Julie surrenders to the Major.

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Julie surrenders to the Major.
I first met the major about ten or so years ago when I used to do a lot of commuting to work. On my way home I liked to stop for a quick pint in a village near to ours to unwind after work. I only used this pub because you could sit and relax without being disturbed by friends wanting to know what was going on all of the time. One tea time I was having my usual pint when an elderly gentleman,well I say elderly, he was probably 20 years older than me, came across and asked if the van in the car park was mine. When I said yes he asked if there was any chance of having a look at his car that had been parked up a while at his farm. He had seen the mobile mechanic logos on the sides of my van and worked out that I must be the owner as I was the only other person in the pub. I said I would but not tonight as I had prior engagements.
The weekend arrived and I duly turned up at Colins (The major). I had talked with him further more the night he asked me to look at his car and it turned out he had had a successful career in the forces and had achieved the ranking of major. I should have known really by his whole persona. He was obviously ex military. Very well spoken and the English gentleman type dressed in tweed jacket and highly polished expensive brogues.
The car in question had stood for a few months due to him holidaying abroad and the battery was flat. It was parked in one of three outhouses under a cover. We removed the cover to display an older model Mercedes. Bonnet lifted and flat battery confirmed I went to my van only to discover that the crocodile clip on my jump leads had come away. Colin said he had some in his games room and went to fetch them.
He had been gone for a good few minutes so I decided to have a quick wander around with my mug of freshly brewed tea. I could hear Colin in one of the smaller outhouses but could not see him as the windows where steel shuttered up. The door was slightly open and I could see the lights from inside shining through the doorway. I tapped on the heavy wooden door and pulled it open more to see Colin with his back to me. He turned on his heels looking rather startled to see me standing there, and there was good reason for this. When he said he had some leads in the games room I had expected to see a snooker or pool table and maybe a dart board but nothing compared to what I was seeing. The games room was in fact a fully equipped dungeon/ BDSM room.
In the middle of the room was a padded black wooden bench which was slightly smaller that a double bed .At each corner there where shackles with wrist and ankle restraints. There where various sized canes, whips, bullwhips and paddles hanging on the walls and two shelves with a good assortment of weights,ropes,chains shackles, dildos and vibrators in varying sizes and colours. A camera was set up on a tripod in one corner and in the corner opposite was an impressive set of old fashioned stocks. In the corner adjacent to the stocks was a wooden frame attached to the wall. This also has shackles attached to it. I stood there completely shell shocked.
“So, you like my games room then Paul?”
I murmured something along the lines of very impressive. Colin went to a cupboard and took out a dvd which he said we should take a look at later. I could not tell what was on it as it had no label but I knew it was home made. He went to another cupboard and after a bit of rummaging at the bottom of it produced the jump leads.
“I wonder how these got in here” he said with a wry smile. I had a good idea! And judging by the larger than normal clips at the end, these had not been used to jump start a car!
We went back to the car and after a while had it running. I put my battery charger on and put it on a quick charge.
“Another tea Paul”
We went to his cottage style farmhouse and Colin put the kettle on. He showed me into the living room and gestured to sit down in one of the corner chairs. He turned on the tv and inserted the dvd into the machine and pressed play. He then left me in the room as he made the tea.
The dvd started off with various still frames of the equipment and “tools” of the trade and then to some stills of six women dressed in summer dresses. The further on the film went the more flesh was revealed until they where all seen completely naked in various poses on various bits of equipment with welt marks. Colin returned to the room.
“So Paul, what do you think of my games room now?”
“WOW” was my response.
We drank our teas and Colin told me more about his venture. When he left the forces he visited Germany and Holland. As he wasn’t with a partner he frequented the red light areas. He told me that he had had sex with prostitutes and visited live sex shows. Some where BDSM shows and he saw a niche in the market. He came back home, set up an online correction service and the rest was history. He told me how his wife had passed away when they lived abroad and that they never had c***dren due to work commitments.
“So how about you Paul, are you married?”
I told him that I was and a little about Julie and myself. He seemed very inquisitive about Julie. Age,build height etc. I should maybe have sussed at this point but I never.
We finished our drinks and I finished his car. Colin paid for the car repair and said he owed me a pint next week.
I went into the pub as usual and Colin was sat at the bar reading a book. He bought me a pint and suggested we move away from the bar to the games room.
“Not yours I hope!”
“All in good time my dear chap, all in good time”
We sat in the games room at the rear of the pub and Colin was asking more about Julie. Was she at work?, was she at home cooking tea?, was she preparing herself for me to fuck her!
I nearly spat my drink out when he said this.
“Do you have a photograph of her?”
I said I didn’t have one on me so he said I should bring one tomorrow so that he could see what she was like. He said this in a way only he could get away with. Its hard to explain. Sort of asking but demanding in the same way, but nicely. I suppose this was the military training again.
