Keep Me For Ever My Love

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Keep Me For Ever My Love

This is Sweta back with yet another story. I hope you have fun reading this as much as I had being in it. I want to dedicate this to all the guys reading this story holding their dick in hand and girls who have or thinking of having a guys finger in their pussy. First off, let me tell you about myself. My name is Sweta, if you have not yet guessed.

I am a 20 year old telugu girl from a fairly big town in coastal part of my state. I love going to the seashore, watching TV, watching movies, but hate reading or studying. But I am sure you are absolutely not interested in knowing such details about me. So here are the details you would like about me. I am 5’2 fair looking and slim. My body measurements are 32-24-34 with chocolate brown nipples and pussy.

And I love sex – every bit of it, every kind of it and every way of doing it and with every man. I was always a slim girl since I was young. I only got a bit bigger boobs for my body size because of all the men who loved to squeeze them and give them lots of exercise. After a few times, I realized that I love this exercise a lot. So I hope they keep doing it and I hope my boobs grow bigger.

If you are wondering about the title of the story, and wondering what “Keep me” means, then let me clarify it for you. I am a kept woman. Still didn’t get it? It means what you call a concubine or mistress in English or a Rakhael in hindi and umpudukatte in telugu. This is my attempt to tell you the story of how I ended up being kept and how much I like being so. Hopefully, you will understand why I enjoy being so too.

My husband (atleast in my mind) is my cousin. He is my maternal uncle’s son and is almost f******n years older than me. My parents live in a small remote village, so very early in my life, I moved into my uncle’s house for better education. After all, they live in a moderately large town. Although I did not get the education they had intended for me, I became very well versed in the kind I love and you love. Since the house we lived was not very big

I grew up sleeping along with my uncle and aunty in their room. So, however careful they were, I ended up knowing about everything quite early. And after I began mensuration, my Aunty explained about sex in detail so that I would be ready when time comes. Since then I had been very interested in it and looked forward for it for a long long time. Thankfully, it was my uncle who noticed how much I was interested in sex and pleasure.

So, behind my Aunty’s back, he began to explain me all the naughty details. He touched me at places no one had touched before and showed me what a pleasurable experience it is. He took things so slowly and smoothly that by the end of a few months, I was comfortable enough for him to hold me in his lap with one hand under my shirt, holding my breasts and the other in my panty rubbing my clit.

It has always been the most comfortable position I liked men to hold to even this day. I liked his ministrations so much and was so comfortable with him that I directly asked him to show me his dick. I ended up learning how to suck a cock to a guy’s satisfaction. He called it blowjob. I called it my happy meal. To a large extent, my uncle had influenced me a lot more than any other person in the world.

He taught how much a girl can control a man through her body. It is upto us to decide whether the man is satisfied and happy or dissatisfied and angry with our body when I told uncle that I will never reject a man’s sexual advances, he congratulated me taking such a big decision by taking my virginity. And ignoring the little pain sensation, I was happy to give it to him too.

Since then, Uncle fucked me at least once or twice a week, and in return uncle never said no to anything I asked for. I realized that if I just agree to the man’s sexual needs, he would do anything to make me happy in my life. One day, uncle came home with a very concerned expression. Since Aunty was not in town, I was taking care of him and the house. I gave him a cup of tea and asked, “What happend uncle?

Nothing, beti” he replied just some trouble in business with Sharma sir again? I guessed. Sharma sir is my uncle business partner. He is as old as uncle but is fat, dark and a really mean expression. I did not like him when I met him before. Whenever I went to the business office to meet uncle or my cousin, he would stare at me with a very hungry expression.

The way he licked his lips and the way he wiggled his eyebrows when he thought no one was watching gave me chills both excitement and disgusted chills at the same time yes, beti. He is holding a document I need in office and wants to blackmail me for it. What does he want? Uncle did not reply immediately and looked around but not at me, what, uncle?” I asked again you.

I was surprised. “Me? But I don’t know anything about business” I said. He looked at my body suggestively, and I understood. Sharma sir wanted me to have sex with him. I was thinking uncle would not allow such a thing to happen to me, and so was thinking of arguments about why uncle can let me go.

