Inseminated from the next table by Asian man

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Inseminated from the next table by Asian man
She came back to the table, her face ruddy and excited, she was visibly excited as she sat down amongst us.
‘Well, what did he want’, I asked her, we were all curious as to why he signaled her over, the old man at the bar, who had been staring across at us since he arrived.
These old men carried some authority in this part of the city, they were part of the underworld, and everyone took then seriously, so to be signaled to come across, was not to be ignored, but hastily and politely acknowledged.
Kiri was an interpreter, and we had met up for a night out here in Ginza, a district of Chuo, Tokyo, located south of Yaesu and Kyobashi, the seedy part, where Japanese men come to play, and lonely women give them something to play with.
Kiri looked at me excitedly, ‘He wants to buy your panties’, and they all gasped, as if some honer had been bestowed upon me, we were seven young women, drinking beer and Saki, out for some fun, and now we were feeling the effects and warming to ideology of what this place reflected.
I looked across at him again, and he smiled and raised his glass, and strangely, I returned the compliment, a huge smile beaming across my face, I raised mine and downed it, all my friends cheered and clapped, and as I looked around, it appeared no one else was interested, it was crazy, and kind off sexy, to be asked for your panties in public so he could sniff and fondle them, was adding another feminine attribute, I was getting sexually aroused and getting wetter by the minute.
‘Do you girls get this all the time’, I asked them, one girl, another translator, said she has no panties left, she had given them all away to old men.
She was very schoolgirl looking, actually twenty-five, but looking thirteen, ‘To be asked’, she said almost apologetically, ‘is a sign of your beauty, so we give them’, and there was a chorus of acknowledgement, and then I thought, they obviously got off on it, because mine were soaked with my sexual juices, and I cast a downward glance at the old man sitting waiting patiently for mine, suddenly I realized I was going to send them across to him, and another gush of vaginal fluid was added to the steady flow emanating from my expanded and excited cunt.
‘I shall be back in a minute’, and I rose to go to the toilet, ‘You go to take them off Mariel’, Kiri looked at me seriously, and I looked down on a sea of upturned faces, ‘If you all need to know, Yes, I will take them off’, and some clapped excitedly, while some begged me to sit down again, ‘You must take them off here, he needs to see you do it’, another said.
‘Why’, I countered, ‘He needs to know they are yours, not mine or her’, but your’s, that’s the fun’, so I sat down and immediately reached under my short skirt and peeled my soaked panties over my hips down my thighs, and over my stiletto high heels. ‘Let me’, said Kiri, and she went onto the floor and scooped my flimsy wet garment into her hand, and folded them up neatly, not in the least concerned about the abundance of bodily fluid they contained, Kiri raised them under her nose and sniffed them, ‘You smell nice Mariel’, she said, then my other friends insisted on sniffing my sodden knickers as they were passed around, before Kiri went across and sidled in with the old man, whom she handed them too.
As I watched both fascinated and excitedly, I was getting turned-on, while Kiri sat beside him he put my wet panties into his hand and openly pressed them under his nose and over his mouth, he held them there while Kiri sat and watched, the two burly men moved in front of them, blocking them from view, I looked at each of our friends and they remained silent, ‘What’s going on’, I asked them, and after a short interlude one girl with her head bowed, sucking her drink through a straw, moved her small fist from her lap to just above the table line, and made a wanking motion, Kiri was wanking the old guy off.
‘Mariel, she wrap your panties around his cock and wank him’, I looked shocked, ‘Kiri looks youngest and you blond and pretty, so she has honers to do it’, and as she explained we saw the two men moved aside and let Kiri hurry back to us, seated and beside ourselves with a mixture of worry and excitement.
She handed my panties back to me, ‘Please Mariel, you must put them back on’. I took my wet under-garment, wondering if he had as they had suggested wanked into them, ‘Did he’, and I tailed off, as Kiri shook her head, ‘I aimed into the crotch’, she said abashed, while the two burly bodyguards shielded them, she had opened my panties to expose my gusset, and wanked him into the cotton padding, the very area that traditionally works it’s way inside my vagina, thereby transferring his semen inside me, I laughed, trying to make light of it, ‘If I get pregnant, can I say it was an immaculate conception’, being a nation of practicing Buddhists, this Christian concept went over their heads, and I slipped my long heels through my panties and eased them back up my legs, over my hips, and felt the cooler sperm in the cotton gusset touch then warm as my labia enveloped them, I crossed my long legs, ultimately locking-in his cum, ‘Welcum’, I said sardonically, ‘East meets West’, and raised my glass to the would be father of my next c***d, an old man in his eighties, I could feel Kiri’s hand find mine, as our fingers interlocked, Kiri reached up and whispered in my ear, ‘He give to you with love, I take from him with love, and bring across to you with love, I am his cock and tonight I give you my love’, and at that she squeezed my hand again, it was indeed a weird way to be inseminated, so why not let her finish off as she wanted, but the night was young and we were going to some clubs, perhaps some younger cocks might prefer to do the honers personally, we were a group of girls looking for sex, so let see.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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