the most divine smell ever. I soon got ready and left for the gym.

Once I returned from the gym Eva opened the door. She was still in the night suit though now she seemed more comfortable in it or maybe she forgot that she was wearing something sheer. I was as usual sweating and immediately removed by t-shirt. As I approached by room, closely followed by Eva I got a phone call. It was an office phone call so I took it. Eva in the meantime started looking for my clothes and towel. She was bending into the drawers offering me a great view of her naked ass.

She soon got the towel and clothes and kept them on my bed. Then she noticed I was fidgeting with my track pants. Immediately she came close to me and started untying my track pants. Then she pulled them down and my semi erect cock was right in her face through my boxers. Then she wrapped the towel around me and started pulling down my boxers! I slowly felt my dick escape the elastic and my boxers fall down. As Eva bent down to pick up my soiled undies I got a nice peek at her boobs through the night suit. I couldn’t concentrate on the phone at all.

Eva then gathered the clothes and started walking out. I paused the phone and said, “Eva one minute! Come here”. She obliged and I turned her around and gave her a nice smack on her hips, “good girl”. Eva was taken aback but gave a friendly smile.

I was thinking of taking things with Eva one notch up. But things were not moving at the pace I would like. Then one day, I made a perfect plan. Usually Eva gets up with me in the morning with my alarm. But one day I skipped the alarm and got up on my own. Eva was sleeping as expected. I stealthily went to the gym and came back hoping to find Eva asleep.

As I entered my room I gently shook Eva and told her to get up. She got up dazed and little bit scared. I said, “Eva, you overslept now I will get late for office!” She started apologizing as usual and got up and started headed to the kitchen.

I responded, “wait, where are you going? Stand here until I tell you to go.” She simply nodded.

Then in a raised voice I said, “you have made a mistake and like all mistakes there is a price to pay so that you don’t repeat it.” Eva looked scared and said, “Sorry Sahib, it will not happen again.”

I responded, “Come here”. I put her down on my lap and started spanking on her ass. She only moaned softly. After about 5 spanks I asked her what’s the count. She was obviously not counting.

I said, “well you need to count when I hit you and say sorry sahib”.

Eva was as usual in her night suit and she was wearing yellow underwear underneath. As I spanked her, she continued to moan and then meekly say sorry sahib and count the number of spanks.

I was quite enjoying her buttocks moving with my every spank. Her hips were full, soft and simply delightful. I slowly increased the speed of my slaps. With one hard slap she gasped, I inquired, “Did that hurt Eva?” As I asked her the question I rubbed my palm on both her cheeks as if I was consoling her. She simply nodded.

Taking the cue I started spanking her harder followed by playing with her hips in between spanks. After about 25 spanks, I could literally smell Eva through her panties and night suit shorts. My dick was hard as hell and was pressing against Eva’s belly.

I finally called it quits and Eva got up. As she got up I gave her a hug and whispered in her ear, “sorry but this is needed so that you don’t repeat mistakes.” Her breasts were pressing against my sweaty chest and my hands were caressing her round hips. Surprisingly she hugged me back and said, “I understand sahib.” She then proceeded to cook breakfast.

As I finished my bath I called in office and took a leave. I knew Eva was horny and I wouldn’t miss such a good opportunity.

As I came out of the shower, I saw Eva cooking breakfast in her night suit. This was the opportunity I was waiting for. I went to her and said “Eva, I am yet again disappointed in you. What’s wrong with you?”

She meekly replied, “what happened sahib?”

I replied, “I have told you so many times that I take hygiene seriously. Still you are cooking in your night suit!” She looked down and meekly responded, “Sorry sahib, you can punish me.”

I sternly said, “remove that dirty night suit right now!” She quickly started unbuttoning her night suit top. Then she untied her pants. Now she was in cute yellow colored lace lingerie. Her breasts were gleaming and nipples were poking out, in addition to a very noticeable camel toe. I replied, “you will work rest of the day like this, until I figure out your punishment. This is a bigger offence for me than oversleeping.” She nodded and proceeded to cook food.

I got dressed and sat at the dining table admiring Eva as she cooked breakfast in only her lingerie. As she came with the breakfast, I pretended to be still angry with her. Soon both of us were done with breakfast.

As Eva was washing the dished the doorbell rang. I asked Eva to open the door. She looked at me in horror, I nonchalantly said, “yes get the door.”