But, uncle said, “Problem is not sending you to him for a day, Sweta. He will not hurt you, but just use you for the night and send you back. But, the problem is that he is expecting you are a virgin. And you are not, I was surprised to say the least. Uncle had already decided to whore me to his business friend even before he came home. He is not concerned about how I would feel about this, but only how Sharma sir will feel about this.

I knew that my life was taking a new turn now, and I will be a whore for the rest of my life. I don’t know why, but I was excited. I just nodded and let him think about it. After a while, I got an idea. I told uncle, well uncle, why don’t you say that I am your second wife. It is normal in our caste and he knows about it. So, he would not expect that I will be a virgin”

Uncle smiled at it and agreed. He set it up for that night. Needless to say, I was a little nervous and a little scared. I just agreed to whore myself to a man I did not like much. I knew, if uncle were not put in this fix, I would never have thought of even thinking sexually about Sharma sir. But there are some things that happend that night that made me realize how I should live my life.

I wore a white blouse and a pink knee length skirt with black sandels. Before we started, uncle hugged me and told me that I look very pretty with the ponytail hair I wore. Uncle and I went to their business shop that was in a bus station. Sharma sir was already waiting for us there. He looked at me and this time wiggled his eyebrows and licked his thick lips suggestively without bothering that my uncle watching him.

Randi Madarchod, Kya chikni dikh rahi hai!” he commented looking me up and down. I couldn’t help it, but blushed and looked down. He made me give my purse and cellphone to uncle and then took me along in his car. We live in a town that was not too big. So, there were many people who bought lands in the outskirts of our town and made farmhouses.

They called it vacation guest houses, but everyone knew that people went there to have parties booze parties and sleeping with prostitutes as soon as we reached the farmhouse and closed the door behind me, Sharma sir became a tiger. He is a fat man with a thick hands and big belly. I did not expect him to be so aggressive. But he was so fast and did so many things at the same time that I did not have time to even think. He did not wait for us to go in the house and settle into the bedroom.

He grabbed me as soon as we went in and began gropping me. He pressed my boobs over the blouse and put his hand under the skirt, touching my thighs. I was startled first, but then couldn’t stop giggling. I did not even realize when he pushed me into the bedroom. He ripped my clothes off in a min and had me stand naked in just my sandles. Surprisingly, I did not feel shy when he was staring at my body. He touched me all over and had me lift my leg and put it on the bed.

He then put two fingers into my pussy and began rubbing inside. At that time I did not bother how he looked. I hugged him tightly and let him do what he wanted. He stopped after a while and pushed onto my knees. He then pulled down his pants and underwear and let his cock spring out. I pulled myself up and pushed myself closer to him at the same time he moved towards me. The result was that his cock slammed into my face and my nose slammed under his cock into his balls sack.

I took a deep breath of the smell there and realized that I really loved it. Even Sharma sir realized that and laughingly, he pulled himself onto my face and rubbed his cock and balls all over my face. I could not help but giggle all the while he was doing that. I took his cock and began licking and sucking it all over. It was like I came programmed with what I should do. Even though it was the first time I was getting worried to an outside guy

I knew what will make him happy. And I did them all. I sucked his cock. I sucked his balls. I let him slap on my face with his cock, which got my face wet, but it was fun. When it was time, he pulled my legs apart and positioned himself in the middle. Vaguely I remember that I should ask him to wear a condom. But I didn’t bother. I like it directly. I liked Sharma sir push his cock into me and then it went from pleasure to heaven.

He fucked me so hard and so fast that I did not even get time to have any thoughts. Every stroke in and out was blissful. I remember closing my eyes and moaning in pleasure. I felt his hands all over my body as he fucked me. I opened my eyes when I heard him grunting more. I saw that his face was tight as if he was holding a lot of weight. I wanted him to relax, after all, that’s the reason I am there. So I smiled at him and moaned loudly as I felt his cock go into me.

I guess it was the right thing to do, because Sharma sir exploded inside me. I could feel his cum splashing deep inside me. He grunted a couple of more times and I felt a couple of more splashes in me, before he flopped on top of me. So I hugged him and laid back. I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I remember was it was morning already, and I was alone on the bed. I wasn’t sure where Sharma sir was. But I heard someone talking in the next room.

