Insatiable Redhead meets another Lover

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Insatiable Redhead meets another Lover
We were sitting around one Friday night,with nothing to do,so I thought,Hey,what could be more fun than letting a “Friend”,from one of the Swinger Lifestyle sites,have his way with Red while I take some pics.So I logged into SLS,set up a hot date,and like Niagara,the emails were pouring in.
So many in Fact there is no way I could even reply to all of them,let alone,converse with each and every one trying to work out details.
Anyway much like playing the lottery,we stuck our hand in the hat pulled a few interesting replies,that might seem compatible,and emailed them back.Of course schedules and or interest/location always come into play,and the first few we tried either had a time conflict,or maybe we called their bluff,or they were not ready to play,whatever the case,it gets frustrating sometimes.
After about 12 failed attempts,we found a guy who seemed nice and was willing to meet at a bar in Valley City,Ohio,about a 20 minute drive from our house.
Red had been geeting ready for the night out,and she was going to go have some fun either way.She was all cougared up in High heels,tight black pants’and a leopard print blouse,with a revealingly low cut,just the way I like.
She grabbed her playdate bag,and like any woman couldn’t decide what to bring so I told her just throw something in there,and make it a surprise for me and her “Friend”.
Finally we are in the car headed to the Bouncing Frog,to meet “John”.
On the way,I could tell Red was feeling frisky by the way she put her hand on my leg,and would rub with her pinky ever so slightly grazing my balls with each pass.By the time we arrived at the bar,you would have thought I was looking for a campsite,with the tent I was sporting in my jeans.
As we walked in,the place is small,and it was packed.All eyes were on Red,seeing as she is all dressed up in her “I’m gonna get my pussy licked/and suck some serious cock tonight” clothes on.
Our eyes adjusted,and John is waiving us over to the middle of the bar,where he is sitting.By the time we say our hello’s,the guy sitting next to John,who had his eyes fixated on Red’s tits,shook hands with John and left, freeing up one seat.Red took the seat next to John,and although I couldn’t hear what they were saying,because the music was blaring,but I could tell from their body language,that this might turn into a fun night after all.
As We had a few drinks,Red was be flirty,and he was enjoying her,so we decided to follow John back to his place.
Red grabbed her playbag,we went inside and were greeted by two huge barking
dogs,which John quickly calmed down,and they turned out to be a couple of big babies.John let the dogs out and we got settled on the couch,with some music playing,and since John and Red were already a little feely/touchy back at the bar,they were all over each other,rubbing and squeezing .He
wanted in those jeans bad,and was trying to unzip her,when she pushed him off,grabbed her bag and ask where his bathroom was,he led her down the hall,and came back with a few more drinks for us,sat on the couch,and as we waited for Red,he started to tell me about how he got divorced 2 years ago
and hasn’t been laid since.About that time the door to the bathroom pops open and you can see Red’s Silhouette,coming down the hall.As she comes into the light of the room,stopping for a quick “Pose”,she is wearing nothing but a dark silk nightie with easy access.
John jumps to his feet and is on her like white on rice.Insantly one of her boobs are in his hand while his other hand is exploring her pussy.She is busy reaching down and unzipping his pants,and stroking his cock.I almost forget to break out my camera and start taking pics.Before the shutter snaps twice,he has her laying back on the couch,with his head buried between her legs.He must have found the littlt man in the boat,because Red’s face went all flush and she started with the moaning and crying of “No More,No More””Let Me Suck You”.
At that point I knew John was about to get a great fucking blowjob.
He stood in front of her sitting on couch,and when her lips touched the tip of his cock,she Deepthroated him right to the base.You should have seen the look on his face.Then she started to really work it good,from tip to base.Now his cock was swollen red,with a fairly large head,and her lips bounced ,every time she withdrew to the tip.I watched in delight as my wife of 29 years,let this man we just met,grab her by the hair and start to face fuck her,like there was no tomorrow.
She reaches over while not missing a lick,and unzips my pants,to free my raging hardon,and begins to take turns,sucking mine then his,and so on.It was a beautiful sight to see her with a cock in each hand,Her head bobbing up and down back and forth.She would work you real good a few stroke,go in for a deep throat,then switch.As she switched from mine to his,I grabbed the back of her head,and
shoved her head down on his cock till she was gagging,and when I stopped,she would just look up with this big grin,his precum mixed with saliva, dripping from her chin.
when she switched back to me this time,John knelt down and buried his face,once again in Red’s now soaking wet pussy.while she was still trying to suck me,but to give John better access to that pussy, I pull away and push her on her back,so he can lick that pussy good.As usual she starts moaning”no more no more””fuck me now”,her face again flush from multiple orgasms.
So she is on her back,John on his knees,he starts to fuck her while I stand at the end of couch taking pics,while she is jacking me with one hand and rubs her clitoris with the other.John really starts to pound her good,with an ever increasing pace of a man who is about to cum.Red is really screaming and telling him to “Give it to me””Give it to me”.He’s fucking her good,a tit in each hand,she’s yelling “Give me that cum”,and jacking me,John warns her he is gonna cum,and ask if he can cum in her pussy or should he pull out.To which Red replies,”I want to taste your cum”.
As john pulls out and stands,the his first stream of cum barely missed her chin,as she is sitting up to take his still ejaculating cock into her mouth.
She is moaning loudly as he empties the rest of his load,she gags a little,trying to swallow it down.All the excitement of knowing another man just serviced my wife,has brought me to the edge,and I shoot my load onto her left tit,while Red is
still trying to extract every bit of cum from her new lover’s cock.
I snap a few more pics,we get dressed,and say goodbye.

Untill next time,which could be about you,Have Fun

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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