The next evening I took three photos with me. The first showed Julie in “A summer dress!” at a wedding. The second was of her on the beach on holiday and the third I kept to myself.
“Did you bring a photo”
I produced the two from my overall pocket. Colin took a sip from his drink as he looked at her in the dress. “Very Nice” he said. He seemed to stare at this one for an eternity. He then looked at the one of Julie in an all in one swimsuit. “A shame she’s covered up on this one Paul. Her body looks well for her age.”
The cheeky bastard! I thought. She was nearly forty but that’s no age.
“How old are you Colin”
“61 Why?”
“Just asking”
“Did you fuck her last night then ” Colin asked.
“Why not”
“I was tired”
“That’s no excuse. A body like that deserves cock.”
I couldn’t believe a man I had only known for a few days would talk about my wife in this way.
“Do you have any more photos then”
For the life of me I don’t know why I had this one with me. Maybe it was secret inner excitement at the way he spoke about my wife. Maybe I didn’t mean to show him it but I could feel mt hand reaching into my pocket again. The photo was passed to Colin and he scrutinised its content. It was one of Julie in a black basque with a red seam. She wore this and black stockings and stilettoes. She was laying on our bed slightly propped up. Her tits looked like they may spill out at any minute and the crotch of the basque was outlining her pussy nicely. The bulge of her lips could be made out on the material but not seen.
“Mmmm. Exquisite. And you didn’t fuck her last night?”
“Is she a good fuck”
“Is she adventurous or is it like fucking a sack of sand”
“She’s a good fuck Colin”
“Is she adventurous” he repeated.
“Well she likes most things”
“Does she suck cock and swallow?”
“Does she take it up the arse”
“Yes but she isn’t keen on that”
“Thats a matter of training boy, does she like to be tied up?”
“Yes she lets me tie her to the bed and fuck her”
“Does she like to be spanked?”
“Yes it seems to turn her on” I couldn’t believe I was answering all of these personal questions.
“Would you like to see her spanked by me Paul. Would you like to feel helpless as I put her across my knee and lift up her dress.Would you like to watch me caress her titties and finger her hole.Would you like to watch ME fuck her? he said in a louder,sterner voice.
I could feel my cock stiffening at the thought of this.The thought of an older man having full access to my wife.
“I don’t know” I said. This had all come as a shock to me. And if I did agree, how would I get Julie to agree? We had spoken during sex about involving a third party but up to this point it had all been fantasy.Would she be up for it? Would I be up for it?
“Bring her in at the weekend. Saturday afternoon. Tell her you would like her to meet your new friend. You do want her to meet your new friend don’t you Paul?
This was another of those for the life of me moments, but I said yes.
How was I to get Julie on board. I started by talking about her imagining I was a stranger when I was stood behind her in the kitchen as she washed the dishes. I whispered in her ear that I was going to take her married pussy from behind. Her husband was at work so wouldn’t know about it. I thrust my hand up her skirt at pulled the crotch of her knickers to a side . I could feel her getting wetter as I worked a finger up her.Then two, then three. I won’t bore you with the details as this is not the story, but we had a good session in the kitchen and then showered. When we went to bed I asked her what she thought of the stranger in the kitchen. She put her arms around my neck, kissed me and said he was very good.
“Maybe we should try it for real Julie, you know, spice things up a bit”
“I didn’t realise our love life needed spicing up” she replied.
“It doesn’t, but you know what they say, variety”
“Ok what?”
“OKAY lets do it!” she said
You could have knocked me down with a feather! That was easier than I thought.
“We.ll have to be careful though” she said, “Condoms and somebody we won’t see out and about. Somebody discreet”
I had just the person in mind I thought.
“Leave it to me love.
The rest of the week I did fuck Julie every night and we did talk about future adventure. I paved the way by saying I didn’t want her with some young buck who would show me up with his muscles and stamina. An older man would be better as long as he was physically fit.Julie agreed to this! Half the job done. Result. But was it a result for me or Colin. After all I was the one giving up my wife and he was going to get far more benefit than me. I saw Colin on the Friday night in the pub and told him this.
“Paul I am doing you a favour. I will be gentle with her. I am going to fuck her… maybe…. but I will be gentle with her.”
I couldn’t believe Colins arrogance. He would fuck her …maybe!
He continued “I have done this many times and it is only because I like you that I am offering this service for free. I will not ruin your wife. You will see. Bring her into here tomorrow at 2.00pm prompt. I shall be waiting in the corner near the fire. I believe the football is on tomorrow so most people will be in the games room and you will be able to introduce your wife to me without interruption. I would request that she is dressed in matching bra and panties,hold up stockings and stilettoes. What size did you say her tits are Paul”
“34FF” I replied
“Very well. I look forward to seeing them and her tomorrow”
I went home, had tea and said to Julie that we would be meeting somebody tomorrow.