I quickly put on the blouse and skirt with no under garments and walked across the bedroom door to reach the bathroom. I noticed that there were two people sitting on sofa. I could recognize Sharma sir as one, but it took me a second to realize who the other man was. It was Uncle! I gasped and said, “Uncle? They both turned and I saw that both were smiling as they were in the middle of some conversation.

Ah, the princess woke up” Sharma sir said what are you doing here Uncle? I asked just came here to make sure you were alright, Sweta” Uncle replied.”I can’t let my favorite girl go without making sure she is fine now, cans I? I felt happiness blossom inside my stomach at how much uncle cared for me. But I was more interested in knowing if Sharma sir kept his end of deal. So, I asked, “Did he return them now?”

Return what?” Uncle asked curiously causing me surprise. Well, you know, the papers”, I clarified, “He got what he want now realization came to his eyes ooooh that! He said and turned to Sharma sir, we have to tell her now I didn’t understand but waited, Well Sweta, dear, there is something we have to tell you, what, uncle? There were no papers, he said. I was stunned!

We just said that to get you to agree for last night” Sharma sir put in. “We had been business partners since before you were born. Did you think partnership would go that long without such trust? We were not sure if you will agree, but you did everything exactly as I hoped for” uncle said pulling me into his lap and hugging me. I was too stunned to say anything.

I hope you are not mad Sweta, but I just heard you talk about satisfying men so many times, I wanted you to experience it with someone I fully trust” Uncle finally said the real reason and don’t be angry with your uncle. He and I had many girls together, but he was never as protective of them as he was with you. Sharma sir defended Uncle, and he sure did not marry anyone to keep them safer.

Well,” I said finally as long as you take care of me and trust the men you send me to, I guess you can whore me to whoever you want, Uncle hugged me and they awarded me for my acceptance by fucking me together. Since that day, my life has never been the same. I became uncle’s kept wife at first. But sadly, uncle had to leave to our village after a while and I did not want to go back.

So, my cousin Vijay took me over and since then, I had been Vijay’s kept wife. It took me a little less than a month to realize that I liked being Vijay’s wife than uncles. Vijay took over the business and was very aggressive in his dealings. So, he actively began using me as a bargaining chip with his business friends, regular friends
It means that they were not completely satisfied by their wife. Also, I understand that there are always these dirty thoughts and ideas men think up that they would wish to keep as secret from everyone. I mean, can you imagine asking your wife to get on knees, open her mouth wide so you can cum and spit into her mouth? So I took it as my duty to satisfy them and I guess you saw me talk about both my uncle and cousin dearly. So whose keep am I? Uncle’s or cousin’s? Well I am cousins.

That is uncle’s son and my cousin Vijay is also in business and uncle taught him well. He is f******n years older than me and used to share the room with me till he got married. He told me later that, like any guy who slept in same room with a girl, he too had dirty thoughts about me. I always knew that some nights, he used to touch me. Thankfully, he began touching me after uncle started teaching me about sex and stuff. Otherwise, I would have been scared but since I knew what Vijay wanted.

I never minded that he used to touch me in sleep and also, we had always been very close emotionally and I was free and at ease with him around. That’s probably why I too enjoy his touch and love being his wife. There was always this love and tenderness in his touch that makes me happy even to this day. It was only after he got married and moved out that I realized how much I missed him and but Uncle solved my problem in a very unique way.

Once Vijay made some very risky deals in their business that uncle would not have done but when every deal gave good profits, uncle got very happy and gave him a present. Me!! As Vijay’s second wife. You can call me a keep, but I am his wife. You wouldn’t believe it, but I was so happy I felt like I was floating on the clouds. It is well known in our caste for men to have as many women as he can financially support. And Vijay is a wealthy man! Also, if you are thinking all this was not known to my sister Archana that’s Vijay’s first wife you are totally wrong.

She knew me for a long time already since they were married a long time ago and didi and I had been good friends (cousins) since then. She did not mind that Vijay kept me, but she just did not want us to live together or sleep together. I accepted her condition, but told her that I do not see her as anything except my dear didi and I meant it too, since she and Vijay are the closest people in my life even to this day, the first person I go to when I have a question or a problem is Archana didi.