She went and opened the door by peeking. It was the courier delivery guy. Now in India we have a two-door system. There is a main grilled door and an inside door. Unfortunately for Eva the openings for the doors were opposite. So if she had to take the courier delivery she would have to showcase herself to the courier guy.

Eva pondered for a moment and then did the unthinkable. She opened both the doors and took the courier. I could see the courier guy gasping as he handed the courier to Eva. Then as Eva was signing the docket I could see him rubbing his dick. Eva then closed the door and handed the courier to me. I could visibly see she was aroused. I played more with her by playing with her hips and calling her a good girl.

Next I called Eva and told her to give me a head massage. She went and got oil. Now since I was taller than her I sat on the floor and she sat on the sofa. My head was in between her spread legs as she started massaging my head. As the massage progressed I moved my head backward so that it was now resting on her pussy. I could smell her sweet juices. I consciously moved my head so that it would rub against her pussy. Eva too shamelessly got into the act for a moment as she rubbed her pussy into my head. This was the moment I was waiting for.

I pulled her hands and dragged her down. She was now sitting on my lap as she continued to massage my head. I too took some of the oil and started applying it to her legs. Slowly I moved from below to her thighs and inner thighs. She was surely enjoying it. Then she removed my T-Shirt and started massaging my chest. Her nails clawed through my sparse chest hair growth.

In the meantime I moved to her hands and then to her collarbone. I played with her neck sending goose bumps across her body. She was now too far in it to control herself. I slowly unbuckled her bra and set it aside. I then slowly licked on her nipples as I run my hands through her hair. She started breathing heavily and clawing her hands into my head so that I suck harder on her nipples.

Slowly I took her right hand and put it inside my pants. She started moving it around haphazardly, as if the first time she had a contact with a dick. I press my left hand on her crotch and she starts getting goose bumps again. I slowly push her back as I pull her panties to expose her untrimmed bush. Her sparse hair growth looks heavenly with her vagina gleaming moist. I slowly start licking her pussy and it’s taste is so pure and so divine. I start sucking on her clit and she immediately starts moaning. Then I move my one index finger into her vagina and start moving it around, as I continue to suck her clit. She climaxes in 5 minutes with her clit and vagina throbbing like anything. I hug her hard as she recuperated from the orgasm and whisper in her ear, “somebody’s been a bad girl today”.

As soon as Eva recovered from her orgasm I lifted her and took her to my room. She asked, “Where are you taking me?” I replied, “we have both got dirty we need to have a bath, you know how much I like cleanliness.”

Soon we were booth naked in my bathtub. I started the shower and soon we were both wet. We booth took shower gel and started applying it to each other. Eva started applying it to my chest and I moved her hand slowly to my very erect dick. I said, “you need to clean it well”. Eva nodded and started using the foam to give me a nice warm hand job. In the meantime I foamed up her bush and started playing with it intently.

I soon used the shower to wash off the foam of my dick and said to Eva, “well now that you have cleaned it you need to show some love towards it like how I did.”

Taking my cue Eva went down and started kissing my dick, clearly this was new to her. She then started licking the entire length of my dick sending pleasure waves in my head. I instinctively moved my dick into her mouth gagging her for a moment. Then I told her to gently suck it. She did as advised and I kept directing her. Soon I was mouth fucking her and she was moaning and getting gagged.

After a while I pulled her up and smooched her. My tongue clearly dominating her tongue as my hand ran free on her raging hot and wet pussy. Then I made her bend and slowly entered her young tight vagina. She let out a shriek as I entered her probably the first time. I could feel her hymen and I carefully proceeded to break it. She went in controlled moaning, I kept pressing her boobs and hugging her lovingly to get over the pain. Then I slowly started increasing the tempo as I felt her getting more and more wet. She was now clearly enjoying it.

Soon we moved into my bedroom, now I was fucking her in missionary style. I pressed her boobs as fucked her intently. Eva was moaning and seemed to be in another zone. As soon as I withdrew my hands from her boobs she pulled them back and kept them over her boobs. I pinched her nipples and then went to suck them hard. Her areolas had expanded and nipples had become extremely erect. Finally I smooched her and increased the pace of my humps. Soon I ejaculated my load one after another into her young virgin pussy. We both collapsed on the bed. I could see through the dressing table mirror that her pussy was still throbbing from the orgasm and oozing out my excess cream.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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