“That was quick” she said. “Are you sure this wasn’t already planned” she said with a knowing look in her eye.
“No love” I said. A little white lie there.
“Where are we going?”
“You.ll see tomorrow”

Saturday 2.00PM
Our taxi pulled up at the pub.I had described the major to Julie by now I told her that he was about 60, well educated, in physical good shape and overall quite posh. She asked why he didn’t have a partner and I explained about him being a widower. That was pretty much it. I said nothing about his games room or online business.
Julie was dressed pretty much as the major had requested although she thought this was my idea! Colin was sat in the corner and stood up when I entered the room.
“Shes changed her mind” I said . The look on the majors face was a picture. Pure disappointment!
“Only k**ding” I said as Julie entered behind me.
“Good afternoon my dear, my name is Colin”
“Hi, I’m Julie”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you my dear… Julie.”
I went to the bar and ordered the drinks. The lager barrel needed changing so I was at the bar a good 5 mins or so. I kept glancing over to Julie and Colin and they seemed to be getting along fine. Upon my return to the table they where sharing a joke.
“Everything ok”
“Great thanks” replied Julie.
“Very good my man” replied Colin.
After a few more drinks Colin suggested we walk back to his farm. We soon arrived and went into the living room. Colin made some more drinks and I asked Julie what she thought.
“Not what I expected but a nice enough man. Very Polite! Not the type I would go for normally but then again this isn’t that normal is it” she quipped.
Colin returned and suggested we had a look around his place. Julie seemed impressed but I was anxious to see how she would react to his games room.
We walked up to the wooden door and the major thrust it open. He walked in and beckoned Julie inside.
“Please wait there a moment Paul”
He held out his hand and escorted Julie inside.
“Oh my…..” was all that I heard as Julie entered.
They where in there for a couple of minutes and I could hear muffled chat and then Colin emerged.
“Come in Paul, I think you will like what I have lined up”
I walked inside and was greeted with the sight of not just Julie and Colin but also the cameraman.
“As this is such a special occassion for you Julie I have taken the liberty to have my cameraman video this for you. I do hope you agree its thoughtful.”
Julie stood silent.
“Don’t be frightened my dear, nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen”
“Well that’s reassuring.” replied Julie.
The door was closed and bolted from the inside and the lighting was adjusted accordingly.
“Any questions Paul?”
I don’t really think I had time to think but I was getting a stirring in my pants that told me I was in a state of arousal.
“Sit over here” he beckoned. I sat in a chair in the corner and Colin came over with two leather straps which he put around my wrists. I knew what was happening as he fastened them to the arms of the chair. My legs remained unrestrained.
“Julie we can have him released whenever you say. Do you understand?”
“Yes Col.”
“I would like you to refer to me as major from now on Julie. Is that understood”
Julie nodded her head. Colin walked over,put one finger under her chin and lifting it said “Yes major”
“Yes major” Julie replied looking over at me.
“Are you ok Julie” Julie nodded and smiled whilst raising her eyebrows.
Colin went to the cupboard in one corner of the room and pulled a screen around it. Two minutes later he emerged. Shirtless and wearing a pair of leather jeans, boots and nothing else. He nodded to the cameraman and a red light came on next to the lens.
“So Julie, its time to make your first film. It is your first film I take it?” No reply.
“No” we made one a few years ago at home”
Colin walked over to the implement shelf and picked up the bullwhip. He walked back over to Julie and dangled it under her nose.
“Not a good start Julie. No major was the answer. Take that as your first warning or you will fell this warming you up for your insolence.Do you understand.”
Julie nodded.
“Yes I understand major”
Colin led Julie to the wooden wall rack and positioned her so that she was facing it. He slowly unzipped her dress and released it from her shoulders.
“TURN AROUND” he barked.
Julie looked startled but did as she was told.
With her back facing the rack he shackled each wrist to it so that her arms where now above her head.
He stepped back and admired what was standing in front of him. Her dress was resting on the top of her black push up bra.He licked his lips and turned to me.
“Paul I am now to de- robe your wife. Any objections?”
I shook my head because I huge hard on and was enjoying what he was doing. The antisipation of knowing he could do virtually anything at this moment was consuming.
“No major”
“Good boy”
Colin put his hand behind Julies back and pulled the zipper down as far as it would go. He gently eased it over her tits and let it fall to the floor. She was now exposed to him in tight bra, panties, holdups and stillettoes. What a lovely sight which is exactly what he said.