Since Vijay married me, my life moved from good to great. I now completely belong to a man, and we loved each other and I did not realize that Vijay was so good in bed too. He single handy kept me completely satisfied for months. Sometime later, he told me that, just like uncle, he will start sending me to his business friends as a bargaining tip and I am to satisfy them as much as I can. I was happy to visit a variety of men again, but was not sure what kind of men.

Vijay will send me to and but he is so sweet that he actually promised me that he will only send me to people he trusts completely and will make sure that I do not get to do what I do not want to after such a sweet promise which girl would say no to her beloved? I was very happy. So, I just told him, whatever he thought is for best, I will follow it. It was already well known to everyone in my family how uncle used to use me for bargaining chip with his business friends and whore me around.

So, nothing really changed, except the promise from Vijay. So, I don’t have to worry about what kind of men would be. I am just going to enjoy being fucked. Who do you want to send me to and when, Vijay? I asked him and tomorrow night and Sharma uncle will take you to him and bring you back in two days. I have to leave town for a week right now, is it ok? He asked. I couldn’t help but giggle at the concern he was showing for me.

If only he knew the kind of steamy relationship I had with Sharma uncle for so long. I said, I will be fine and after a while, he left. The next day, I began getting ready three hours before Sharma sir came. I always like to make myself as beautiful as I can when I am presented to men and after all, the business deal is depending on whether he likes me or not, isn’t it. So, I took a long bath and then applied a skin glow cream almost all over my body.

It made my skin softer, shinier and just a bit sweet to lick. Lots of men like it and so I use it regularly then I put on a pink blouse and blue skirt. I put my hair into a French braid and put some flowers in them too by the time Sharma sir came, I was ready. Wow, Sweta you look very nice” he said hugging me tightly. I couldn’t help but blush, even though I was smiling proudly. Thanks, uncle, watch the clothes, they will get wrinkles and I wish we had more time so I could fuck you before we go.

Uncle said running a hand over his crotch. I could already see a little bulge in his pants. I giggled and replied, I have the entire time uncle, only you came so late. If only you came before I took bath, I said with a naughty smile and pulling my skirt just a bit to show my thigh oooh damn” he said as he unbuttoned the top button of my blouse and put his hand in. Watch the shirt, uncle” I said bending a bit so he can reach my boobs without wrinkling the shirt.

He grasped my boob like a lion grabs a pray I always loved his touch. Since I was bent anyway, I reached his pants and undid them. I put my hand into his underwear and I could see his cock was hard already. I stroked it a bit and heard him moaning. He abruptly pulled me up and held my face. He kissed my mouth hard, pushing his tongue into my mouth and exploring the inside. I only weakly said, no fucking my pussy, uncle.

He tightened the hold on my boob and said you can suck it though, don’t you, Sweta? I giggled and got on my knees and pulled his cock out. I immediately took it in my mouth completely and started sucking. I could hear him moaning in pleasure and his cock pulsing in my mouth so I kept sucking it and stroking the shaft with my hand. when he began moaning hard and said I am going to cum, Sweta, pull it out and I clamped my lips tightly and sucked hard.

He cried out once and I felt the sweet salty taste fill my mouth. I waited for him to finish and then carefully sucked the drops out of his cock and leaned back with a smile, proudly showing uncle the result of my work. His cum in my mouth, he smiled at me and I swallowed it! Good girl” he said. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and redid my makeup a bit and came out ready again within 10 minutes by then, Sharma uncle dressed himself again and said let’s go.

We got into his car and Sharma uncle drove us out of the town. We drove for a while and turned to the row of farmhouses when we stopped, I was surprised when I recognized the house. I turned to uncle with surprise on my face. Uncle smiled and said yes, it is the same farmhouse I fucked you for the first time and we got out and Sharma uncle walked me to the house and knocked and hen the door opened, I saw Ravi for the first time. I have to say that I really liked him.

He was a tall man, over six feet at least and very dark. I guessed he was in late 30s or early 40s at least but he had a good looking face and a very fit body. I could immediately see that he is used to exercising with weights in a gym. Hello Ravi sir” Sharma uncle greeted and I realised that if uncle called this younger man “sir” he must be a big shot come in” he said. Uncle introduced me as Vijay’s wife and said I will be his personal assistant for the time he was in town.

Ravi looked at me from top to bottom and studied intently. I could feel his eyes undressing me and peering inside. I willed myself to not move. I like her” he said I got a shot of irritation of course he will like me. I look beautiful. Ravi seemed to realize that and laughed heartily. I like her a lot Sharma uncle left us after a brief chat and we were alone. Ravi opened the conversation, So, Sweta, do you know why you are here?”

I nodded; I am your personal assistant. I will do whatever you want. Well, I don’t need you to fill my calendar, if that is what you are expecting to do” he said I know that I snapped at him. He asked me again, so, how will you assist me? I was getting tired of his questions. Obviously, he was expecting me to say something. So I went all out and said by being your whore and giving you company and satisfying you however you want with my body Ravi smiled right answer he said now, show me what I own for the next two days.

He dimmed the lights a bit and sat on the sofa. I knew what he wanted. So, I began dancing slowly. I moved an arm’s length away from him and began slowly dancing, turning seductive as the music turned up. I gave him peeks at my cleavage, and pulled the shirt a little so he could see my tummy. I lifted my legs further up in some dance steps so he could see under my skirt. I could see that he was getting turned on by what I am doing I was glad. He got up and wrapped his hands around me loosely as I kept dancing.

I could feel his hands roaming over my body and touching me through the clothes. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the touch. I let him move his hands over my boobs and slip a little under the shirt so he was touching my soft tummy. He moved his hands a little down so he was touching my legs under the skirt too. I opened my eyes and noticed that Ravi had removed his shirt before he came to me and was just in his shorts. I could see his muscular body and it turned me on further.

I did the only thing that came to my mind. I pulled out my shirt as I danced I felt Ravi’s hands on my skirt and didn’t think of them until I felt it loosen. Next thing, it fell on the ground and I was dancing in just bra, panties and sandals. Now I noticed that Ravi’s hand was hovering over my panties all the time. He touched my pussy and ass over the panties so many times that I was wet just by that touch. I must have moaned because he laughed.

He gripped my panties over my pussy lips and pulled them aside when I felt his hand on my pussy that way, it was really enjoyable. I moaned louder, but did not push his hand away. He danced with me and slowly, without even realizing, he pushed me into the bedroom. He undid my bra and pushed me down onto the bed. I could feel goose bumps coming on my skin wherever he touched and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He kissed my boobs and sucked on them a bit while fingering my pussy.

It was so great that I just closed my eyes and totally surrendered to him. He found my clitoris and I forgot to even breathe. I moaned so loud that it was almost a shout when he stopped, I felt like something was taken away and I looked at him annoyed towards him and but he only removed his shorts and was getting on top of me. So I opened legs and smiled wider. I felt his cock push into my pussy. I did not see how long it was, but I totally felt it in me.

I felt his cock push deep into my pussy at the opening of my cervix. I felt so great I forgot to breath. He slowly pulled his cock out and I couldn’t wait for him to push again seconds seemed like hours and I felt his cock push into me again. This slowly made into a rhythmic push pull. Ravi began fucking me slowly and soon picked up pace. I was beyond pleasurable when he was fucking me. I felt him pull out and turn me. I did not resist and turned and pushed myself back towards him on my knees.

He got behind me and pushed that cock into me again and I moaned loudly and every thrust he made with his cock into me, I moaned louder and till he suddenly pulled out suddenly and pushed me on the side. I got on back and watched. He stood on the bed with his legs on either side of me and began stroking his cock. I was feeling so nice that I stared into his eyes with a wide smile as he stroked his cock. I did not even blink when he jerked harder and gasped.

I did not even stop smiling when his cock exploded and sprayed all over my upper body with his cum and his cum rained on my boobs and sprayed on my face. I couldn’t help but taste the drops that fell on my lips. Ravi leaned down and lay beside me with a smile. Wow Sweta! You are the best fuck I had in a long time. I smiled and felt genuinely happy that I was able to satisfy the man. Thank you, I said with all my heart. Needless to say, Ravi made the deal with Vijay successfully and I was sent back for a week more to Ravi as the bonus gift. I enjoyed my time a lot. Let me know what you think……………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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