He beckoned the cameraman closer as he started to kiss Julie full on the mouth. He probed his tongue into her mouth and french kissed her. He drew away from her mouth and traced his way down her neck to her bra straps.He withdrew again and stared at her tits.
“What size are these beauties” he said as he ran his palm over her right tit.
“34 FF major”
“Very good Julie, you learn quickly”
” I think its time to display them as Its seems such a shame to have them cooped up in there when there is a willing audience to view them. What do you think Paul?”
Again I nodded.
“What do you think Gavin”
In all the excitement I had almost forgotten about the cameraman.
“Go for it. Get them out. I,ll make sure I get a good shot on them.”
“You might get a shot on them too!” joked the major.
“Now I’m thinking large brown areolas…hope I,m not disappointed. WilI I be Julie?”
“I don’t think so major”
Colin placed his middle finger inbetween the cups of her bra and hooked it upwards waiting for her tits to fall out of the bottom.When they did it was perfection. Even he was impressed. “Very nice”
He stepped back and admired again. His fingers then went into the sides of her knickers. He pulled them down to her ankles so they rested on her shoes. He now could see my wifes cunt.
“Lift your left leg up”
“Lift your right leg up”
Julies panties where now removed.
“Open your legs, let me see that cunt”
Julie obliged. Gavin moved in with the camera and took a close up of Julies unviewed before cunt.
When he moved away I could quite clearly see the juices glistening on her cunt lips. Colin wet a finger and slid it straight into my wife.One finger, two fingers and then three. he started a rhythm as he sucked on her right nipple. Julies face was flushing up and I knew from experience she was enjoying it.His fingers where going in and out like a piston as he juiced her up. Julie started to moan and orgasmed onto his fingers.
He removed his fingers and Gavin went in again with the camera.
Colin stepped back and looked over to me. “I am now going to let your wife have the privelige of seeing my cock ” he said.
Julies eyes opened wider as he unbuttoned the leather panel in the front of his jeans. These were obviously specially made. The panel was removed and out sprang an impressive sized semi hard cock. It was a good two inch bigger than mine and thicker.
Colin stood in front of Julie and started to wank his cock slowly allowing it to form even more. He started to kiss her again and she responded. She wanted that cock! He gently rubbed his cock on the front of her cunt, just touching the outside of her lips.Gavin came in for a closer look. As he was in this position he unshackled her arms which fell onto his shoulders.
He gently kissed her neck and walked her over to the padded bench in the middle of the room. My wife was now literally 1 metre away from me. I would certainly get a good view.
“Do you want me to fuck you Julie?”
“Yes please”
Oops, schoolgirl error!
The major never said anything as he positioned Julie on her hands and knees on the black bench. He shackled booth her wrists and ankles and placed a dome like cushion under her belly to keep her arse up in this position.
The major looked over to me, rolled his eyes and CRACK! He slapped Julie firmly across the arse. CRACK,CRACK CRACK!
Julies arse reddened from this onslaught.
“You will learn my dear, you will I swear it”
The major beckoned Gavin over to get a good view from behind now. With Julies arse lke this and the position she was it her labia lips were clearly displayed. Even Gavin gave them a cheeky rub!
Colin stood in front of Julies face.
“Would you like to taste my cock?”
Lesson learned, “Yes please major”
“Paul, may I?”
He positioned himself better and his cock was in Julies mouth. He pulled her hair to lift her head up more and he had a good view of her tits swaying as he mouth fucked her. He fucked her mouth for a few minutes. I was impressed because I wouldn’t have lasted in that position.
“Do you want me to fuck you Julie?”
Judging by her heavy breathing I knew the answer to this.
“Yes major”
He withdrew his cock from her mouth and rolled a condom onto his rock hard cock. “I will now fuck your wife Paul” he said.
I nodded.
He was soon behind Julie,balls deep. I had a fantastic view of his balls slamming against her from behind. I could see he had rammed a finger up her arse but from the groans she was making I don’t think she realised!
Colin stayed in this position for a good while. How he never came is beyond me.
“Lube Gavin” he said and the next thing he was oiled up and taking my wifes arse. Julie isn’t too keen on this but I think she was definately lost in the moment. He pumped and groaned and then bosh, he shot up her arse into the condom.
Colin withdrew and stood proudly in front of me showing the contents of the condom hanging from his cock.
“Would you like a go on her ?” he said cheekily!
He unshackled my wrists and within minutes I had done the deed and unloaded into Julies stretched hole.
Gavin put the camera back on the tripod and slowly unshackled Julie.
“Im sure if you ask Julie and Paul nicely she may do you a favour.
Before long Gavin was pounding at Julies cunt and unloading into a condom with my spunk as its lubricant.
Three cocks in one day!
We used to visit the major on regular occassions but due to changes in circumstances that stopped a few years ago.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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